I dreamed about dirty feet: accurate interpretation according to popular dream books

Let's figure out why you dream about dirty feet. In short, dirty feet dream of wealth. Not for a New Year's bonus, not for a gift of a teddy bear or a thin gold ring. Dirty feet dream of real, genuine wealth with balls, high-society receptions, lies at every turn, vacations in the Maldives and shopping in Milan.

Let's clarify. Wealth will be acquired through dishonest means. You may have to become a kept woman or deceive your business partner by taking his share right before the company begins to flourish. You are not obligated to follow this path, you have a choice, but you need to understand that such a chance is not given to everyone and only once.


On a subconscious level, your lower limbs are what keep you on your feet. This means that how confident you feel depends on their condition. Seeing your dirty feet in a dream is a sign that you are experiencing some doubts. Perhaps you believe that you are doing bad things. The dream book does not rule out that your thoughts may have some basis. But often such a dream only means that you depend too much on the opinions of others. Sometimes you need to give yourself a little freedom and not think about how you will appear in the eyes of other people.

look at the root!

To understand why dirty heels dream, the dream book advises remembering the cause of the pollution:

  • accidentally stepped into the mud - gossip due to reprehensible actions;
  • deliberately slap in the mud - you will try to slander;
  • mud bath - success, joy;
  • Uncleanliness - you will find yourself in uncomfortable conditions.
  • accidentally stepped into the mud - gossip due to reprehensible actions;
  • deliberately slap in the mud - you will try to slander;
  • mud bath - success, joy;
  • Uncleanliness - you will find yourself in uncomfortable conditions.

People's dream book

In the folk interpreter of dreams there are the following meanings of the appearing images:

  • to see your bare feet with wounds in a dream is a sign that you are about to lose something important;
  • you dream that they were very swollen - in reality you are threatened with all possible troubles and misfortunes;
  • you had more than two limbs - you have to survive the disease. If you have your own business, this is a sign of success;
  • blood on your ankles is a sign that ill-wishers are making plans against you. Use caution to avoid pitfalls;
  • If you dream that you are washing your feet, those around you will not behave in the best way and will try to prevent you from achieving what you want. Don’t give in - you will succeed if you don’t pay attention to envious people;
  • your legs are red and swollen - something very unpleasant will happen. You may be publicly humiliated or insulted. It is also possible to break ties with loved ones;
  • you are bitten by a snake or someone else - you will experience sadness and melancholy;
  • if your foot is tickled - your enemies will make sure that you lose all your property and wealth;
  • a fracture is a sign of numerous troubles. A dream can warn of a breakdown in relationships with loved ones, a deterioration in the situation in the service, or illness;
  • If you dreamed that you had a prosthesis instead of a limb, you would lose good relationships with dear people. Neither thing will go well;
  • your feet are burning - a serious misfortune will happen that will make you take up arms against the whole world.

Job problems and health issues

The authors interpret a similar plot transferred to an official setting in a similar way. The only difference is that instead of personal problems, in this case complex relationships with superiors and team members are implied. A passive dreamer, as a rule, does not find the strength to resist external circumstances in real life, while the energy revealed in night vision helps solve all problems in reality.

The authors recommend paying special attention to the plot in which the dreamer tries, but cannot, to wash or at least sweep the dirty floor. In the dream book, this is interpreted as emerging health problems and a strong recommendation is given to undergo a medical examination. Even if no pathology is discovered (which you can only rejoice at), then in this case you should take care of your physical condition - spend more time in the air and, if possible, get good rest. Let us add that all of the above fully applies to men, who may also dream of a dirty floor. The dream book does not make any fundamental differences based on gender.

Freud's Dream Book

According to the psychoanalysis guru, showing interest in women's legs in a dream is a sign that you will be too persistent in communicating with a woman in reality. Your misbehavior will probably scare her off. For a girl to see herself admiring her own ankles is a warning. The lover decides to break up with her because she is too vain. Seeing hairy legs in a dream means that in the real world you will dominate your spouse.

In addition, this image is also associated with male power. If you dream that your feet were dirty or too thin, this may warn of intimate problems, such as impotence. They looked strong and healthy - in reality, you are in the prime of your sexual powers, and energy is in full swing.

Miller's Dream Book

Miller has an interpretation of visions, which depends on which part of the body you dreamed about and what it looked like:

  • Seeing foreign and ugly legs in a dream is a sign that you will be doing something that does not generate income. The dream also promises discontent among acquaintances;
  • the wounded are a harbinger of future losses;
  • in ulcers - you will help others, but this will not have the best effect on your financial situation;
  • you dream that you have a wooden prosthesis in place of a limb - you will not be completely frank with your friends;
  • you had one more body part than you needed - you surrender to the power of fantasies, but do not do enough;
  • dreamed that you could not go - to poverty;
  • wash your limbs - someone will show caution, which will prevent you from achieving your plans;
  • red and swollen - a sign of serious troubles;
  • to see your bare legs in a dream (beautiful thigh) - good luck will accompany you in everything. It is also a symbol of upcoming pleasures. Admiring the thigh is a sign of a romantic and frivolous relationship;
  • someone sitting on another person’s lap means possible condemnation from others.

What do dirty feet mean according to dream books?

  • Freud is clear on this issue. You are attracted to sex, money, you want to have everything at once and completely. A little sex and a little money won't satisfy you. Dirty feet are a sign of extreme ambition. You are ready to go over heads or overturned stomachs for the sake of your goal, and you are not embarrassed by the details. You are incredibly sensual, passionate, you are burned by the heat of your heart and greed in your soul. People of the opposite sex, and even of your gender, are unable to resist your charisma, and with admiration they are ready to give you everything they have. But it's never enough for you. What can you do, this is your path now. A little caution and attention won't hurt. Beware of ill-wishers, but rather make friends with them.
  • Miller firmly points out the machinations of envious people and ill-wishers who will interfere with you at any cost, even to their detriment.
  • Only dirty, ideally shaped feet are attractive. Someone else's dirty feet, sick, swollen, with ulcers, infected with fungus, with broken nails or cracked heels mean illness and suffering.
  • Damaged and dirty nails mean compromised external protection. Dirty and cracked heels - the internal protection is damaged, your emotions and feelings are currently distorted by suffering. Most likely, you yourself cause suffering; you like the fate of the unfortunate and disadvantaged. If you endlessly tell friends and acquaintances about your difficult childhood in the hope of sympathy and understanding, stop. In this state, you cannot move further, and no one needs to carry you. You're not such a valuable prize, to be honest.
  • Your own injured legs, in wounds, with dirt and blood - you are losing your support and have clearly chosen the wrong path.
  • Parasites attached to dirty feet, leeches. You are greatly underestimated, humiliated, put in a place lower than what you deserve. No one is interested in your opinion, but everyone will be happy to use your services, acquaintances, and money. Parasites significantly slow down your movement and weaken you. At the same time, you will not receive gratitude, even minimal. Get rid of parasites immediately. Keep in mind - they will be terribly unhappy.

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Vanga's Dream Book

According to Vanga, the swollen limbs that appeared in the vision are a sign of loss of income, illness and other difficulties. If you dream that you are kissing someone, you are actually repenting of something. Awareness of your own wrongdoings will help you take the path of correction.

Washing dirty parts of the body means a serious illness or problem is actually ahead. You cannot get back on your feet - your business will go very badly. If you dreamed that you were being kicked, you would get an impressive profit. A turning point is a separation from a loved one.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

In this interpreter the following meaning is attributed to the image:

  • dreaming that your limbs are dirty means trouble. Trying to wipe them off before entering the door will give you a gift. If you wash them - good luck. If you smear something, you are on a joyful trip;
  • If you dreamed that you had very long parts of your body - the dream promises profit for a man, and trouble for a woman. In a general sense, this is an image symbolizing frivolity;
  • if you had crooked legs, it means you can cope with those who wish you harm;
  • swollen - friends will help you in a difficult situation;
  • too fat - fortunately, and too thin - to the displeasure of relatives;
  • If you are injured, beware of dangerous enemies. If you only damaged it a little, you are being careless, which leads to serious consequences;
  • moving with the help of crutches is a symbol of the fact that you have to gain new knowledge or refresh old ones;
  • break a part of the body - your romantic hopes will not come true;
  • instead of limbs there were prosthetics - go on a trip. This image also says that you do not know how to think for yourself, but live someone else’s life;
  • seeing someone else’s legs in a dream is a sign that they will help you in a difficult situation;
  • there was a hoof at the end - show yourself not at your best;
  • If you dreamed that your legs were being cut off, you communicate with bad people, but you don’t realize it.

Interpretation depending on the circumstances of the dream

If the floor was dirty:

  • In his own private home, the life of the sleeping person turned out completely differently than he wanted. Perhaps he is too biased towards his family and friends, demands too much from them and does not give anything in return. You should reconsider your attitude towards life in general and try to change it for the better on your own.
  • In someone else's house - the people around are biased towards the sleeper, do not appreciate him, and expect something that the dreamer is unable to do.
  • In your own apartment - soon a serious scandal will break out in the family, which can result in very sad consequences, including the breakup of the family.

The same dream also has a different interpretation - the sleeper is in constant tension and every little thing infuriates him; due to constant stress, conflicts can arise both with loved ones and with unfamiliar people (neighbors, sellers, etc.).

  • In the workplace - the dreamer experiences difficulties at work, he has no desire to perform his duties properly, which may cause problems with his superiors. It is worth thinking about changing your profession.
  • In the corridor or entrance - the dreamer has been thinking for a long time about solving his own problem, but the interpretation suggests that the right solution will not be found soon.

If in a dream:

  • If you had to wash the contaminated flooring, the dreamer’s health will soon deteriorate. To prevent this from happening, you need to carefully listen to your body and visit the appropriate specialists on time. If a sleeping person washed the floors in the house of a deceased friend or relative, then a serious illness awaits him, which will be difficult to avoid.
  • If the floor was washed with a mop, then the dreamer will soon find himself in a very uncomfortable situation; he may have to prove to others that he is not to blame for anything.
  • For a woman, a dream in which her husband washes the floor suggests that he has another woman and is already looking for a way to leave the family as painlessly as possible for himself.
  • Sweeping a dirty floor means dramatic positive changes will soon occur in your life, both in your personal life and in your career. Also, the sleeper will be able to get rid of the fears that prevented him from living normally.
  • Sweeping footprints from the floor means being prepared for changes for which a person was not previously ready. There is no doubt that everything will be done for the better.
  • Seeing a very dirty floor means doubting and suspecting loved ones who have provided support more than once. If the dreamer walks on such a surface, then his suspiciousness is already turning into mania. You shouldn’t be afraid or suspect everyone; your family doesn’t wish you harm.
  • Washing the floor with dirty water, making it even dirtier, means that there is a person around who will spread false rumors about the dreamer. It is worth taking a closer look at those who often enter the house under the guise of a friendly guest.
  • Collecting garbage in one pile with a rag means that soon your measured life will end and you will have to constantly prove something to other people.
  • There are traces of dirty shoes on the floor of your own house - in the dreamer’s family, not everything is as ideal as others think.
  • If the sleeper stubbornly tries to erase a certain stain from the floor, but it doesn’t work out well, it means that he is tormented by a secret that he has been hiding for a long time with all his might.
  • If washing dirty floors caused terrible disgust, you will soon be very disappointed.
  • On the floor, dirt mixed with blood - financial resources (income) will appear from close relatives (new job, inheritance).
  • Touching the floor in your loved one’s house and getting dirty means difficult relationships with your other half’s parents and other relatives.
  • Wash the floor in someone else's house - dreams will be unrealistic, you will not be able to achieve your goals. Wash it with your hands - you will soon have to endure severe humiliation.
  • There are dirty wet footprints on the floor - the dreamer will soon encounter minor troubles that will require him to run around a lot.
  • Dirty linoleum means that in the sleeper’s life there is a person who sincerely wants to help, but is pushed away.
  • Cleaning the floors at school means pleasant changes will occur in life, management will begin to value you as an employee, perhaps the dreamer will even be given a financial bonus.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

According to the interpreter, washing your feet is a sign that you will go on a long trip. If you see dirt on your feet and decide to wash them, evil rumors are being spread about you.

It seemed that the parts of the body were strong and resilient - you have something to rely on in a difficult situation. There were many of them - your family supports you. If you get confused - your hopes are not destined to come true. If you dreamed that you could hardly walk or stand, you are doing stupid and risky things that spoil your reputation.

Interpretations regarding personal life

No less interesting comments regarding this plot are given on the pages of the now popular “Phelomen’s Dream Book”. Its authors interpret the image of a dirty floor as a sign of suspicions that have arisen about the marital fidelity of a wife (or husband), as well as doubts about the honesty of a business partner.

However, if he was seen by a young girl or woman who is actively searching for another life partner, then in this case the interpretation changes and promises them a quick marriage. At the same time, it should be taken into account that, according to the explanations given in the same dream book, a dirty floor in the house of the future groom can be a harbinger of difficult relationships with his relatives.

Universal dream book

The universal dream book has collected many dream details on which the final interpretation will depend. A dream about one's own legs foreshadows a desperate situation. This means that one should assert one’s position in life with greater will and energy.

  • Beautiful female legs are a warning about loss of judgment;
  • Scary legs - avoid unprofitable activities, irritable friends;
  • Wounded leg - losses, damages;
  • A wooden leg on oneself means a disadvantage in front of friends or relatives;
  • Legs in ulcers - helping others you will lose;
  • Red or swollen legs - shame, humiliation, separation from loved ones;
  • Legs do not obey - to poverty;
  • Amputated leg - loss of friends, loss of relationships;
  • Wash your feet - you will be deceived, you will be a victim of cunning;
  • Hairy legs for a woman - will command her husband.
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