Dream Interpretation Ages: why do women or men dream about Ages?

Old people in a dream can embody knowledge and experience, and also signal that one should behave wisely. They can act as advisors and make specific recommendations. Sometimes old people in a dream can behave maliciously, warning against their own unkind qualities, which can be expressed symbolically.

To determine what it means to see yourself old in a dream, it is important to remember the details of the appearance, words and behavior of the characters you see.

Why do you dream about Age according to Miller’s dream book?

Why do you dream about Age in a dream?

Age - A dream about age foretells failure in any endeavor. To dream about your age means that your rebellious nature will incur the wrath of your relatives. For a girl, a dream in which she is accused of being older than she actually is is a sign that she will enter into a bad relationship, and her resistance to the principles will cause ridicule and censure.

Seeing yourself as an old woman means a possible illness or an unsatisfactory outcome of risky ventures. If a girl sees her lover as an old man, then she is in danger of losing him.

Weakness or vigor?

If in a dream you happened to see yourself in a frail old age, then you are faced with difficulties and health problems. But seeing yourself cheerful and happy in old age means excellent health and success.

If a woman dreams of old age, then she will experience fading love feelings and disappointment. If it is a man, then this predicts a decline in business.

If you dreamed about Ages according to the dream book from A to Z

Why do you dream about Age according to the dream book:

Age - As a rule, any dream that is somehow related to age foreshadows adverse consequences. If this is somehow connected specifically with your age, it means that in reality you will show inappropriate straightforwardness and excessive intransigence, which may cause displeasure among your relatives.

If you imagine that in a dream you are considered older than you really are, it means that there is a danger of falling under bad influence by betraying your usual prudence. Seeing your loved ones grow old means parting with them.


According to the modern dream book, old age means prudence and right actions. If you saw yourself as old beyond your years, you should behave more wisely towards the people around you. Seeing the unusual old age of others in a dream means that you want those around you to behave more dignified. It should be noted that this is only your inner attitude, and not a fact. Others have the right to their point of view. In some cases, such a dream means a deterioration in your health and well-being.

Age according to the Symbolic Dream Book

Age - how to solve a vision?

Age – In a dream, age is relatively unambiguous or ambiguous. To be old (old) means gaining life experience, authority, wisdom, knowledge (more for men) or illness, fading, misfortune, bad progress of affairs (also for men, but more for women). To be young (young) indicates frivolity, stupidity or happiness, healing, health, good fortune.

Age (condition) of material objects: old, dilapidated things or objects in a dream can be perceived as outdated and unnecessary. The interpretation is corresponding - the negative meanings of objects are intensified. And at the same time, age, antiquity, and antiquity can give them additional value, charm, and uniqueness.

And old familiar objects and things are interpreted in a more positive sense than new ones, because... they are already familiar and reliable in use.

Basic values

Old people can appear in the form of different personalities. For example, an old witch points out the evil in the sleeper, which he must defeat. Sometimes it also indicates parents who influenced the dreamer's personal development or a personality with whom he is in conflict. Such a dream is associated with accompanying circumstances.

An old woman in a dream is a symbol of a mother or a lifestyle that determines one's destiny. If it appears in a dream, it may indicate a person who played a big role in the dreamer’s childhood, for example:

  • mother;
  • grandmother;
  • aunt;
  • babysitter

An old woman can indicate a person's personal qualities. When it comes to the unknown old woman, it refers to the archetypal image of the “great mother”.

The old man indicates that the sleeping soul is close to the stage of cleansing from negativity. The unknown signifies life experience and wisdom, which should be understood positively. He can give useful advice, and therefore it is worth listening to his words in a dream.

When older people meet in a dream, it reflects the dreamer's respect for them. Sometimes a dream can have a negative meaning. This is a warning indicating the need to look at your behavior critically. When a dreamer sees himself as an elderly person in a dream, this is a sign that he is too focused on outdated memories, traditions, and habits that limit his life.

When a person dreams that he feels old while remaining outwardly young, it means that the process of puberty is coming to an end. If he dreams of an old woman, this is a sign that he will “update” his views, change them and look at some problems that are important to him from a new angle.

Helping the elderly shows the respect the dreamer has for them in his daily life.

Seeing Age in a dream: Large modern dream book

A dream that focuses on age is an unfavorable sign. It’s as if you are talking about your age in a dream - in real life you are too direct a person; your stubbornness and directness in the coming days will cause displeasure or even irritation to your loved ones; It would be nice for you to read something from Niccolo Machiavelli.

You see yourself as older than you really are - in the near future you may fall under someone’s bad influence and, as a result, change your habits; If you quit smoking, try to spend more time in solitude.

You see yourself as an old man in a dream - such a dream about age portends you illness. It’s as if they are telling a young woman that she looks older than her age - this woman’s behavior lately has been rather frivolous, this woman has made mistakes and sinned to her heart’s content; let her not be surprised when she learns that her adventures are already being discussed in society.

Interpretations in dream books of dreams where a person sees himself as old

Old people in a dream can embody knowledge and experience, and also signal that one should behave wisely. They can act as advisors and make specific recommendations. Sometimes old people in a dream can behave maliciously, warning against their own unkind qualities, which can be expressed symbolically.

To determine what it means to see yourself old in a dream, it is important to remember the details of the appearance, words and behavior of the characters you see.

See Age: dream book of N. Soboleva

How to understand why find out age in a dream?

Age – Youth is a favorable time for planning new ventures; seeing your child small again is his illness; worries about the future of your son or daughter.

For those born from May to August:

Age - Seeing an older man or woman in a dream - write a letter to your parents, they are worried about you.

For those born from September to December:

Age - Seeing yourself in a dream in the mirror as a very old person means illness.

Interpretation of dreams according to various dream books

According to Gustaf Miller's dream book, seeing yourself or a loved one aged in a dream foreshadows the beginning of a streak of failures and troubles in business. If a young girl saw herself in the image of a decrepit woman, then such a night dream promises her a quarrel with loved ones. Often such a plot can speak of the danger of falling into bad company. Seeing your lover aged in a dream foreshadows a tense relationship that will lead to a breakup.

According to the dream book, for Tsvetkova, having dreams about old age means illness. On the contrary, seeing acquaintances aged is a sign of recovery. In general, Tsvetkov interprets the symbolism of old age in night visions as an opportunity to acquire new experience and knowledge. In areas of personal life, dreams that contain subjects related to old age symbolize reliable and strong family relationships.

Other interpretations of the dream depending on the plot:

Interpretations of dreams by day of the week:


The meaning of sleep in other sources

The symbol is a warning for the need for reflection, an indication of the destructive tendencies of the individual. When a sleeper sees old unknown people, this is a signal that the dreamer thinks more about himself than about those around him. He can also warn about ill-wishers in his environment.

An old woman in a dream is a good sign, declaring happiness in love and money matters. When a sleeper sees an elderly lady, this may indicate a quiet and peaceful time in his life. Seeing an old man is an indication of the selfless devotion of a partner. Several senior citizens at once is an opportunity to find a new friend.

I dreamed of an old military man - shyness, weakness and anxiety about the future. There are a lot of elderly people - good times are coming soon. Old people who commit any unkind deeds indicate difficulties.

Seeing happy people means mutual understanding, happiness and satisfaction. Unhappy old people - an unsuccessful career suppresses the sleeper. If he sees himself as old, the dreamer has idealistic views.

Arabic and Persian dream books

Friendly older people appearing in a dream are a sign that one is gaining rich experience. When the dreamer sees unknown old people, it reminds him of the need to delve deeper into the situation and warns him against ill-wishers. It could also be a sign that there are smart friends to help.

When an old woman appears in a dream , this is evidence of timidity, weakness, sadness and anxiety characteristic of the sleeper. Feeling old - he expects praise and honors. The dream may prompt him to seek wisdom and try to distance himself from everything.

The Persian dream book has its own interpretation of the appearance of elderly characters in dreams. According to the source, this is a signal that the sleeper is acting incorrectly and is missing something important. This is also a reminder that the dreamer should not give up his dream. If he dreams that he is older, he should take care of himself, especially his health. When a sleeper dreams that he is younger than he actually is, this foreshadows a general improvement in living conditions.

Other interpretations

If a man dreams of marrying an old woman in a dream, this is a very favorable omen for his business interests. When a woman dreams that she meets an old man, it speaks of family happiness. It is also a sign that her lover will be patient and will give her everything she wants.

Growing old in a dream means expanding your horizons and becoming wise . Feeling very old portends fame, dignity and honor. The dreamer must act wisely and perform daily tasks more skillfully. When he dreams that he is worried about old age, he may get sick.

If old age does not bother you, then the dreamer’s wrong thoughts contribute to dissatisfaction on the part of his relatives.

When he dreams that he is getting older, a person may find himself in the company of dishonest people, and he will be ridiculed. Seeing that your loved one is old means a possible divorce or the appearance of a rival.


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