“Why do you dream about Auntie in a dream? If you see Auntie in a dream, what does it mean?

The dream book will help you figure out why you dreamed about your dead aunt. Often, what is seen in a dream can be interpreted without allegory; at the same time, observant interpreters have noticed a stable meaning behind some symbols. What the plot is about in dreams sometimes concerns situations that require resolution. There are signs that can be considered warning signs.

What is the dream trying to warn about?

Predictions of what the symbol means in dreams contain warnings about one or another danger. According to the Esoteric Dream Book, the deceased aunt is trying to point out a serious mistake that the sleeper is about to make. Haste threatens to harm business or interpersonal relationships.

The appearance of an untimely departed aunt reminds you that you should be more attentive to your loved ones while they are around. The prediction for spring birthday people speaks of large-scale changes and the opportunity to start a new life.

I'll get you out of the other world!

In the dream books there are explanations of why a deceased aunt dreams, with whom the relationship did not work out during life, and even in a dream she strives to make trouble, lecture, and be indignant. Often this is a typical shapeshifter: in reality, communication with others will be surprisingly pleasant.

This is not the only explanation why an angry deceased woman dreamed. Other interpretations do not exclude public reproach, family troubles, and troubles in everyday life.

“Why do you dream about Auntie in a dream? If you see Auntie in a dream, what does it mean?

American dream book

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Aunt - can represent the productive part of your personality.

An old maid is that part of you that feels deeply unhappy.

Maly Velesov dream book

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Aunt - family troubles.

Family dream book

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A young woman who sees her aunt in a dream will receive harsh condemnation for some action.

But if you dreamed of your aunt smiling and happy, joy will come after grief.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about Aunt?

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If a young woman dreams of her aunt, in real life she will be severely condemned for an act that will already bring her a lot of trouble.

If this relative looks happy and cheerful in a dream, then in reality small disagreements will be replaced by good luck.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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Aunt is a reflection of those feelings and relationships that have developed in real life. A reminder of your own uniqueness.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

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Auntie is the feminine aspect of your Self. The qualities that you associate with your aunt may be projected aspects of yourself. This sign may also apply to your real aunt.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Aunt - news will reach you about the death of an elderly relative.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Auntie is a guest on the doorstep.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Auntie - to the hotels.

Miller's Dream Book

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For a young woman to see her aunt in a dream portends sharp reproach for some actions, which will bring her great grief.

If this relative of hers appears in a dream smiling, in a happy mood, then slight disagreements will soon be replaced by pleasure.

Dream Interpretation of Simon Kananita

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Seeing your aunt means worsening of the situation; talking to her means domestic quarrels.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: Aunt according to the dream book?

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Aunt - coldness in relationships; gossip, grief; guests (“hello, I’m your aunt”).

Ukrainian dream book

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Auntie - family troubles.

Gypsy dream book

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Seeing her in a dream is a symbol of upcoming family quarrels.

Online dream book

Meaning of the dream: Aunt according to the dream book?

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An aunt, as a symbol, warns that you will make a serious mistake, for which others will reproach you, but even more so your own conscience.

More interpretations

This is actually your parents’ sister and she is in a great mood - life will change for the better.

If you dream of a deceased aunt, this is a warning that serious problems are approaching your home, be prepared to deal with them.

Life didn't prepare me for this

Some dream interpreters contain unexpected explanations of why it happens to see a dead aunt in a dream:

  • Be prepared for an unexpected visit from guests;
  • Hugs portend a carefree holiday away from home;
  • If you managed to kiss her, a big profit is coming;
  • A drunk relative symbolizes someone else's secret or alcohol abuse;
  • If your aunt dreams of being pregnant, considerable amazement lies ahead;
  • Sex with her means competition for your loved one.


It’s even better if you dreamed that you received something from the deceased to the bar. The dream book believes that the positive meaning of the dream in this case increases.

But giving, putting things in the coffin of a deceased aunt, going with her or answering a call are very bad signs. After such dreams, you should exercise maximum caution and take care of your health.

The dream book interprets in approximately the same way a dream in which you saw a dead aunt swearing and making trouble. This is a clear sign of impending danger.

What did we talk about?

Almost all dream books claim that what was said by the deceased should be taken literally, therefore it is advisable to remember the content of the dialogue in as much detail as possible.

What to do if you happen to promise something that cannot be fulfilled in reality? The dream book suggests asking someone whose opinion means a lot to you. Even if you haven’t had to communicate before, this person will pay attention and try to give a detailed answer.

General interpretation

If you dreamed of your own aunt, expect imminent guests. If she is sad, then the dream book interprets the vision as a harbinger of the imminent death of a distant relative. If she is cheerful and carefree, then in reality the dreamer will face minor troubles that will be resolved very quickly.

Just seeing your aunt from the outside means gossip, grief or troubles related to the family. If she swears and argues, then the dream book connects this with upcoming family scandals. If you dreamed that your uncle was behaving in a similar way, then in reality the sleeping person would face divorce proceedings.

Exchange of material goods

If you are lucky enough to receive a gift from the hands of the deceased, the dream book promises excellent health, and the dreamer’s health will not let him down for a long time. If you have to sacrifice something, overwork threatens to result in problems in the body.

Auntie’s request suggests that in reality one of his friends and relatives needs help, which he is embarrassed to talk about out loud. For those who are starting a new project, the dream interpreter recommends checking the calculations again to make sure that there is enough information.

Mood above all else

Forecasters often clarify what mood the deceased aunt was in in a dream. Gloominess promises another funeral, most likely it will be a distant elderly relative. Revitalization suggests that the dreamer is able to overcome troubles.

If you remember silence, in reality gossipers and envious people can do a lot of trouble. Interpreters offer a truly wise solution: do not let strangers into your plans. If only pleasant emotions were present in the dream, what you saw is a good sign.

General interpretation of the symbol

If you dreamed about an aunt, it is advisable to remember her behavior. After all, the correct interpretation of a dream depends on the details. How could a relative behave in a dream:

  • she was cheerful, happy;
  • she was sad, frowned;
  • showed anger and aggression;
  • talked a lot;
  • she was calm and indifferent.

A dream in which the aunt is in a great mood promises changes for the better in her career or personal life. An aggressive relative - a dream warns of danger emanating from one of your relatives or friends.

If in a dream she is silent and calm, it means that the dreamer pays little attention to his family. Relations with relatives could have deteriorated long ago, and this crisis needs to be overcome as quickly as possible. Dreaming about your aunt can also mean unexpected troubles in your personal life. Relationships with your other half may go wrong or an important meeting may not take place.

The aunt talked a lot in her night dreams - to intrigues behind the dreamer's back. Someone from the environment is plotting. It is worth taking a closer look at your acquaintances in order to recognize an ill-wisher in time.

For a man to see his aunt in a dream - to favorable events. Relations with relatives will improve. You can expect a pleasant surprise in the near future. If a relative dreamed of being pregnant - much to your surprise.

If you dream of a sick aunt, some kind of deception will soon be revealed. This could be the betrayal of a friend or relative. A dream can also portend illness to the sleeper.

Seeing a close relative with someone else's face is a sign of lying in real life. The dreamer should be more careful and not trust everyone he knows. Receiving many gifts from an aunt means an unexpected and pleasant event , for example, receiving an inheritance or a large monetary reward.

Seeing a drunken aunt in a dream means the dreamer accidentally learns someone else's secret. Such a dream warns a woman against excessive indulgence in alcoholic beverages.

An aunt coming to visit in a dream means that it is time to prepare for a happy event , an important event. It could be a family celebration, a party with friends. The event will certainly bring the sleeper a lot of joy.

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