Why dream of quarreling with your ex-boyfriend - according to all dream books

According to interpretations, quarreling with an ex-boyfriend means traveling abroad, visiting new cities, and expanding your circle of acquaintances. According to interpretations, there is a long journey ahead, to visit many new cities, to find new acquaintances. Much less often - to the official wedding ceremony, to festive troubles, to think about family and future life. But sometimes - to celebrate a wedding, gather with a large circle of relatives, make plans for the future.

Different editions of interpreters do not always agree on the same dream. For a complete answer to why you dream of quarreling with your ex-boyfriend, we have provided information from the most famous and popular publications. The classic dream books of Miller and Vanga will indicate the meaning of the dreamed image. And the lunar dream book will answer the question of whether it will come true, when, and with what chance.

The ex-boyfriend is always to blame

Often conflict is a projection of dissatisfaction with oneself. Doubts accumulated during the day, disagreements with others, minor failures in a dream are transferred to the once soulmate, even if communication is in the past.

The acute desire to eliminate internal contradictions comes down to finding the culprit; it is quite natural that one of the most prominent significant figures appears in his place. The psychoanalytic dream book brings this trick of the imagination to light, so as not to interfere with the search for the true sources of disharmony.

Interpretation of details

If you had a dream on an even calendar day, most likely it will not come true, so you can forget it. It is better to remember other visions with precision; you can even write them down to get a complete transcript. We need to remember how the quarrel took place:

  1. Loudly, with obscenities and insults, a fight - to the fulfillment of desires. The plans you have made will be fulfilled in the near future, this will happen with ease, you won’t have to make a lot of effort, the main thing is to believe that everything will work out.
  2. Almost in a whisper, so as not to be heard by strangers - to gossip, envy, conflicts with colleagues, household members. It is worth paying attention to your acquaintances; someone harbors a grudge against the dreamer.
  3. A quarrel that turned into kisses, hugs, an intimate relationship, dreams of a new opportunity to earn extra money. You should not refuse it, because the situation will turn out for the better for the dreamer. In the near future, you can expect financial well-being and the arrival of funds from unexpected sources.
  4. The swearing ended in reconciliation - the dreamer is ready to let go of the past and forgive all insults. Pleasant changes will begin soon, life can change dramatically.
  5. Getting satisfaction from shouting and insults means dissatisfaction in your sex life; you should find a partner.

Seeing a conflict with your ex in a dream is most often a good symbol. But you shouldn’t focus on the dream, so as not to push away your luck.

If you constantly replay a vision in your head and tell it to many people, you can get the opposite effect .

How far have you come

Hasse's dream book will help you figure out why you dream about the intensity of passions during an argument. Tears represent confusion in priorities, the habit of being distracted by trifles to the detriment of priority tasks, and overwork.

Screaming and swearing warn that plans will have to be changed once again. Isn't it time to make more global adjustments? If it has come to the point of assault, there is no doubt that reality requires serious changes.

Sometimes the secret dream of returning love is masked by other experiences of equal strength.

With a friend

Here, for a correct interpretation, you need to know who the man is to you. Detail:

  1. Girlfriend's boyfriend - envy, mistrust, jealousy.
  2. Husband, including ex - intrigue at work.
  3. Friend, buddy - for a fun party.
  4. Lover - increased feelings. Offers shared accommodation.
  5. Classmate, classmate - pleasant meeting, conversation.
  6. A colleague will set you up, don’t trust him.
  7. The boss, director, manager - observes your work with approval. He'll give you a bonus and raise.
  8. A business partner will betray you.
  9. Roommate - you'll separate.
  10. The neighbor is gossiping.
  11. Brother is a family event.
  12. A close relative (uncle, for example) - good news, letter.
  13. A doctor or other specialist is the solution to a protracted problem.
  14. Teacher - to great success.
  15. A long-forgotten acquaintance - news from the past, memories.
  16. Gypsy - you will become a victim of deception and theft.
  17. The young man you want to forget is suffering and wants to resume communication.

If a girl dreams of a quarrel with a boy, then it’s time to look at the world more seriously. Her feminine charm attracts potential suitors.

Quarreling with the deceased according to Vanga’s dream book

An argument in a raised voice with someone who is now deceased is a hint of change or problems. Specification:

  1. Arguing with a patient means injustice.
  2. With a deceased brother - you will hear a request for help.
  3. With a dead friend - to change. Analyze the cause of the squabble. The soul of the deceased came to tell him what not to do.

The abuse of an unknown deceased is an unexpected twist of fate. Option: they will fire you from your job, which will make you upset. But later it turns out that fortune brought him out of the team, in which there will be terrible complications.

Scandal for your health!

As the Women's Dream Book says, a quarrel with an ex-boyfriend is explained by experiences from real life. Here's how the impact of the emotional background manifests itself in everyday situations:

  • An unexpected idea will help you make the right decision;
  • The tension will increase and lead to breakdown or depression;
  • Reduced vigilance threatens to cause injuries and accidents;
  • The likelihood of impulsive purchases, expensive and unnecessary, increases;
  • If the scandal in the dream was a joy, a surge of energy is expected.

Quarrel over betrayal

If the quarrel occurred because the guy cheated, you should remember the details of this unpleasant situation. This will help you correctly solve the dream. So, it is recommended to recall in memory what exactly happened:

  • The beloved kissed the other person - the different sides of the girl’s personality cannot agree with each other. This conflict should be resolved quickly. It may be necessary to visit an experienced psychologist and open up to him. With the help of a specialist, you will be able to quickly resolve this problem.
  • The sleeping woman found out that her boyfriend was hugging another girl - to a bad point. There is a high probability that the partners will have to separate. You should remember who the guy’s chosen one was in the dream. If this is a friend, you should stay away from her, as she can take the young man away. It's better to break off relations with her.
  • The beloved gave the bouquet to another - in fact, the guy is dissatisfied with the sleeping woman, but he is embarrassed to talk about it openly. The girl must initiate the conversation herself and make it clear that she is ready to hear any truth. She may not like what was said, but at least she will have a chance to improve and save the relationship that is dear to her heart.
  • The guy confessed his love to another - the sleeping woman is going to commit an act that her man will not approve of. The girl knows this very well, but still does not deviate from her plans. She needs to keep in mind that she can push her loved one away from her if she does not take him into account. It is very important for a guy that his chosen one takes his opinion into account.
  • A loved one has invited someone else on a date - the girl strives to smooth out rough edges and is afraid of the development of a conflict, but this plays against her. It is not at all necessary to be polite, friendly and responsive to everyone. Sometimes you need to show your teeth and throw out the negativity. A mask of external decency will not protect you from anxiety and irritability. Negative emotions will accumulate inside and one day splash out at the wrong moment.
  • The sleeping woman found the guy in bed with someone else - such a plot indicates deep despair. The girl feels unwanted. It seems to her that the whole world is against her. However, in reality this is just an illusion. In fact, friends and family love the sleeping woman very much, they just don’t know how to help her.

Do you like bickering?

Interpreting why you dream of a showdown with your once loved one, Vanga’s dream book clarifies whether you often have to get into trouble in reality. Quiet, peace-loving people are sometimes forced to suppress emotions, allowing themselves to let off steam only in their sleep.

For those accustomed to behaving directly and openly expressing anger, such a drama often reflects impressions of reality and also means confidence in one’s own rightness. The release of aggression in night dreams makes it possible to behave less defiantly during the day.

What does a dream with an ex-boyfriend or husband mean: tips and reviews

  • After you wake up, without delay, try to reproduce the dream in the smallest detail from memory.
  • During the day, remember everything that happened in your dream.
  • Don't try to take everything that happens in your dreams literally.
  • Your dreams say more about your destiny than about the destiny of other people. Highlight your role in your dream.
  • Record your dreams to create a trend. Some dreams have several "series".

Review: Olga, 32 years old

I dreamed that I was arguing strongly with my ex-husband. In a dream, because of a quarrel, I hated him very much. The subject of the quarrel was our son. It’s hard to remember exactly all the details of the dream, but I woke up very upset. In reality, everything turned out to be quite the opposite. On my son’s birthday, my ex-husband came and congratulated him, they had a very good time together. We didn't quarrel, but talked like old friends.

The man is still precious

A quarrel with an ex-boyfriend in a dream represents girls for whom separation is intolerable. Resentment, a feeling of incompleteness, understatement seeks a way out in night dreams.

Often the dreamer continues to worry about the man, although in reality she clearly realizes that his affairs no longer concern her. The sleeping woman does not dare to admit even to herself that she is weak-willed, which is why sympathy is transformed into anger.

For a woman who has a new romance or family, the dream warns of temporary alienation.

Dream Interpretation: ex-husband got married

This is a good and kind dream, which indicates that soon your destiny will radically change for the better in terms of relationships. Your wedding, a new relationship or the birth of a child may be based here.

Ex-husband got married

In any case, the dream speaks of a new milestone in life, which finally came after the breakup with her ex-husband. He completely improves his life, and you become open and free. Now there should be no negative, as well as positive, emotions between you. Practically two strangers.

Fate gives you a small hint about the reason for the failure in your last marriage, try to comprehend it and understand that the relationship depends on two people. You have the power to change yourself and not make the mistakes that were made in the past.

Prepare for luck in love and business

Some interpreters consider a heated argument to be a favorable symbol, especially if you happen to quarrel with pleasure. Romantic relationships will develop naturally, family relationships will become warmer. Singles will have the opportunity to meet their destiny.

The Chinese dream book considers a dreamed showdown to be a harbinger of success in the business sphere with the light hand of an influential person. Career takeoff, growth in wealth and position in society are just around the corner.

Quarrel and separation

Dreaming of a quarrel and leaving your husband

According to the dream book, arguing with a guy and breaking up is an unpleasant conversation in real life. Your boyfriend began to show you his disdain and indifference, which cannot but affect your mood.

In the coming days, a conflict will flare up between you, which may well end in your real separation.

Quarrel with your spouse and leaving him - in reality you are not sincere with your husband. This may well be the reason that scandals and troubles will begin in your family life.

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