Why do you dream of a lot of water: a girl, a woman, a pregnant woman, a man - interpretation according to different dream books

Once in the arms of Morpheus, a person sees dreams, which, in turn, have some meaning for the dreamer. By studying dream books, you can see that dreams about the elements have the most meaning, among which water is far from the least important. A lot is known about this element, seen in a dream, which cannot be said about its raging torrent. Interested to know why you dream of a flow of water? Then forward to the interpretations!

Interpretations are brief, but to the point

A dream is a warning about something, a hint from the subconscious. If you remember what you dreamed, then the dream books will give a detailed explanation of the dream and tell you what to do. Don't remember everything? Well, remember at least part of the plot, that will be enough. So: water flow.

  • Getting into it by accident means worries.
  • If it was transparent - to joy.
  • Muddy - to gossip and troubles.
  • Knocked down - take care of your health and reputation.
  • Seeing it in your home means surprises.

Why do you dream about floods and incoming water?

Of particular importance is a dream in which there is a lot of water

ends up in the sleeping person's home. If it leaks out from under the door or through the floor, in reality you will have to communicate with unpleasant, annoying people. In order not to complicate your life, you need to keep conversations to a minimum.

Natural flood in the house

portends a clarification of relationships for family dreamers. Problems can be resolved after a frank conversation.

When you dream of a flood in an apartment

for a young girl, this means inevitable tears and grief due to amorous experiences. For male dreamers, such a dream plot is a warning that they should not abuse alcoholic beverages.

There will be a cooling of feelings between lovers if you dream of cold incoming water

. For lonely people, the dream foreshadows repentance for a previously committed act. When your home is flooded with boiling water in a dream, it is necessary to take preventative measures. It is possible to catch a cold and get sick.

A stream of crystal purity, as a symbol of new emotions and joy

Do you dream that a strong, seething stream of water is clean and transparent? According to the White Magician’s dream book, this means the entry into the dreamer’s life of impressions and feelings so vivid and strong that he has not yet been familiar with.

But if the strong current of a seething river clears of impurities before your eyes, becoming transparent, this means either the cleansing of your thoughts from “impure” thoughts, or getting rid of the negative energy that was “eating” you from the inside. In any case, this is a wonderful symbol.

Why do you dream about floods and floods?

global flood

is a warning. Due to laziness and his own lack of will, the sleeper may miss out on luck. Changing circumstances require decisive action.

When you dream about the end of the world

in the form of a flood, this is a symbol of excessive exposure to other people's influence. The dream warns that at the moment it is important to listen to the dictates of your own heart and mind, and not blindly follow “with the flow.”

You will have to see some significant events in reality if you dream of a flood as a natural disaster

. It takes willpower to remain calm and act correctly.

Tsunami flood warns of great difficulties

in a dream. Also, this frightening plot may be evidence of the spiritual crisis of the sleeper.

Mud mudflows are a sign of problems and troubles

A bad interpretation of the dream is given by Miss Hasse’s dream book, in which the dreamer had to stand in a dirty, stormy river. This portends difficulties in communication. Standing in a stormy stream is generally a sign of instability, and if it is also dirty, then it is likely that the one who saw such a dream will have problems because someone decides to slander him.

Well, if you dream that a friend has to stand in a dirty, stormy stream of water, then this may mean that it is he who will cause you problems and difficulties.

dreamed of a stormy stream of water in a dream

Clean water in a dream means joy, a successful outcome, happiness. Any vessel or reservoir with clean water promises prosperity and wealth in the near future.

Clean water in the river is a favorable sign that promises success and joy. A clear river flowing into your bedroom foreshadows the imminent arrival of a rich overseas guest who will do a lot for your well-being; if the water is agitated, then your guest may come with bad intentions and disturb the peace in your home.

A stream of clean water flowing near your home means that your financial situation will soon become stronger and you will receive a good position that will give you the opportunity to help people in need.

If in a dream you were given a glass of clean water, then you will have success in business or marriage, which will turn out to be happy.

If the glass is cracked and no water spills, then your wife may die during childbirth, but the child will remain alive. For women, such a dream predicts the untimely death of a spouse.

For a priest to dream that he is distributing clean water to people is a sign that he is honestly fulfilling his duty and bringing goodness and comfort to people.

Muddy water in such a dream is a warning that the priest is overly keen on doctrines and heretical teachings.

If a young man dreams that he is drawing clean and clear water from a well, then he will soon marry a lovely girl; if the water is cloudy or cloudy, then his happiness will be short-lived and many disappointments await him.

Drawing clean water from a well and treating someone with it is a sign that with your help the people whom you treated with water will become rich. If the water is cloudy, then you will bring misfortune to this person.

Drawing water from a well portends success in business or purchase. Muddy water always portends confusion of feelings.

Carrying water in clothes, a broken vessel, or in something else that is not entirely suitable for this means that you will face losses or deception of people to whom you have entrusted your fortune. If no water spills, then you will miraculously avoid large losses and save your fortune.

Burying such water in the ground is a harbinger of big troubles, loss of a good name and a shameful death.

Seeing a pond with calm water is a sign that your life will be calm and happy.

A pond with clean water in a dream, if it is located in the middle of a field, promises you that soon you will be able to save enough money so that you can afford to have a family and children. If the water in the pond floods the shore, then you may lose your wife, children or money.

If your wife also had such a dream, then she may lose her money or she will die soon.

For a man to see a small picturesque pond in a dream - a harbinger of the romantic love of a beautiful woman.

A seething stream is a harbinger of fire, litigation and the revenge of enemies.

Water flowing over stones means that your enemies or bosses will be unforgiving, and you will lose the lawsuit.

Standing in the water among the waves and not being able to get out of there means that soon you will need all the courage and fortitude to survive the impending misfortune.

Seeing in a dream how someone is drowning in a seething and dirty stream means that a scandal, separation from your lover, melancholy, hopelessness and failure in business await you.

Troubled water in the river is a harbinger of a threat looming over you, coming from an imperious and powerful enemy.

Sailing along a river with clear water in a boat is a harbinger of all the best - success, wealth, fulfillment of desire. See interpretation: boat, oars.

Swimming along a large river is a warning of danger looming over you.

To be in a fast-flowing river in a dream and not be able to get out of it is a sign of a dangerous illness, danger, or a lengthy trial.

A waving stream means the danger of fire, litigation and the machinations of enemies.

Sailing a boat on a body of water with clean and clear water means a good name, wealth and happiness. But swimming in the dark means that you will be tormented by doubts.

Seeing streams and fountains with calmly flowing water in a dream foretells good news; such a dream predicts recovery for the sick.

Seeing your reflection in water means death for the sleeping person or one of your close relatives. A dried up or dried up source of water in a dream does not bode well.

Your life may be in danger; one of your close relatives or friends may die. The dream also predicts great financial difficulties.

If water in your dream flows from a place where it should not flow, then a lot of grief and problems await you.

Scooping up this water in a dream is a bad omen. The more water you scoop up, the worse the meaning this dream will have and the longer your misfortunes will last.

It’s good to see in such a dream that the water suddenly disappeared or dried up, because then the unfavorable period will quickly end and everything will be fine.

If in a dream you hear the sound of water or a stream of water, then soon a person whom you have not seen for a long time and no longer thought of seeing will return to you.

Drinking water in a dream means troubles, failures, betrayal in love, divorce. Drinking warm water is a harbinger of the fact that a certain person, offended by you, will want to take revenge on you. Drinking dirty water is a sign of great anxiety or illness.

Spilling water at home means worries and troubles. How much water you spill, you will drink so much grief. It's even worse if it damages furniture or carpets.

Throwing yourself into water in a dream is a sign of danger; diving into water means trouble. Seeing yourself in water is a sign of ill health, colds, tumors, melancholy.

Swimming in the water means that you will be able to justify yourself and remove all suspicions. Seeing others bathing portends reconciliation with enemies.

Drowning in water is a sign of obstacles, failures, disappointments in love.

Being wet is a sign of troubles, worries, domestic squabbles, and frustration. Getting your feet wet in a dream means losses, illness and obstacles.

Cold and icy water in your dream is a sign of health; hot water means illness, muddy water means sadness and gossip, clean water promises prosperity and success in business, and dark water means insults, grievances, quarrels, failures.

Having fun playing on the water is a sign of an innocent and pleasant pastime.

Washing your hands in water in a dream is bad for the sick. For the rest, the dream foretells that they will refuse to participate in some business.

Washing someone's feet with water is a sign of consoling loved ones in grief. Washing with water is good news.

Seeing bubbles on the water is a sign of good news and health. See interpretation: bubbles.

Seeing splashes means news. Spraying someone with water means an unexpected turn in business. If water splashes on your head in a dream, then unexpected passion awaits you. If the splashes do not hit you, but somewhere nearby, then an unexpected encounter or an unexpected turn of events awaits you.

Seeing a splash of water in a dream means increasing your chances of success.

Pouring water is a harbinger of empty talk, a sign that your hopes will not come true. Sometimes such a dream predicts that you talk more than you do. Watering something with water means losses.

If the water is dirty, then a shameful trial awaits you.

To plunge into water up to your neck in a dream will mean that you will be fed up with what is happening and you will become disgusted with your life.

Carrying water is useless work.

Walking on water without getting your feet wet means overcoming obstacles and good luck in a difficult task.

Hearing the sound of water in a dream is a sign that gossip is being spread about you.

Being scalded by boiling water in a dream is a sign that you will lose money due to your own carelessness.

Looking at water in a dream means that your bad premonitions will come true.

If in a dream you are afraid of water, then shame, loss or illness awaits you, which you feared. Sometimes such a dream predicts that you may become a victim of robbers if you do not take care to properly hide your valuables in time.

To dream that a water carrier is moving towards you is a harbinger of soon receiving wealth or an inheritance. Such a dream also predicts good luck in enterprises and big profits.

A whirlpool in a dream symbolizes problems and difficulties. Getting into it is a sign that you will soon find yourself in a difficult situation and will not know how to get out of it.

Sometimes such a dream predicts receiving an inheritance, which will cause you a lot of trouble.

Where it shouldn't leak, or Unexpected twists of fate

Did you dream that while you were on the street, you witnessed a large stream of water rushing out of the window of your apartment? You will suddenly get lucky. You will be able to benefit yourself where it would seem impossible to do so, predicts the Lunar Dream Book.

You will be surprised by its interpretation of a dream in which you see a stream bursting out of a faucet in a house under high pressure, flooding everything around. You are afraid to take the first step towards fulfilling your cherished desire, but if you manage to overcome your fear, you will get what you want, quickly and without significant difficulties.

But if you suddenly dream that you were washed out of your own bed onto the street, then it’s time to let something new into your life. This will greatly facilitate your existence and make life brighter and more fun.

If you dream about the sea

  • A calm sea in clear weather means great joy and a family holiday.
  • Stormy - disappointment in a partner, intensity of passions, showdown in a raised voice.
  • Sailing on the azure sea is a strong marriage with your loved one.
  • The sea begins to worry - a premonition of trouble, anxiety, mistrust of the partner.
  • Admiring the sea at dawn, standing on the shore, means severe mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion, and the need for rest.
  • Looking after a ship sailing into the sunset means a collapse of hopes, humility, submission to fate.

Diving to great depths means finding out some secret that has been hidden from you for a long time.

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