Interpretation according to dream books, which means washing your feet in a dream

Act as a peacemaker and make your deepest wish come true

The dream plot foreshadows: the dreamer will unwittingly witness a quarrel between his two friends. We will have to show diplomacy in order to understand all the vicissitudes and promote the reconciliation of opponents.

To see how in a dream you had a chance to wash your feet in clean water means: happy events ahead, calmness, tranquility.

The dream book calls a dreamed vision a harbinger of the fulfillment of a cherished desire, which will ensure spiritual harmony and joy. The time is coming when you can take a break and enjoy life.

Why do you dream of water - according to the dream book

Filling the prophet with the breast in a dream belongs to the figurative desire to give to a loved one, the intertwining to merge with him deeply; place on your creature ndash; attach too much importance to one's interests, punishment and denial. You should search and demand a partner, perhaps he cannot have that affection. The water wets the clean part, which knows how to get a flow from the fantasy with a loved one.

Art for a woman can also be a sign of imminent conception. The ancients enter the sexual forms.

Overcoming troubles, traveling

Why dream of washing dirty feet? In reality, you will be able to cope with upcoming troubles in business. You yourself will find where you made a mistake and correct it.

Did you dream of washing your dirty feet? The dream book explains: you will soon go on a trip that will give you a lot of pleasant impressions.

Did a woman dream that she was washing her dirty feet? She will pay more attention to her appearance. This will have a positive impact on her popularity among the stronger sex.

What did you get your feet wet in?

In boots

Perhaps you are too caught up in yourself and don't notice the person you care about. It’s worth breaking away from yourself, your loved one, and looking around. Maybe he is your destiny.

In sneakers

Most likely, you will have the opportunity to buy yourself something you have long dreamed of. Maybe it’s equipment, a car or other real estate, it’s up to you to decide.

In socks

Interpretation according to Tsvetkov’s dream book: pay attention to your appearance. Perhaps it is not in its best shape right now and is slightly neglected. Maybe this is a sign that it's time to change your image?

In Boots

According to Hasse's dream book, you should be alone. You are flying into the future at great speed, slow down. Put everything in order, reconsider your surroundings. Perhaps it's time to conduct an "audit" in your life.

In felt boots

According to Freud's dream book, reconsider your plans for the next 24 hours. You may have forgotten to include something important in your daily to-do list, and it could be a life-changing experience.

In shoes

Most likely, a big deal awaits you. It is possible that it can become the work of your entire life and turn everything upside down. Take your luck by the tail.

In ballet shoes

According to Miller's dream book, you will experience creative changes. Perhaps you will begin to paint pictures, embroider, or maybe even begin to write poetry and entire poems. Don’t be afraid of such changes, but feel free to try new things.

In slippers

Take a closer look at your soulmate. Maybe she wants to say something important or confess something. Don't dismiss this information. It is possible that she can help you out in some stalemate.

Cope with difficulties and the machinations of spiteful critics

Have you ever washed your feet in clean water? The dream book indicates: you will soon encounter some difficulty or obstacle that will need to be quickly resolved or eliminated. Don’t think that you can do this with a “cavalry charge” - you will have to think about how to do this, spend a lot of energy and time. But you can handle it.

Seeing such a plot in a dream often means: there will be a clash with enemies, perhaps at work. The dreamer will be entrusted with some unpromising task, which will only take a lot of energy, but will not give the desired result. At the same time, spiteful critics will constantly reproach the sleeper for laziness, unprofessionalism, and other shortcomings.

Who got their feet wet in their sleep?

You yourself

Keep track of your regimen. You are overworked and overtired, and there is still a lot of work to do. Take a break and drink a cup of tea by yourself.


According to Nostradamus's dream book, you have not visited your loved ones for a long time. Make time for family gatherings. Remind your parents or brother or sister how much you love them.

Husband or wife

You have found happiness with your life partner. Everyone thinks that you cannot do without quarrels, but you should not pay attention to evil and envious tongues. After all, the main thing is that everything is fine with you.

Boyfriend or girlfriend

Usually such dreams are about money. It is worth paying attention to where you will spend the sum of money that has fallen so unexpectedly. The main thing is to take care of your loved one.

Where did this happen?

The interpretation of the dream takes into account where it happened. So, in your dream you used:

  • bath - you will be very disappointed because of someone’s unfulfilled promises;
  • pelvis - you are too economical, do not go to extremes;
  • water tap - it’s time to take a vacation to take a break from the routine;
  • clear streams of the river - good luck on the love front;
  • clear lake - happy family life.

Dream interpretation

If the dreamer washes someone’s feet, he will experience repentance. Night dreams indicate that this person leads an active lifestyle, always strives to achieve his goal and knows how to dream. He always acts in his own interests, even if for the sake of this he has to do not very attractive things. The time will soon come when the dreamer will have to answer for what he has done. In this situation, it is recommended not to wait for this moment. You can immediately begin to mend damaged relationships with people around you and correct mistakes. This will take the weight off your soul .

Wash your own feet - means a problem has arisen, the solution of which does not require delay. This dream is a warning that you should devote time to resolving the issue. It will not be resolved as quickly as we would like. As a result, the dreamer will safely come out of this situation, having gained experience that will be useful to him in the future.

There is another version of the interpretation of the dream about washing feet. A vision may indicate that a person has enemies in the work collective, from whom one should expect trouble. One thing to be wary of is that envious people may set him up when creating a new project. Time and energy will be wasted, and the result will leave the best. Nevertheless, as a result, the management will note the work done, and a promotion will be just around the corner.

Meeting the man of your dreams, fighting against enemies

Why does a girl dream of washing a man’s feet, but the water is clean? The dream book promises: she will soon meet the man of her dreams. Feelings will flare up that can tear you away from reality, but you still need to control yourself, maintaining sober judgment. Please note: over time, opinions about this standard of masculinity may change.

Did you wash them in your dream? In reality you will need to defend your position. Or strangers will find out about some of your secrets and begin to actively discuss it. You must fight against your enemies using honest methods - then you can defeat them.

Whose feet did you wash?

The interpretation of the dream may differ depending on whose feet the dreamer washed.

Washing another person's feet is a warning symbol. If the sleeping person sees that he himself has dirty feet, then in real life he should be wary of deception from strangers.

Wash yourself

Wash your own feet - prove your wealth. Or perhaps a person will have to hide some of his secrets so that friends and acquaintances do not judge him. In order to always be the first in everything in the future, you need to carefully study the behavior of your ill-wishers.

Another interpretation of this dream is that an unforeseen situation will force the sleeper to begin solving a difficult issue, for which he will have to make a lot of effort. However, at first glance, everything seems extremely simple to a person.

Wash a man

Washing a man’s feet in a dream means meeting the person you have long dreamed of. You will lose your “head” and fly on the wings of love next to him. However, over time, you will come to the conclusion that you were hasty in idealizing this person.

Wash another person

Wash the feet of another person - to realize guilt for some bad deed. You know that you are guilty, but you cannot admit it. Somewhere in the depths of your heart, your conscience torments you; you want to atone for your guilt, but you cannot allow these intentions to come out. If this is not done in time, then remorse will not allow you to live a full life.

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