Make sure you have good dreams. How to make you dream what you want

There are a lot of theories about what our dreams show us. Some, for example, say that dreams are random images reproduced by the brain while processing previously received information. Others suggest that in this way our consciousness learns to adapt to the dangers of the outside world. Compilers of dream books and predictors insist that a dream is a secret signal, by deciphering which you can know your future. And the most famous and popular theories belong to Freud and Jung and are associated with the manifestation of our sexual and other secret desires. Adherents of such ideas believe that a dream is a way for the human subconscious to break through and show what we are missing, what worries us, what we forgot to do, etc.

But, in general, if we forget about all the variety of “dream” theories, researchers on this topic can be divided into two camps - those who are trying to determine the purpose of dreams, and those who believe that there is simply no such purpose. The latter include the authors of one of the latest works in this area - employees of the University of California. According to their theory, dreams are an elementary reflection of what we saw or experienced the day before, which means that no special significance should be attached to dreams.

The fact that we remember our dreams very vaguely suggests that they do not serve any function. After all, if they were so important, why do we forget them? — Times Online reports the words of Dr. Bill Domhoff, who participated in the University of California study. — In general, thought processes, to one degree or another, are a person’s way of adapting to life, but this does not mean that any manifestation of consciousness has its own purpose. Our research shows that sleep is something like a residual product of the brain, a set of arbitrary images reproduced so that the mind is at least occupied with something during rest.

Another stereotype broken by the scientific works of Californians is the most common themes of dreams, which until now have been considered sex and religion. Having studied the dreams of 22 thousand people of various ages and professions, American doctors came to the following conclusion: much more often we dream about the most ordinary everyday images and situations - shopping, meeting with parents and friends, driving a car, sports, traveling, playing, eating, etc. Further. At the same time, dreams related to sex make up a negligible part of the total - 2% for men and 0.4% for women. In 54% of cases, the people interviewed by the researchers saw friends, in 24% - parents, 24.5% of dreams were dedicated to driving a car, in 17% people saw themselves walking on the street, in 13.7% - eating, in 6.1% - went in for sports.

It turns out that our dreams are not at all a world of fairy tales, not predictions of the future, and not a connection with the dead. The vast majority of people see their daily problems in their dreams, that is, they remain at night in the same routine in which they find themselves during the day. This is confirmed by other studies in this area. For example, French sociologists have found that musicians dream about music twice as often as people in other professions. And their colleagues from America proved that the percentage of women who dream about work has increased in proportion to the increase in the number of working women.

The secret of good dreams

The most common and popularly known ways to control sleep are prayer, meditation and drugs. But if neither the first, nor the second, nor the third attracts you, try to use the latest developments of overseas scientists.

If you follow the logic of their theory, in order to have good dreams, you need to live well. But, according to scientists, there is an easier way. The fact is that quite often the brain reproduces exactly those impressions that were the most vivid or the most recent before you fell asleep. Consequently, anything can provoke nightmares - scary books, horror movies, a crime report in a newspaper, and even a news release. So before going to bed, it’s better not to frighten yourself needlessly and read some romance novel, a collection of jokes, or just think about good things. If you are going to go to bed with a “heavy heart” and a busy head, try to unwind a little first - distract yourself with a walk, for example, or a conversation on an abstract topic. Cooking, cleaning, caring for pets and flowers calms and distracts well.

According to the World Sleep Association, nightmares for all types of people follow the same pattern. The main themes of nightmares are stalking, public nudity, drowning, falling, and encounters with the dead.

There is a certain connection between the character of the sleeper and what he sees, say researchers from St. Clare University (USA). For example, conservative people often dream that they are being chased or that they fall from a great height. In their dreams, they more often than others experience feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness, but they see sexual scenes much less often.

Major international events are reflected in people's dreams as well as in the press. For example, over the past 20 years, the number of dreams dedicated to the problems of global warming has sharply increased. And after September 11, 2001, many people who had not previously suffered from nightmares began to experience them regularly.

Other symbols.

Many other little things seen in a dream can also portend good luck.

A pile of garbage or manure in a dream is always a harbinger of easy money, and fresh bread or chocolate promises a solution to everyday problems.

Those sitting on the ground are one of the symbols of good luck, great luck. To see a wife in a dream can mean enrichment in the near future.

A person spends a third of his life sleeping. Agree, it would be great if at this time we observed only the most positive dreams. There is a generally accepted opinion that dreams are nothing more than the work of our subconscious; it is difficult to influence it, but it turns out that it is possible. Today you and I, dear readers of our online magazine, will learn how to order dreams.

The field of dream study still remains unknown, but, nevertheless, recently people are increasingly talking about so-called lucid dreams. If you want to receive an answer to a question that worries you in real life in a dream or want to meet someone, then nothing is impossible. You can order a nap. However, keep in mind that such mastery will only come after long training, so be patient and follow the recommendations below.

Dreams in numbers

  • Every 90 minutes a night we dream.
  • The dream lasts from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • In 33% of dreams, a person sees his own failures.
  • 25% of dreams take place in an area that is familiar to us.
  • 50% of those we dream about are aggressive towards us in their dreams.
  • We forget 95 to 99% of dreams.

Do you want to feel great throughout the day, look great, and be in a good mood? To do this, you just need to get a good night's sleep. Although in our time, an increasing number of people either cannot fall asleep, or something else, or work, or have troubles, and as a result, they get hooked on some kind of sleeping pills, after which they lose the opportunity to enjoy the usual natural sleep that they enjoyed in childhood or youth. What do you need to have a good sleep, to have a dream? Let's talk more about this on

In order for sleep to bring you pleasure, you must follow the basic rules. They are quite simple. They won't require much effort. The basic rule of sleep primarily includes adherence to a sleep schedule.

It's very simple, in order for sleep to be your friend, and not vice versa, your enemy, you need to get up the same way every morning, at the same time. So that you don’t want to take a nap and lie around. You definitely need to know that good sleep should not last a long time; it is better to not get enough sleep than to get up two to three hours later and feel sleep-deprived. Sleeping too long is only harmful to your health. Only a fixed rise can ensure that you not only get rid of sleep problems, but also learn to clearly plan your affairs for the whole day.

The main requirement for good sleep is the ability to fall asleep and, accordingly, relax before bed. You should only go to bed if you want to sleep very much and feel drowsy. If you go to bed, and you have no sleep in either eye, then you can first read a book or turn on the TV. Just choose a calm television program, and in no case a horror or action film, which will further excite your nervous system. You can turn on classical music or the radio to a calm wave, it is advisable to set a shutdown timer so that you don’t wake up from a headache in the middle of the night.

You should try to avoid daytime naps. If you really want to sleep, arrange a “quiet hour,” but try to go to bed at 2-3 pm and not sleep for more than an hour. Moreover, when sleeping during the day after 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the majority experience headaches and a decrease in mood and performance. This, of course, does not apply to people who work at night or on daily basis. Set up your sleeping area. It is better if there is a separate bedroom. Choose bedding that you like. You should not do work in bed; for example, you should not take your laptop there.

The rules for good sleep also include physical activity, which should be carried out at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Physical activity can be long-term, a visit to the gym, or if it is not possible to fully exercise, a 5-10 minute warm-up or jogging will be enough. Before going to bed, you can take a walk at a calm pace, without physical activity, which should be done 5-6 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, the body will become overexcited and it will take more time to relax. It is also useful to thoroughly ventilate the bedroom before going to bed so that oxygen has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Smoking has an extremely negative effect on sleep; it changes the entire metabolism for the worse. Alcohol makes sleep interrupted and very shallow. If you drink alcohol before bedtime, many body functions are disrupted, weakness, headaches, and depression appear. There is a separate category of people who manage to fall asleep after drinking coffee, but the majority of people are overly excited by a large amount of caffeine, so it is not recommended to drink coffee 6 hours before bedtime.

Medicine strongly recommends eating no later than seven in the evening, but many believe that a light dinner will be the best sleep aid. After all, if you don’t eat, you won’t fall asleep... You just shouldn’t eat too much at night, since the heaviness in the stomach area will make it easier to fall asleep. To improve the quality of sleep, you need to limit night work on the computer, as well as watching movies.

You can also mention sleeping pills. Its adoption is realistic only in cases where it is prescribed by a doctor and is under the strict supervision of a specialist. It is worth remembering that not all medications have a positive effect on the body, especially with long-term use.

The rules of good sleep also include choosing the right mattress and pillows, which can not only provide good sleep, but also take care of your bones, spine and joints.

For sleep problems, it is useful to use any relaxing aromatic oils and natural herbs. A warm bath with rose, lavender or hyssop aroma oil will help you relax. It should be taken before bedtime. Duration no more than 15 minutes.

Sleep will certainly come to you, the main thing is to be able to relax in every possible way before going to bed and calm down. And in order to have a good dream, give your body the opportunity for normal and complete rest! But sometimes calmness occurs only after the body receives a “labor” load. It is known that a 1-1.5 hour evening walk in the air without negative emotions best loads the body and calms the brain. Why? And remember that during a walk a dog obeys its owner only when it runs out... That's why.

After a restful sleep in the morning, you will be in a great mood, you will be confident, friendly, your skin will be fresh, your hair will become silky, and your eyes will glow and shine. Everything depends only on your desires and then everything will be the way you want it.

Many will agree that dreams reflect our subconscious and the other life, because our reality is so often reflected in dreams or, on the contrary, we see completely opposite actions and events in our dreams. Since ancient times, sages and philosophers have tried to decipher dreams, certain dreamed objects, events or actions.

What does your dream mean?

There are a huge number of different dream books in the world, compiled by different people and at different times, but which interpret the same dreams in almost the same way. Dreams in relationships have always been equated with the mysterious interaction of two souls. This is probably why the spell to dream about a loved one is often used by girls and young women so that their loved ones do not forget about them.

Apple cider vinegar water

When we drink coffee, we feel cheerful, our brain starts working faster, and concentration improves. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people drink coffee in the morning. But it’s better to start from the water. Before breakfast, drink a large glass of mineral water on an empty stomach, preferably with the addition of one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This helps improve metabolism and gives a boost of energy.

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  • The power of dreams and thoughts about a person

    The power of the conspiracy is in your faith

    Dreams have always been important for lovers. In the old days, loving young people did not have such freedom in relationships as they do today, so most often they could see each other furtively for a short time or just in dreams. There is an opinion that if you think about a person for a long time, you will definitely dream about him the next night, and if you dream about a certain person, it means he was thinking about you. Of course, most often our thoughts are simply visualized in dreams and we dream about the person we are thinking about, but in order to be sure to dream about your loved one and force him to act, you can resort to conspiracies to make him dream. Seeing a girl in a dream means a lot to a young man, and most often such dreams force him to take certain actions towards her.

    Psychologists say that our dreams represent a person’s hidden desires. Therefore, seeing a girl in a dream, a young man involuntarily begins to think about her, remember what happened in the dream, how she was presented, he wants to see her in reality. This is how interest in the opposite sex awakens, and frequent thoughts and the desire to reveal the secret give rise to certain feelings, which in the future can develop into something more than just an exciting dream.

    In addition, many young people want to make everything that happened in their dreams come true, so a dream made by a girl for a guy can be the beginning of their wonderful relationship. And dreams are endowed with special positive energy, so if such energy is reflected in relationships in the real world, then we can safely say that the conspiracy to dream about a person worked.

    When they come

    Every person has seen a dream that literally comes true at least once in their life. The event that appears there usually has already happened during sleep or will happen within a certain time, but nothing can be changed.

    No one specifically caused such dreams - they come on their own at key moments in your life

    For example, when an important event has already happened or is happening far from you

    Usually such pictures themselves are remembered and remain in memory for a lifetime. And during a person’s stay on earth, they can appear extremely rarely - only at the most significant moments or at the crossroads of events and destinies.

    Therefore, it is simply pointless to specifically cause such revelations. Usually prophetic dreams appear unexpectedly, showing what will happen or what has already happened.

    But there are several ways to trigger revelation when falling asleep. They may not be as accurate as prophetic dreams that come to you on their own, but they can still provide a lot of valuable information.

    And coinciding with various important periods of life, it can even reveal an artificially caused prophetic dream. There are several ways to do this, but before you start practicing, take your time.

    For example, if the child is in critical condition, before surgery or even on the eve of some important event. For example, weddings, engagements, graduation from school or college

    At this time, the likelihood of knowing the future through certain dreams increases.

    Spells and rituals for your loved one's sleep

    Dream about your loved one

    In the old days, our grandmothers ordered dreams for their loved ones by looking at the Moon. Try the following plot. To dream about your loved one, the ritual must be carried out on a full moon; the days of the equinoxes and solstices are also considered good enough for making dreams.

    When a girl looks at the Moon, she should cross her mouth and say the words:

    “A dream about me, a dream about you, for the Servant of God (such and such). Let it be so!"

    The conspiracy is sentenced 9 times. It is important that the ritual can be performed no more than 3 times a month, otherwise the opposite effect can be achieved.

    How to order and send a dream to your loved one

    Send a dream to your loved one

    To have a dream about your boyfriend or loved one, you can send your dream to him. For this ritual, you need to be sure that the person is sleeping at this time. How to check this depends on your relationship, but in any case there is always a way to find out. The dream transfer ritual is carried out at night in complete darkness.

    The dream is compiled by the girl herself on a positive theme. You can use a dream book so that the guy can later explain what he dreamed about and how certain objects or events are connected with the dreamed girl. Get ready for bed, turn off the lights and go to bed. Start falling asleep slowly, before saying the following words:

    “I compose your dream, I send it to you, I dream about you, in my dreams I turn to you, so that in life you turn to me. Amen!"

    Now you need to compose your dream, which you need to mentally forward to him. It’s enough just to concentrate and imagine the dream that you would like your boyfriend to see.

    By composing such a dream, the girl falls asleep herself. With strong faith and the energy of desire and love, two people can even see the same dream, and in some cases the dreams turn out to be so clear that the young man begins to believe in their reality. It is best to make and send your dreams to a young man on the night from Thursday to Friday.

    A conspiracy to make your loved one dream about the moon

    Using the power of the moon

    This conspiracy is carried out on the day of the full moon. The plot is written out on a piece of dark paper; fortunately, modern multi-colored pastes or gels allow you to write on dark paper.

    The plot is read before going to bed three times on the full moon with the window open, and at the same time you need to stand facing the moon and look at it. What needs to be written on paper:

    “Virgo-Moon, tell my beloved (name) greetings from me. Let him see me in his dreams, remember me and miss me. As soon as he gets bored, he will send me news. Virgo-Moon, give my dear one a happy and bright dream about me, and I will thank you, I will say a great thank you to you.”

    After reading the plot, crumple the sheet and throw it out the window. Go to bed.

    Visualization of the visual image

    Visualization needs to be trained. For some this process is easier, for others it is more difficult. At the initial stage, you need to create a visual image. For example, imagine in all the details what your own door looks like

    It is important to consider everything: color, shape, size. You might even be able to get a sound image

    Imagine how the door closes and opens, and what sound it makes.

    In the same way, you need to try to create an image of other objects. Regular training will lead to the pictures becoming more vivid and real. And the more realistic the conceived image is, the more precise control will be developed over dreams.

    Straw plot to dream about a loved one

    A bunch of hay for a spell

    For this plot you will need a bunch of fresh straw. The conspiracy is carried out at night before going to bed near an open window. One straw from the bunch is placed under the pillow, and the bunch is burned with the window open, the ashes are thrown out the window.

    At the same time the words are pronounced:

    “Go, smoke, go, ashes, to the slave (name), as the haze swirled strongly in the wind, so I dreamed of my dear one, let the ashes swirl in the wind, and let the dear one push for me in a dream. Amen".

    Repeat the spell three times and then go to bed.

    Japanese matcha tea

    An excellent energy drink is Japanese matcha green tea powder. Its caffeine content is three times higher than other types of green tea. It also improves memory, strengthens the immune system, is a strong antioxidant, reduces cholesterol in the blood, and slows down aging. It’s not for nothing that it is even called the “king of green teas.”

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  • Energy of conspiracies for a person to dream about

    The energy of the conspiracy is under your control

    Conspiracies to dream about a loved one cannot be attributed to some kind of strong magic or magical rituals. Our thoughts about a person are capable of transmitting very strong energy to his subconscious and relationships with him in the parallel world of dreams and dreams. Very often before going to bed we think, while we can stand at the window, look at the Moon and simply talk into the night with our desired object.

    At such moments, information concerning a certain person is recorded in the laws of the Universe and this information will certainly be conveyed to its addressee. Many conspiracies to make a person dream were composed in this way. Their effectiveness has been proven for centuries, so now they are safely used purposefully. At the same time, conspiracies to make a person appear in a dream are absolutely harmless and in no way force him to take certain actions, but only guide him. And what choice to make depends only on each of us.

    Night sleep is cyclical, it has several phases: fast and slow. When the brain is in the slow-wave sleep phase, the body's muscles begin to relax, the heart rate becomes slow, and for some people, the body temperature even drops. All this happens for a reason: slowdowns in the body contribute to proper rest and tissue regeneration. At the same time, the brain actively processes all the information received throughout the day.

    The REM sleep phase is absolutely the opposite of slow sleep: the heart beats faster, the eyes dart and the body temperature rises. It is precisely this reaction of the body that can produce dreams. A person can see 4-5 dreams per night. As a rule, it is the first visions that are saturated with the events of the previous day, and those that occur in the morning are more fantastic.

    A person remembers dreams seen in the morning, or those during which he woke up.

    But it also happens that for a long time we don’t remember the dreams we saw at all. Why do we forget dreams?

    Boiled egg

    Don't believe claims that eggs are unhealthy. Boiled eggs are a very healthy product because they contain lecithin and choline, which prevent the deposition of cholesterol in the blood. One hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg for breakfast will instantly take away your morning sluggishness. Good sources of energy are also yogurt, cottage cheese, buttermilk, and kefir.

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  • Reasons for lack of dreams

    Many people stopped dreaming. Until now, there is no definite scientific explanation for this situation. But most doctors support the opinion that everyone sees dreams, but due to certain circumstances they simply do not remember them.

    People don't remember dreams because:

    • severe physical or mental fatigue, which provokes sound sleep;
    • being in a state of alcoholic intoxication (visions cannot be remembered because the brain does not rest properly due to the influence of alcohol);
    • nervous or mental disorders (stress and depression, as a rule, provoke insomnia, and when we fall asleep for a short time, we cannot remember dreams, because all our strength is devoted to recovery);
    • lack of dreams, worries and other emotions (psychological approach);
    • snoring (it is believed that snoring disrupts the dreams that the vacationer begins to see);
    • abrupt awakening from external stimuli (for example, the ringing of an alarm clock abruptly switches the attention of the awakened person, and the person does not remember the dream);
    • taking medications (some sedatives and insomnia medications may affect your perception of dreams).

    Sometimes the reason that dreams are no longer remembered is a change in sleep patterns. During the adaptation period, you may not remember the pictures and images that visited you at night. In addition, the theory is that a new sleep location also affects the ability to remember it.

    As you can see, most of the reasons why you stop having dreams are related to your emotional state. That is why, if you do not dream for a long time, it is better to consult a specialist.

    Why you don’t dream: medical theories based on experiments

    There is a theory that suggests that dreams come to assimilate information. The experiment was conducted on students studying certain material. Those who had dreams remembered the information they received better, while those who did not have dreams were weak in reproducing the material.

    Neuroscientists at Stockholm University believe that dreams are a simulation of death. It was found that during night rest, dopamine and other hormones are not released, as in animals that use a protective mechanism - akinesis (feigning death for the purpose of protection). Therefore, researchers have suggested that earlier ancient people saved themselves through sleep.

    Finnish neuroscientists have come to the conclusion that sleeping for a person means simulating possible threats or life situations. That is why it is useful to dream often, because in this way you adapt to various dangers, which means you have a greater chance of survival or a favorable outcome of a particular situation.

    What should a person do to have a dream?

    What to do to make dreams come true or how to make them memorable? This question interests many.

    If you don’t have dreams, you need to follow a number of simple recommendations:

    • try not to overwork, but plan your work day correctly;
    • stay in bed for a few minutes after waking up;
    • ask someone who is nearby to wake you up at 3-4 am (it is during this period that a person is in the REM phase and sees visions);
    • Before going to bed, you need to ventilate the room, and also exclude outside sounds and light;
    • try to tune in to having a dream (maybe you won’t succeed in the first nights, but as numerous experiments show, in the future, when using settings, dreams are remembered);
    • put a notebook and pen nearby: when you see a dream, immediately write it down;
    • Introduce sports activities into your daily regimen for 1-1.5 hours, but do not overdo it so as not to feel tired.

    In addition, research has shown that people are able to stop dreaming when their night's rest is too low. Therefore, everyone is recommended to sleep 8-9 hours.

    Ginger drink

    Ginger provides an excellent invigorating effect, rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, essential oils, vitamins A, B and C, as well as gingerol, a substance that gives this plant a pungent, spicy taste. Drink ginger drink in the morning. To prepare it, grate about 20 grams of ginger root, pour it into a cup, pour boiling water over it and let it brew for a few minutes.

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  • Sleep through the eyes of psychology

    Why don't you have dreams, according to psychologists?

    At the stage of REM sleep, a person’s psychological healing occurs: all the experiences formed during the day seem to be arranged on shelves in the mind, and people continue to live fully. It is during sleep that psychological wounds heal, and nervous disorders fade into the background.

    Some psychotherapists use sleep activation techniques for people who have experienced severe nervous shocks, natural disasters and catastrophes. They are recommended to sleep in reality, that is, to simulate the active sleep phase. And indeed, after a series of similar manipulations, many patients calmed down and experienced past events more easily.

    Thus, according to most neurophysiologists and psychologists, dreams are the body’s way of processing information received during the day. And it is no coincidence that many people, during their night dreams, found solutions to many problems and a way out of the most difficult situations. It's not that difficult to learn. The main thing is to try to set the desired internal setting and relax as much as possible before the upcoming night's rest.

    List of used literature:

    • Neurology. Handbook of a practicing physician. D. R. Shtulman, O. S. Levin. M. "Medpress", 2008.
    • National Institutes of Health. NINDS Hypersomnia Information Page (June 2008). Archived April 6, 2012 (English)
    • Poluektov M.G. (ed.) Somnology and sleep medicine. National leadership in memory of A.N. Vein and Ya.I. Levina M.: “Medforum”, 2016. 248 pp.

    Maybe something is bothering you? Solve the problem and you will sleep peacefully.

    This sometimes gives them a fear of the dark and even a reluctance to go to bed.

    How to prevent it?

    There are two ways to prevent such consequences.

    The first is relatively simple and concerns poor sleep itself.

    If your baby wakes up at night and cries, it is very important to go to him immediately. A small child will not tell you what he dreamed. He can perhaps say that some bad person came into the room and wanted to take the typewriter away from him. A 4-5 year old child understands that he had a dream and can even tell it, but most often he no longer remembers it, although he is still excited.

    In such cases, there is only one thing left - to calm the child, to console him. Give him a drink, straighten the blanket and remind him of interesting plans for tomorrow. Sit next to him for a while and you will see how he will soon fall asleep peacefully.

    If the child cries too much and continues to be frightened by something even after you approach him, you need to take other measures. The dream could have been a nightmare. It is very likely that in a dream he saw you in a grotesquely distorted form, looking like some kind of terrible animal. And now, half asleep, although he recognizes you, he still cannot rid himself of the night vision.

    In this case, wake the child completely, turn on the light, and if necessary, then the radio, give him a caramel and tell him that he has nothing to be afraid of, that everything is fine and his mother is nearby. When the baby has completely calmed down, explain that he just had a bad dream, but in reality nothing like that happened. And don't leave your baby until he falls asleep again.

    The second point concerns the reason that causes bad dreams in children.

    We know that dreams occur in the so-called light phase of sleep, that is, either immediately after we fall asleep or before waking up. If a child is very tired or overexcited, his sleep will not be deep throughout the night, and he may have a lot of dreams, and, as a rule, bad ones.

    We often don’t even notice how many factors influence the psyche, and therefore the dreams of a child, how much can greatly worry him. The more demanding we are of a child, the more insecure he feels.

    Few people have colorful and beautiful dreams. Many people simply don't remember them. Almost everyone has dreams; they just disappear from memory immediately after waking up. Dreams are a part of human life. It's just not that well studied yet.

    Breathing disorders during sleep with snoring and apnea - you dream that you are suffocating, there is not enough air, there is a strong fear of death.

    Read more about dreams foreshadowing illness here.

    Overeating before bed

    negatively affects metabolic processes in the body. The brain experiences overstimulation and cannot adjust to the correct night mode. Hence the unpleasant dreams.

    External stimuli

    , such as cold, stuffiness, loud sounds, pungent odors, uncomfortable bed, bright light are woven into dreams, turning them into horrors.

    Severe emotional shock

    on the eve or long before the nightmare - an accident seen, violence, bullying, etc.

    Creative personalities

    They often see nightmare scenes in their dreams because they tend to spend most of their lives in a fictional world. Having well-developed intuition, they are able to foresee in their dreams possible and not always favorable scenarios for the development of events.

    Drinking alcohol before bed

    , drugs, caffeine-containing drinks.

    • eating fatty and spicy foods, especially at night. As you know, spicy food increases body temperature, which significantly speeds up metabolism. And this in turn prevents you from fully resting;
    • sleeping position. It often happens that a person just needs to change the room or move the bed, and the nightmares recede. Therefore, if dreams disturb you, then try to change your place of rest first. Maybe at this stage you will be able to avoid problems;
    • excessive alcohol consumption;
    • excessive physical activity, which has a negative effect on the adrenal glands. In this situation, the adrenal glands do not control the process of sugar utilization, which leads to a decrease in blood glucose levels, and as a result, poor restless sleep;
    • taking certain medications;
    • diseases that increase body temperature. Most often these are colds and flu.


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    What vegetables can you eat at night? Banana is the best choice. They contain tryptophan, magnesium and potassium, which promote either relaxation or the production of serotonin. In fact, bananas are the best food to eat before bed. Bananas are practically guaranteed colorful dreams.

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