I dreamed that I could swim underwater and breathe - meaning

All people have dreams. Sometimes it happens that when you wake up, you cannot remember what happened last night. It also happens that you cannot remember the entire dream, but some of its fragments, its brightest moments. Sometimes I have nightmares, sometimes some moments from the past. It happens that in a dream solutions come to problems that you have been thinking about intensely for a long time.

Sleep is also a part of a person’s life, which is owned by the subconscious. It sometimes tells you what to do in a specific situation, and sometimes it can warn against certain actions.

There are many interpretations of the same events occurring in a dream. According to some, there is a clear definition of what was seen, while other dream books can interpret what was dreamed in the context of real life and events that happened to a person during a certain period. Let's consider a dream when you swim and can breathe underwater in a dream, what this means, and how such a dream affects a person's future life.

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  • 2 Environment
  • 3 Other interpretations
  • 4 Love
  • 5 Drowning in a dream
  • 6 Water temperature
  • 7 Dance underwater
  • 8 Aquatic life
  • 9 Finds
  • 10 Walk underwater
  • 11 House


Water is still an alien structure for humans, and if you dreamed that you were under a layer of water, you were swimming in a pool, ocean or river. And if at the same time you can breathe calmly, it means that soon your life will change dramatically. But it is important to pay attention to what waters surround you. If the water is calm, the space is clean, calm and transparent, then the changes will only be in a positive direction. If you are surrounded by dirt and muddy waters, then the changes will be extremely negative.

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The dream interpretation of breathing under water in a dream is a reflection of a person’s real psychological state. If you cannot get rid of your fears in a dream, you will become depressed in real life. Therefore, such a dream signals that it’s time to pull yourself together, pull yourself together and begin to overcome difficulties and look for a way out of the difficult situation in which you are now.

Difficult business, love complications

Did you dream of diving and swimming in the sea? The dream book tells you: there is a successful course of business ahead. You will be able to implement your projects.

Also, in a dream, scuba diving in the sea means: there is a difficult task ahead that must be completed in a short time.

Have you ever scuba dived? The vision predicts complications on the love front. You need to be patient and tactful to avoid misunderstandings.

Other interpretations

If you dreamed of breathing under water in a dream, then in Loff’s dream book you can get the following interpretation of this phenomenon.
If a sleeping person felt comfortable during such a dream, could breathe calmly and freely, then if he gets into a difficult situation, he will easily get out of it. If a sleeping person did not have enough oxygen, constantly wanted to change the situation and float to the surface, then the difficulties he will encounter are aggravated by his ill-considered actions. We also recommend reading:

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What did popular author’s dream books write?

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Do quotes from dream books “with names” differ from popular interpretations? Today you will learn about it!

Dream Book of the Wanderer (Smirnova)

  1. As this dream book says, swimming underwater and bumping into a stone: an obstacle will stand in your way, which you “inherited” from a past life.
  2. People who dream of seeing the world, but are afraid to do so, can walk through a flooded city or an entire underwater world.

Dream Book of David Loff

  1. If in a dream you see your free movement under water, this means that you are a citizen of the world, that is, you can easily get along in any country.
  2. It was classic scuba diving - with fins, a mask? Life has finally “driven” you, and the subconscious very subtly hints: it’s time to rest!
  3. Have you dived deep? You will soon experience strong heartfelt affection. Moreover, this can be either love for a woman (man), or adoration for a child, or deep respect for one’s teacher or parent.
  4. Did you enjoy spending time like this? Such a dream promises you the fulfillment of a wish (perhaps even several). Perhaps one of these desires will be to finally see the sea.
  5. You couldn't breathe? The dream warns of danger that will threaten you in the near future.


In the event that you are not just swimming, but there is a house in the surrounding landscape, then this is also not just like that. If there are several houses, then there is a chance that new and interesting people will soon appear in your life, who will soon become your friends. And if you come across a building that stands in splendid isolation or at a distance from other houses, then in the near future you may find that you are completely alone.

There are many interpretations of the same dream. For a more accurate meaning, you need to try to remember the entire dream and try to determine the overall picture even by the most insignificant details, which may turn out to be decisive in the final picture.

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latest comments

  • 9-Sep-2021 Dmitry Swimmed underwater, the water was clear, many unusual architectural monuments, took pictures with a gilded dragon.
  • 3-Jul-2021 Vladimir I am underwater and see algae, and I wake up with the thought that I will get entangled in them and will not be able to swim out.
  • 30-Aug-2020 Maria To be under water and look at the closed chest. Tell me what does this mean?
  • 15-Jul-2020 Alexandra I dreamed that my foster sister, frightened in the water, grabbed onto me and we went to the bottom, I tried my best to swim out, but she just grabbed onto me. She floundered with her arms and legs, tried to swim up, was afraid to breathe. But at some point I realized that I could breathe, got rid of it and swam upward, approaching the surface and woke up.
  • 4-Jul-2020 Ilya I dreamed that I felt some kind of joy under water, it was a pleasant feeling.
  • 29-May-2020 Bakhyt I dreamed that I felt completely comfortable under water and next to me was a fish from whose mouth a duck was eating food. I am watching.
  • 31-Jan-2020 Nikolay I was underwater deep in some glass corridors, the water was a little cloudy and there was a small puppy with me, I was snuggling him and I felt so good.
  • 22-Jul-2018 Vera I dreamed that I was a man, and I was swimming underwater, while the water was cloudy, and I was fleeing aggressive hippos that were swimming after me. In the water I swim very quickly, for a long time and do not suffocate. I manage to escape because I swim to the concrete slab with a clean reservoir and go ashore.
  • 24-Jun-2018 Elvira Today I swam underwater and felt how easy it was for me, I even enjoyed the speed of maneuverability. But I needed to get something in the water. Something to do that I forgot when I woke up. But the feeling of happiness from swimming remained.
  • 20-Jan-2018 Julia I dreamed that I was under water, I was comfortable, and large and medium-sized fish were swimming above me, I stroked the medium ones and it felt good, the feeling was not slippery, but velvety.
  • 30-Sep-2017 Leah I dreamed that the world was flooded. I've dreamed of tsunamis before, but I saved myself on the same mountain every time. It was as if the water didn't reach there. This time I was carried away, I was holding hands with a stranger. As a result, we were carried away to another country and there we lived under water. We gave birth to triplets. The water went away and I decided to return home.
  • 17-Jul-2017 Alena I dreamed that I was under water, I looked up, the water was clear, and it was as if they surrounded me from above and I started shooting.
  • 24-Dec-2016 Ivan I dreamed that I was diving, but without scuba gear, just a mask and snorkel. At the school, the floors opened up and there was water as clear as a tear from the seabed.
  • 21-Dec-2016 Anna And I actually had a strange dream today: it was as if I was under water, and I had beautiful big wings, I was doing slow somersaults (under water it wouldn’t be possible to do fast ones). At the same time, I flap my wings figuratively (my hands are sometimes together, sometimes apart), the wings move beautifully in waves. And at the same time it seems to me that this is how you will multiply. At the same time, I understand that there is some kind of seed in the water and it must be fertilized.
  • 4-Nov-2016 Elizaveta I dreamed that I was underwater in some house where everything was very beautiful. I didn’t swim, I just walked, just like on land, the water was very clean and I felt very comfortable in it.

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Vehicles on water

It is known that vehicles have their own meaning in night scenes. However, when you dream about swimming on water, you should pay attention to what vehicle appears in it.

On the ship

Sailing on a ship in a dream is a wonderful omen. It warns of the beginning of a new life period, very lucky, promising many new experiences. In reality, a person will encounter very interesting people and will benefit from acquaintances. In addition, if the dreamer’s ship encounters a storm, which soon gives way to calm, it means that in reality it will be easy for him to cope with difficulties.

On the boat

Sailing on a boat in a dream indicates that you need to very quickly solve problems that have arisen for a long time. If there were other rowers or passengers on the boat, perhaps the person will soon celebrate something with friends. If the boat capsizes, you should stop wasting money.

A motorized vehicle on water usually dreams of the transience of the world around us, as the dreamer will soon see. A kayak indicates good health; a canoe portends a serious task, which will not be easy to cope with. Well, swimming on an inflatable vehicle indicates that a person is afraid of life’s difficulties.

What does a child swimming in a dream mean?

Seeing other people swimming in a dream means pleasant news, events, and fulfillment of desires. If you dreamed of a child swimming in the water, a person will soon appear who will have to be looked after. This also indicates that the dreamer is embarrassed to communicate with other people and has some kind of complex. A drowning child is dreamed of during a period when the dreamer has an unfavorable financial situation. Saving a baby means that a person is afraid of losing those who are dear to him.

When interpreting night dreams associated with swimming, you should pay attention to your own intuition and sensations that arose during sleep or after it. It is safe to say that waking up in a good mood after sleep indicates that a favorable period is coming in life, luck will accompany a person in all his endeavors.

Swimming with your eyes open

If a woman or man swims in the depths with open eyes, this is a favorable sign, indicating the imminent completion of a long-started task that is of great importance and determines the course of future life.

Such dreams also foreshadow the following events:

  • receiving dear guests;
  • unplanned vacation;
  • encouragement from superiors.

For women, such a dream speaks of the fidelity of a loved one.

For men, being underwater in their dreams with their eyes open indicates the right choice of a life partner.

Diving site

Of great importance for the correct interpretation of a dream is where exactly the person dived. Common interpretations:

  1. Stormy stream. Solving the problem will require a lot of effort and time. After completion of the work, the result will delight the dreamer and exceed all expectations. Some dream books interpret the plot as the presence of chaos in the dreamer’s life. Moreover, this applies to both personal and business spheres. You need to try to decide on your priorities and think about your attitude towards loved ones.
  2. Lake. There may be ill-wishers among your colleagues. You need to be more careful and tactful in your statements about others.
  3. River - for a big family celebration.
  4. Sea. The dreamer will spend time with his children on an exciting trip.
  5. Pool. A sleeping person will be able to complete something he started long ago, despite all obstacles. For lovers, such a plot promises new sexual pleasures. If the water was dirty, then this indicates dissatisfaction with your intimate life. It's worth discussing this frankly with your partner.
  6. An ice hole - to reconciliation with an old enemy. In addition, the dream promises improved health for the dreamer. If the water was unpleasant, then this portends large financial losses.
  7. Snow. A carefree life and interesting adventures await the dreamer. If a person could not get to his feet, floundering in the snow, this is a sign that he needs to get down to business and work hard.
  8. Manure. An unusual plot promises a sleeping person great profit. Even the most hopeless sources will bring income.
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