Why do you dream of a small crocodile or a big crocodile?

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The crocodile is an exotic animal that in our area can only be found in the zoo. Sometimes this predator appears to people in their dreams.

What does such a dream mean and what should a person who sees this dangerous reptile prepare for?

Many interpreters agree that this animal is a symbol of an insidious and dangerous enemy. To correctly decipher a dream, you need to pay attention to all the details of the dream. The dream book will help you do this.

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The enemy never sleeps

Interpreting why you dream that a crocodile bites in the water, the Big Dream Book warns that in reality the dreamer is threatened by a strong enemy who prefers to remain incognito. The main danger is that it is almost impossible to predict his actions in advance.

This is not the only explanation for why you dream of a crocodile invisible in a muddy slurry biting you. Such a plot happens to be seen in a tense emotional state, which in itself is fraught with mental balance and well-being.

If you dreamed of something similar, the dream interpreter urges you to beware of injury. After having seen a crocodile attack in a dream, it is advisable to refrain from unnecessary revelations even with those closest to you.

I dreamed about an alligator

Few people think, especially when remembering a night dream, whether they saw a crocodile or an alligator in a dream. And for the interpretation of sleep this is important. So, you need to remember that alligators differ from crocodiles in head shape. In him it is more rounded and resembles the English letter “U”, while in crocodiles it is “V”.

Another difference is that when the jaws of crocodiles are closed, all the teeth are visible, while the alligator has a larger upper jaw, so when the mouth is closed, the teeth are not visible at all. The alligator's body is wider but shorter than that of crocodiles and they live only in fresh water. If you find out that you saw an alligator in your dream, you need to be on guard - this is a bad omen.

  • Seeing an alligator in a dream means that in reality you do not have the best relationship with your superiors. They underestimate you and try to burden you with other people's responsibilities. Maybe you should change your job?
  • Dreaming of a dead alligator is a sign of an enemy who is pretending to be a friend.
  • Seeing an alligator in the house means you need to beware of envious people who come into your family.
  • Seeing a lot of alligators in the water is a sign of an intrigue that is being woven behind your back.
  • Bitten by an alligator: according to the dream book, you will find yourself in a situation the consequences of which will seriously and permanently unsettle you.

Refrain from sudden movements

If you happen to see an alligator that bites in a dream, the dream book calls for vigilance and restraint. A slippery tense period is expected, when everyone is a danger, including the dreamer himself.

  • A reptile bite indicates that you are susceptible to the negative influence of others;
  • Interpreting the symbol, the dream book suggests not taking reproaches and injustice to heart;
  • When a reptile bites in a dream, an impulsive act will cause great harm;
  • If you dreamed about a crocodile biting, think twice before burning bridges;
  • A cayman that bites represents an unhealthy lifestyle.

Who dreamed about a crocodile

The interpretation of a dream largely depends on who saw the dream: a man or a woman.


A crocodile woman in a dream is warned about the hypocrisy and meanness of her friends. A close friend will turn out to be two-faced and will spread rumors and gossip behind his back.

Don't make a scene or argue with your ex-girlfriend - this will ruin your mood and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. It’s better to disperse peacefully by cutting off communications.


The crocodile symbolizes a dangerous enemy. He hid, waiting for the right moment to attack. You must understand the competitor before he strikes, otherwise your reputation and wallet will suffer.

Vicious Cub

The small size of the predator should not be misleading: a baby crocodile in a dream symbolizes no less trouble than an adult. Familiarity with his teeth means that ill-wishers choose the moment to take him by surprise.

It’s interesting to know why you dream about how a small crocodile that found itself under the sleeping person’s foot managed to bite. The dream book says that the upcoming problem will have to be resolved on your own. The only help is persistence.

If you dreamed of a small but aggressive crocodile, you should beware of seemingly harmless people. Their distinctive feature is persistent helpfulness, repeated attempts to gain trust at any cost. The dream interpreter advises to be alert.

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Failures will haunt the dreamer in his personal life. There may be a big conflict with the other half, which will end with goodbye. You will have to be patient and try to smooth out the edges.

If in a dream you see crocodiles and other crawling reptiles, then in reality a quarrel with your loved one is possible.

Personal and business sphere

Dream books offer interpretation of dreams for various everyday aspects. If you dreamed that a caiman was attacking you, the lovers’ dream book foretells betrayal, separation, or a long period of loneliness.

The predictor of the Pharaohs promises difficulties in advancing the matter. If the wound inflicted by the reptile turns out to be painful, you will have to temporarily come to terms with the circumstances, since there is no way to correct the situation yet.

Positive values

Interpretations of why you dream about a reptile attacking sometimes carry a positive meaning. If you dreamed that the offender managed to take revenge, the symbol means victory over troubles and difficulties.

If you dreamed of a crocodile biting, the Modern interpreter explains what you saw in a dream with flexibility and efficiency even in the most unfavorable circumstances.

If the predator does not attack and is quite friendly, in reality the sleeper will be pleasantly surprised.

Seeing a small crocodile in a dream

The meaning of the dream may be different for dreamers of different genders. For accurate decoding, plot details should be taken into account.

To a woman

A dreamer who sees a small alligator will soon reach an understanding with a certain person.

For a woman who sees an animal in the toilet or bathroom, the dream promises an active sexual relationship or pregnancy.

The dreamer is fighting with a small reptile - in real life she will win in an extremely important matter, will be able to cope with serious troubles, and achieve her goal.

To the girl

A dream in which a girl sees a small crocodile promises to receive a gift.

If the dreamer holds a tiny animal in her hands and strokes it, then in reality there is a high probability of conceiving a child.


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