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Hookah is an image that rarely appears in dreams. In reality, not everyone likes to smoke the said device, it is even more strange when such a vision comes in a dream. Sometimes the image causes vague anxiety and concern. A person wonders why he saw hookah smoking in a dream, interpreters reveal, trying to find an answer to the question. Most sources give a positive interpretation, but are based on possible nuances and details of the strange plot. Remember what exactly you saw, evaluate your own thoughts and state. Then you will understand the essence of the subliminal message.

Seeing fluffy smoke rings

In the Modern Dream Book, hookah is included as a symbol of carelessness and relaxation.
It is likely that the dreamer will have a happy vacation or an active weekend. You will be able to forget about all your tasks and affairs and devote time to your health and relaxation. Smurova's dream book claims that a hookah is a dream of receiving important news. New information will seem complex and confusing at first, but you will quickly be able to sort everything out. If you smoked a hookah together with another person, then in reality you will meet him and have a good time.

The psychological dream book interprets smoking a hookah as the dreamer’s fear of losing control over his emotions. Such a dream may occur before important negotiations or debates, during which it is important to maintain neutrality and calm. If you focus on the purpose of the meeting, and not on your relationships with other participants, you will easily cope with the task.

If you cough while smoking, then this is a sign that you are trying to relax in ways that do not help you. In this case, the Dream Interpretation recommends remembering what gives you sincere joy and devoting time to these activities. This will allow you to be filled with positive energy and perk up your spirit.

According to the Classic Dream Book, the meaning of dreams differs depending on the gender of the dreamer:

A journey to an eastern country awaits you - this is what you dream about smoking a hookah, according to the Wanderer’s Dream Book. In distant lands, you will seem to be seeing your dream in reality - white clouds of smoke will hover among the stalls of street vendors and visitors to open-air cafes. A world of fragrant spices, skillfully woven carpets and magical dances awaits you.

Smoking a hookah in a dream with great pleasure and pleasure means achieving a goal that is significant to you. In reality, you will be extremely pleased with the results obtained after hard work. If you smoke hookah reluctantly, you will do routine tasks.

If the tobacco in the hookah was filled with a narcotic intoxicating mixture, then in the near future they will try to mislead you. However, you will immediately recognize the manipulation and stop it. The tobacco was safe and natural - you will communicate with pleasant, interesting and cheerful people.

If you dreamed that you smoked tasty and aromatic tobacco, you will enjoy something. It could be a delicious dish, pleasant company, a beautiful thing, an interesting film or book. The tobacco had a bad smell - you will perform a task that is unpleasant for you. However, you will be able to quickly deal with it and even receive a gift from the person who gave it to you as a token of gratitude.

If you remember how in a dream you released smoky patterns from your mouth, then in reality you will attract the attention of others with your creativity. An unusual approach to business will make people see you as an innovator. This can have a positive impact on your career. Author: Ekaterina Lipatova


Briefly about the main thing

Why do you dream about hookah? Dream interpreters view this symbol as a desire for a carefree and joyful life. The dreamer deliberately avoids troubles and worries and looks at the world through the eyes of an innocent child.

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What will the interpreters say?

I dreamed of a fragrant smoker

The first step is to study the main predictions that dream books provide us with. Whatever you dream about in your night vision, interpreters will be able to give forecasts for the future.

Interpreter of Smurova

According to this dream book, a hookah is a sign that you will get into a meeting that is not important for you, or you will receive news that was so necessary. True, initially you will not be able to understand what you learn, the main thing is not to lose your head.

Smoking a hookah in a dream - you are so far away from reality that you risk committing an unseemly act in front of the people around you. As a result, you may greatly regret what you did.

In general, what might you dream about when you are sipping a hookah together with someone else? The person is familiar to you, which means that you will soon have a meeting and a pleasant pastime.

Psychological interpreter

Psychologists consider why you dream about smoking a hookah? It is believed that a sleeping person experiences fear of losing control of a certain situation.

Smoking in a dream with someone as a couple

Often such visions visit people on the eve of an important event, negotiations, or court proceedings. Remember that it is important for you to remain calm and neutral, only then will you be able to achieve success.

Modern interpreter

This source believes that such a symbol is favorable. It promises the dreamer a pleasant pastime.

You will have a fun weekend, you will go on vacation. Finally, you realize that work is not the most important thing in life and allow your body to fully relax.

Cough in night vision

If you see yourself coughing a lot while smoking, then the interpreters will point out your mistakes. You choose the wrong methods for relaxation, which creates additional difficulties.

Coughing in a dream from smoke

Stop and think about how you can actually relax.
Try to devote at least a couple of hours to this activity. Also, in no case should you resort to alcohol, tobacco and other substances that negatively affect our body.

Hookah in a dream

In life, hookah is associated with rest, absolute relaxation and positive emotions.
However, those who see him in a dream should prepare not for a carefree and pleasant pastime, but for difficulties and quite serious problems, the solution of which will require a lot of effort. Experts say that people who tend to avoid problems and not admit the existence of difficulties dream about hookah. The image of a hookah in a dream does not carry any symbolic meaning for those people who often smoke it in real life. In such a situation, the dream is only a reproduction of past or future events. The brain continues to work actively during sleep, analyzing and systematizing information received earlier. The image of a hookah may appear in a dream as a memory or anticipation of a future vacation that involves smoking a hookah.

Your gender and social status

If you believe the interpretations of the Classic Dream Book, then an important component for prediction is not only the dreamer’s gender, but also the fact whether he is married:

  • a lonely girl who saw a hookah in a dream - she will soon meet her love in the form of a young man with a free outlook on life;
  • a married lady after such a vision will have a thorough conversation with her husband, as a result of the conversation they will come to an interesting conclusion;
    Just seeing a smoking device in a dream
  • a young man who saw a hookah in a night vision will meet a cheerful and pretty girl who will fall into his soul;
  • a man who already has his own family will get a vacation with friends.

Why do you dream about smoking a hookah in a dream?

Hookah is an image that rarely appears in dreams. In reality, not everyone likes to smoke the said device, it is even more strange when such a vision comes in a dream. Sometimes the image causes vague anxiety and concern. A person wonders why he saw hookah smoking in a dream, interpreters reveal, trying to find an answer to the question. Most sources give a positive interpretation, but are based on possible nuances and details of the strange plot. Remember what exactly you saw, evaluate your own thoughts and state. Then you will understand the essence of the subliminal message.

General value

Many interpreters, deciphering the hookah image, turn to the internal needs and secret desires of the dreamer. Most likely, the dream observer strives for a carefree life, full of fun, devoid of responsibility. An idle way of being, a desire to avoid any worries, turning a blind eye to obvious problems are the basic needs of such a person.

The other option is exactly the opposite. Spending time over a hookah in reality leads to intimate conversations and activates thought processes. Seeing a dream smoking device, a person experiences calmness and tranquility. In this case, the image symbolizes a thoughtful, attentive attitude to life, a tendency to reflection, constant evaluation of one’s own actions and actions.

Transcript options

Often, the true meaning of a mysterious message is revealed only through a detailed analysis of all sorts of plot twists, nuances, and personal feelings during a dream and immediately after awakening. Here are some interpretations related to the details of what was seen.

Who exactly smoked

Man - expect a good holiday in friendly company. For a married person, there is a great temptation to cheat.

For a free girl, a sleepy hookah promises a meeting with a relaxed guy. For a married woman – a difficult conversation with her spouse, leading to interesting decisions.

What did it taste like

A careful choice of tobacco indicates an excessively demanding, even picky sleep observer. By weighing every detail, you earn the justified respect of your colleagues.

According to tastes:

What did the dreamer experience?

According to the dream book, smoking a hookah with obvious pleasure means serenity and a wonderful inner state. Coughing is a symbol of the wrong choice of rest. The dreamer prefers activities that do not bring pleasure. Feeling reluctance to inhale fragrant smoke without pleasure is a sign of routine.

Process Features

According to the plot of the dream, did you smoke hookah for the first time? In reality, you are very worried about your personal behavior after drinking a small amount of alcohol. Sometimes, due to your own insecurities, you refuse friendly parties.

A large device in oriental style - for a meeting with a bosom friend with whom the relationship broke due to a quarrel. It's time to restore lost connections!

Dream Interpretation - Kal

Human feces - money, treasures, wealth/your stinginess, greed, acquisitiveness.

Seeing feces means money, wealth, success in all matters.

Lying in it means experiencing a joyful hour.

Holding it in your hand is a pleasure.

To recover is to spend significant sums.

Diarrhea - loss.

They give you an enema - you will have to experience a constant need for money. For others, giving an enema is a nuisance.

Interpretation of dreams from the Noble Dream Book

Why do you dream about smoking?

Interestingly, many dream books explain the meaning depending on what time of year a person was born:

Meaning depending on the gender of the dreamer

A girl who dreams of smoking should beware of trouble. If a man smokes, this is a sign of impending success. Cash income and career growth are possible.

Dreamed of a non-smoker

Smoking in a dream for a non-smoker means the imminent onset of events that you do not expect. You will have to take actions that are atypical for you to resolve the situation in your favor. This will most likely cause anxiety and doubt. But the dream is favorable - all difficulties can be overcome.

Some dream books interpret this a little differently. If the dreamer leads a healthy lifestyle, but sees himself smoking in a dream, he may soon become hostage to this habit. The dream also foreshadows possible problems with the respiratory system.

If a strong opponent of smoking sees a cigarette in a dream, adventures with not the most favorable outcome await him.

If a child smokes in his sleep, he may be negatively influenced by his peers. A circumstance will arise that will change his fate for the worse if he succumbs to it. Parents need to make sure that he does not fall into bad company.

A dream for those who smoke in reality

Smoking in a dream is a sign of addiction. And not only from cigarettes, but also from people, processes or things. Often this is a subconscious manifestation of the desire to conform to public opinion.

Many doctors say that dreams are a reflection of processes occurring inside us. Such a dream may simply mean that a person wants to smoke a cigarette, and his habit is so ingrained that the body subconsciously demands it.

Former smokers

Why dream of smoking if a person no longer does it? This may be a sign that the body has not yet fully adapted to life without tobacco. In addition, dream books interpret this as a temptation in the future.

Smoke yourself or see someone who smokes

Dream Interpretation - Smoking

If you dreamed that you smoke, then in reality you will need to make a lot of effort to achieve your goal.

If in a dream you experience a strong desire to smoke, then in real life you will encounter problems that will frighten you. And yet you will overcome them.

Dreams about smoking are often experienced by people who have decided to quit smoking. In this case, such a dream means that you have not completely parted with a habit that is deeply embedded in your subconscious.

Interpretation of dreams from the Psychological Dream Book

Smoking a cigarette in a dream: interpretation in dream books

Well-known dream books explain this process in different ways. Let's look at the most popular versions.

Interpretation according to Miller's dream book

Miller believes that the meaning of a dream depends on what the person smokes.

Smoking: Vanga's dream book

Why dream of smoking a cigarette according to Vanga’s dream book?

Why do you dream about smoking according to Freud?

Freud believes that this has sexual overtones.

Knowing the meaning of dreams, we can try to change our future.


Why do you dream about smoking?

Since ancient times, dreams have been considered a special state of a person, when he can receive an important sign and omen about the future. To better remember the pictures you see at night, it is recommended to write down all the details immediately after waking up, as they will allow you to obtain more accurate and detailed information.

Why do you dream about smoking a cigarette?

Such a dream often indicates inaction in real life. In most cases, the person who has such a dream spends too much time thinking about his own life. A dream where you had to pick up cigarette butts in order to smoke is a bad sign that promises failure in business and various experiences and humiliation. Let's figure out why you dream of smoking a cigarette and choking on the smoke - this is a warning that you should be on your guard, because your enemies are building various traps. This may also mean problems in life that will force you to change your lifestyle.

What does it portend?

Why do you dream about a hookah and what does such a dream portend? The answer to this question is clear. Such a dream indicates the existence (or appearance in the near future) of certain problems related to personal life or professional activities.

The dream is a reminder that problems cannot be avoided, they must be identified and solved in a timely manner, otherwise they will weigh on you as a heavy burden for a long time and prevent you from living in peace. Also, a hookah seen in a dream warns that the emergence of problems can be predicted.

If in real life everything is going very well for a person, he is lucky in business and nothing foreshadows any serious troubles, the dream of a hookah warns him not to relax. Very often this dream comes as a sign - to keep your mouth shut, not to tell anyone about your plans, not to boast about your successes and achievements.

Seeing a hookah in a dream does not at all foreshadow any global failures; the dream simply promises difficulties that will have to be endured. After reading the interpretation of such a dream, you should not panic; on the contrary, you need to collect your thoughts, be vigilant, patient, and most importantly, tune in to a successful outcome.

Smoking in a dream - why do you dream? Dream interpretation of smoking a cigarette or pipe

One of the dream books interprets differently a dream where you had to smoke - this is a good sign, which means that you will be able to live to a ripe old age and avoid serious health problems. If the dreamer smoked and burned himself with a cigarette, then one should expect betrayal from a loved one.

Why do you dream about smoking a pipe?

Such a dream is a harbinger of a meeting with an old friend, or it will be possible to make peace with a loved one after a long scandal. Such a plot may also mean getting a chance to achieve a respectable position.

Why does a non-smoker dream of smoking in a dream?

Such a plot means that some unexpected and incomprehensible situation will soon occur and this will cause doubts and anxiety. In the near future

In the future, we will have to solve a rather difficult and ambiguous problem.

Why does a woman dream of smoking in her sleep?

For a young representative of the fair sex, such a dream indicates a love of work, which allows you to achieve your desired goals. For a woman, a dream about smoking indicates a desire to receive short-term pleasure.

Why do you dream of smoking a hookah?

If a person smoked a hookah in a dream, it means that you should soon expect to receive important and pleasant news. This plot can also be taken as a recommendation that you should beware of people who know how to speak beautifully, hiding their true face.

Why do you dream about smoking hookah in your dreams? Modern dream interpreters interpret such visions as confirmation that in reality you are a very thoughtful person who likes to think about global problems.

Also, what you see characterizes you as a person who prefers to disguise a problem rather than draw up a plan for solving it; you often switch your attention to not the most important moments, and this prevents you from coping with stressful situations.

If you look in the dream book, a hookah can mean your readiness for adventure, a desire to relax or have fun. In order to find out details about the meaning of the dream in which you dreamed of a hookah, try to remember the details: who smoked or lit it, what taste it was, whether you liked it and in what environment the tobacco smoking took place.

A carefree activity

Why do you dream about a hookah that you try for the first time in a dream? In reality, such a dream means that you are worried about your behavior when you drink a couple of glasses of alcoholic beverages. The dream book advises not to limit yourself in emotions and allow yourself to relax the way you want. The main thing is to choose the right companies for parties, and you will never regret spending an evening with friends.

Did you dream that you were smoking a large oriental hookah? According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, you are likely to meet an old friend whom you have not seen for many years. Perhaps you stopped communicating because one of you moved, or perhaps because of a long-standing quarrel. Now you will have the opportunity to restore your relationship and rejoice together.

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If you happen to smoke a tiny, almost pocket-sized hookah in a dream, you will achieve personal success in your professional field only thanks to your hard work and perseverance. You have great potential for performance, so if you manage to reveal it, your career will be the envy of anyone.

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