Why do you dream about an elevator and what does it mean to get stuck in an elevator in a dream?

Since an elevator is designed to move up and down without human intervention, seeing it in a dream is not a good idea. The dream book interprets it as an analogue of a ladder, but not requiring the sleeper’s own efforts. That is, the rise or decline of business will occur for objective reasons. What you dream about being stuck in an elevator should be interpreted from the same perspective: little depends on the dreamer.

General meaning of the dream

Such a lifting mechanism in a dream symbolizes: the sleeper, wanting to improve his own status, does not make any efforts for this, he wants everything to happen by itself. And if the dream book explains the upward movement as a success that will not happen soon, then getting stuck in an elevator is definitely stagnation, a slowdown in business. Let everything go perfectly before, there were no obstacles to movement - soon they will arise.

Miller's dream book comments on such a vision: beware of early failures. Moreover, the widest spectrum: business, career, love, family.

Did you dream that you were stuck in an elevator? A tight, enclosed space where you are forced to be and cannot leave in a dream symbolizes the upcoming struggle with your fears. However, if you work hard on yourself, perhaps the failures will subside.

Such a plot in a dream can also mean some kind of deception. The dreamer will probably make a rash purchase, spending too much money on it. Or he will become a victim of scammers.

Why do you dream of being stuck in an elevator, but with some effort, you can still make it move up? This is a favorable vision. The dream book gives the following interpretation: the dreamer, thanks to his perseverance and unyielding will, will experience success in life.

Decoding by popular interpreters

In authoritative sources, dreams in which heights appear are interpreted as subconscious fears, real phobias, fears and obsessive thoughts. For a correct and detailed decoding, you should analyze not only the overall picture, but also individual fragments.

Stepanova and Smirnova

According to the dream book, height indicates the arrogance, vanity and vindictiveness of the sleeping person. I had a chance to look down on others - a favorable sign. Career growth, recognition and high social status are just around the corner.

Seeing a person standing on the top of a high mountain means the dreamer is unsure of his own abilities. He does not know his true capabilities and cannot show hidden potential due to numerous complexes.

If you happened to stand on a pedestal in a night dream , in reality the person will experience fantastic success and all endeavors will end in triumphant victory. Watching superior people from below means the sleeper cannot get rid of strong envy towards wealthier and more successful individuals. This feeling destroys him from the inside and does not allow him to sleep peacefully at night.

Miller and Freud

The famous psychologist Freud claims that dreams of heights and fear of falling signify a dizzying romance and the manifestation of feelings for your partner.

To be at the foot of the mountain - in order to win the heart of your lover, you need to show maximum passion and ingenuity in bed. Climbing to the very top means receiving unearthly bliss in real life.

Islamic and Juno

A dream in which the dreamer rushes upward prophesies real ups, but downs also cannot be avoided, because this is the law of life. Brilliant prospects and new opportunities will soon open before the sleeper. Jumping into the sea from a huge cliff - complex problems will be resolved by themselves. This will happen in a few days.

Seeing children on the top of a mountain means worries and fears for the lives of your children or younger family members. Being at bird's eye level in a night dream is a harbinger of good news. The dreamer will soon learn about an inheritance or winning the lottery.

The plot of a parachute flight indicates that a person who is asleep will never act impulsively. He does not commit madness, but carefully analyzes each of his actions and thinks about it for a long time.

Business sphere

Often a dream plot means an uncertain situation. The dream book warns: a period is coming when your efforts will be in vain. You need to let the situation develop as usual, but at the same time hope for the best, be ready to act as soon as the opportunity arises.

Remember how long in a dream you were stuck in an elevator and sat there. If not for long, the stagnation will not last long. When you dreamed that you were exhausted by waiting, things would slow down for a long time. You should be patient - wait until the situation changes.

Why dream of being stuck in an elevator and then continuing to move again? The dream book states: in reality, the sleeper missed something important that could subsequently negatively affect the business. You need to carefully analyze all the details of your plan to minimize possible harm.

Did you dream of getting stuck in an elevator between floors? There is a risk of a trap prepared by enemies where you end up. The Dream Interpretation recommends being careful with business partners or those who intrusively offer their cooperation. You will have to find a way out of this situation yourself, without anyone’s help.

General information

A dream about heights is inextricably linked with the emotional state of the sleeping person. If you happen to climb a high mountain in a night dream, in reality you will have to work a little hard to achieve your goals, but the result will exceed all the dreamer’s expectations. General interpretations of plots:

The actual state of things depends on how high it was in the dream. Such dreams personify the character of the dreamer himself.

He has exorbitant ambitions, he sets exorbitant goals, so the sleeper is expected to be disappointed due to unjustified expectations and unfulfilled dreams.

Love, relationships

For personal life and love, such a sign in a dream has a similar meaning: it is a suspension of the development of relationships. The vision foreshadows some kind of pause, perhaps even cooling between lovers. Moreover, it is impossible to say for sure whether they will continue or end.

Why does a young girl dream of being stuck in an elevator? The romantic date, on which she has certain hopes, will turn out to be unsuccessful and may soon lead to the severance of this relationship.

When in a dream you first got stuck with strangers and then went up, your love relationship will be successful.

Who dreamed about the elevator?

The gender of the sleeper is also important for correct analysis of the dream. If a woman dreams of a man in an elevator cabin, and a man dreams of a woman, this means that you are afraid to enter into an intimate relationship with a person you know, for fear of public censure. A determinant of what is more important: personal happiness or generally accepted moral standards.

To a woman

When a young lady sees the elevator doors closing in a dream, it means that she is hiding the presence of a lover. Also seeing this object means success in business. Opening doors mean the emergence of new opportunities . If the elevator falls, then this is a bad sign.

To a man

It is believed that when a representative of the stronger sex dreams of closing elevator doors, this may foreshadow a violent orgy. The vision also promises career growth and success in negotiations. Filled room - efforts will be required to implement projects.

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