Why dream of swearing or quarreling with your sister - 107 interpretations from different dream books

A sister who comes in a dream can bring with her both trouble and the best news!


To find out what your sister dreams about, read our large article with all the transcripts of such a dream.

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Who had the dream

To a woman

If a woman screamed and quarreled with her sister in a dream, according to the Islamic dream book, in real life an attempt to deceive a client or business partner will end in complete failure. You will only damage your business reputation.

To a man

According to David Loff's dream book, if a man quarreled with his late sister in a dream, in reality at some point it may seem that by changing jobs you will be able to solve all your problems. But don’t rush to quit; first study the labor market.


A dream in which a pregnant girl had a fight with her cousin suggests that an unpleasant conversation with a superior manager will unsettle her and make her nervous. There is no point in defending your rightness in this situation, just come to terms with what is happening.

Why do you dream of a quarrel with your brother: general interpretation of the dream

Why do you dream of a quarrel with your brother? Many dreamers face this question. There are various explanations for this. Modern dream books interpret swearing with a loved one in the following order:

The exact interpretation of the dream will be determined by the details of the event, which are recommended to be carefully remembered, which will allow you to more accurately interpret the upcoming event and, if possible, meet it prepared. It is recommended to take the event seriously, since a vision can warn a person about impending negative consequences in life.

Important! According to modern dream books, arguing with your brother in a dream does not always signify unpleasant events, since there is a possibility that the person who saw the phenomenon and his waking relative have disagreements, and thoughts related to this are projected into the dream.

Dreaming of a quarrel with a relative

If we consider why a person dreams of arguing with his brother, then we can identify a whole range of interpretations. Let's consider the main interpretations of this vision:

In any situation, in order to more accurately determine the meaning of the dream, it is recommended to clarify as many details as possible that accompanied the ongoing phenomenon and are directly related to the conflict.

Dreaming of a quarrel with a cousin

If we consider why you dream of a quarrel with your cousin, then you have to highlight the following well-known interpretations of the dream according to modern dream books:

Here, as in the case of the appearance of a loved one in dreams, you need to pay attention to the accompanying details, which will allow you to more accurately select an interpretation for the dream you saw.

Other dream options

For such visions there are also other interpretations, which include the following interpretations:

One should take into account the fact that a conflict may only be a harbinger of a speedy improvement in relations with a loved one. Also, the phenomenon often only reflects internal anxiety.

Important! At the moment, there are different interpretations of such visions, not all of them are negative, however, after the appearance of such a dream, it is better to prepare for the worst, which will allow you to face the future less painfully.

Almost every person sees certain phenomena in their dreams. It is quite difficult to remember what happened in dreams, but sometimes it is necessary to do this in order to understand what the vision warns about. Here it is important to clarify the related details, as well as the outcome of the event. In the end, this will allow you to choose the correct interpretation, and, if necessary, mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming event and the accompanying changes in life.


What kind of sister did you dream about?

Depending on which sister you dreamed about with whom you quarreled in a dream, the interpretation of the dream changes:

  • reception room - dreams of condemnation by society;
  • non-native - to make a profit in a dishonest way;
  • the youngest - to the desire to relax alone;
  • the eldest - to the desire to control everyone;
  • cousin - to insult from a colleague;
  • second cousin - to the inability to defend oneself;
  • sick - to support friends in a difficult situation;
  • wounded - to health and good mood;
  • naked - to an easy but low-paid job;
  • dirty - to an unexpected reprimand at work;
  • in the blood - to unpleasant consequences;
  • evil - to betrayal of a loved one;
  • kind - to severe fatigue from work;
  • hackneyed - to problems due to hasty decisions.

Dream Interpretation quarrel with one's sister

Miller's dream book, deciphering what your sister dreams about, suggests that you will soon receive some news related to her. Do you see in a dream that the girl you dreamed about is your stepsister or do you only have one common parent? This means that someone will begin to take care of you, causing problems and worries with their excessive attention.

Have you dreamed of a quarrel with your blood sister? Remember what caused it, the dream book advises: a quarrel in a dream occurred because she beat you - a stranger will show attention to you; and if the quarrel happened due to your fault, then this is a sign of complexes and lack of self-confidence.

Why do you dream of making peace according to the dream book?

If you are lucky enough to reconcile with someone, according to the Oracle’s dream book, this is a very positive sign. In all areas of life there will be a clear trend towards improvement and the elimination of all kinds of difficulties and obstacles. Luck will favor you in every endeavor. Any, even the most onerous, event will be surprisingly easy.

In addition, your personal life will improve significantly. Misunderstandings or misunderstandings regarding relationships with loved ones and friends can be resolved in the shortest possible time, to the delight of everyone.

Be determined to make your wildest dreams come true. With due diligence, dizzying success awaits you

Don't rely on others

The interpretation of a dream in which you are told that your sister was killed or died of illness, but later it turned out that she was confused with another girl, means unreliability of partners or comrades. You should not trust unconditionally or blithely dump your affairs on others; you may get into trouble, the Eastern Dream Book suggests.

The gypsy interpreter, deciphering why you dream of a drunken sister who died many years ago, assures that this is a signal of upcoming troubles that your loved ones will cause you.

Sister according to the dream book

If you dreamed about your own sister, who really exists, then the explanation for why you dream about this image should be sought in the events of recent days - quarrels, partings, get-togethers - most likely, this is how consciousness projects a picture from reality into a dream. It’s another matter if you don’t have such a relative or if you had one in the distant past. In this case, you should remember the details you saw in the dream in order to understand what to expect, dream books say.

Take care of your health

According to many popular dream books, seeing a dead sister alive and well, but crying in a dream, is a warning that some circumstances or incidents may take away your health.

The Slavic dream book recommends remembering the deceased if you dreamed about her naked, hungry or dirty. This way you will protect yourself from harm and relieve your soul from suffering.

But when explaining why you dream about the death of a sister who is deceased in reality, dream books draw attention to the need to conduct a preventive examination by a doctor.

Be patient

Do you dream about how you are sitting by the bed of your sister who is dying? Find out if the girl is alive in real life. If you dreamed about a deceased relative, then this is a sign that you should be patient. Your problems will be solved, but not as quickly as you want.

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And if you watch in a dream how your living sister dies in reality, or received news of death after moving away from her bed for a minute, then in this case you will need endurance in order not to invite trouble with your impatience. Don’t rush time and don’t rush things, everything should go as usual, dream books say.

Changes await you

Dreams in which you dreamed about your sister’s wedding or a story in which she was pregnant speak of imminent changes.

Do you want to know why you dream of an unmarried sister’s wedding? This is a sign of unsuccessful attempts to change something in your life. And if you see your sister’s wedding, which happened in reality, then positive changes await you.

But if you dreamed of a pregnant sister, although in reality this is not the case, then you can expect an increase in life: money, friends, relationships. Did your pregnant relative give birth in your arms in a dream? You will receive a new position or status.

What will happen soon

If you dreamed of your own sister, then, having specified her age category in relation to you, and who she was related to in your dream, you will understand what is about to happen very soon, dream books assure. So she was:

  • younger - do not give in to temptation;
  • elder - a loved one will come to you for advice;
  • Gemini - some situation in life will repeat itself;
  • sister of your wife or husband - you will be entrusted with someone else’s responsibilities.

Dream interpretation sister. Why do you dream about your sister?

Dreams in which sisters appear are a reflection of real-life family ties and relationships. Interpretation can be resorted to only when sisters appear in a dream who do not exist in real life - dream book sister.

A good relationship with a sister in a dream is a symbol of help and support in reality from some person - what does a sister dream about?

A quarrel with your sister in a dream is a sign of tension in your relationship with someone you trust.

The more negative emotions a sister evokes in a dream, the more likely the negative emotions that usually arise in a conflict situation are. A fight with your sister in a dream may portend deception, betrayal or betrayal.

Why do you dream about your own sister? Such a dream comes to us if problems arise within the family, and you often think about them. Most likely, this dream is not prophetic. But there are nuances that need to be concentrated on.

Be sure to pay attention to the dream if you dreamed of a drunk sister. Someone close to her may become seriously ill, but it will not be you, since the warning is transmitted through you.

It’s bad if you dreamed of a naked sister, or a sister in a wedding dress. In any of these cases, she is in danger. Let her pay attention to her health, but, especially, be careful while driving. Unless, of course, she drives a vehicle. Having seen such a dream, pay attention to the emotional feelings with which you woke up.

If the overall coloring of emotions is pleasant and juicy, everything will work out. With painful gray tones, the message will have negative consequences that can be corrected with timely intervention. If you are actually preparing for the wedding of your sister or another relative, there is no reason to worry at all. Consciousness reflects the approaching reality.

If you dreamed about a non-existent sister, expect an unexpected way out of your current housing situation. Perhaps you are waiting for either expansion or moving to a new location. This will not necessarily be your living space, but you will have to live there for some time.

Also to change, but not in the housing, but in the personal sphere, this is what the cousin dreams about. There will be a meeting in your life soon, but it will be secondary and will not bring anything good. Therefore, do not rush to rush headlong into the pool and place high hopes on the person you meet.

Hugging your sister in a dream means accepting some new conditions that you did not dare to accept. Heaven thus gives a sign that everything will contribute to a successful resolution of the situation. Therefore, even a risky project should be implemented with maximum financial benefits.

The big sister is a reminder of a broken promise. Perhaps it does not seem very important, so you put it on the “back shelf” of your consciousness. But much will depend on its implementation later.

People are often tormented by the question, why do they dream about their sister’s wedding? To the hassle and rush at work in reality. Pay attention to the situations that develop in your dream.

If your sister is getting married, and you are looking for something and cannot find it, then in real life you are in a professional search. If a dream is filled with songs, fun, music, but it depresses you, you want to run, such a dream symbolizes an escape from an internal crisis that you are afraid to admit to yourself. The dream book can give many interpretations.

Your husband's sister appearing to you is unlikely to be a warning or some kind of symbol. Rather, it is a reminder that you still have to maintain family ties, even if you don’t really want to.

A very good harbinger if a sister was born in a dream. An amazing and unpredictable event is expected in your family, which will be a complete but very pleasant surprise for everyone.

The stepsister will dream of some kind of discovery. It is unlikely to be valuable, but it may come in handy under very strange circumstances.

And the answer to the question of why a pregnant sister dreams gives several interpretations. This is both financial gain in your sister’s family and the emergence of complex problems that will soon arise and will require urgent resolution. In any case, don’t be nervous, everything will end well. People often unreasonably distrust the dream book.

Arguing with your sister in a dream means that within a few days you will have a pleasant and good time in a new company, which you will find yourself in unexpectedly and by chance. A quarrel with your sister in the dream world promises that a new acquaintance will bring you a lot of benefits in the future.

But why do you dream about your sister’s death? This means that the entire coming year will be very favorable in all her endeavors. This can be both business and the creative side of life. If your sister cries in a dream before her death, a road awaits her that will bring new impressions and opportunities.

Beating your sister in a dream means looking for new ways and opportunities for implementation in real life.

According to the dream book, your sister died in her sleep, and you woke up with a heavy feeling - don’t worry. This is a good sign in which providence reports that you, or your close relatives, have crossed a very important and dangerous milestone. At the same time, the difficulties and dangers are behind us. There is a white streak ahead, especially for your sister.

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Dream Interpretation quarrel with Sister

We will help you understand why you dream of a quarrel with your sister if you remember all the details of the dream. The interpretation of such a dream will be presented in our article based on the dream books of the seer Vanga and the psychologist Miller.

How does Miller's dream book interpret a quarrel with his sister?

  • Miller claims that if you came into conflict with your sister in a dream, then in reality there is harmony and mutual understanding between you.
  • You always protect each other in difficult situations, and also help each other if required. You will never start intrigues behind your sister’s back and will always support her in everything.

Decoding a quarrel with your sister according to Vanga’s dream book

  • Vanga says that if you saw a quarrel with your sister in a dream, then this means omissions in reality. You want to do something that your sister obviously won’t like. You try to make sure your sister doesn’t find out, but you won’t succeed.
  • Because of your desire to do everything your own way, a quarrel with your sister may actually arise. You may want to do something in secret from your sister for her own good, but believe me, it’s not worth it. You risk undermining your sister's trust in you.

Which sister did you quarrel with in your dream?

  • If you quarreled with your sister, then the conflict will soon happen in your house.
  • If the sister with whom you quarreled in a dream was a cousin, then expect disagreements with friends.

Source: https://good-sonnik.ru/sonnik-ssora-sestroy-rodnoy/

Where did they fight in the dream?

Interpretation of sleep depending on where the quarrel took place:

  • quarreling with your sister at a wedding - dreams of trouble in a friend’s family;
  • at home - to work in difficult weather conditions;
  • in the kitchen - to cruelty towards relatives;
  • on the street - to worries about the health of a loved one;
  • in a public place - to spontaneous decisions;
  • in a store - to resent your partner;
  • in the market - to a severe chronic illness;
  • in a cafe or restaurant - there is a risk of going to prison;
  • in the car - to problems of a material nature;
  • on the bus - to the successful implementation of unusual ideas;
  • on a tram - to a successful investment of personal funds;
  • on a trolleybus - to problems in business due to the mistakes of others;
  • in the subway - to good luck and winning the lottery;
  • at school - to a possible quarrel with neighbors;
  • in the hospital - to disagreements in relationships;
  • at sea - to organize a party;
  • in church - to a relationship with a rich person;
  • in a cemetery - to a deterioration in living standards;
  • at a funeral - to find a solution to the problem.

What were they fighting about?

The meaning depends on why you fought with your sister in a dream:

  • quarreling with your sister over money - dreams of money and profit;
  • over a trifle - to the two-faced behavior of an old friend;
  • because of nonsense - to commit a stupid act at work;
  • because of studying - to worries about the future;
  • because of smoking - to domestic quarrels with your loved one;
  • due to drunkenness - to meeting an influential admirer;
  • due to misunderstanding - to the loss of a small amount;
  • due to inheritance - to the appearance of a spectacular rival;
  • because of a bad joke - to an easy, carefree life;
  • because of clothes - to overcome obstacles with your own efforts;
  • due to different views on life - to emotional experiences;
  • because of a guy - to a nervous breakdown due to fatigue at work;
  • because of housing - to the return of a long-standing debt to the dreamer.

Why do you dream about a quarrel with your brother?

According to the dream book, a quarrel with a brother is not a very pleasant sign for the dreamer. Often this phenomenon marks a refusal to help when support is needed. Of course, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. Here a lot depends on the accompanying details. Since a quarrel with one’s brother in a dream is a fairly common phenomenon, it is necessary to consider all available interpretations and accompanying events for the dreamer.

What did you do during the quarrel?

According to the Islamic dream book, depending on the actions of the dreamer, the meanings of dreams differ:

  1. Swearing and beating your sister means doubting the young man’s fidelity.
  2. If you cried during a quarrel, this means mistrust on the part of your loved one.
  3. Yelling at your sister during a conflict means you need to ask for help from loved ones.
  4. Swearing and insulting your sister means serious health problems in reality.
  5. Breaking dishes and swearing means receiving a gift from a loved one.
  6. During a quarrel, pulling your sister by the hair is a sign of improving relations with an old enemy.
  7. Shooting from a weapon or injuring with a knife means concern from relatives.
  8. In a quarrel, hitting your sister with a stick means changes in life or a change in your usual environment.

The most popular meanings of a dream about a sister

This is what the most popular dream books say about what it means when you dream about your sister.

Miller's Dream Book

You dream of your own sister as a harbinger of various news: you will probably receive unexpected news about her personal life or career.

If you dreamed about your stepsister, expect unpleasant patronage and intrusive guardianship. It's better to stop them.

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Vanga's Dream Book

Vanga believes that such a dream should be interpreted depending on the relationship with your sister:

  • if you have a good relationship, your sister dreams of well-being and receiving support from her;
  • if they are bad, quarrels and troubles may soon await you.

If in a dream a stranger called herself your sister, this means a new romance with a very unexpected partner.

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I dreamed of a sister according to Freud

Freud's dream book believes that if a woman dreams of her sister, this means that in reality she fears competitors for the heart of her lover.

If a man dreams of his sister, this means that he subconsciously wants to change his partner or find a new romance.


Who fought in a dream with his sister

The interpretation of the dream depends on who was arguing with the sister in the dream:

  • if the mother was arguing with her sister, this dream is about an operation;
  • grandmother - to gain life experience;
  • grandfather - to the disruption of birthday plans;
  • brother - to the need to take care of health;
  • son - to a change in occupation;
  • daughter - to significant cash receipts;
  • husband - to good events in his personal life;
  • wife - to the appearance of heirs;
  • girlfriend or boyfriend - to tears due to unrequited love;
  • relative - to success in love relationships;
  • stranger - to an unexpected solution to an old problem;
  • neighbor - to a cheerful feast;
  • colleague - to help a parent;
  • the boss - to the forced sale of a new apartment.

Other dream plots

  1. If in a dream you quarreled with your deceased sister, such a dream symbolizes gossip among distant relatives.
  2. Quarrel with someone else's sister - to an unexpected acquaintance with a pleasant person.
  3. Arguing with your sister in front of your parents means it will be impossible to realize a creative idea.
  4. Having an argument with your sister while walking is a sign of interesting travels and new acquaintances.
  5. If you quarrel and immediately make peace, you will become financially dependent on relatives.
  6. Asking for forgiveness after a quarrel means a successful completion of a risky business.
  7. Having a big fight and leaving home means support from loved ones in a difficult situation.
  8. Insulting your sister and getting a slap in the face means trying to maintain a relationship with your loved one.
  9. If a sister cried during a conflict, it means wealth or an unexpected inheritance.
  10. Scolding your sister for something is a vain attempt to avoid responsibility.
  11. Quarreling with a sister with whom you have not communicated for a long time - to the opportunity to earn money illegally.
  12. If in a dream your sister complained about a quarrel to her father or mother, it means the loss of securities as a result of robbery.
  13. Seeing a quarrel from the outside means a difficult task that will not bring the expected profit.
  14. If you dreamed of swearing for no reason, it means an increase in wages or a promotion.
  15. Having a very strong fight with your sister is a sign of help from friends in a difficult situation.
  16. Swearing at a drunk sister means hard work that will not bring profit.
  17. Quarreling with the sister of an ex-boyfriend means the loss of a valuable thing that was given by the parents.
  18. Arguing with your ex-girlfriend's sister means quickly overcoming financial difficulties.
  19. Quarreling with your sister over the phone means changing your place of residence or losing your job.
  20. During a scandal, the sister humiliates and swears - this means pleasant meetings with close friends.
  21. Being offended by your sister after a quarrel means an intimate meeting that will bring disappointment.
  22. Feeling guilty because of a quarrel means increasing profits thanks to the advice of a friend.
  23. If the sister is offended after a quarrel, this means the appearance of a permanent sexual partner.
  24. Arguing with your sister among relatives means liberation from obligations, from unpleasant worries.
  25. Having a row with your sister, who recently died, means worrying about the betrayal of a loved one.
  26. If the sister tries to drag the dreamer into a conflict, this means unexpected news from an elderly relative.
  27. Swearing and feeling angry means meeting an influential but cruel person.
  28. After a quarrel, receiving a kiss as forgiveness means good news or unexpected news.
  29. Hugging after swearing leads to severe fear and/or panic attacks.
  30. Killing your sister during a quarrel means unnecessary worries about your own health.

The general meaning of a dream about a sister: according to different dream books

Different dream books interpret dreams about a sister in different ways. Here are several interpretations of dreams about a sister from different dream books:

  • SMALL VELESOV DREAM BOOK. The sister dreams of something good, perhaps of receiving a valuable gift. I dreamed about my cousin - perhaps someone is slandering you and trying to denigrate, offend or deceive you.
  • NEWEST DREAM BOOK. Sister dreams of receiving help from a woman.
  • CHILDREN'S DREAM BOOK. According to the children's dream book, my sister dreamed of a scandal in the family, grievances.
  • MODERN DREAM BOOK. Why did you dream about your sister? The Modern Dream Book has a comprehensive answer to this question. A sister in a dream is a sign that things will get better soon and you will feel good. If in a dream you and your sister broke up, this means that you will lose someone’s help and will be left to solve your problems yourself. If you dreamed that your sister died, this means a significant financial loss.
  • SPRING DREAM BOOK. If you dreamed about your own sister, you will soon receive all possible but valuable help.
  • DREAM TAROT BOOK. A dream about a sister is a great reward for a job well done, a completed task.
  • DREAM INFORMATION OF MEDEA. I dreamed about several sisters - you need support, don’t be shy to ask for help. A sister came to a woman in a dream - quarrels with her beloved will soon arise.
  • AUTUMN DREAM BOOK. If you dreamed about your own sister, it means that illness or trouble will soon await her.
  • DREAM BOOK OF THE XXI CENTURY. If you just dreamed about your sister, it means that your life will soon get worse, quarrels and nervousness await you. In a dream, does your sister leave somewhere? This means that prosperity awaits you. If you dreamed that your sister died, this means indecision and sad confusion. If in a dream the stranger was your sister, this means that soon someone will invite you to a wedding. I dreamed about my husband’s sister - to peace and harmony in relationships and at home. A cousin dreams of quarrels and problems in his personal life and at work.

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  • FAMILY DREAM BOOK. I dreamed about my stepsister - someone is trying to impose their protection on you in order to keep you under control and manipulate.
  • DREAM INTELLIGENCE 2012. I dreamed about an older sister - this is a symbol of the desire to be taken care of, loved and treated in a friendly manner; you need the protection of an older woman. If you dreamed of a younger sister, the meaning is the opposite: you want to support someone, protect and be a “big sister.”
  • Wanderer's Dream Book. Your sister is dreaming to tell you that obstacles await you in new endeavors.
  • DREAM BOOK OF THE APOSTLE SIMON KANANITA. If you dreamed of a conversation with your sister, this means that soon you will be surrounded by kindness, positivity and sincere care.
  • FRENCH DREAM BOOK. If you dreamed about your sister, you should be careful: maybe someone will try to betray you, and this “someone” is your loved one.
  • FAMILY DREAM BOOK. A sister in a dream symbolizes upcoming troubles. Quarreling with your sister in a dream is a disappointment, a symbol that your dreams will not come true. Saying goodbye to her in a dream is the beginning of a difficult stage during which you will be left without support. Seeing your sister's death in a dream means that you will soon face ruin and depletion of the family budget. Dreaming about your stepsister means that someone will try to get into your life with their advice.
  • PSYCHOANALYTICAL DREAM BOOK. The sister is dreamed of as a symbol of rivalry between family members. Looks like you're on the verge of a giant fight.


Interpretation of sleep depending on the day of the week

The correct interpretation of sleep depends on the day of the week:

  1. On Monday he quarrels with his sister - dreams of a lucrative offer from his boss.
  2. On Tuesday - to resolve a difficult problem at work.
  3. On Wednesday - to receive financial assistance from abroad.
  4. On Thursday - to troubles due to excessive gullibility.
  5. On Friday - to victory over an illness or one's shortcoming.
  6. On Saturday - to a favorable conclusion to a complex matter.
  7. On Sunday - to the successful conclusion of a family quarrel.

Why do you dream of arguing with your sister according to the dates of the month?

1for a country walk
2to big problems at work
3to a pleasant surprise from a loved one
4to communicate with loved ones
5to victory over an opponent
6to conflicts and disagreements with friends
7to respect from your boss and colleagues
8to betrayal or deceit
9to worries and disappointments
10to new love relationships
11to improve material well-being
12to a salary reduction after an unsuccessful business trip
13to unsuccessful attempts to improve relationships with family
14to feelings of envy towards colleagues
15to spreading false information at work
16to failure in official affairs
17to the end of a difficult life period
18to gossip and bad changes
19to successful development of projects
20to gossip and intrigues of close relatives
21to bad news, because of which you will have to temporarily leave home
22to reconciliation with enemies and concluding an important contract on favorable terms
23to petty disagreements with friends
24to receive valuable gifts from loved ones
25to lack of help from loved ones
26to bad news and changes for the worse
27to the lack of entertainment in real life
28to the successful implementation of a profitable project
29to big expenses
30to a passionate but short-lived love affair
31to loss of trust of a loved one
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