Why do you dream of an attacking snake and what does it mean if it tries to bite - interpretation from dream books

One of the complex symbols in the dream book is a snake. On the one hand, this is the personification of new life, wisdom, on the other hand, it means deceit, anger, illness, envy. A snake attacks in a dream - to the vicious attacks of enemies. What this dream is about can only be found out by remembering all the details and nuances seen.

To dream of a snake attacking means that close friends may slander you. They will do it on the sly, so be prepared. Dream books also promise a crushing blow that enemies will inflict. This may also indicate that some people around you envy you, wish you trouble at work, illness and an unhappy family life.

The struggle for love or position in society is what dreams of an attacking snake mean. You will probably be very worried about this. It also predicts the fear that you will experience, afraid of exposure of bad deeds. This can interfere with your friendships with loved ones.

If a snake attacks and bites in a dream, then the dream books talk about receiving an inheritance or large financial assistance. This also predicts a huge scandal, which will be caused by your statements.

In a dream, a large snake attacks you - a sign of circumstances that you will not be able to resist. Dream books predict huge problems in business, upcoming suffering, illness of loved ones. For a sick person, this signifies recovery and improved health.

Who dreamed about it - quick interpretations of a dream about an attacking snake

An attacking reptile is associated with the powerlessness that the dreamer will experience in front of an ill-wisher. It will be difficult to influence the situation.

Interpretations for women

A dream warns a married lady about her husband’s infidelity. Sleep details:

  • a woman saves children from an attacking snake - in reality, she had to commit an act that she regrets
  • the cobra hisses and bites - to a serious illness
  • catch an attacking reptile - the desired goal can be quickly achieved

Interpretations for men

For lonely guys, the dream predicts tender but unrequited feelings. A snake attacked in the house - the sleeping person is unhappy at work. For married men, the dream predicts troubles that come from a woman.


A snake attacked? Depending on its color, the dream book can tell you exactly what events will be like in the future. The yellow reptile predicts betrayal. Even the person whom the dreamer trusts is capable of deceiving. A snake attack foreshadows a meeting with the enemy, a showdown. If it was poisonous, the sleeping person will lose this confrontation.

Black snake attacked? The dream book views the plot negatively. Soon there will be a period of numerous problems and losses. There is a possibility that the dreamer will be drawn into a public scandal, which will negatively affect both his reputation and his emotional state. Nothing can be fixed; all that remains is to endure the difficult period. It is recommended to control emotions so as not to provoke a new surge of negativity. Black color also communicates that the sleeping person feels guilty about something.

According to Miller’s dream book, it is possible to emerge victorious from a difficult situation only if you manage to cope with internal complexes. A weak will and low self-esteem hinder success. It is not recommended to agree with the current situation if it does not bring a feeling of satisfaction. Otherwise, you can deprive yourself of your last chance.

White snake attacked? The dream book predicts good luck. You can win the lottery or deal with all the troubles and problems. If there were several reptiles, you should prepare to receive fateful information. Were the snakes small? There is a possibility that the dreamer will be denied help or his health will suffer.

Was a snake attacked in a dream? If it was green, positive changes are ahead. A new period in life will begin, you will be able to get rid of bad habits.

The red reptile symbolizes aggression, deceit and anger. You should prepare for trouble.

Dependence of interpretation on the color and size of the snake in a dream

WhiteChanges in the financial sector
YellowFamily problems
RedThe dreamer will find the strength to repel the enemy
BlackThe decision will be difficult to make
GreenExacerbation of chronic diseases
MulticoloredChanges affect several areas of life

Large reptile - difficulties are coming in business or at work; small - to meet an unpleasant person.

What does the bite mean?

Did you dream that a snake bit you? The battle with the reptile communicates that in order to achieve success in all areas of life, you will have to make every effort, show willpower and determination. Did you deal with a snake in a dream? This means that in reality, success and prosperity await the dreamer.

A snake bite portends betrayal and deception. An envious person may appear in the environment and is capable of striking at any moment, which will largely affect the reputation of the sleeper. It is also recommended to undergo a full medical examination.

The meaning of sleep by time of year and day of the week

I had a dream:

  • in winter - the sleeper will be drawn into a scam
  • in the spring - to the emergency at work
  • in the summer - you can’t give away your own or other people’s secrets
  • in the fall - a warning about treason
Monday Tuesday WednesdayDifficult work ahead, we need to be patient
Thursday FridayThe sleeping person will need the support of loved ones
SaturdayVisit of distant relatives
SundayThe plan is not destined to come true

Where did the snake bite?

  1. Did the reptile grab your hand? The dreamer is drawn into a loud conflict. Litigation cannot be avoided. You can only mitigate the situation by showing foresight and patience.
  2. Did you bite your finger? It is worth preparing for troubles that will seriously affect your state of mind. The problems will also have a negative impact on the financial sector. There is a possibility that the dreamer will offend someone.
  3. Did a snake bite you on the leg? The dreamer risks losing his job.
  4. A bite to the head portends serious trouble.
  5. Did the reptile grab your neck? There is a risk of loss of social position and reputation. Vital energy will disappear, which will lead to prolonged depression.
  6. A bite in the back predicts betrayal by a loved one.

Interpretation in various dream books

To interpret a dream, it is necessary to proceed from the current situation. A dream is a hint from above and it relates to the area of ​​life that worries you the most.


The dreamer will face misunderstanding from relatives and friends. There is a person around him who is spreading rumors. If you don't take action, problems at work will come.


You will have to defend yourself from the attacks of envious people. Kill the reptile and the problem will solve itself.


An attacking snake in a dream in reality warns of the appearance of a dangerous person in the dreamer’s life. He has a high position in society and is seriously planning to do harm.


An attacking snake looks into the eyes - in reality the sleeper will face evil. The python wrapped around the neck - to intrigues that will be difficult to unravel. The reptile stung and crawled away - after quarrels and contradictions, reconciliation will come.

The snake attacked, but did not bite - in reality a situation will occur that will force the dreamer to reconsider life values.


The dream warns girls about gaining useful but dangerous knowledge. For married ladies - treason.

Loff's interpretation

The reptile is in a terrarium and is hitting the glass - the time has come for decisive action. The sleeper managed to neutralize the snake - despite the machinations of his enemies, he will be able to achieve his goal.


The image of an attacking snake is the personification of the dreamer’s powerlessness in the current situation.


The reptile attacks, but cannot reach the sleeping person - the female representative is plotting. During the struggle, the viper is killed - the sleeper will be able to get rid of his enemies.


A reptile attack warns of betrayal, deception and illness.



  • bites - to disappointment
  • preparing to attack - to new acquaintances
  • killed - all obstacles will be overcome

The cobra stood on its tail during the attack - the image symbolizes wisdom and healing.


The dream warns of the presence of ill-wishers. Before attacking, the reptile waited for an opportune moment - leading to a protracted illness.

Simon the Canaanite

The snake attacked but did not bite - the dreamer makes a serious mistake by trusting strangers.

The viper attacked another person - the sleeping person himself will become a traitor.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

A reptile attacks on the shore of a reservoir - those around them hide their displeasure from the dreamer. A reptile stung is the personification of fear for one’s own or someone else’s health. A snake crawls nearby and hisses - the dream symbolizes internal fears and anxieties.

According to Azar

A huge snake has wrapped itself around the body of the sleeping person - in reality, he will be prevented from achieving his goals. There is probably a lot of psychological pressure on him.

According to Soboleva

The dream warns of a journey or business trip.

According to Dmitrienko


  • attacks from behind - to the machinations of enemies
  • bites the hand - the ill-wisher is acting hidden
  • tries to bite - to a quarrel in the family

Interpreter of Solomon

The dream warns of deception and a long period of difficulties.

Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

You cannot disclose personal information even to your loved ones.

Interpreter of Artemidorus

If you had a dream before a deal, it would be beneficial.

Healers Akulina

A woman is attacked by a snake - to new acquaintances; snake - to pregnancy.


The dream warns of temporary difficulties at work.

Maly Velesov

The reptile crawls behind - there is an envious person in your close circle; drove the dreamer into a corner - the enemy is acting decisively. Snake bite - the sleeper’s opponent is a woman.

Dream book 1918

There will be illness or enmity between blood relatives.


If you had a dream on a full moon, it means illness; on the new moon - to a speedy recovery.


The reptile curled up into a ring before the attack - a difficult life period is approaching; tries to bite - to dangerous adventures.

Astrological dream book

Danger comes from a familiar person from a close social circle.


A woman was attacked by a giant snake - to vain worries. For a man, a dream predicts an acquaintance with an insidious seductress.

The snake did not have time to bite - troubles can be avoided.


The dream warns a man about temptation. A casual love affair can destroy family happiness. A lonely girl sees a dream - for a wedding.


A snake with 2 heads will attack - to gossip. A reptile bite on the finger means long loneliness.

Dream Interpretation of the Subconscious

An attacking snake symbolizes fears and increased anxiety.

Russian folk

The reptile hisses and curls up into a ring - the enemy is about to commit an act that will harm the dreamer. A bite after an attack means a new turn comes in the life of the sleeper.

Slavic dream book

The dream warns of temporary illness.

Islamic dream book

A reptile attacks an animal - in reality, a strong enemy will appear. An aggressive ball of snakes means the dreamer will lead a new project at work.


The snake attacks, but does not bite - to money. The reptile stung - you cannot trust your secrets even to people you know.

Chinese interpreter

The snake attacks friends and acquaintances - in reality, the characters in the dream are angry with the dreamer. An attack occurs in the water - to promotion. The reptile pursues - to betrayal of your partner.

Ancient Egyptian

The viper attacked, but managed to catch it - to gain a patron.

Mayan Dream Interpretation

It's a good sign if the snake attacks while free. The sleeper is safe.


The dream predicts unprecedented luck.

Reptile sizes

Does a snake attack in a dream? The dream book recommends remembering the sizes. If it was large, a difficult period awaits ahead. There is a high probability of an enemy appearing. Perhaps there is a person in your close circle who has a negative attitude towards the dreamer. It is he who will strike during the most difficult period for a sleeping person. It is recommended to stop traveling for a while and postpone important transactions. To cope with troubles, you will have to make every effort. However, the result will be impressive. There is a possibility of obtaining a higher social status, which will have a positive impact on the material sphere.

Why do you dream of a snake attack? If the reptile was small, you should prepare for the loss of reputation due to gossip and intrigue. You should exercise extreme care and caution when communicating with colleagues and people around you. A huge reptile foreshadows the death of a loved one. However, some dream books predict the emergence of an important mission that only the “author” of the dream can handle.

During sleep, did the snake constantly change size? A sleeping person will face problems that will be more serious. Don't underestimate them or put them off. It is recommended to make every effort to deal with all the troubles at once.

A man dreamed of a snake: general interpretation

The slippery creature crawling in Morpheus's space is considered difficult to decipher. Means the following at the same time:

  1. Alive and harmless - a risky position that must be taken advantage of. Options: winning on an ill-conceived bet, winning in an illegal way, negotiating with outright enemies to your advantage.
  2. Dead is a complete triumph in an exciting issue. The enemy will crawl into a corner to lick his wounds.
  3. Crawling nearby, but not trying to harm - complications in relationships with the female half of humanity. For example, the wife will be offended, the mother-in-law will take up arms, and co-workers will plot intrigues.

Freud's dream book indicates problems of a sexual nature. Troubles with potency and failure in bed with your beloved are likely. Sometimes a dream hints at a guy’s homosexual inclinations. Would you like to try pleasures with representatives of the same sex?

Snake stories

The snake is a very deep and multi-valued symbol. For people who are strong-willed, decisive and principled, it can confirm their superiority in courage, wisdom, and cunning. And for those who are in poor health, energetically devastated and lost, this poisonous creature can endow them with inner strength, mental energy and optimism.

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For women, such a sign promises the gift of prophecy, high intuition and anticipation of situations that should be avoided. And for those who dream of having many children, this creature will become a symbol of fertility and the successful conception of a long-awaited baby. Her ability to shed her skin promises the dreamer the return of youth, mastery of the secret of eternal beauty and long life.

A snake attacking in a dream carries a positive interpretation only if it attacks someone from the environment, and not you. Otherwise, it is rather a harbinger of evil, deceit, gossip and slander.

What joys does a snake promise to women?

For a woman, a snake attacking in a dream is not a good sign. You may find yourself in the center of a scandal, quarrel and intrigue. You should monitor your statements to others and refrain from unnecessary emotions. Try to live your life without disturbing someone else's peace. During this period, you can irritate others even with your appearance, grooming, athletic figure, and cheerfulness.

For a married woman, an aggressive mammal can mean her husband's jealousy and prejudice. If this happens on the eve of your departure on a business trip, a bachelorette party, or just going out to meet close friends, you should know that such events can only complicate your relationship. But on the other hand, if you cancel meetings, you will make it clear to your spouse that you can easily be controlled, like a puppet in your hands. And then goodbye, your own opinion and personal space, you will be completely subordinate to him.

The little snakes that surround you are accumulated small matters that need to be resolved immediately, otherwise they will develop into problems.

Why are men afraid to warm a snake on their chest?

For a man to grab an attacking viper in his hand - in reality he will see through the insidious plan of competitors or convict a loved one of theft, treason, or major embezzlement of funds. Everything that they are carefully trying to hide from you, veiled with beautiful intricacies, will become clear and obvious. It’s up to you to decide how to deal with this, but you definitely need to change your circle of friends and get rid of the traitors.

Seeing a snake in your workplace means beware of colleagues who are trying to force themselves on you as friends. Their main goal is to get your position by finding out all the subtleties and nuances of the job.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The second phase of the lunar cycle has the highest probability of this dream coming true. The full moon period is also considered quite lucky. The remaining phases cannot boast of such luck - in them the chance of it happening if the snake tries to bite is practically zero. Also, the stage of lunar growth is quite favorable for planning your own future.

In its essence and purpose, the lunar dream book is strikingly different from others. It contains information about the favorable time for various dreams to come true. A huge contribution to its development was made by researchers of the dependencies of lunar phases and human dreams. To use it independently, it is recommended to have a lunar calendar and knowledge of lunar cycles.

How to interpret the details of the image of a snake

Such a multifaceted plot must be interpreted in detail. Any detail can turn an explanation 180 degrees. If you remember the type of snake, then look at the forecast:

  1. A huge anaconda marks an enemy with position. The boss or other official will try to put a spoke in the wheels of your business. Tried to swallow a sleeping person - stop filing petitions and litigation. Now is not the time for complaints.
  2. A cobra with an open hood means a squabble with a woman. Don't try to talk her down or argue with her. He will take revenge.
  3. The rattlesnake hisses and threatens with its sting—gossipers throw mud at it with all their might. Friends and relatives believe the slander. Look for spiteful critics to pluck out their poisonous tongues.
  4. A viper is lurking nearby - a relative is weaving intrigues regarding your personal happiness. He wants to destroy the harmony in his relationship with his beloved.
  5. A python is swimming in a river or basking in the sun - a friend will become an enemy. Don't trust anyone.
  6. Harmless - control your words. Their enemies eagerly catch them in order to turn them into evil.

Two snakes are a couple conspiring behind their backs. They sniff, look out to find your weak spot. If they find out, they will deliver a fatal blow.


The image brings two opposite messages:

  1. Deception will cause heartache if the reptile seemed affectionate.
  2. Your health will improve if you committed an attack.

The green giant predicts difficulties with alcohol. It is advisable to avoid libations. Or give up alcoholic drinks altogether for a couple of months.


Good-natured tricks of loved ones irritate. Seeing a slippery little thing on a tree branch is not good for the love sphere. A friend lies, meets someone else behind his back.

If you dreamed that a snake was curled up in your lover’s body, it means an unplanned pregnancy, problems with conception, or a miscarriage.


You will suffer from the deceit of a trusted person. You cannot talk about things that affect your material well-being.


Your suspicion and mistrust will fall under the onslaught of kindness. Get help from someone you previously thought was incapable of doing so.


Threat of fire, emergency.


The monetary sector is in crisis. Alive - save, save your savings. Dead - climb into the box to improve matters.

A running salad snake predicts waste in the service. To catch up with her is to make excuses for an unforgivable mistake.

Brown, yellow

It's time to be prudent with new acquaintances. Check people before sharing secrets.

A frog next to a snake is a sign of fraud. A cunning trap will be set up by a recent friend, all of whose ins and outs have not yet been found out.


An inanimate reptile denotes the weakness of enemies. If you are afraid of confrontation, then drop the fear. Now we need to actively insist on our own position, even impose it on those around us.

If the dead one comes to life and bites, it means it’s too early to relax. Weak spiteful critics will attract a strong person to their side. Build your defenses in advance.

What is the snake doing?

  1. A reptile attacks in a dream - it is necessary to prepare for betrayal and the machinations of ill-wishers.
  2. Wraps around the body - obstacles will arise on the way to your goals. There is a possibility that a certain person will interfere. You need to think about how important this personality is.
  3. Bitten by a viper? Even the closest person is capable of betraying.
  4. Do snakes attack from above? An influential person will interfere with achieving your goals.
  5. Is the dreamer trying to escape from the snake? The dream book reports that the sleeper is not able to make decisions on his own.

Briefly different interpretations of sleep

What exotic dreams mean, different dream books interpret in their own way. Leading predictors and famous psychologists can give an answer to the appearance of a snake in a dream.


The psychologist did not consider the snake a harbinger of kindness and joyful events. He believed that a hissing creeping reptile in a dream, one way or another, is a harbinger of evil, trouble and problems.


Vanga also considered an exotic animal a harbinger of negativity. According to the fortuneteller, such a dream hero leads to betrayal. The dreamer will experience a long-term collapse in business, and precisely because of someone else.


The scientist warns of temptations that will stand in the way. In such a situation, you must try not to be led by feelings, to be reasonable and cool-headed. Only the one who saw the exotic in a dream can decide whether to succumb to problems.


If a person sees such an unpleasant phenomenon, he will soon learn about the serious problems of his loved ones. It is necessary to support your loved one as much as possible, to be sympathetic, this will turn out to be good.


The very appearance of an exotic symbolizes unclean thoughts, cunning and betrayal. If the snake attacked on the sly, then in reality one should expect unexpected betrayal of friends.


An attack portends illness. You should not wait for symptoms; you should be examined at a clinic for preventive purposes.


It is necessary to be wary of adventures that will lead to serious problematic situations. It is necessary to consider personal thoughts.

Star dream book

A dream may foreshadow envy and flattery in reality. It is necessary not to reveal large and secret internal secrets to anyone.

Dream Interpretation of the Subconscious

The dreamer is confused in himself and lives contradictorily. Relatives and true friends will help resolve internal conflict. You shouldn't disturb them.


This dream indicates suspiciousness and excessive attention to nuances. Those things to which others react calmly lead the dreamer to anxious states and painful experiences.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

The snake foreshadows a difficult situation that a relative will prepare. Resolving a problematic situation will require a lot of mental strength and time, but the result will be worth the effort.

Velesov's dream book

Most likely, the dreamer has achieved certain success in business, so his competitors envy him. To protect yourself from slander, intriguers and rumors that spoil your reputation, you should be very careful in your words.

Dream details

From the general meaning of the symbol, it’s time to move on to the details. Let's see what all-knowing interpreters say about various snake manifestations?

  • A water snake gliding in clear water is a sign of accidental joy.
  • Snakes in a home aquarium are a dangerous situation under control, but if they rush towards the dreamer, this is a sure sign of his gullibility and loss of vigilance.
  • A snake decorating a staff or entwined around a sword is a fight for truth. Nostradamus predicts that the young man will discover the truth or will have to fight for a just cause.
  • A snake attacks - expect trouble from an unexpected direction. And if he strangles the dreamer or another person, there is a mortal danger. Vanga interprets this sign as a manifestation of black magic. Perhaps a spell has been cast on the man to cause death or complete destruction.
  • If she bites, expect a big scandal. Perhaps this is a warning against the fatal step that an emotional man is planning to take. Vanga writes that the bite of a poisonous reptile means disappointment in a loved one, betrayal and a quick separation. A bite in the leg is an insult, a betrayal of a friend.
  • A snake crawling along the ground - to material difficulties and problems in business. If a man recognizes a non-poisonous snake in a dream, then the matter can be resolved peacefully, but a poisonous reptile is a bad sign, deception and betrayal on the part of partners is possible (this is a prediction of Nostradamus). Vanga echoes his colleague and says that crawling reptiles mean open war with enemies, and poisonous reptiles are enemies capable of defeating the dreamer.
  • Fighting a snake means overcoming everyday difficulties.
  • A snake in the hands - gaining wisdom. Pastor and renowned interpreter David Loff says that grabbing a writhing creature by the tail means making an important discovery, and if the reptile sheds its skin, the dreamer will experience physical and spiritual renewal.
  • Killing a snake but not finishing it off leads to moral devastation. Kill the slippery reptile - get out of the situation, avoid a quarrel (according to Tsvetkova). Nostradamus assures that killing a dangerous creature in a dream means getting rid of your worst enemy in reality.
  • A snake in bed or in the house - a man has warmed up a traitor.
  • The reptile is curled up in a ring - a secret ill-wisher is waiting for an opportunity.
  • Tsvetkova warns that if a reptile crawls on the body or is nearby, this means illness. A guy in love will soon receive news of betrayal.
  • Stepping on a snake means emotional unrest. Vanga predicts that pure joy awaits a man if he casts aside groundless suspicions.

Who was bitten by the snake?

  1. Was the victim of a reptile a stranger? In reality, a period is coming when you can bring to life even the most promising and interesting ideas and open a business.
  2. Does a snake attack a child? The dream signals troubles that will arise due to the pride and vanity of the sleeping person. You can avoid encountering problems. To do this, you should reconsider your principles and get rid of unworthy vices.
  3. Did a relative suffer from a reptile attack? The dreamer's short-sighted actions will lead to troubles that will affect loved ones. Some dream books claim that due to intemperance and excessive emotionality, you can face ridicule and insults from friends and relatives.

Seeing a lot of snakes - why?

One of the most unpleasant stories. The snake ball symbolizes the enemy environment. The sleeper has found himself in a group in which they are trying to deceive him, rob him, and fool him.

Why does a disgusting plot appear in a dream? The subconscious prepares for a series of complications. We must gather ourselves and bravely face the enemy’s attack. An attack by a hissing flock means a serious confrontation with a group of spiteful critics. Running away from attacking reptiles means a shameful defeat. And cutting off heads, crushing with feet, hitting with a stick means success, taking the business to new heights.

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