Do dreams come true in the morning or not: what morning dreams can mean

Even though sleep is a common phenomenon that we experience every night, it remains a mystery. Images in dreams can be so vivid that they don’t leave your head for several days. But dreams in the morning occupy a special place among them. The fact is that by this moment the body and mind have time to relax and relieve excess tension, opening access to the subconscious. And, as you know, it knows everything.

Did you have a dream in the morning and remember it? - So it contains some kind of sign for you. But do not rush to consider the dream as prophetic: the day of the week is of great importance in interpretation.

So, I had a dream in...

On Monday

Monday is associated with such a capricious planet as the Moon, and its energy can pull out emotional and psychological problems from the depths of the subconscious. Therefore, if you cried, screamed, or experienced other intense emotions in a dream, do not rush to interpret them literally. Most likely, this only means that you have been accumulating them inside for a long time and now all the negativity has simply come out. Be glad that this did not happen in reality.

Special attention to dreams on Monday morning should be given to those who were born on this day: their images may turn out to be prophetic.

Dreams come true today

Why do you dream from Saturday to Sunday?

The picture seen tells about people who play a leading role in the dreamer’s life, or his secret desires, which he successfully suppresses. A dream with a pleasant emotional coloring promises good changes, an unpleasant dream promises exhaustion. The fulfillment of sleep should be expected before lunch.

Interpretation of dreams on the 27th lunar day

The dream is intended to rid the dreamer of erroneous ideas about his life. It demonstrates the depth of differences between illusion and the real state of affairs. Such dreams can only be beneficial if they are interpreted correctly.

Dreams on the waning moon

A dream on the waning moon belongs to the category of cleansing: it indicates that it will soon lose value in real life. Only dreams with negative content come true: they carry a good meaning.

Effect of January 10th on sleep

The picture you see may represent future troubles: losses, financial difficulties, quarrels, illnesses. Such dreams come true with high accuracy within a few weeks.

On Thursday

On Thursday, events are ruled by Jupiter. Dreams on this day “manage” career and professional activities. If you dream of a pleasant plot in which you yourself are the main participant, then you are on the right path. If you are just an observer or have seen something bad, maybe you should reconsider your attitude towards making money.

A favorable aspect of the day is the opportunity to find a way out of a confusing situation. You can see a person who will help in the near future. Or the subconscious will give you the hint you've been waiting for. Don't delay - this is a chance to solve the problem.

What time should you go to bed to get enough sleep?

The table takes into account your wake-up time and an additional 15 minutes to fall asleep.

What time do you need to go to bed to wake up refreshed?

Rise time5 sleep cycles6 sleep cycles

On Saturday

Saturday is under the auspices of Saturn, which has powerful energy. The energy of the day can awaken the subconscious and as a result, on Saturday morning you will have a prophetic dream. If the images evoked strong emotions, were vivid and memorable, they cannot be ignored. Most likely, they want to warn you about something.

Often it is on Saturday that people have dreams about impending disasters and problems on a global scale. Of course, you shouldn’t interpret the pictures literally, but you still need to think about it. If you were happy, then most likely you will be. If you were scared or cried, there may be trials ahead.

If you had a dream in the morning, will it come true?

There are different beliefs associated with dreams. One of the most common: dreams are visions of a wandering soul, torn away from the body and traveling to otherworldly worlds. That is why plots are considered meaningful, carrying clues or predictions of the future. But a special place is given to morning dreams, when the first rays of the sun have just barely appeared on the horizon.

Does the morning dream come true or not?

So does the morning dream come true or not? To answer this question, you need to understand the simplest thing: in the morning the subconscious is open, since the tension of the previous day has gone away, giving way to pleasant relaxation. Therefore, you should not ignore morning dreams. But exactly how to interpret the plots depends on many factors. In this case, not only the days of the week can influence, but also the state of the dreamer, events in the family, society, etc.

When interpreting dreams, it is important not to focus on the negative and not to attach great importance to images. Relax and try to trust your intuition. In the end, this is only your subconscious and no one can fully unravel the plots that appear in it.

How to use the dream book

Type into the search bar or find by letter the main image of the dream and familiarize yourself with its meaning.

The main image of a dream is a dreamed object, phenomenon or living creature. This is what I remember most about what I dreamed about, or around whom or what the events unfolded.

In addition to the main image, pay attention to the details of the dream. They help to decipher the dream in more detail.

When you have prophetic dreams

On certain days of the year, one may have prophetic dreams - dreams in which the events exactly occur in reality. The greatest likelihood of seeing such a dream is on New Year's Eve, during the Christmas holidays - between the Nativity of Christ (January 7) and the Epiphany (January 19).

Morning is a mystical part of the day

Many are accustomed to believing that the most mystical, mysterious time of day is night, when unknown creatures hide in the darkness, and the world is immersed in the power of something alien. But this attitude is formed by mass culture: ancient peoples looked at the mysticism of the day from a different angle.

They considered the most mysterious morning, and early, at dawn. The transition time from darkness to light - 4.00, is still given a special meaning in many cultures and is considered as borderline. That is why morning dreams, as presented in dream books, often carry a prophetic meaning and are fulfilled either partially or completely.

Ancient peoples explained it this way: during sleep, the human soul breaks away from the body and goes to other worlds, comprehending the meaning of existence, revealing the facets of reality, gaining the opportunity to see the past, present and future. During the day, even if people sleep, this does not happen: it’s not the right time, and dreams are much shorter than those at night. The soul either remains in the body or hovers above it, not traveling anywhere.

At night we sleep soundly and much longer than during daylight hours. Souls have the opportunity to escape and fly away, but the process takes a long time. Most nightly dream plots are opaque, vague and confusing: the dreamer is on the edge of worlds. The soul finally leaves the physical body and gains freedom of astral travel only in the early morning. That’s when clear, clear, often prophetic dreams come.

Could this be a disease?

In most cases, the chaotic wandering of images in your head does not pose any threat. The problem can arise if you confuse a dream and a hallucination. This is not such a rare story as it might seem. More than 12% of people experience hypnopompic hallucinations upon awakening.

They differ from dreams in their frightening realism. Waking up from even the most vivid dream, a person realizes that the pictures in his head are a game of the mind and fantasy. In the case of hallucinations, even by opening the eyes, a person can see images - faces or monsters; hear sounds - dialogues or a phone ringing; feel the touch - of someone else's hand or giant insects. The sensation can be neutral, terrifying, or a pleasant experience.

Psychiatrists consider such hallucinations as normal. However, too “real” sensations at the moment of awakening often accompany really serious problems: narcolepsy, anxiety disorders, depression.

Value by day of week

To understand the meaning of the morning dream, the day of vision is crucial.

  • On Monday
    important messages arrive, often coming true in reality;
  • Tuesday
    brings stories that have a high probability of coming true over the next week and a half. If, after the expiration of the period, nothing of what was seen happened, then the message is empty;
  • Wednesday
    is a double day. Dreams that come at this time have a fifty percent chance of coming true;
  • Thursday
    brings visions that almost never come true and do not carry a certain meaning;
  • Dreams on Friday
    often come true, especially those related to love relationships;
  • Saturday
    brings prophetic dreams;
  • Dreams on Sunday
    morning partially come true. Moreover, there is a belief that Sunday dreams come true either in an hour or a year later.

And yet, not all morning dreams are prophetic. Our ancestors believed: only what was well remembered and brought vivid experiences will come true, everything else is an empty rethinking of reality. If you dream of something good, don’t tell anyone about the plot. Then the likelihood of the dream coming true increases significantly. And so that the morning prediction never comes true, turn all the bed linen inside out or have time to tell the dream to many people before lunch. Rely on your own hunch: it will tell you the true meaning of the subconscious message.

When do prophetic dreams occur?

Let's talk a little about prophetic dreams: when you dream about the days of the week on which you are most likely to see them. Let’s think about what this phenomenon is, where it comes from, and why we have prophetic dreams quite rarely and only on certain days.

Prophetic dreams can be literal or symbolic. Literal dreams include those prophetic dreams that will soon come true in real life. In symbolic dreams we see some symbolism, clues, signs. Symbolic dreams do not come true, but often the signs that we saw in such a dream help us in real life. They warn against dangers, show the way, etc.

Let's figure out what days of the week and year prophetic dreams occur.

Holiday week. We are most likely to have such dreams during the holiday week from January 7 to January 19. For several hundred years now, it is believed that during this period the border between worlds is practically erased, and in dreams we can be visited by relatives or friends who have gone to another world and predict our future fate. In general, on any holiday from the church calendar a prophetic dream can appear.

Sleep from Thursday to Friday. From many people you can hear the following phrase: On the night from Thursday to Friday, dreams come true. Is it so? And does this happen every night from Thursday to Friday? Christians believe that dreams on Friday nights on the eve of church holidays are prophetic. And there are 12 such Fridays a year:

  • The first is in the first week of Lent;
  • The second will be on April 7, on the eve of the Feast of the Annunciation;
  • The third - precedes Palm Sunday;
  • The fourth - before the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord;
  • The fifth is before the Trinity;
  • Sixth - before June 7 (before the Nativity of John the Baptist);
  • Seventh - before August 2 (precedes the holiday of Elijah the Prophet);
  • Eighth - before August 28 (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary);
  • Ninth - falls on the eve of September 19 (the day of Archangel Michael);
  • Tenth - before November 14 (day of Saints Cosmas and Dimian);
  • Eleventh - Good Friday, on the eve of January 7;
  • Twelfth - immediately before Baptism, i.e. before January 19th.

Attention: this means the nearest Friday before the specified holiday! For example, Trinity in 2022 falls on Sunday May 27, which means the next night for a prophetic dream is from May 24 to May 25.

Whether this is true or not, everyone can check for themselves. Just try to remember your dream these days, every detail, every sign, symbol and then find the appropriate interpretation in the dream book and project it onto the current reality. The result will amaze you!

Before going to bed, take a notepad and pen and place it next to your bed so that at the right time you can immediately write down what you see. Just remember one thing - there is no clearly established time frame for when what you see will come true. This happens differently for everyone: for some, the embodiment into reality occurs within a few days, while others wait for years.

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