I dreamed of a snake that tried to bite - interpretation of sleep for women

In the West, a snake seen in a dream has always been considered a symbol of betrayal, conspiracy or deception, and in the East - a symbol of wisdom and longevity. There are different views on such a dream, reflected in popular dream books. A dream can warn against danger, or it can give clues for the future - you just need to correctly interpret the details. Thus, the experienced emotions and sensations of a person, as well as the color and behavior of the snake seen, are of great importance for the final decoding of the dream.

General interpretation of famous dream books

To find out why you dream of a snake trying to bite, the first thing you need to do is look into the well-known dream books: Miller, Vanga, Slavic and Karmic. They reflect interpretations of the most common and frequently occurring cases.

Such interpretations should not be taken as the absolute truth, since they are designed for the average human psyche, which is possessed by a small number of people. Negative interpretations of dreams described in general dream books often refute interpretations made on an individual basis.

Miller's Dream Book

A snake trying to bite the dreamer is a symbol of deception, betrayal and unexpected turns of fate. This sign makes it clear that someone is trying to cheat behind the sleeping woman’s back.

If a woman sees in a dream how she walks among vipers trying to bite her, this means that she will live in fear of some serious illness, and in a friendly circle other girls will encroach on her place. If in a dream the snakes nevertheless stung the sleeping woman, then soon enemies will appear in her life that will harm her career. When a woman in a dream holds a snake in her hands, and it tries to bite her, this means that some events in real life will cause the sleeping woman unnecessary anxiety and worries.

Small snakes that try to bite a woman in a dream foreshadow guests. The dreamer will give them a warm welcome, but they will want to harm her on the sly. Small snakes also symbolize envious hypocritical acquaintances who are angry with her, but smile in her eyes.

If a woman dreams of a friend standing on the path, and the snakes behind him want to bite him, this foreshadows a serious conspiracy being hatched around the sleeping woman and her friend. But there is no need to be afraid - the conspiracy will be revealed in time.

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What did the snake look like in a dream?


– a disgusting situation, a terrible enemy, outright evil.
Magini's dream book warns - be extremely careful, this dream does not promise anything comforting. The white
snake is an enemy, although he does not have warm feelings for you, but his inner nobility will not allow you to do much harm.
- to hypocrisy and infidelity.
Beware of vile acts from those around you. Green
- your troubles will soon end.
– lack of mutual understanding with the other half.
Learn to control your emotions, they are a source of additional failures. Golden
- something beautiful and admirable will turn into dirt and big problems.
is a temptation that will turn out to be very dangerous if you succumb to it.
If you dreamed about colored snakes
, your attention will be diverted to something more pleasant than solving pressing problems, but in vain...

Ancient Slavic dream book

The Slavic dream book interprets a dream about a snake trying to bite the dreamer as a sign of imminent betrayal of a spouse. The woman will have a rival who will insidiously try to destroy the family.

In other similar cases the interpretation is as follows:

  • if a long boa constrictor crawls and wants to bite - an imminent illness, trouble, betrayal;
  • if the reptile was killed at the end of the dream, the sleeping woman will be able to overcome all difficulties.

For a pregnant woman, seeing a snake in a dream that tries to bite symbolizes the ability to cope with fears.

I dreamed of a viper in the house

The image is a warning that the dreamer will soon need endurance and wisdom.

If a snake falls on a sleeping person in his home, it means he has committed a rash act and is experiencing pangs of conscience. When a reptile falls on another, it means the person is guilty of something before you and is ashamed of it.

Note! To figure out what a viper portends in a dream, it is important to remember all the details of what you saw: the size, color of the animal, place of appearance, whether it tried to attack and who.

Vanga's Dream Book

For a woman to see a crawling snake in a dream that wants to bite is a symbol of an upcoming battle with an enemy plotting intrigues. If the reptile is poisonous, then victory for the sleeping reptile is unlikely, since the opponent is very cunning and strong. If the snake does not have poison, the dreamer can easily cope with her opponent and use his intrigues against him.

A ball of vipers that try to bite is a bad omen for a woman. The dream gives a hint that many envious and evil people have appeared around the sleeping woman who want her career to collapse or even die. A woman should be more careful when communicating with friends and not give them a reason to be angry. If one of the vipers bites the dreamer, then the woman will be disappointed in a friend or loved one. Most likely he is using black magic to harm her.

Interpretation of individual details of the dream

In some cases, individual details of a dream can carry much more useful information for the dreamer than the entire vision. The setting, colors, time of day and other key elements are comparable to real life moments. Professional dream interpreters, when deciphering them, first of all pay attention to these details.

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This approach allows us to draw parallels and quickly understand the exact meaning of the message that comes to a person in the form of night dreams. Thus, the interpretation of a dream about a snake in the dreamer’s house will be directly related to some situation that is about to happen in his home circle.


A very important element of a dream is the environment. In dreams with snakes, this detail makes it clear in which area of ​​life trouble or betrayal will occur.

Often, dreams with snakes take place in water, in a house, or on the street. All other cases are rare, so their interpretation is carried out privately.

In water

A dream in which a reptile tries to attack a woman sleeping in water means that a woman wants to have a vicious relationship with a married man. Intimacy will soon become known to many.

A woman needs to learn to control her desires and emotions so as not to do something stupid in the near future that she will later regret. Sometimes such a dream indicates diseases in the sexual sphere - you should be more careful in choosing sexual partners.

In the house

If a woman dreams of a snake in a house or apartment, then in real life the sleeping woman has ill-wishers who are very close by. Even loved ones can be enemies.

In other cases, such a circumstance in a dream symbolizes a misfortune that will happen in the house during the dreamer’s absence. A woman who has such a dream should be more careful with household members, electrical appliances and other things.

On the street

When a woman dreams that a snake is crawling towards her through the green grass on the street, and she jumps to the side, avoiding a bite, this means that in reality the dreamer will be able to avoid accidents and other troubles. All fears will turn out to be imaginary and will soon be forgotten.

A woman who has such a dream should think less about the unimportant moments of life, stop pretending to be a victim and stop blaming others for her failures. As soon as a girl learns to live in peace and harmony with herself and her colleagues, everything in life will work out.

Location of the reptile

In the house (apartment)

finding a snake promises economic problems that can affect not only you, but also your household.
However, if you show wisdom and ingenuity, everyone, on the contrary, will benefit. The tree
has serious health problems.
In water
- failures await in the love field.
Do not despair and do not “get into trouble” so as not to spoil the situation of current affairs even more. If you dream of a snake in bed (in bed)
, unfortunate situations lie in wait in the sexual area (or in marriage).

Dreaming about having a snake under your skin

, is interpreted as weakness in the face of the meanness of an enemy, who now has the opportunity to hit in the most sensitive place.
Seeing it in your stomach
means your life is in danger.
On the neck
- to protect and pamper an arrogant person, from whom instead of gratitude there is only trouble.

Reptile color

When deciphering a dream about snakes, special attention must be paid to the color of the snake’s skin. The interpretation of the most common colors is as follows:

  • A good sign for the dreamer will be the white color of the reptile. The white snake is a messenger of wisdom and prosperity. The sleeping woman will learn to deeply understand the universe, learn true personal values ​​and discover secret knowledge.
  • If the snake in the dream had a green color, then the dreamer has a habit of not finishing things, so new projects are not available to her. A woman needs to learn to finish what she starts. Green also indicates the need to weigh the pros and cons before making an important decision the day before.
  • Snakes with bright poisonous colors are a symbol of danger. In the near future, the sleeping woman should not take part in those activities that involve risk.
  • A brown or gray snake warns the dreamer about the danger posed by loved ones and acquaintances. They might betray her.
  • The most unfavorable color for a reptile is black. If a woman dreams of a snake with this color, then the sleeping woman should be on guard - a very strong and envious rival will appear in life, who will be ready to do anything to humiliate the dreamer and take her out of the game.

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Decoding other possible sleep scenarios

Dreams with snakes sometimes have scenarios that go beyond the standard human worldview. It becomes difficult to make out where and in what place to draw parallels with real life and whether this applies to the dreamer.

We are talking about the attack of fantastic creatures with several heads, and the presence of third parties in the plot, and about strange sounds that are heard in a dream. Such inclusions in the script can be either just a person’s fantasy or a veiled message from above.

A dream in which a small snake turns into a large snake, threatening to attack and bite, means a danger that a person did not see before some undertaking. If the snake was an Anaconda (sea boa), the dreamer will have to fight to achieve the intended goal, and the battle will not be easy. To successfully complete things, you will need to secure yourself in advance and find allies.

If a woman sees herself in a dream entwined with a hissing snake that wants to bite, a serious illness will soon arise. You need to be more attentive to your own health and undergo a medical examination.

A dream about a snake that is chasing the dreamer and wants to bite means a negative attitude from others. The sleeping woman deserved this attitude through her bad deeds. The girl needs to change her behavior and learn to live in peace with people.

If the snake has many heads, the dreamer’s enemy gathers like-minded people in order to harm her. A dream in which a woman accidentally steps on a viper and avoids being bitten means that the dreamer will make a mistake and miraculously avoid all the negative consequences of her frivolity.

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A vision of a poisonous snake promises a nasty act, meanness on the part of a woman.

A snake curled into a ring with a warning hiss will bring difficulties that cannot be avoided. If the snake is in a hurry to crawl away, the problems will be solved quickly without causing significant harm.

To notice a viper in the bushes or grass - a person who is trying to get closer to you, trying to become a friend, actually has bad intentions.

A vision of a sleeping viper foreshadows a contradictory situation in which the dreamer will find himself. You'll have to make difficult choices.

Snake and child

A snake wants to bite a child on the leg or arm - for a woman who has a child, such a dream symbolizes the child’s illness, so you should monitor his health in the near future. If a woman does not have a child in real life, then the dream promises the loss of a work project or private business due to the machinations of enemies (competitors), they are waiting for the right moment to attack.

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A child plays with a snake that wants to bite - if a woman does not have children of her own, this dream means that her work project will fail because it will fall into the wrong hands. All blame for the failure will be placed on the dreamer. For those women who have children, such a dream warns of a dangerous company that the child has found himself in or will soon find himself in - it is worth being more vigilant and finding a common language with the child.

A snake tries to bite another person

A dream in which a sleeping woman sees a snake biting another person (no matter whether she knows her or not) means that in reality she has committed an evil act towards her family or friends. As a result of such an act, everyone will experience severe stress. The sleeping person needs to reconsider her views on life and stop acting only for the sake of her own interests.

If in a dream a snake tries to bite another person, but is killed, a case will arise in real life when the woman who saw the dream will have to win the respect of others, making great efforts, to defend her own point of view. The dreamer must stop being afraid and believe in her own capabilities. A reptile that crawled past the sleeping woman and began to pursue another person in order to bite him means that in real life the dreamer is attracted to this person.

In most cases, a snake seen in a dream has a negative meaning: it symbolizes betrayal, deception, the deceit of enemies and other troubles. But dream interpreters still advise not to panic, because the emotions experienced during the dream also play a big role. So, if a person did not feel fear or depression from the picture he saw, and after waking up he was calm like a boa constrictor, then there is nothing to be afraid of, everything will be fine in life.

The main purpose of the snake

If the snake tried to bite

When you dream of interacting with a snake, first of all you pay attention to the part of the body that it wanted to bite. The body from head to torso symbolizes material values ​​and financial income and everything material that the dreamer strives for. Everything below the belt is a basic set of moral qualities and aspirations.

Warning: snakes underfoot

If you dream that reptiles are blocking your way, and in order to get to your destination you need to pass by them or step over them, it means that someone is aiming to destroy your basic way of life. And this will deprive them of support in the form of a home front and family. And it becomes clear what the enemy is striving for - to knock the ground out from under his feet, and then deliver the final, crushing blow.

You need to be very attentive to everyone who is trying to get closer and become a family friend - it is about this person that you can later say that you “warmed a snake on your chest.”

  • Sharp pain when bitten in the leg - betrayal of a loved one, betrayal in the family.
  • If you dream that a snake wraps itself around one or both legs, an evil play is being played for you, and you will be responsible for the consequences, which will become very dire.
  • The dreamer sees how underfoot the reptiles are huddled together in a ball and hissing angrily - you will find yourself surrounded by gossipers and hypocrites, which will make you very upset.
  • You dream of snakes that do not allow you to see your loved ones and do not allow you to help your family in trouble - stupid circumstances will contribute to the collapse of your career and lead to long-term conflicts in the family. You can be sure that every unforeseen situation was carefully thought out and planned.

Hands and fingers

If a snake wrapped around your hand

To see a snake intending to bite your hand or fingers in a dream means it’s time to prepare for the fact that someone from your close circle really wants to take your position. Hands symbolize the ability to make your own decisions, fulfill your life purpose, and be responsible for your activities. If you dream of a snake, then someone is trying to deprive you of these opportunities. What this person’s actions will lead to depends on the situation, but not on you.

  • You dream that the reptile is wrapped in rings, entangling your entire hand - your enemies are trying to sharply limit activities within the boundaries of your position.
  • Wants to bite your finger - someone who happily carries out your instructions will do everything to make you switch places with him.
  • It threatened to attack, but it crawled into the palms and settled comfortably there. A very lucky dream. He says that your high moral qualities will help make friends of your enemies. They will retreat before your sincerity, kindness and ability to empathize.
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