Why do you dream about fighting with knives - 12 interpretations from different dream books

There are a lot of strange things in dreams, and sometimes you not only have to see something atypical or unusual, but also do something yourself that is simply unthinkable and unacceptable in real life.
Do you have to fight in your life? For many people, especially for lovely ladies, a fight is something unacceptable, unacceptable, unpleasant. You want to avoid fights; even looking at them from the outside is alarming and extremely unpleasant.

Nevertheless, in the world of night dreams, sometimes you not only have to see people fighting, but also get involved in the massacre yourself, strike or be injured. How to understand why you dream of a fight, and what to expect from reality after such a dream?

In order to correctly interpret what a fight means in a dream, you need to carefully remember all the details of what you saw and experienced in your dreams - even if it is unpleasant. The meaning of the dream and the real state of things in waking life depend on who fought, what role you played in what was happening, and with whom you had to fight - equal or not.

The options for such “combat” dreams are very diverse:

  • You just saw strangers fighting.
  • We saw familiar men fighting.
  • You dream of women fighting.
  • The girl dreamed of her beloved fighting with another man or even a woman.
  • You are fighting with an unknown man or girl.
  • They catch up with you and beat you.
  • You were beaten until you bled.
  • They hit me with a stick.
  • You beat someone with a whip.
  • Fight with knives.
  • You are fighting with a friend or acquaintance.
  • You are in a fight with a dead man.
  • You are fighting with someone with knives.
  • You beat yourself.
  • You win the fight.
  • You dream of professional or sports fights.

Such dreams, of course, are more reminiscent of action films, and few people would like to participate in them. But as the dream book says, a fight in a dream foreshadows a lot of important things, and most often, unfortunately, it promises danger.

Such a dream is useful - you will be able to heed the warning and avoid troubles. So be careful if you have a similar dream - and remember what the fight was like.

Who had the dream

The home dream book believes that such a dream predicts conflicts in the family, which will put the marriage on the brink of divorce.

To a woman

If a woman dreams of a knife fight, most likely, your loved one is hiding something from you. Try to talk frankly without causing scandals. Be respectful if your spouse does not want to share some of his thoughts.

To a man

Some actions of the spouse will cause disappointment in her. Attempts to explain the inadmissibility of such behavior will not yield results.


The constant nervous tension of a pregnant woman will not benefit the unborn baby.

Dreaming of a fight with knives: a feeling of injustice

Dreaming of fighting with knives shows that you do not feel loved . You feel like people around you don't notice your efforts or your qualities. You need to constantly show that you are trustworthy. Dreaming of a knife fight shows that you would really like more encouragement from people close to you . You really want them to support you in your decisions rather than question them. You now have enough knowledge to make realistic and wise decisions. You know what you want and you want your family and friends to acknowledge it. Unlike your dream, try to handle this situation calmly and rationally. A dream about a knife fight shows that you should never give in to emotions.

Who did you fight with knives in your dream?

According to the white magician Yuri Longo, the person with whom you had a knife fight in a dream is crucial for understanding the prediction.

With a man

If you had a knife fight with a man, a random fellow traveler with whom you start talking may eventually become a reliable friend. He will come to the rescue more than once in his life.

With a woman

A knife fight with a woman suggests that unwillingness to come to terms with what is happening and spontaneous actions are unlikely to be the right strategy to achieve the goal.

With mom or dad

If you can cope with the difficulties that fate has in store, you will be able to gain financial independence.

With brother or sister

Soon you will have to make a difficult choice between the desire to make good money and ethical principles. Seek advice from an older relative.

With husband or wife

If you dreamed of a knife fight with your spouse, you will be able to complete a difficult order from your superiors or complete a project before the appointed time. Impeccable performance will earn respect and hope for promotion.

With a dead man

A fight with a deceased person suggests that envy of someone you know can eat away at the soul. It is better to focus your energy on improving your level of well-being. Then there will be no time left to compare yourself with other people.

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Witness the fight

Let's consider what a fight means in a dream - in a dream in which you were a witness, but did not participate and did not intervene.
Remember who fought and how, and what feelings did this incident evoke in your dreams? 1. Such an “action-packed” dream, in which a fight between strangers took place before your eyes, may foretell troubles and troubles associated with the arrival of guests. Perhaps you are expecting a meeting with unpleasant, unwanted people, or the need to solve some unpleasant matters - but they need to be solved.

2. If you saw a fight in which someone’s blood was shed, expect troubles and troubles from relatives.

3. A dream in which a fight occurs between people in uniform - military men, soldiers, sailors are fighting - foreshadows the visit of an important, long-awaited, respectable guest. Get ready for this meeting.

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4. According to the dream book, a professional fight, for example, a fight between boxers or another fight you saw in a dream, does not bode well. You must be prepared for difficulties on the way to the goal that is now facing you. But don't be afraid of difficulties and be ready to fight, don't give up on your goal.

5. If you saw a very strange and rare dream in which girls or women are fighting, the meaning of such a dream is disappointing. It promises illnesses, and quite aggressive ones - so try to take extra care of your health.

6. If in your dream people you know are fighting, namely brothers or two well-known, close men, this dream portends great profit and success in commercial affairs.

7. The meaning of a dream in which one of the men is killed in a fight is strange - it promises more happiness in everything. Although it is unpleasant to see this, expect the fulfillment of your dreams and complete harmony in life.

8. A dream in which your beloved or spouse fights with a man, a crowd of men, or a girl - it doesn’t matter with whom - this dream always has an unpleasant meaning. The dream book hints that this man is unworthy of you, and you will soon be disappointed in him.

Try not to idealize your loved one, so as not to be shocked later when you see the real one. Perhaps he will show his character in a conflict - and you will be unpleasantly surprised.

Other dream plots

  1. To fight with knives and win - according to the Russian Dream Book, you will soon be able to acquire a thing that you have long dreamed of, but could not afford. If you lose, such a dream symbolizes the loss of important documents.
  2. If you killed a person during a knife fight, according to Denise Lynn’s Detailed Dream Book, self-control may fail at the most critical moment in time. This will lead to a shameful situation. Only scraps of reputation will remain.
  3. A knife fight with zombies or monsters, according to Nostradamus’s dream book, symbolizes finding a way out of a difficult situation.

Dreaming of a fight with knives: unstable personality

Dreaming of fighting with knives shows that you are unpredictable by nature . You have not yet realized your identity. You are still trying to find out who you are and who you want to be . It turns out that you need to work on yourself, get to know yourself, your goals, your desires in order to avoid conflict situations. A dream about fighting with knives shows that this insecurity contributes to a loss of energy . You are in constant motion and have difficulty achieving your goals. Every obstacle seems impossible. The dream of fighting with knives shows that you need to learn to put things into perspective and assess each situation more calmly. Dreaming about fighting with knives shows that you lack self-esteem . You quite often doubt your decisions and doubt your abilities. You want to be more sure of what you want. You are honestly and quickly influenced by other people's judgments . This situation makes you suffer, that's what this knife fight means. Since you cannot rebel in real life, your unconscious mind discharges this energy in your dreams. Dreaming of a knife fight shows that you are going through a phase of disagreement.

Dreaming of a knife fight: triumph in your projects

Dreaming of a knife fight shows that the project is about to become a reality . You are at the finish line. The discord in your dream is due to the adrenaline of this awareness. This is a great sign . On a professional level, dreams of knife fighting indicate that you will implement a project that will bring you recognition from friends. You will finally be truly respected. On a personal level, if you are single, dreaming of a knife fight shows that you have a very good dynamic, this makes you very dazzling. Your suitors are unlikely to resist your charm. You stimulate confidence and peace . If you are a couple dreaming of a knife fight, it shows that your partner adores you more than ever. You share great complicity and pursue the same goal. Dreaming of fighting with knives is an excellent sign indicating success in your endeavors.

Why dream about a fight - Review of dream books

Who would have thought that an obviously negative event in real life could predict something good in virtual life? At least, the Mayan dream book explains it this way: if you dream of a fight, then your salary will be raised. Is not that great? True, there is some necessary condition for the dream to come true this way. Then you will not only receive an increase in your salary, but also a higher rank in the service.

This will happen if only two people fight, says this dream book. It turns out that fighting in a dream is not harmful at all, but on the contrary. And to attract good luck for sure, you will have to draw a circle on some metal object. Hide this item somewhere in a secluded and dark place for at least one week. You just have to draw the circle with your own blood.

But the Mayan dream book warns us that the interpretation of a dream can also have a negative meaning. This is if during the fight it turned out that the forces were unequal. Then to the question of why you dream of a fight, the answer will be this - beware of injury in real life. The risk of injury comes directly to your head. But you can protect yourself in the event of such a warning. You just need to attach a leaf of a golden mustache to your left shoulder blade and not part with it. It will be possible to remove it in three days.

Why dream of a fight, as the Russian dream book interprets? Fighting means trouble, and quite a lot at that. True, what exactly these troubles will be is not specified. But, if in this skirmish you defeat the enemy, then everything is great! You will be successful in almost all matters. This is especially true for matters that you are currently directly involved in.

Why dream of a fight if the dreamer is not a participant in it? This is for the guests. That is, either you will go to visit, or they will come to you. This is what is written in Grishina’s noble dream book. You can even clarify which guests to expect. If there was blood in the fight, then it will be a relative, and if the fight was between people you know, then you will have a meeting with them.

In principle, not bad, right? It's not very good if you see the sport of boxing, that is, boxers fighting in the ring. This is a recipe for trouble. And the fight is long and mutual, again to the guests. There will be many guests, as specified in this dream book.

Why dream of a fight in the light of the interpretations of the old English dream book? This will almost certainly spell trouble in your home. Without certain reasons, a misunderstanding will arise between you and your loved ones; for some reason they will think that you are annoying them. For lovers, this dream promises a bitter separation.

It is better to see in a dream how someone is chasing you, and, having caught up, hits you painfully. Then failure will befall your opponents who do not wish you well and happiness. They won’t succeed without plotting insidiously against you! Moreover, if you do not resist a retaliatory strike in a dream, then in reality you will destroy the plans of your ill-wishers.

This dream book sums up its interpretations with these words: “Luck is rare among those who dream of a fight.” Well, that depends on how you look! If we ask what will happen if you dream of a fight, in the Chinese dream book, it turns out that if you are kicked, you will get rich. And in general, if you dream that a stranger is beating you, then you will be full of strength. True, if women fight, then this is a sign of illness for you.

If you injure yourself with an ax or knife in a dream, you will receive benefits and good luck. That is, if you get hurt in a dream in a fight. And in general, if you fight with knives, and even stab the enemy repeatedly, then this will certainly lead to joy, happiness and benefit. Even if in a dream you see someone being killed in a fight, then this is good for your real life - you will be very happy.

Now judge for yourself how good or bad this dream is. I believe that even if a warning is received about impending troubles, they can be avoided. For example, through sincere prayer and repentance. May happiness and good luck never leave you under any circumstances!

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