Why do you dream that your water broke? Dream book for pregnant women: I dreamed that my water suddenly broke

If you are a pregnant woman and are preparing to give birth to a wonderful baby, then it is not surprising that in a dream you dreamed that your water broke. If you are not thinking about having children or are generally a member of the stronger half, then you should seriously take up deciphering night vision. The dream book will help you understand why you have such a dream.

Preparing for birth

The vision in which your water breaks mostly has a purely symbolic meaning. The only exception is real pregnancy.

In this case, the dream is a reflection of fears and worries. Moreover, both a pregnant woman and her relatives can dream about it, regardless of gender. According to the dream book, this only means that you are looking forward to the upcoming event with great impatience.

Another popular interpretation of the dream book convinces that a dream in which a pregnant woman’s water breaks in reality promises her serious changes. Which, in principle, is quite expected.

What does it mean when your water breaks?

If a young girl dreams that her water breaks, most likely very serious changes await her in her personal life. This could be a meeting with your soulmate, a wedding and the birth of children.

When a man dreams that he is about to give birth and his water breaks, most likely he is thinking a lot about children. If the dreamer is not married, it’s time to think about choosing a soul mate and finally start a family.

If a woman dreams of her friend or relative’s water breaking, this may be a sign that in real life this lady is pregnant, just while she is hiding such good news from everyone.

When a girl dreams of her water breaking, but she cannot wait for help, she has to give birth on her own, this means that in real life she is haunted by loneliness. But she herself is to blame for the current situation. To solve such a problem, you need to be more open, learn to trust people and not treat them with contempt and indifference.

If waters poured out in a stream in a dream, then in reality the woman will face very unexpected news that will change her entire future life. To see a dream in which water leaks gradually means to be very careful and suspicious. Also, such a vision prophesies the resumption of relationships with former friends. If before this the dreamer had a hidden conflict with someone, very soon everything will work out and she will be able to talk to the person who is actually very dear to her.

Seeing in a dream how a daughter gives birth and her water leaks out means her moral and physical maturation, the emergence of new interests in her life, and an expansion of her circle of acquaintances.

Where to start decoding

But if the birth of a child is still in the category of distant plans, why dream that your water has broken? To give an accurate decoding, you need to remember: in night dreams it is not necessary to see the event itself; in some cases, it is enough to feel how something comes out of you.

By the way, you may simply be told that your water has broken or you will understand that this happened based on other details of the dream. You can only feel joy and calmness or, on the contrary, sadness and disappointment. But how to correctly interpret such a phenomenon?

Family dream book

what does it mean if your water breaks in a dream

Having a dream in which your water broke and labor began is a very good sign that can portend profit, success and prosperity.

For many centuries, people have been trying to unravel the meaning of dreams, lift the curtain of secrecy and get recommendations for the future. Events and images remaining in your memories can prophesy and prevent certain events and push you to certain actions.

The meaning contained in dreams is studied in a science called somnology. Physiologists are trying, from the standpoint of the existing knowledge base, to explain the processes occurring in dreams.

Water in a dream is a common occurrence. Some people dream that they drink water, some people dream about azure seashores, some people dream about a stormy waterfall, and some people dream about water sports. Why can all this be a dream? Why do you dream about water? What does water mean in a dream?

Perhaps you just don’t have enough drive or relaxation in your life, or maybe you had a fun evening yesterday and are thirsty? It’s not always worth looking for an interpretation of a dream about water, sometimes you need to understand the body’s impulses and go on a journey, or maybe just get up and drink water :).

But if your dream has nothing to do with your well-being or spiritual urges, then we invite you to find out why you dream of water. Water, which plays a huge role in human life, in a dream can be interpreted as both a good omen and a bad one.

Why do you dream about water according to Miller’s dream book?

If you see clear, clean water in a dream, you can expect that in the future you will have a wonderful prospect of increasing your well-being or receiving a lot of pleasant, joyful pleasures. Clean water means changes in life, a favorable turn of events.

If in a dream you drink clean water with pleasure, then you can expect your innermost desires to come true. The dream that you have nurtured in your heart for so long will soon come true.

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Miller's dream book recommends first finding out why you dream about pregnancy itself. Traditionally, it is interpreted as a symbol of a miracle or diva.

Seeing yourself or another person pregnant at night is very good. Such a dream certainly promises changes for the better, the start of a new business, an acquisition that you have long dreamed of, etc.

Why else do you dream about pregnancy? It symbolizes the idea that the dreamer is harboring, and therefore can easily be dreamed by anyone.

In this light, a vision in which a pregnant woman’s or even a man’s water breaks acts as a warning that everything will end soon. But your own feelings and the type of discharge will tell you about the nature of future events.

What if you dream about your water breaking?

Some visions are capable of predicting certain events that are about to happen in a person’s life, so they deserve special attention. If your water breaks in a dream, what can you expect from the future? When your water breaks in a nightmare and a woman is expecting a baby in real life, what she sees can really frighten her.

Many ladies begin to worry and think about the condition of their baby. But professional interpreters are rushing to reassure them. Such a dream does not foretell anything terrible. In most cases, such visions come against the background of emotional instability. A woman constantly thinks about the baby, is afraid of losing him, or she has a fear of the upcoming birth. All this leads to sleep disturbances.

“Why do I dream that my water broke during early pregnancy?” – women ask sleep specialists. Such visions predict a successful delivery. The baby will be born on time and absolutely healthy. This interpretation is relevant even if the waters in the nightmare broke along with the blood. Don't be afraid of what you see. Water with blood does not predict anything bad for a pregnant woman.

If the dreamer has to watch a very dark liquid flow out of her, she should pay special attention to her health. To bear a healthy and strong baby, you need to visit a doctor in a timely manner and monitor your diet, lead a healthy lifestyle, and not overwork.

Why dream that a pregnant woman who is about to give birth breaks her water? Does a dream foretell a quick birth? Experts believe that such a vision actually prophesies a quick resolution of the burden.

If you dreamed that a pregnant woman's water broke when she was expecting a boy, most likely her son will be born healthy and lucky. When such a dream comes to the expectant mother of a girl, one can assume that the daughter will be very beautiful.

The breaking of water in a dream symbolizes some changes in life, the beginning of a new stage. If a vision comes to a business woman, the dreamer needs to prepare for the fact that very soon her business will go uphill. This may be due to the conclusion of new contracts and the development of new horizons. But this interpretation option is relevant only if the waters in the night vision were light and transparent.

Dark liquid symbolizes problems, minor troubles, collapse, financial losses. In this case, all negative events will come as a complete surprise to the sleeping person. Close people can betray and deceive, which will force the sleeping woman to experience very serious stress. It will be very difficult to learn to trust people again.

Greenish water seen in a dream is a reason to think that a person is doing everything a little wrong. Perhaps the dreamer or dreamer is too indecisive and passive. They cannot make timely decisions, as a result of which it is very difficult to achieve professional heights. To change your destiny, you need to start with yourself, pay attention to your own mistakes.

Completion symbol

In general, such a dream must be interpreted as an image symbolizing the completion of something. If your water breaks in a dream, then the dream book recommends remembering what problem has been bothering you lately. It is this question that the interpretation of the dream will concern.

You should definitely pay attention to your own feelings. Did you dream that you experienced a feeling of joy and relief? In reality, solving the problem will bring well-deserved peace. If in a dream you were hurt and unpleasant, then the dream book believes that the issue will be resolved long and painfully.

Water broke in a dream

If you are a pregnant woman and are preparing to give birth to a wonderful baby, then it is not surprising that in a dream you dreamed that your water broke. If you are not thinking about having children or are generally a member of the stronger half, then you should seriously take up deciphering night vision. The dream book will help you understand why you have such a dream.

Why do you have a dream - your water breaks (a pregnant woman’s water breaks)?

Why do you have a dream - your water breaks (a pregnant woman’s water breaks)?

I dreamed that I was pregnant and my water had already started to break (sensations of pushing).

In reality, there is no pregnancy and never has been.

Such a dream, in which a woman supposedly begins labor and sees that her water begins to break, then in life such a dream can mean some kind of trouble.

And she will have some unexpected worries and in real life they will be connected with an important matter, and if in the dream everything goes well, then there is no need to worry, everything will be fine.

And if there were plans, they will easily be implemented. After all, nothing comes from outside during a person’s sleep. At such moments, his subconscious simply processes the information available there and gives answers to questions and thoughts in a different way that needs to be understood and deciphered.

Why do you dream about water?

Dream Interpretation Water . interpretation according to Miller's dream book.

Dream of water - if you dreamed of water, pay attention to the appearance and condition of the water. The details of the dream water will help you correctly interpret the dream.

CALM CLEAR WATER usually dreams of success, health and well-being.

And quite the opposite, DIRTY WATER, stormy muddy streams of water are interpreted as problems in the form of diseases, troubles and all sorts of life shocks.

Drinking good water will increase your vitality.

A bad sign is when you dream of seeing your reflection in water; according to old Russian interpretations, this is a harbinger of imminent death.

Dream interpretation of asking for water - if you dream of asking to drink water. the dream means that you will ask in reality for help or forgiveness.

Why dream of washing your hands in water? - approaching departure from important matters.

Washing with clean water is interpreted as a good completion of affairs; it promises recovery for a sick person.

Being splashed with clean water is a harbinger of pleasant, unexpected love sensations.

Dream interpretation rusty water - seeing rusty water, washing your face with rusty water, this is a harbinger of illness.

I dreamed of water waves - indicates events that you do not count on. Being under water often means depression in a dream.

Carrying water in a bucket in many dream books is considered a favorable dream - to profit, provided that the water is clean, otherwise it is an increase in problems for oneself.

Carry and spill water

- a warning about useless work in reality.

Dream interpretation of pouring water - in a dream, pouring water, pouring water means wishing to meet someone.

Did you dream about throwing yourself into the water? - Persecution is possible in life. Slowly plunging into the water means finding yourself in a very difficult situation in reality.

Seeing something underwater means regretting lost connections, remembering the past. Look at the interpretation of the object that was seen under water - this will help clarify many details.

Swimming in water means getting caught up in some events - pay attention to the quality of the water and the presence of possible people or objects nearby - read their interpretation in our sections of the dream book.

Paddle through the water among the algae

- means getting confused in feelings or affairs.

Even if there was shit floating near you, this is not always a bad dream, despite the negative emotions it evokes.

Dream interpretation water flow - a rapid flow of water in a dream, a strong water flow of large water. portends obstacles in current affairs.

Dream Interpretation Water broke - if in a dream the water broke in the apartment - someone will interfere in your life.

Dream interpretation of a pit with water - a dream suggests a stationary matter, stagnation in business.

Getting wet with water means betrayal awaits you in reality, be careful.

Watching a whirlpool form on the surface of the water means you will be subject to a decline in your reputation in reality - you will be in danger.

Getting into a strong whirlpool that sucks you in means being captured by your own illusions, and as a result of failure, a waste of time and unnecessary work.

Dream Interpretation Water

Dream interpretation clear water

- in a dream, clean water promises joy, pleasant news, and good company in reality.

Dream interpretation of swimming in water

- if you dream of swimming in the water with a man, in reality you will have an exciting acquaintance. Swimming in the water with a child means risking your business.

Dream interpretation under water

- if you see yourself under water, the dream book says that this foreshadows overcoming some kind of life obstacle.

Dream interpretation clear water

— clear water in a dream promises health and success in new endeavors.

Dream interpretation of drinking water

- dreams of receiving positive emotions.

Dream interpretation of falling into the water

- when you dream of falling into muddy, dirty water - this is a sign that you will make many bitter mistakes.

Dream interpretation water on the floor

- to see spilled water on the floor in the house, a dream foreshadows family troubles. Water on the bathroom floor promises jealousy.

Suspicion. Water on the kitchen floor - family quarrels due to interference. To wipe up the water on the floor is to show gentleness of character, to give in to another person.

Dream interpretation water flows

- if it flows from the tap, go to the guests. If cold water flows from the pipes, you will hear the news. Water is flowing from the ceiling, severe stress.

Dream Interpretation jumping into the water

- if you dream of jumping into the water from a height, jumping in clothes, in reality you will take a decisive action or quickly respond. Jumping into the water from a bridge means escaping difficulties in reality. Jumping into the water from a ship at sea is a drastic change in relationships.

Dream book doused with water

- if in a dream you were doused with water from above, or doused from a bucket - in reality they will guide you on the true path.

Dream interpretation black water

- in a dream there is black water, dark water symbolizes the unknown, dirty water. big troubles, pay attention to additional details in your dream.

Dream interpretation water broke

- if a pregnant woman’s water breaks in a dream, in reality she should hurry up and make an important decision.

Sleep Hot water

- if you dreamed of hot water or boiling water, this is an unexpected event, often good if the dreamer did not experience discomfort in the dream.

Dream interpretation give water

- in a dream, giving water to another person, giving a mug of water - share your wealth, income, profit with someone.

Dream Interpretations interpretation:

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Trouble and profit

Initially, the dream book is recommended to recall the quality of the waste water. If the pregnant woman’s discharge was clean and transparent, then the future will be cloudless and happy.

But seeing dirty liquid interspersed with blood and mucus, according to the dream book, is not very good. There is a direct correlation here: the dirtier the waters in your dream, the worse everything will turn out to be in reality.

The interpretation of the dream also depends on the amount of water that broke. Thus, meager ones foreshadow failures and expenses, and abundant discharges promise pleasant chores and serious profits.

Dream Interpretation: A pregnant woman’s water breaks in a dream, what does it mean in a dream?

Dream interpretation water broke
Pregnancy is a great happiness in the life of every woman. If you dreamed that a woman who was in labor broke her water, then there is no need to worry. If you did not plan a pregnancy, but you still managed to see such a dream, then you need to analyze in detail every detail you saw. When your water breaks, the dream book will help you make the correct forecast.

How to decrypt correctly?

What can you think if the pregnancy has not yet been planned, and dreams bring only contradictions? In order to be able to correctly interpret a night dream, you need to pay attention not only to the person you dreamed about, but also to the sensations that you were able to experience. You may dream about someone telling you that your water has broken, or you yourself may feel something is wrong. Why do you have such an unusual dream?

Who did you manage to see?

Having turned to Miller’s works for help, you must first understand why you dream of bearing a child. As a rule, such a sign is extremely favorable in the life of any person and can symbolize a miracle.


To be pregnant in a dream

If the dreamer sees himself in the process of giving birth, it means that in real life he will experience dramatic changes:

  • a purchase that you have long dreamed of;
  • opening a new business;
  • prospects for career growth, etc.

An interesting position may symbolize an idea that a sleeping person has been harboring for so long. If he doesn't implement it, someone else will. Only then don’t complain and say that the world is unfair.


If a pregnant woman’s water breaks, it’s a sign that everything will end soon. The direction of change can only be understood based on the sensations experienced. The interpretation of sleep can be affected by the amount of fluid secreted:

  • A minimal amount leaked out - in real life you will expect constant expenses and disappointments. To prevent this from happening, you will need to reconsider your views on life.
  • The allocations are plentiful - you can safely count on receiving big profits, pleasant chores await you.

For an unmarried girl to be pregnant in a dream

An unmarried girl

If an unmarried representative of the fair sex sees her water breaking, it means big changes will begin in her personal life.

There is a high probability that a reliable and worthy man will appear in her life, with whom she will not be afraid to start a family and have children.

The previous chosen ones were not so experienced, and therefore we can only wish them luck. The dreamed event will change the girl’s life and certainly in a positive way.


Dreaming of an elderly person's water breaking means an obsessive desire to change the world. The dreamer dreams of throwing off his everyday shackles and turning everything upside down in order to achieve his dream. Very soon the dreamer will have the opportunity to reveal his potential; the main thing is to determine the right moment and do it.

Final stage

If the dream described above begins to visit you often, it means that something must be completed in your life. The water may break when a problem that has been bothering you for a long time has lost its relevance. The dreamer must focus his attention on sensations and experiences.


You may dream that you experienced relief and joy. This is for well-deserved rest and peace. Most likely, your efforts will be adequately rewarded, and then you can safely step away from your work, at least for a while.


Experience pain in a dream

If you had to experience pain in a dream, it means that in real life problems will be solved for a long time and extremely painfully. You need to be patient and then unpleasant events will not be able to involve you emotionally.

Pleasant chores

Many dream books advise paying attention to what secretions were seen.


If the drained water is clear and has no odor, then the future will be filled with happiness and pleasant chores. However, you will need to do everything in your power to ensure that happiness always remains in your home.


Seeing liquid mixed with mucus and blood is a sign of bad events. Here we can distinguish a direct relationship: the dirtier the discharge, the greater the problems to expect.

Getting ready for birth

As the dream book writes, the waters have broken - a symbolic sign. However, there is one exception - real pregnancy. In this case, the dream will tell you about experiences and fears that prevent you from enjoying life.

The meaning of sleep for pregnant women

The dream image can come to both a woman about to give birth and a representative of the stronger half of humanity. It’s not difficult to understand why you dream about going away; most likely, the sleeping person wants to see the desired little one as soon as possible.

There is another interpretation that is very popular: if a woman’s water began to break in her dream, then in reality big changes will be expected. The birth of a baby will make certain adjustments to your everyday lifestyle, and this must be understood.

To summarize the above, it is worth saying that anyone can be a witness to the loss of amniotic fluid.

In the dreamer's life, the end of a boring stage of life and the beginning of new reforms in his daily life may occur. Changes come spontaneously, and therefore there is no point in preparing for them, the main thing is to work on your personality, and then everything will be fine.

We must also not forget about planning your free time. Without the proper approach, you will end up doing things that will not bring you any closer to achieving your goal.

Only constant movement forward will guarantee success.

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