“Why do you dream of a resort in a dream? If you see a Resort in a dream, what does it mean?

We need to change our attitude towards reality

Being at a resort and seeing a lot of beauties means that the sleeper is too indulged in daydreaming, does not follow what is happening, and therefore can harm himself. To meet a person of the opposite sex there - according to the dream book, in reality you should avoid the same risk, since your position is too vulnerable and meeting will only bring disappointment.

Did you dream of being where you used to vacation? Nostalgic memories will come flooding back: current life seems boring and uninteresting, while times of pleasant relaxation are associated with romance and pleasure. But you shouldn’t idealize the past so much - you need to find good moments in the present too.

Melnikov's Dream Interpretation

In a dream, you saw yourself in the role of a holidaymaker, relaxing in some exotic country among flowering plants and bright colors, which means that in reality you will decide to renew old connections, since later you may need them to resolve a very important issue that requires the participation of these people.

If you dreamed that you were spending your vacation at a resort in the company of all your family members, the purchase you will make in the near future will not bring you any joy, but only disappointment.

Leadership, luck in love

To be at a beautiful, famous resort in a dream - new relationships will appear in the dreamer’s life that can add some intrigue to everyday life.

Why does a man dream of relaxing at a resort alone? The dream book informs: the sleeper will lead the work of a team of like-minded people or become the leader of some group of people.

A pleasant vacation in a good resort environment in a dream means having a great time with your family and friends.

Online dream book

A dreamer who dreamed that his other half was leaving for a resort can be described as an extremely jealous person who tends to exaggerate the consequences of any events. Most likely the reason for your distrust is lack of confidence in your own capabilities.

If a holiday romance happened in a dream, then in reality you are burdened by boring everyday life, devoid of any entertainment and pleasure. You have the power to change the situation; you just need to remind your loved ones about yourself and apply just a little imagination.

Plot details

When interpreting a dream, various nuances of the dream are taken into account:

  • seaside resort - expect changes in your personal life;
  • a trip there means mental decline, languor;
  • rest - a secret love adventure;
  • foreign resort - the sleeper will attract old friends to resolve an important issue.

Also, seeing yourself in a sunny resort town near the sea in a dream is a successful course of business, a fun pastime. A trip there is dissatisfaction with reality, the environment, which seems boring. We need to change this mood.

Dreamed of a chic foreign resort? The dream book says: there is a whirlwind romance ahead with a person whose all interests are limited to their own benefit.

General information

As the dream book predicts, rest represents fatigue, which the dreamer cannot get rid of.

If he continues at the same pace, he simply won’t last long. To increase your own efficiency, you need to learn to work not for days, but using various techniques.

What do dream books think?

Rest in a dream

As they say, there is time for business and time for fun, but how can you allocate it for your own relaxation if everyone needs your help? Sometimes a dream plot should not be interpreted literally, since the subconscious tries to give its own interpretation of events occurring in real life.

Miller's Dream Book

Resting in a dream means that unfamiliar people will come to visit you.

Of course, you will have to show your skills as a hospitable host, since influential individuals may be among them. Having secured their approval, you can count on help in problematic matters.

If a young representative of the fair sex is dissatisfied with her pastime, this means that her own insolence will allow her to win her partner from her rival. Only she will have to decide whether she needs a person who decides to exchange her for another.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

The night dream in which you decided to rest reflects accumulated physical fatigue, which prevents you from effectively organizing work processes. Malaise is the first signal of an impending problem, and therefore you need to think through your next steps in advance.

Interpretation for girls

Great importance is given to the purpose for which you decide to take a vacation:

  • take a break from work - your efforts aimed at maintaining perfect order will be in vain;
  • a possible change of activity - to a possible change of place of residence or work.

Dream book of lovers

A girl who didn’t like her vacation will have to spend a lot of time and effort before she will be respected in the team. As practice shows, gaining authority is not an easy task, and therefore the end results will certainly please you.

Dream book for a bitch

According to the presented dream interpreter, the vacation seen reflects excellent oratory skills, which one should learn to use correctly.

Seeing your favorite vacation spot in a dream

To enjoy an unplanned vacation in a dream means your assertiveness will amaze those around you, and they will want to provide all possible help. Ultimately, you will become the only contender for obtaining the coveted result. The main thing is to objectively assess your capabilities and compare them with the requirements.

Women's dream book

If you dreamed about relaxing in a night dream, this means possible difficulties in your professional field. The subconscious is trying to warn you about this, and therefore it is better to protect yourself from the daily routine. A few days of rest will lead to amazing results.

Seeing your favorite vacation spots means receiving good news from a loved one.

If you have guessed what the conversation will be about, you should not show it, otherwise the surprise will not work.

According to another interpretation from the Women's Dream Book, a pleasant reward awaits you. Perhaps your bosses have been watching your work for a long time and are ready to give you a break.

In some cases, the plot seen tries to convince the sleeper that he is spending too much time on rest, forgetting about work. The fact is that it is unlikely that anyone will need such an employee, and therefore the probability of dismissal is high.

Relax in a dream with the whole family

The newest dream book of G. Ivanov

It is believed that there is no better dream in which the whole family can get together and go on vacation.

The dream book says that the dreamer can expect good health and complete harmony in relationships with other people. In simple terms, a bright streak awaits a person in life.

What company?

The holiday may differ depending on who decides to join the company. You will have to remember the people who surrounded you in your dream.


Spending your vacation with a close friend means receiving pleasant emotions in real life. If you haven't been able to get out for a walk in a long time, now is the time to do it.

Relaxing with a deceased friend means renewing old but pleasant relationships. If you are at enmity with someone, then you should take the first step towards reconciliation and not think about the consequences.

To dream that parents are resting


To dream of your mother and father deciding to go on vacation with you means that you are unable to take responsibility for your own decisions and actions. The dream interpreter insists that the time has come to pick up the pieces and start adult life.

Spiteful critics

Why might you dream of relaxing with enemies? Such a plot predicts the emergence of influential people who are ready to help find a common language. You will be surprised at how wrong you are about other people. If you dreamed of an obnoxious boss, it means that positive changes in your career will occur in your life. The main thing is to continue to work on yourself, and then management will notice your achievements.

Other meanings

Did you dream of going on vacation? Make a decision to achieve reciprocity from the one who occupies all your thoughts. Do you dream that you were late for a train, plane, or bus that was supposed to take you to the resort? The girl (boy) with whom you so persistently sought intimacy will disappoint.

Were you planning to go on a package trip or just on vacation? The dream book indicates: in reality you want to escape from pressing problems and avoid solving them. However, the behavior of “hiding your head in the sand” is still futile - someday they will have to be “sorted out.” It's better to do it earlier than to delay until the last minute.

What does the dream Resort mean?

A trip to a resort or you are going to go on vacation as a “savage” - you are trying to get away from solving pressing problems, but to no avail.

You are in a resort area and enjoying your vacation - such a dream is a pleasant pastime with family and friends.

Starting a love affair at a resort is a sign that your position is currently unstable and any mistake you make can result in big losses for you, both materially and morally.

Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Book of the 21st century

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