Why do you dream about a floor - 37 interpretations from different dream books

If you saw a floor in a dream, it means that it symbolizes your position in various areas. The higher it was, the higher the stage of development you are at. Or maybe they have already reached the top, if the floor was the last. However, if the floors were the first, there is still something to strive for. Such a dream can mean your position in society, a financial aspect and personal relationships. What you have been thinking about and doing more lately will be the answer to the question of what exactly the dreamed floor concerns.


In the subconscious dream book, a dream often represents climbing the social and career ladder. Remember where you were, what you were doing? Did you stand still? In fact, it's time to take more active action if you want to achieve the implementation of your plans. Did you go up one floor? You do everything to change your situation. Did you go down? You feel that your efforts are not bringing results.

If you dream of a floor that you tried to get to, but nothing worked, in reality you feel trapped. Perhaps you were left with no choice. Or you are trying to find a way out of a difficult situation, but are afraid of making the wrong decision.

Having difficulty identifying the floor in your vision is a sign that you are not paying attention to important details. They may be the missing piece needed to complete the case.

Reducing the negative meaning of sleep.

If in a dream you rise to the upper floors, then when you wake up, imagine that you took the elevator and quickly rushed to the very top. Such visualization will help overcome difficulties.

Number meaning

The dream book reminds you that the number of floors and even the apartment number that you saw on one of them can be a direct indication of the time the dream will take place or the waiting limit. Moreover, the number that you dreamed about describes the dreamer’s current position.

So the first is a symbol of beginning and self-sufficiency, the second is the completion of any action, the third is close cooperation, mutual understanding and friendship, the fourth is freedom and some uncertainty, the fifth is the apogee of enterprise, feelings, the sixth conveys intemperance, the seventh is the opportunity to relax, the eighth is a sign of fullness of strength and maturity, and the ninth is a sign of the last push.

Miller's Dream Book

  • If you don’t get to the desired floor by taking the elevator - you were treated unfairly and now you are trying to correct the situation by putting your affairs in order;
  • You can't remember what floor you live on - you're overwhelmed with a lot of little things that don't matter, but they make life difficult;
  • In a dream, you live on the first floor, and the view is from above - a rapid rise in career and financial income will begin in the near future;
  • You read the sign with the floor number, but you can’t figure it out - you are being misled, which affects making a serious decision.

Aim up!

A very important point, according to the dream book, is the way you got to the high floor. Both the stairs and the elevator symbolize movement. Naturally, going up means upward movement and progress, going down means degradation and decrease in activity.

By the way, the elevator itself reflects the desire to achieve a certain status and standard of living. In this case, it is extremely easy to guess why the elevator falls in a dream. All plans and dreams, unfortunately, will end in complete failure.

But running up the stairs or even jumping over a step is a very good sign. What you want will come true quickly, the main thing is not to stumble when moving quickly.

Family dream book

The family dream book makes a recommendation to reduce the negative meaning of sleep. To do this, just imagine the rapid rise in the elevator to the top floor.

  • You are on the lower floors - portends a quiet, calm life;
  • Dreaming about upper floors means career growth;
  • Going down from the top to the bottom floor means a demotion, a decrease in salary;
  • Climbing on foot will require a lot of effort to achieve the goal.

I dreamed that there was a parade on the roof of a skyscraper, walked around the corners and took the elevator down to the 585th floor, from the roof I looked at other skyscrapers, but they were very small.

I was in another world, in some tall house. An avalanche began. Me and some other people, two or three, we ran to the top floor and the snow stopped right in front of the window. We looked down and wondered how to get down. It was very high! I didn’t see how they descended, but then in a dream I wandered through another world...

I dreamed of a one-story village house and we discovered another floor at the bottom, hidden. From the outside it seemed to be covered with earth and couldn’t be seen; going downstairs, it turned out to be very clean, light and cozy, furnished. Lots of rooms and lots of antiques.

I dreamed that I was sailing on a boat past a dark hospital building of 20 floors. I counted them so carefully!

We took the elevator to the 16th floor of the shopping center. I bought hair dye. I was going to paint some homeless old man. A friend advised me to go here for her. It was in the evening. I was afraid I wouldn't make it before closing. I bought a bag full of something else. I had a nice conversation with the cashier. The room is very light and beautiful. Some kid was exploring the greens from my bag.

The stairs up to the apartment have no railings.

The stairs up to the apartment have no railings, there is a fence near the apartment itself, and I have difficulty climbing over it, I’m afraid of falling.

I dreamed that I was running with a crowd of girls in some entrance to the top and stopped on the fourth floor. I'm scared to go further, I'm afraid to fall because the stairs have no steps and are narrow and iron. What is this for?


Dream Interpretation of Artemidor

  • Seeing floors in a dream is a symbol of career growth, climbing the social ladder;
  • Looking at a multi-storey building means that you subconsciously have ambitious aspirations;
  • Counting floors in a dream indicates that you will be able to achieve what you want;
  • Climbing up the floors is a sign of success, a successful solution to everything planned;
  • Going down means failure in business, demotion, material loss.

General associations

Dream Interpretation of a Coat: Why a Woman or a Man Dreams of a Coat
The interpretation of a dream about heights should begin with a general understanding of this symbol. For many categories of people it means approximately the same thing. Height can be seen as something significant, outstanding and large. If you “achieve” it, it can be associated with success, achieving a goal. Moreover, not everyone can rise to such a height.

There is also a common expression “to aim high.” This means that a person sets difficult, sometimes impossible goals. These can also be quite prestigious tasks.

Conquering heights is difficult. You can fall off and fall down. If you fall from a height, you can get seriously injured or even die. Everyone knows this. This is why many people are afraid of heights.

You can also climb to heights in different ways. Some people are carried there by an elevator, while others have to take special equipment and, overcoming all difficulties, climb to their goal. Many also know that you can float above the earth or look at it from an airplane window. The dream book will help you figure out what each specific image means. Height evokes different emotions. They are the ones who determine the message of the symbol seen.

Dream Interpretation of Pythagoras

In Pythagoras’s dream book, dream events are tied to numerical values ​​and are interpreted taking into account numerology. Therefore, in order to use this dream book, you will need to more accurately restore the dream details associated with the floor number.

First floor

  • Seeing yourself on the ground floor is a fear of breaking generally accepted rules, a set of laws that does not make it possible to break the vicious circle by looking at your problems from a new point of view;
  • You want to climb higher from the ground floor, but no , influential people and bosses will help you in the near future. By accepting help, you will overcome the obstacles that have arisen and begin a new interesting project;
  • Walking along the first floor means a valuable item may go missing;
  • Jumping from the first floor - you and your ideas will be criticized and slow down the development of projects. If you land on your feet, your opponents will be defeated and criticism will not harm you. If you fall and cannot get up, expect disappointment at work and problems at home.

Second floor

  • Seeing yourself on the 2nd floor in a dream means work interferes with your personal life. You need to take the right steps to avoid losing your job or a loved one;
  • Jumping from the second floor in a dream - you will be able to catch your enemy in a trap and see his defeat; expect retaliatory actions that he will do the same to you.

Third floor

  • Seeing yourself on the 3rd floor in a dream means you are indifferent to other people’s problems and are too preoccupied with your own; such selfishness will not bring you anything good;
  • If you like looking out of the window in a dream - in life you will please only yourself, your body and soul, but in a month you will find yourself without friends, since you simply will not notice when they left you;
  • You don’t like the view from the third floor window - it indicates that you cannot live only for yourself;
  • Jumping from the third floor means losing the support of influential people in life and finding yourself completely helpless. For businessmen, it indicates an error in personnel policy. People from your inner circle will turn out to be traitors and will move to a competing company. If you get seriously hurt when you fall, then such a manifestation of betrayal will be an unexpected and strong blow for you, but if you land on your feet, then you will just as easily recover from betrayal in life, and in three months you will recruit a new staff, having taken note all up.

Fourth floor

  • Walking slowly along the fourth floor is unpleasant news or an event next Thursday that will affect your relationships with others;
  • Walking along the floor with acceleration - in the near future there will be an improvement in relationships, but the events that happened on Thursday will remain in your memory for a long time, and you will not be able to forgive loved ones for their reactions to these events;
  • Go up and look out of the window on the fourth floor - after waking up, in 4 hours an important event will occur that is most directly related to you;
  • Seeing someone falling from the fourth floor means a long and painful separation from a loved one. If a person hurts himself by hitting the ground hard, then this separation, although painful, will be beneficial. If a person, having barely touched the ground, immediately gets to his feet and runs away, then separation will cool your feelings and serve as a reason to separate forever;
  • Falling from the fourth floor means that what you say will be misunderstood, so try to restrain your language for at least 22 days. This advice is especially important for lecturers and businessmen.

Fifth floor

  • You live on the fifth floor - indicates that you have done things, the consequences of which will affect your loved ones and everyone will have to solve them together. These events may extend over 5 weeks. Once completed, the consequences will radically change the existing order of affairs;
  • From the window of the fifth floor they interfere with you - what you are doing is wrong. The result will only be disappointment;
  • Climbing to the fifth floor is difficult with breaks - soon you will meet a dubious person. You will be deceived or receive secret information. For 23 days, watch what you say and use your finances carefully;
  • Easy to climb to the 5th floor - indicates that an unpleasant person threatens your loved ones or immediate environment;
  • Jumping out of a 5th floor window means separation from a loved one or quitting a business, losing a job. The reason for this will be a business trip or retirement;
  • Receive severe injuries after a fall - separation will occur within five months and will be very difficult.;
  • It is easy to get back on your feet after a fall - indicates a breakup, the loss of one and meeting a new person or the acquisition of a new one.

Sixth floor

  • Looking down from a sixth floor window - within 24 days events will occur for which you will be reproached and blamed;
  • A beautiful view from the window means your action is correct despite the condemnation of others;
  • It’s scary or disgusting to look out of the window - it’s very important to listen to the opinions of loved ones;
  • Walking along the sixth floor indicates that you want the impossible. Calmly weigh your desires and possibilities;
  • Jumping from the sixth floor and landing smoothly on is a desired meeting with an old and faithful friend. You will meet him in six hours;
  • If you jumped out of a window, you hit yourself painfully or injured yourself - your old friend needs your help. The more serious the damage, the worse his situation;
  • Throwed out from the sixth floor - your opinion will change within 24 hours. Accept what you thought was absurd.

Seventh floor

  • Walking along the seventh floor - you have the feeling that there are many floors below you, which means that in 7 days there will be a theft in your house and the thief will be someone from your circle;
  • A person falls from the seventh floor - the situation will develop in such a way that you will have to give consent to something you do not want. If this is a job offer or participation in a project, and you take it with full dedication, you will get a big profit. For those born on the 7th, 16th or 25th, the dream foretells good luck in the professional and love spheres;
  • Falling out of a seventh floor window and getting injured - this indicates an unfortunate mistake made in a conversation with a superior person 16 days ago, which will bring you trouble;
  • Having fallen out of a 7th floor window, you immediately got back on your feet - everything in your life is going naturally and justified, within a week everything will return to normal.

Eighth floor

  • You are walking along the eighth floor - you are determined to tell your superiors your opinion about him and his management methods;
  • If you walk for a long time and will not find a way out of this floor , everything you say will be turned against you and after 8 days you will be offered to move to another department or do another job, which will actually be tantamount to your demotion;
  • Quickly finding a way out from the floor to the top - indicates that the boss will listen to all your comments and take them into account;
  • Getting stuck on an elevator on the eighth floor means you have mixed personal relationships with public ones, and as a result you are mired in problems;
  • If you find a way out of the elevator on the 8th floor - on the 8th or 17th you will begin to solve your problems and get rid of people you don’t like. If you easily get out of the elevator, then in reality you will choose a job and fire your mistress, since she will become a hindrance to you in your business. If you break out of the elevator with enormous expenditure of energy, then in life you would prefer to fire several valuable employees than your passion.;
  • A man falls from an 8th floor window - you will make a grave mistake, and your business partners will break off relations with you. For a woman, this dream indicates that her professional future is in danger - her colleagues are slandering her, since they are not satisfied with her free style of behavior and relaxed communication;
  • You fell out of a window on the 8th floor - your enemies are slandering you, trying to harm you with the help of misinformation. If within 26 days you receive some information, then do not believe it, it is fabricated by your competitors.;
  • were seriously injured in a fall , you may suffer from not checking the information received and basing your calculations on it;
  • Having fallen from the 8th floor, you immediately jump to your feet and not - you will win and make your opponents regret.

Ninth floor

  • You are on the ninth floor - indicates a promotion, and this will happen no later than 9 days after you see the dream. The more pleasant it is for you to be on the ninth floor, the more confident you will feel in your new place;
  • Falling from the ninth floor in a dream means you will lose your powers in reality. If you fall for a long time, then the difficult period will last from 9 days to 9 months. However, after this period, you will understand that sometimes a loss can become a gain - do not cling to old beliefs and rules, free your mind, look for new paths and do not forget that the number 9 is fundamental for you in this period of life.

Other interpretations

There are many types of dream books. Height is interpreted ambiguously by them. Thus, the yogis’ dream book says that seeing a tall building or climbing to a height means achieving something. This is gaining new knowledge, opportunities, or simply moving up the career ladder.

Vanga's dream book speaks of the desire for perfection of the world around us if the image of heights came at night. A person wants to develop and improve others. Miller's dream book says that such symbols indicate the presence of obstacles in life. They interfere, but do not exclude the possibility of achieving the goal. It all depends on the person's mood. What lengths he is willing to go to to overcome everything in his path.

Tsvetkov’s dream book says that, sensing heights in a dream, a person begins some kind of risky business. Moreover, he is ready for this and moves along the path voluntarily. Juno's dream book interprets such a dream as a symbol of perspective and new opportunities. Such dreams can warn of danger or speak of good luck and prosperity. It all depends on the circumstances, the mood in the dream. By making the right conclusions in reality, you can avoid many problems and resolve some situations.

Having considered what interpretation the dream book gives of height, falling and rising to a hill, as well as many other symbols, everyone will be able to correctly understand the image that has come. This will allow you to organize your life correctly.

Transcripts from leading experts

Magicians and psychoanalysts around the world constantly help people understand the meaning of night travel. Sleep characteristics may differ for an individual, even depending on the month of his birth:

The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud considers the fear of heights and falling, which is why such a dream occurs, as an attempt to overcome the sense of balance and the struggle against sexual arousal.

For a man, a tower or a fortress, any enclosed space located at a height, symbolizes the feminine principle. Trying to conquer such an obstacle in dreams symbolizes the desire to win the favor of a particular girl. And stopping halfway is a sign of indecision, doubt about the subject of dreams.

Inspecting the interior of the place of imprisonment means not taking action towards the lady, passivity and waiting. And standing at the foot of a destroyed fortress means disappointment in your partner. For a woman, such a dream is considered by the subconscious as a negative attitude towards sex with a certain man.

The prophecies of the great Vanga

The world-famous medium and clairvoyant sees a high tower as a manifestation of feelings, overcoming obstacles on the path of life. Conquering an obstacle in a dream predicts persistent struggle and victory in reality. The natural beauty of the mountain and the beautiful architecture of the tall building are a symbol of sublime feelings and desires. If the structure collapses or the sand castle is washed away by the waves, this means disappointment in one’s actions, which will destroy happiness.

Dream Interpretation of Juno

The information presented in this collection describes heights and the fear of falling; such a dream suggests a quick solution to accumulated problems. The fear of being in the sky or on a mountain, of making a jump, is interpreted in a similar way. Height is seen as the beginning of new possibilities and creative prospects.

If there are children next to the sleeping person in his dreams and he feels worried about them, then this is identified with real problems in education and mutual understanding with the younger generation. But a pleasant bird's eye view foretells good news.

Long's characteristic

The white magician says that dreams of heights and fear of falling mean trouble or illness

. And if the sleeper sees the fall of another person, troubles will affect close and dear people. And also such a dream means the inability to implement plans.

An ambitious person climbs to a high place in a dream, but his plans and requirements do not correspond to the person’s capabilities. If a stranger is nearby, then the development of vanity is provoked by ill-wishers; their flattery will not bring good. The very rise to the top predicts an increase in financial well-being, and observing the actions of another individual symbolizes envy of successful comrades.

Miller's psychological evaluation

The psychologist characterizes a situation in which the dreamer is at a height and is afraid of falling in a dream as a reflection of real difficulties. According to the specialist, seeing and striving for the top is an attempt to change your character for the sake of someone, forgetting about your desires. Fear itself is interpreted by Miller as disappointment and loss.

On the other hand, upward movement is assessed as success

, and falling into a cliff is like failure and disappointment. If at the end the dreamer is injured, then loss awaits him: the more serious the injury, the greater the loss. Fear itself means the dreamer's lack of confidence in his abilities. Climbing a slope signifies overcoming obstacles along the way. If you manage to reach the top in a dream, then in reality you will be able to cope with troubles.

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