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Did you happen to fall down the stairs in a dream? To correctly interpret such a plot, it is necessary to remember a number of the smallest details, behind which the true meaning of the vision is hidden. The appearance of the dream object, the actions of the sleeping person, the general emotional background - all this is of great importance for the correct interpretation of what is seen. Only by comparing all the nuances with the information written in the interpreters, as well as with what happens in real life, can we lift the veil of secrecy between our world and the kingdom of dreams.

Miller's Predictions

According to Miller, it is necessary to take into account the interpretation of the dream of kissing a stranger on the lips based directly on the sensations experienced by the woman, the emotions and feelings experienced.

  • The hero of the dream interested the girl - a good symbol; the future holds pleasant pleasures and interesting hobbies.
  • The stranger was repulsive with his appearance - expect sad news. Physical disabilities of a dream partner predict a loss of trust in a close friend.

A little self-knowledge

The Wanderer's dream interpreter considers the stranger who became the hero of the kiss as a reflection of the dreamer's striking character trait. The external attractiveness of a gentleman is a projection of the light side of character traits, while the repulsive appearance is the dark side. Important: this dream is a warning - soon the character trait will manifest itself, the result may be unexpected success or valuable life experience.

The interpreter of dreams according to Loff is based on the masculine principle of every woman (Adam’s rib). The image of a stranger seen suggests the degree of dominance of a woman in a relationship: excessive passivity/activity. The plot of the dream indicates the direction of maintaining balance.

If a girl sees a passionate kiss that develops into physical intimacy, acting as the initiator, the vision should be interpreted as pressure from her lover. The partner wants to see the dreamer more passionate and sexually sophisticated.

What does a kiss portend?

The interpretation of a kiss that occurred with a random stranger or a passing man occurs in a wide range of meanings:

  • A girl in love kisses another guy while experiencing disgust - in reality, the dreamer will experience a cooling of feelings, disappointment is coming, and it is possible that she will receive bad news;
  • A passionate, desired kiss from a stranger is a symbol of an upcoming amazing event, receiving a pleasant surprise;

It is the nature of the kiss that occurred, the feelings accompanying the process, that predict the orientation of the upcoming unexpected event. Since the range of intensities of feelings that a person can experience is incredibly diverse, it is not possible for any interpreter to include a detailed interpretation of all points. The dreamer is recommended to add a sense of intuition when interpreting the plot of the dream.

Dream book of Simeon Prozorov

Did you fall down the stairs in a dream? Your energy and determination will allow you to achieve unprecedented heights in the professional field. Also, the mind and intuition of the sleeping person, which never let him down, will help him get to the top of Olympus. Set a goal and achieve it at any cost! After this, enormous prospects will open up before you that you had never even dreamed of before.

Have you climbed the stone stairs in the castle in the kingdom of dreams? In reality, a difficult task awaits you, which can only be solved with the help of innovative thinking and ingenuity. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative, as this is what will allow you to gain respect from the people around you. However, if you fall down the stairs while climbing, then get ready to deal with a large number of different household hassles that will come at you from all sides.

Falling from a ladder placed against the wall means unprecedented success, which will be achieved through participation in the adventure. Perhaps visiting a gaming establishment isn't such a bad idea? At the casino, the dreamer expects a solid win and a pleasant time with friends. If you have passionate feelings for a young lady, but are afraid to admit it to her. It's time to show what you're worth!

What to fear

A dreamed kiss with elements of physical intimacy serves as a warning to the dreamer against the possibility of committing a frivolous act, or showing excessive naivety or gullibility in a relationship. This interpretation is especially relevant for young girls.

S. Freud gives a literal interpretation of the image he saw: Mr. X, who became the hero of the mysterious kissing partner, symbolizes the girl’s uncontrollable curiosity, which can lead to an unsuccessful sexual experience. Negative consequences may include: unwanted pregnancy, PPP diseases, and possible psychological trauma.

The English interpreter warns: a kiss is a symbol of the discovery of the dark past of a familiar person. The dreamer is also advised to be more selective in making new acquaintances. Perhaps the person will turn out to be dishonest, insidious, a gigolo.

General interpretation of sleep

Kissing a stranger, most often, means an upcoming change in the criteria of your life, a change in your boring way of life. But these configurations will become painful and unusual for you. Perhaps this is due to the thoughtlessness of your actions, or to the result of bad deeds in the past.

A passionate and long kiss with an unfamiliar man in the middle of a crowded place means that you are excessively talkative about your personal life with strangers. With these discussions, you risk spoiling the harmony in your relationship and bringing failure to your couple. You should not cross the line when talking about your intimate life.

A light touch of lips with a handsome man you liked in a dream at someone’s wedding speaks of an imminent trip to exotic countries. This trip will bring you a lot of positive feelings and a likely meeting with a fascinating person who will change your life.

Kissing a man of honorable age during some official event means a well-deserved award and a desire to express gratitude to some person.

Touching a portrait with a stranger with your lips is a sign that in your environment there is a person about whom you feel strong envy and annoyance at his success

You should not pay attention to your internal states of anger and desire for revenge, because this will not bring anything good

Kissing a stranger on the cheek in night dreams means problems that will be brought to you by people from whom you least expect a joke or deception

You should be very careful about your actions and statements, so that your envious people do not find a reason for gossip in your direction.

Kissing a stranger on the neck in a dream means the possibility of discord in your family relationships due to other people's tricks and gossip. But you should rely on your family friends who will be able to restore harmony in your marriage.

A passionate kiss from your former partner, who in a dream seemed unfamiliar to you, means that you are tormented by the past. You should learn to live your new life and let go of past feelings. A completely different fate is prepared for you, much more stable and happier, but you yourself do not take steps towards it.

For lovers with disgust, kissing another person in a dream means the cooling of real emotions in reality. Kissing a stranger passionately means unusual events and surprises in the future. If, while kissing a stranger, you felt hostility, then bad news and frustration will soon await you.

If in a dream you saw passionate hot kisses, which, as you think, ended in an intimate relationship, then in your real relationship you lack the brightest colors and pleasant feelings, or you will soon have a mind-blowing romance.

Kissing a young guy who is much younger than you is a sign of new discoveries in life. You should not be afraid of something unusual and new, all discoveries will lead you to success.

Kissing a stranger in the rain means that in real life you have certain difficulties that you can certainly overcome and learn very valuable and fundamental lessons from this. Only your perseverance, patience and self-confidence will help you.

A kiss with an unfamiliar man who has haunted you for a long time in other dreams means that a significant event will soon happen in your life. Maybe something so fundamental will happen that you can never forget. But this can be either a pleasant accomplishment or not a very successful one.

Love will find you on its own

The main character of the kiss can be a famous man. The dreamer has never seen the famous person in real life; the man also does not know about the existence of the woman. An erotic dream interpreter relates the image of a celebrity to an ordinary stranger. Such a dream shows the presence of feelings for a real man, although the dreamer may not admit this to herself.

A girl dreams of a stranger’s kiss on the eve of the birth of a dizzying romance, which will soon appear regardless of her real plans.

Interpretations about children

Did your child fall down the stairs in a dream? The dream book of Nostradamus is very optimistic. He advises paying less attention to your child and giving him more freedom. The time of growing up comes in a child’s life, and he must independently learn about moral and physical responsibility. Life will serve as the best teacher for him.

The child not only fell down the stairs, but also received a severe bruise? In real life, nothing threatens the little guest of dreams. Moreover, Aesop’s dream book speaks of the emergence of favorable opportunities in his life that he should seize.

Magician Longo's interpretation of your child's fall from the stairs will be less optimistic. The image of a falling baby reflects the dreamer’s deepest fears: fear of losing his child in the real world, fear of various diseases, and so on. This range of negative emotions found interpretation in night dreams. The interpreter recommends getting rid of negative thoughts as soon as possible, otherwise you risk bringing disaster to your family, since everything we think about tends to materialize in this world.

Star Kiss

It has already been noted that the Erotic Dream Interpreter correlates the kiss of a celebrity with the meaning of a dream in which one happened to kiss a simple stranger. Such a dream symbolizes the field of activity in which the dreamer wants to achieve success. A dreamed kiss suggests: now is the most favorable time to achieve your cherished goals.

Often, a kiss from a famous person projects the dreamer’s hidden feelings; the girl tries to hide the feeling of falling in love, considering it inappropriate and shameful.

Actions related to a puddle

An equally important detail of the dream is the way the dreamer interacts with the spilled liquid. The meaning of the dream depends on it, which can vary from positive to negative.

Walk barefoot

If the road is blocked by a puddle and the sleeper has to take off his shoes to move to a dry area, in reality he will face a series of obstacles and failures, both in business and in the personal sphere. But the difficulties will be temporary and will disappear without causing any harm.

Walk through the puddles

If you enjoy walking through puddles in the rain, you should avoid unreasonable actions in life. Many actions you take under the influence of your emotional and impulsive nature can have unpleasant consequences. Remember that for any pleasure, sooner or later you have to pay.

Run through puddles

If, like in childhood, you selflessly run through puddles, splashing water, it means that immaturity is interfering with your career and personal growth. To achieve success, you need to become more serious and learn to plan your life and set clear goals.

Wash your feet

If a person tries to rinse his feet in a dirty puddle, this is a reason for him to think about whether he makes the right decisions in everyday life. Most likely, many problems can be solved by learning to calculate the consequences of one’s actions and their necessity and expediency.

Step in a puddle

Accidentally getting your feet wet means inevitable minor troubles. You should accept them calmly, as an inevitable evil, especially since there will be no consequences and soon life will return to its usual rut.

Jump over

If you manage to jump over the water without getting your feet wet, then in reality the dreamer’s financial situation will become stronger. Unexpected profits, debt repayment and successful transactions await him. If a person had any problems, then he can forget about them - they will remain on the “other shore”.

Sit in a puddle

If you dream of a literal embodiment of a famous aphorism, it means that in the near future there is a possibility of getting into an awkward situation. Your developed sense of humor and self-irony will help you get out of it.

Fall into the water

Fall means unseemly actions or indecent behavior in reality. There is a threat to get involved with “bad company.” In any case, in order not to spoil your reputation, you should carefully weigh all decisions and not follow all your desires and inclination towards adventurism.

If a sleeping child falls and gets dirty, too much is demanded from the child and often he does not live up to the parents’ expectations. It is better to be more patient with your baby and not demand more from him than he can. In the case of an established relationship, the child will give his parents many reasons to be proud of themselves.

Wipe up spills

If you are trying to get rid of dirt and water on the floor in the house, then sick or capricious relatives may soon come to you and cause a lot of trouble. You will have to work hard to resolve the problems of your loved ones, so it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle and get proper rest.

Drain the puddle

This dream is unfavorable for older people. For them, a puddle means worsening health problems or an aggravated chronic disease. If an old man sees in a dream how he is trying to save the graves in a cemetery from the water flooding them, it means the death of a close relative or friend.

For other people, especially families, attempts to dry a surface that has been flooded with something is rather a favorable sign. If the yard of your own house is freed from dirt, this promises a kind and not grumpy wife for a man, and a loving and appreciative husband for a woman.

Meeting point

The circumstances of the event that occurred help to concretize the interpretation of the dream picture. Longo's dream book gives the following interpretation of the symbol received in a dream:

  • The kiss took place in a public place - excessive talkativeness can compromise the dreamer; you should not be frank with a stranger;
  • A kiss based on tradition, for example, a wedding kiss from a witness, is a symbol of new useful acquaintances that will have a positive impact on a woman’s destiny.

Enemies and friends

According to psychoanalysts, running up the stairs in a dream means isolating yourself in the real world from your friends and close relatives. The sleeping person created the prerequisites for isolation herself, but all worries and fears are groundless.

Did you dream of falling down the stairs, which resulted in injury? According to the French interpreter, the dreamer should be very careful when starting a romantic relationship. The dream book seems to hint that you will inadvertently stumble over love, falling into the abyss of passion.

The universal interpreter provides a lot of useful information, for example, what dreams of stairs leading upward mean. Such a symbol speaks of the dreamer’s desire to build a career, but on the way he will encounter many obstacles that truly strong individuals can overcome.

Kissing a girl

Finally, let's consider the meaning of a dream in which a young man dreamed of a kiss from a stranger. Did the stranger initiate the kiss? The dreamer is in danger of being caught in the middle of a conflict that he will cause. Probably the real partner is dishonest, hides her real face, playing with the man’s feelings.

Shereminskaya bases her interpretation of the plot of the stranger's kiss on the receipt of unexpected profits.

The universal dream book predicts for a young man the rapid development of a dizzying romance, which will be short-lived, but memorable.

The esoteric interpreter connects the interpretation of the plot of the kiss, which took place in bright light, with future problems, in solving which the man will have to adapt to the opinions of others. A person will have to step over some moral principles in order to complete the task.

The famous sorceress Medea bases the interpretation of the dream plot on the presence of fears and internal obstacles of the young man. A man should overcome his phobias and enjoy life.

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Interpreter of Rommel

Climbing the stairs in a dream and falling, experiencing a feeling of deep fatigue, is a sign that the dreamer devotes too much time to work. At this rate, you risk losing a large supply of energy, which will be very difficult to replenish. Therefore, the dream book recommends taking a short vacation, having a good rest, and then returning to your favorite activity with a surge of fresh strength.

Falling from a rope ladder in the kingdom of Morpheus means upcoming conflicts in the real world. After such a plot, you are unlikely to be able to avoid a quarrel with your loved one, and the initiator of the scandal will be a sleeping person. If you want to avoid negative developments, the dream book recommends having a heart-to-heart talk with your significant other in a calm environment. However, exercise restraint during the conversation! Once you dot all the i's, there will never be any tension between you again.

Interpretation according to various dream books: Miller, Vanga, Freud, Modern

A dream associated with a kiss is interpreted by many dream books. Such a plot is associated with the manifestation of the dreamer’s feelings, so the correct interpretation is important - it can help a person understand the feelings overwhelming him. The choice of a dream book that suggests the interpretation of a dream is solely a matter for the dreamer himself.

American psychologist G. Miller interprets the dream based on the dreamer’s psyche. Uses psychoanalysis, the human ego, the subconscious, the famous psychologist Z. Freud. A reliable translation of the dream plot into real events is offered by the clairvoyant Vanga. A popular interpretation is given by the Modern Interpreter of Dreams.

Each person can choose an interpreter who will answer questions according to the dreamer's temperament. However, reading various options for explaining the plot of a dream will help to more objectively answer the question of interest: “why do you dream about kissing?”

Miller's Dream Book - take the first step

Psychologist Miller's position is based on the dreamer's hidden feelings towards the object of the kiss.

Such a dream confirms the dreamer’s confidence in the seriousness of the man’s intentions and the degree of trust. Show your interest to a handsome man, in return you will receive many times more efforts than yours to improve the relationship on the part of the gentleman.

A dream in which a man contemplates the kiss of his chosen one with another person promises the dreamer a confrontation with criticism directed at him. A man should reconsider his life principles, which can bring disgrace on the part of loved ones and discredit a man’s honor.

If a young guy’s kiss seems unpleasant to a girl, the dreamer is advised to listen to her body. Reality is preparing a fight against the disease, a possible complication of a chronic disease. The dream suggests the need to consult a doctor; a disease prevented in a timely manner provides the most effective cure.

Vanga's Dream Interpretation - you have a happy family

The Bulgarian clairvoyant adhered to the interpretation of the dream from the perspective of family relationships. Vanga correlated a person’s dream of a kiss with the stabilization of relations between relatives; peace and family tranquility await the dreamer.

The second interpretation of the clairvoyant was: the dreamer is expected to make a serious decision that will influence his future fate.

Freud's Dream Book - you tend to dominate

A dreamed kiss is a symbol of sexual problems. This is how Dr. Freud approached psychoanalysis. The dreamer strives to dominate the relationship, which probably does not suit the other half. A person is advised to stabilize the situation, find balance, balance, trust his partner, and allow him to make decisions too.

Modern dream book - work on relationships

The modern interpreter associates a dream kiss with changes in romantic relationships.

This plot predicts the development of existing feelings and the establishment of completely new relationships.

For a dreamer who has a significant other, such a dream advises him to find a way to diversify his relationship: visit public places, spend more free time together, review the schedule of existing affairs, increase the share of time allocated to a loved one. Such changes will have a positive effect on your relationship.

Dream book of the 21st century

Falling from a staircase that has not been repaired for several years in a dream means an insurmountable obstacle in the professional field. It may be worth reconsidering your priorities and starting to move in a different direction. Or you can postpone achieving your goal until a more favorable period, when fate will favor you more.

Have you experienced a great feeling of fear in a dream, falling from a wooden ladder? In the near future, several great prospects will open up before you, each of which will bring you family well-being and true happiness. However, you should not make a rash choice, since your future will depend on it.

Contemporaries about kisses in the kingdom of Morpheus

Dream soothsayers also devote special attention to the interpretation of the plot of a dream related to kisses, relying on the dreamer’s character traits, predicting possible profits.

Noble dream book by N. Grishina

Nina Grishina assigns the main position in the interpretation of the dream to the places of the kiss:

  • a stranger kisses a girl’s hands - excessive pride shown by the dreamer; if you don’t try to pacify your pride, you can end up in an unpleasant situation;
  • kisses in intimate places - the presence of bad intentions of a person, take a closer look at your behavior, has you chosen the right path to achieve your goals?

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Esoteric interpreter Tsvetkova views the kiss from the negative side:

  • a kiss with an unfamiliar man or woman is a reason to take a closer look at the people around you; an unfamiliar person can become a rival, lead to betrayal, a break in relationships;
  • same-sex kiss is a symbol of impending hostility.

Dream Interpretation of Shereminskaya

The interpretation based on financial income is given by the writer L. Shereminskaya. A kiss predicts receiving material benefits, profits, and improving the dreamer’s financial condition.

Noble dream book

Did you see another person falling down the stairs in a dream? The noble dream book speaks of the desire of the sleeping person to become a completely different person. The problem is that the interpretation affects not only the appearance and demeanor of the dreamer, but also certain character traits that gave the owner of the dreams a special charm and uniqueness. Is it worth becoming a completely different person just to please others?

Falling into a high spiral staircase in a dream means unsuccessful attempts to conquer a high peak in reality. Probably, the sleeping man is trying to woo a young lady who does not pay any attention to him, or perhaps he is striving to take a leadership position at work, but deep down he understands that he is not yet ready for this. The interpreter recommends not to overestimate your strength in reality, otherwise you risk falling into deep depression due to unfulfilled tasks.

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