Dream Interpretation of Oil Barrels: Why do women or men dream of Oil Barrels?

Seeing Oil in a dream: Great modern dream book

Oil - You seem to be extracting oil in a dream - you can be calm about your health; the pharmacy will only interest you because they sell vitamins. It’s as if you are trading oil - the love affair will be unhappy due to your fault; you have not yet learned to resist the negative influence of others, you do not know how to maintain a purity of heart in any circumstances.

Seeing frozen oil in a dream means you have few friends in your life because you are a callous person; other people's troubles bother you only when they can touch you.

Seeing burning oil in a dream means your relationship with a new acquaintance - a rather influential person - will be warm. It’s as if you were stained with oil - in reality you are pure, you have a kind, sympathetic heart, your thoughts are high; you are not in danger of falling into sin.

People's dream book

what oil means in a dream as follows :

  • the image itself can portend success, as well as the achievement of all set goals;
  • if you discovered a new deposit in a dream, it means that your financial situation will improve in the near future. It is likely that unexpected and pleasant wealth will fall on you without the slightest effort;
  • raw materials burn - in reality you will find happiness. It is possible that you will receive income that you did not expect;
  • to see that a strong house appears when it burns - in reality you will have to change plans. You won’t be able to rest because an unforeseen situation will occur;
  • burying a deposit is a bad symbol. He predicts the loss of valuable things, as well as failures. Businessmen should be extremely careful after such visions;
  • dreaming that you are being doused with oil - in reality you are about to have an unpleasant experience;
  • rubbing yourself with a flammable substance is a sign of good health, success in business and other positive aspects;
  • dream of collecting resources means successful purchases;
  • drinking petroleum products is a symbol of feeling disgust. Probably some person will be too repulsive for you. And this despite the fact that he will actually show all his charm;
  • seeing an oil slick somewhere is a hint that you should be more polite with the people around you;
  • a business related to a resource suggests that it is sometimes necessary to make concessions so as not to feel lonely in the future;
  • if you dream of buying oil, this predicts important negotiations on the intended business. They will be successful, which will allow you to earn a large sum of money;
  • if you dreamed that you sold a resource and made wealth from it, in reality you will make a profit in the business you are running;
  • a fountain of oil gushing from underground foreshadows difficulties that will not be easy to overcome;
  • you dream that you, an oil industry worker, will cope with annoying difficulties in reality;
  • If you smeared raw materials on some person, it means that you allow other people to lead your life. You need to devote time to your own interests.

Negative and other predictions

In dreams we rarely encounter symbols that can be considered either purely positive or sharply negative. As a rule, most of them are viewed from two sides.

Dream Interpretations foretelling trouble

See her in the water

The esoteric dream book considers oil spilled on the ground extremely poorly. It is believed that the dreamer will have a long period in his life when luck will turn away from him. The interpreter does not even indicate in which particular area you should expect trouble, since it will surround you from all sides.

Seeing oil in water - unfortunately, you have made many mistakes in the past, now it’s time to pay for them. Life will deteriorate sharply, and the reason is the influence of the sleeping person’s past mistakes.

A person who sees himself stained with oil will be mistaken about a certain situation, person or his capabilities.

Even when oil gushes out of the ground like a fountain, which is viewed positively by many interpreters, the Esoteric Dream Book perceives it as a sign of an impending disaster. At a minimum, the dreamer will find himself in an unpleasant and extreme situation that will threaten his life, and at maximum, a geological disaster may occur, which will threaten all people.

Seeing a tanker with mined mineral in a dream

The interpreter from “A” to “Z” believes that any oil plot in a dream predicts that you will have to give up a lot in order to attract the attention of the person you care about.

If a man sells oil in a dream, it means he will fall in love with a woman who will not be his match.

Miller's Interpreter

You can find different predictions from Gustav Miller. For example, looking at a passing ship full of oil means huge profits and good luck in business.

If the tanker was empty, then, on the contrary, you will go broke; now there is no point in concluding any deals or starting new business.

Just seeing oil means the dreamer will make an acquaintance with an interesting person, extraordinary, spiritually rich, financially secure. The best part about this vision is that in the future you will be able to marry this person.

Try to avoid mistakes

Did you dream that you took part in loading a tanker? In reality you will be too complex in the face of difficulties. However, you should not expect that someone (relatives, friends) will save you from your problems. When you saw an empty ship, you will be able to successfully overcome an annoying problem.

Seeing oil spilled on the ground promises a streak of bad luck; at sea - the time will begin when old mistakes will seriously affect your life.

Getting dirty with it means delusions. Try to think through your own words and actions, as mistakes can cause great harm to you and others.

Trying to find its deposit in a dream means that in order to achieve his plans, the dreamer will have to make a lot of effort.

Dream Interpretation Modern

As described in this interpreter, the image of burning oil foreshadows a warm relationship with a powerful person. It is possible that he will help you achieve success in your chosen field.

If you dreamed that the oil product had frozen, it means you need to pay more attention to your loved ones. They often suffer from your callousness. If you dream that you get dirty in a flammable substance, you are doing everything right, your thoughts are pure. If such a vision appears to a person who is undeservedly accused of something, then he will soon have to hear an acquittal.

It seemed as if you yourself were participating in the extraction of a resource - a sign of good health and absence of diseases in the near future.

What kind of oil did you dream about?


To see liquid oil - a dream foretells that in the near future you should not avoid communicating with a large number of people. This will only be beneficial, since you can discover a lot of new things in conversations with strangers.


If oil is frozen in a dream, pay attention to how much money you spend, since desires may not coincide with financial capabilities, and excessive waste will lead to serious problems.

According to Freud's dream book, oil frozen in a dream indicates that a minor quarrel with a loved one can develop into a loud scandal, and ultimately lead to a painful separation.


When oil burns in a dream, in reality there may be uncertainty in one’s professional activities, a desire to change direction and become interested in something new.

Positive Predictions

Why do you dream about oil? First of all, you should ask dream interpreters about this; each of them will voice their own unique prediction.

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Dream book predictions

Dreaming of a valuable mineral

Dream interpreters are often divided into two groups: those who see only positive things in dreams about oil, and others who give rather gloomy predictions. Next, those dream books will be offered that have a more positive vision of the issue.

Erotic interpreter

It’s good if in a dream you happened to see oil gushing out of a well like a fountain. The vision means that you will soon make friends with a person who is rich and has an influential position in society. The interpreter says that such friendship has every chance of growing into something more, and thus you will get an influential friend, a soul mate who will protect you from adversity and solve all troubles.

21st century interpreter

What can oil mean in a dream? The dreamer will move towards success slowly but surely. Luck will favor you in all areas of life.

Modern dream book

The dream that you are completely soiled with oil is positive. It means that your thoughts and actions are pure. When such a vision is dreamed by a person who is accused of something, perhaps even a trial is underway, he can breathe freely. The interpreter says that he will be acquitted.

Oil is burning - you will make friends with an influential person.

To extract it from the bowels of the earth yourself means you have good health, which has never let you down.

Positive predictions collected from various sources

Seeing towers in a dream

Often in dream interpreters there is only a mention of events related to oil and its production. For a more convenient search, it’s worth collecting them all together:

  • oil rig - the dreamer is in excellent health, energy is in full swing, he will live to a ripe old age;
  • another tower is spiritual growth; a sleeping person has not only the desire, but also the opportunity to develop spiritually;
  • oil begins to gush out like a fountain right from under your feet - you will make a big discovery, and this will happen in the foreseeable future;
  • you get it yourself - you are hardworking and smart, these qualities will help you achieve success;
  • to see how it is mined at sea - you will receive a constant decent financial income.

Miller's Dream Book

In this dream book, oil will have one of the following meanings:

  • it seemed as if a black fountain was bursting out of a well and shooting high into the air - in reality, you were about to meet an unusual person. He will be very close to you in spirit, so you will easily find a common language. If this is a representative of the opposite sex, then the relationship will soon end in a happy marriage;
  • If you dream about getting dirty with petroleum products - in reality you will have to give up a lot in order to win the favor of the object of your passion. If you are ready to go for it, then everything will end well;
  • Doing business with someone in the oil industry is a sign of unhappy love. You will associate yourself with a person with whom you will not have common interests. Although at first it will seem to you that everything is different.

Dream Interpretation Esoteric

In this source , seeing oil in a dream will have one of the following interpretations:

  • spilled on the ground - in reality there will be a black streak, troubles and misfortunes;
  • seeing an oil slick in a pond is a sign that your life will be influenced by the mistakes of the past. They will have to be paid for in the future;
  • get dirty in petroleum products - in the real world you are in captivity of dangerous misconceptions. In the future, this will have a bad effect on you and those around you;
  • raw materials flow like a fountain - something tragic will happen. A natural disaster or other dangerous situation that will directly threaten you cannot be ruled out;
  • I dreamed about a tower - in fact, you will get the opportunity to correct everything that has been done. Use it to move along the path of spiritual growth and development.

Melnikov's Dream Interpretation

This source describes the meaning of images for women and girls. If oil appears in a dream , it means you are about to meet an interesting man. Most likely, the relationship will develop rapidly, and soon the chosen one will propose marriage.

If you dreamed that you were dirty in petroleum products, it means that you will have to make an effort to win the chosen one of your heart. You may have to give up some opportunities that could lead to enrichment.

Vanga's Dream Book

The fortuneteller described the meaning of what she dreams about, how oil comes out of the ground . This dream foreshadows an unusual, but very useful discovery that is to be made in the near future. If you dreamed that you were searching for an oil field, it means that you will have to work a lot in order to find what you want. Your path to success will not be easy, but you can handle it.

Night visions in which a flammable substance bursts out of a well in a huge fountain predict a catastrophe. If you dream that raw materials are flooding everything around - forests, rivers, but nothing can hide from this destructive fountain, then a warning is being sent to humanity. People are using the planet's resources uncontrollably, but one day this will lead to an irreparable environmental disaster of enormous proportions.

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