I dreamed that I was stabbed in the back with a knife in a dream. Why do you dream of a knife in the back: the dream book explains what you saw

Sometimes the human subconscious gives ambiguous symbols in dreams. Dream books will tell you how to interpret this or that vision. A knife in the back in a dream is a sign that you need to be on your guard and be prepared for the blows of fate in the next few months. For an accurate interpretation, you need to remember the smallest details of the dream: what size the knife was, what the handle was, who struck the blow and with what force. The more details a person can remember, the more accurate an interpretation can be made.

Messages of the subconscious

The knife, being a symbol of aggression and danger in a dream, is dreamed not with the purpose of scaring the dreamer, but to warn against mistakes and wrong steps. Although sometimes this vision resembles a thriller, do not rush to panic. Often this item can become an omen of an invitation to visit. What will recognized sources tell us about the meaning of the image of a knife in a dream?

Alternative interpretations

Previous soothsayers positioned the knife as some complexes of the sleeper, troubles, betrayal of friends. Such stories, in their opinion, call for the ability to break off false friendships and love ties and overcome doubts in one’s abilities.

Miller's Dream Book

When you saw yourself wounded with a knife in the back, this portends disagreements between household members or troubles due to the machinations of ill-wishers.

For young ladies who are not burdened by marriage, such a plot is an omen of dishonor, the dream book indicates.

If you dream about how you personally stuck a knife in someone’s back, this convicts you of a low act. The dream calls for justice. If you don’t try to correct the situation, then it will come back to you a hundredfold.

Freud's Dream Book

According to the psychoanalyst, this plot indicates the sleeper’s fear of new acquaintances

. This is probably due to old mistakes. You have been burned quite a lot, now you cannot objectively perceive the situation and people. Don't be led by your fears.

Aesop's Dream Book

Why dream that you are talking to a man who insults you, then stabs you? When you feel pain, you cannot resist in response. You are destined for deep experiences that weaken your health. You need to be vigilant with your enemies or with those who were once caused suffering.

Vanga's Dream Book

Why do you dream that someone is stabbing you with a knife? This signals that enemies will try to cause harm by conducting hidden activities.
If in your dreams a stranger with a knife attacks you, then this is an omen of changes in fate. When in a dream you personally wounded someone with a knife, and he was covered in streams of blood, the dream book indicates that you are destined for failure, the cause of which is the evil thoughts and insidious actions of your ancestors.

What does a knife wound mean in a dream, according to the interpretations of contemporaries?

Today's soothsayers believe that the plots of dreams where they saw knife wounds predict insults to which the dreamer may be subjected. There are points of view that connect the omens of this vision with a riotous lifestyle that undermines health.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn

Such a plot indicates an emotional or physical wound that you experienced during physical intimacy with your partner.

Noble dream book of Grishina

A knife wound in a dream symbolizes a break in a relationship. Even more often, such stories foreshadow troubles at work. Therefore, in order to avoid making mistakes that could cause you to fall in the eyes of management, be extremely careful.

Danilova's Dream Interpretation

Being stabbed in the back in a dream may foretell an invitation to a party at a nightclub. However, the dreamer’s lack of sense of proportion and frequent visits to such establishments have a negative impact on health, causing damage to it.

Variety of dream books: which one to choose?

Unlike the dream book, the interpretation may differ to a greater or lesser extent. There are several of the most popular dream books. A stab in the back always portends betrayal, failure and pangs of conscience. However, depending on the dream book, the interpretation may differ slightly.

  1. The psychological dream book offers a dream interpretation based on the observations of psychologists. For example, if a person is a careerist, then a dream about a knife in the back may simply be a reflection of worries about an upcoming deal or meeting, or doubts about the honesty of one of his colleagues. The psychological dream book especially emphasizes that even after a nightmare you should not panic: perhaps the subconscious is simply giving a signal that you need to worry less and be a more confident person.
  2. The Women's Dream Book provides interpretations of dreams specifically for the fair sex, taking into account the peculiarities of their psychology. It is a well-known fact that girls are more impressionable, suspicious, and more often attach importance to dreams. The dream book offers unique interpretations of dreams, based on the characteristics of women’s vulnerable and unstable nature.
  3. The esoteric dream book will appeal to those who believe in mysticism and are interested in various kinds of esoteric movements. Don’t be surprised if in this dream book you come across concepts such as damage, evil eye, love spell and other terms that are not clear to everyone. For a skeptical person, such an interpretation of a dream may cause a smile, but mystics attach great importance to the human energy field, which is reflected in the dream book. A knife in the back is a direct invasion of a person’s energy field, which almost always leads to illness and failure.
  4. Miller's dream book was compiled on the basis of predictions and conversations with patients of the famous American esotericist and psychologist Gustav Miller. Despite the fact that he compiled his dream book in the last century, the publications are still being bought up in huge quantities by grateful followers. Miller's dream book is great in that it organically intertwines esoteric motifs and interpretations from a psychological point of view. After all, one cannot deny the fact that any dream is a message from the subconscious to its owner, the dreamer. And if you learn to read these messages, then many problems along the path of life can be successfully prevented.
  5. Nostradamus became famous for his predictions. A dream book was compiled, based on the world view of the famous clairvoyant and his interpretation of certain symbols. Nostradamus's dream book is distinguished by its unusual and old-fashioned predictions. Therefore, in the modern world, his predictions may seem outdated.
  6. Freud's dream book is compiled on the basis of the interpretation of the symbols of the subconscious from the most famous psychologist of the last century and the founder of the theory of psychoanalysis. Sigmund Freud was a rather unique person; this figure had his own, special view of everything. This approach is also reflected in the dream book named after Freud. Some interpretations may surprise you with their outdatedness; a lot depends on the year of publication of the dream book; the latter have been redone and are closer to the real world.

Why do you dream about a knife in different contexts?

Being hurt by a bladed weapon in a dream

Sharp objects that appear in dreams can be symbols of aggression, scandalous events, or be interpreted in positive terms.
It all depends on the purpose for which they were put into use in dreams.

The purpose of a sharp object in a dream

Often dreams where the dreamer observed a knife blow, which he or he inflicted, is a reflection of his mental state. However, in the interpretation of such plots, it is very important not to lose sight of the detail that indicates what the knife was the instrument of in the dreams. Let's look at the most frequently dreamed scenes:

  • a knife is a weapon for dealing with the enemy;
  • a completely unexpected blow;
  • injury due to negligence;
  • a blow inflicted by the dreamer;
  • kill yourself with a stab in the back.

Why do you dream that, in self-defense, you stabbed the person who was attacking you? This is the personification of victory over your enemies and competitors. However, this victory will come at a cost in the future.

Why dream of a plot where, during a peaceful conversation with some person, he suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed you in the back with a flourish? This may be a harbinger of an impending trap by an imaginary friend. Be careful. Don't trust your plans to unreliable friends.

Why do you dream about a plot where the blow was struck by accident, for example, during a game or due to the loss of balance by the hero of the dream? This indicates that the sleeper requires care.

The dream, where the sleeper himself struck, has two interpretations. One is due to the fact that the sleeper experiences a fairly strong desire for physical intimacy in relation to the person who managed to stick the knife. The second indicates that the dreamer is hostile towards the victim from the dream, and does not want to solve problems through peaceful methods. The dream calls for a frank conversation with a person with whom in reality something has not worked out in a relationship, to resolve misunderstandings. Why do you dream of a strange plot where the sleeper happened to inflict a knife wound on himself? This is a guarantee of positive changes in life. The dreamer seems to have killed his former self and is ready for a new serious relationship, the realization of his old ideas. A dream is a guarantee of the dreamer’s complete emotional recovery after a long-standing mental trauma.

The knife is a weapon of family squabbles

Seeing a weapon in a marital fight in a dream

In life, unfortunately, there are cases when spouses injure each other with a knife. Such stories are reflected in our dreams, serving as a warning against irreparable actions. What can this kind of fatal events mean in a dream:

  • Why dream that during a family scandal a man had this sharp object in his hands, with which he stabbed his wife? This is a direct hint at the existence of a rival
    . Your husband has been hiding the truth from you for a long time, which will soon become reality.
  • If in a dream you hit your spouse with a sharp object, then this is evidence that he caused you pain that you cannot forgive. However, you cannot live with such a feeling. The dream encourages you to have a frank conversation with your spouse and talk about your mental anguish.
  • If the wound was inflicted by one of the lovers on his partner, then this is a hint of the desire of one of them to break off the relationship, because it has outlived its usefulness.
  • Do you dream about how one of the lovers injured one of the spouses? This indicates the existence of a person who knows about the impending plan against the dreamer, led by a person close to him, and is trying to report it. However, the waking sleeper ignores his hints. The dream encourages you to trust the words of this person.
  • Do you dream about how, during a family scandal, one of the spouses injured a child with a sharp object? This indicates that you are not spending enough time with your children. They are in great need of your care and wise advice due to their adolescence.

Did you dream about a knife? A period of constant showdowns, quarrels, insults and other troubles is coming. Moreover, the reason for everything will be one’s own irritability and intolerance. In a dream, this image is also associated with harshness, coldness and uncompromisingness. The dream book will help you find the correct answer: why this sign is dreamed of.

According to Miller's dream book

Did you dream about a knife? He predicts separation, losses and conflicts. Seeing a rusty knife can mean a breakup with your lover and tense family relationships. A sharp, well-polished knife predicts anxiety and worry, while a broken one symbolizes the collapse of hope.

Why do you dream if you were wounded with a knife? Expect a trick from a loved one or rival. For lonely dreamers, the dream book promises a loss of honor and dignity. It’s bad to see that you yourself rushed with a knife at another character. This is a sign of baseness of character and the commission of a dishonorable act.

According to Vanga's dream book

A knife in a dream is a symbol of betrayal, ill will and some shocking events. Did you dream that you were cooking food and cut yourself with a knife? In reality, your loved ones will point out your shortcomings, and in the end a huge scandal will break out. See. the knife falling out of your hands means that an unfamiliar man will come to visit.

Why do you dream about someone stabbing you in the back with a knife? In real life, they will try to harm you, acting on the sly. In a dream, did you hit someone with a knife and blood sprayed out? The misfortunes that haunt you are the punishment received for the bad deeds of distant ancestors. You can change your destiny only by doing selfless good to strangers. Did you dream that you were given knives? The dream book is sure: you will be betrayed and insidiously deceived.

What problems arose?

As a rule, dreamers immediately turn to professional sources for help, since finding the right answer on their own is not so easy. The only problem is that a night dream consists of a large number of details that cannot be forgotten.

Why dream of Killing a Man with a Knife?

Why do you dream about Impact?

Why do you dream of a Knife in the Back?

Deciphering what you dream about being stabbed with a knife, you can find an interpretation in Miller’s dream book. He believes that someone will treat you unkindly. Miller argues that such a situation will only be beneficial, since it will accelerate the development of a sense of justice.

If you had a dream in which a stranger tries to stab a knife into your back, this means radical changes in your personal life, and it is unlikely that you will be able to prepare for them. The fortuneteller Vanga believes that the time has come for decisive action, and not just observations.

There are several options to consider:

Dreamed of using edged weapons

  • to stab someone with a knife in a night dream and see bloody traces - to the beginning of an unhappy period caused by selfish views and unclean thoughts;
  • without blood - to improve the current life situation.

What place?

As the dream book describes, you can hit with a knife in different places, and therefore you will have to remember them.


If you plunged a bladed weapon into your back, you will become a victim of betrayal. The only difficulty is that the sleeping person is unlikely to recognize the initiator.

My back got hurt in my dream

An unfamiliar man could not get a knife in the back - to successfully preventing the insidious plans of his enemies. The dream books say that the dreamer is able to take action in time and put his offenders in an uncomfortable position.

A stab in the back with a knife indicates “planting a pig”, and this will be done by someone who would never have been thought of. No matter how close a friend may seem, always leave unsaid remarks.


Why do you dream of being stabbed in the stomach with a knife? The interpreter believes that the interpretation received will be influenced by the position occupied in society:

  • family - to unpleasant incidents within one’s own walls;
  • single - to receive undeserved insult.

Injuring yourself in the stomach means receiving great benefits, good luck and happiness. The main thing is to enjoy the benefits received to the fullest.


Stabbed in the side with a knife - to an unlucky period that will cause damage not only to property, but also to the usual way of life. Dream books do not advise putting up with injustice.

Hurt your heart in a dream

A stab in the side, according to another interpreter, predicts the beginning of heated proceedings with one’s soulmate. However, do not try to impose your opinion, but try to be heard. The key to a strong and happy relationship is acceptance and forgiveness, and therefore what you dreamed about will lead to the right thoughts.


A stab in the heart will indicate that in reality you can be very upset. The reason for this may be a tense home environment or problems at work. People you have always trusted will not live up to expectations, and this will throw you out of your usual rut.

A blow to the heart predicts the onset of health problems. Dream interpreters advise seeking help from cardiologists, and this will prevent serious illnesses.

Another interpretation can be considered, telling about an unpleasant attack. If a representative of the fair sex dreamed of a man who beat her with a blade, then this is a sign of falling in love, which will only bring resentment and disappointment.

Cut yourself in a dream

However, you cannot close yourself off from all people, since the future chosen one is hiding among them.


If you dreamed that a man hit someone in the forehead with a knife, blood began to appear - this meant an unpleasant situation would arise that would affect one’s reputation. Dream interpreters believe that the rash behavior of the sleeper will lead to unpredictable consequences, and therefore it is better to remain calm.


The dream book interprets a stab with a knife in accordance with who dared to take this step.


If a person inflicts wounds on himself, then this is a wake-up call. The dream book notes that the inner essence experiences a certain need for care and love.

I dreamed that wounds were caused by relatives and friends

Pay attention to current relationships. Perhaps you stopped making any efforts to develop them, and therefore only negativity began to be felt. As the dream book predicts, they stabbed themselves - confirmation that any issues will have to be resolved constructively. Think about your every word and action.


Dreaming of dreams in which loved ones are injured means receiving unpleasant news that brings many problems to the sleeper. Try to abstract yourself from the negative, otherwise it will not allow you to move forward.

If the father is about to stab himself with a knife, he can get into serious trouble, and therefore it is necessary to provide timely help. Be prepared to make some sacrifices for your loved one.

According to the dream book from A to Z

Why do you dream about a knife in general? This is a sign of deception and quarrels. If you find a knife in a dream, then the dream book recommends keeping a secret and being less frank. Losing a knife means that an unsuccessful romance or family conflicts are coming. Did you dream that you bought a new knife? The dream book believes that you will make new fans, which will cause the anger and jealousy of the old ones.

A dull knife in a dream is associated with anxiety and worries about loved ones. Sharpening it is an activity that you will not like. Did you dream of a very sharp knife? Hopes and expectations will be shattered. If you manage to cut yourself with it, then your work problems will be added to your home ones.

Why do you dream if you had to cut something with a knife? To solve a certain problem, agree to concessions and find a compromise solution. If you were unexpectedly stabbed in the back with a knife at night, then the dream book is sure that you will have to sort things out with your spouse or lover. If you yourself have wounded someone, then in reality you will offend a loved one and will repent of it.

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