Dream Interpretation: won money in the lottery, win money in slot machines, a lot of money. Dream interpretation

Winning the lottery is a fairly positive dream with an interesting and multifaceted interpretation. The main meaning of such a dream can be considered future changes and unexpected significant events. However, what is evidenced by the fact that the dreamer won money, according to dream books and interpretations of authoritative psychologists and esotericists, we will analyze in this article. The details of the dream will help you understand the signals of the subconscious.

Winning in a dream means losses in reality

The gypsy dream book regards winning at slot machines as a warning: vanity and arrogance can cause a quarrel with a friend. If you don’t stop behaving like a “person of royal blood,” you risk not only breaking off your relationship with a loved one, but also being branded an arrogant and prude.

Recalculating the amount of a prize in a dream is a symbol of lost funds in real life. You should not place bets or invest money anywhere in the near future - it will not only not bring you the desired profit, but will also bankrupt you, the oracles warn, explaining why this is a dream.

What does a dream about winning money mean - 33 interpretations

If you dream of winning money, it means that in reality the dreamer will experience high profits and increased prosperity. The sleeper can also count on meeting influential people and rising up the career ladder.

Interpretations of a dream about winning money depending on the details

Depending on where the money was won:

  • machines - to manipulation by other people,
  • devices - to overcome difficulties in various areas of life,
  • in a casino - to spending other people’s money for your own purposes,
  • playing cards - possible violation of the law.

Depending on the action:

  • to see - entertainment awaits the sleeping person,
  • to win - to unexpected rewards for your efforts,
  • playing means the opportunity to find happiness.

Depending on the size of the winnings:

  • large - to the dreamer’s ability to benefit from any business,
  • large - to gain power and love,
  • huge – to establishing trusting relationships with others, strengthening positions in society,
  • jackpot - an unexpected offer to earn money.

Depending on what exactly you are dreaming about:

  • a lot of coins are pouring in - the dreamer should learn to realistically assess the situation.

TOP 3 negative values

  1. A winning lottery ticket promises the dreamer betrayal by a partner; a young girl should take a closer look at her fiancé, who may be cheating on her.
  2. Receiving a lot of banknotes as a result of a drawing indicates possible problems associated with difficulties at work and loss of reputation.
  3. Playing dice for money in a dream can mean finding yourself in a situation involving fraud and deception.

TOP 2 positive values

  1. Breaking the bank while playing roulette is a reckless act that will nevertheless bring material benefits.
  2. Receive money from a poker game - to true friends who are ready to help.

Miller's Dream Book

  • a prize won in cash equivalent - to the high status of the sleeper,
  • to win money in a casino - the dreamer will experience material well-being,
  • play the lottery and become a winner - to a high financial reward for the work done,
  • watching someone win means an invitation to a fun celebration.

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Freud's Dream Book

Winning money in a dream, according to a psychoanalyst, means the need for love and affection.

Interpretation of the dream depending on the place where you managed to win:

  • in a casino - indicates that the dreamer admires people who are completely unworthy of this,
  • into the lottery - a sign that you should switch to solving your own problems, and not devote all your energy to completing free orders.

Vanga's Dream Book

A dream about winning suggests that someone close to you is flattering the dreamer, while harboring a grudge. After such a dream, a Bulgarian soothsayer advised to take a closer look at the people who surround the sleeping person.

Dreaming of winning money means receiving undeserved recognition after an easy victory. Also, such a dream can portend serious financial losses and expenses.

Winning at a casino means fleeting fun, which will lead to loss of reputation.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Winning quizzes and becoming the owner of money, according to Tsvetkov, is a dream as a warning about the need to think carefully about recent proposals. If you were offered easy money, then you should refuse, because there is no confidence in its legality.

Loff's Dream Book

According to David Loff, such a dream can portend new acquaintances with good, worthy people.

  • if a guy who was previously married has a dream, it means the resumption of a love relationship with his ex-wife.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Receiving paper banknotes as winnings in night vision means you need to make an important decision in the near future. Risky business will end in success only if thoughtfulness and careful calculations are made.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

A dream in which the dreamer became a winner in the lottery and received a cash prize speaks of his inner need to communicate with authoritative figures. However, if a person succumbs to their influence, this can lead to negative consequences.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

The psychologist deciphers winning in a dream as futile efforts that will not bring any wealth to the dreamer.

Longo's Dream Interpretation

If the dreamer wins the required amount of money, then in reality he will be provided with financial support from the outside.

American dream book

Interpretations according to the American Dream Book:

  • if you dreamed that you were holding winning lottery tickets for which you could get money, it means that the dreamer will soon have long troubles,
  • to see another as a winner - for an upcoming meeting with old acquaintances whom the sleeper has not seen for a long time,
  • a dream with large sums of winnings - to fraud, achieving profit through dishonest means and its possible loss.

Dream Interpretation Kananita

Simon the Canaanite deciphers such a dream as the revelation of long-standing and very unpleasant secrets.

Dream Interpretation Veles

According to Veles’s dream book, winning in any form, including a cash prize, promises disappointment and tears.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

If you dream about winning money after a lottery in reality, it means good luck. If a person played roulette before such a dream, you should prepare for unpleasant surprises and losses.

Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

The interpreter considers such a dream as a good sign; the dreamer will emerge victorious even from the most difficult situations.

English dream book

Receiving a cash prize in a dream indicates the imminent appearance of a child.

If the dreamer in reality has difficulties with the law, then the court will decide in his favor.

French dream book

If you dreamed of receiving a win in monetary terms, this is a sign of worry and anger. If the dreamer counts the bills before picking them up, then soon prosperity will come to his house.

Modern dream book

According to the Modern Dream Book:

  • winning euros means changing jobs,
  • monetary gain in general - to a risky business that the dreamer decides to undertake,
  • if a significant amount is won - a pleasant gift.

Dream book of the 21st century

According to the dream book, receiving money as a result of playing slot machines indicates a successful streak in life, both in the professional sphere and in family relationships.

If the dreamer wins at cards, he is surrounded by devoted close people who will support him in future minor failures.

Chinese dream book

According to the Chinese Dream Book, receiving paper bills in night vision is a sign of great happiness.

Also, the interpretation may depend on the time of year when you had the dream:

  • in spring or autumn - for successful events,
  • in winter or summer - to financial difficulties.

Muslim dream book

Interpretations of the Muslim dream book:

  • winning in the form of a certain number of coins - a warning that the dreamer must think about his every action,
  • the prize is represented by money that does not exist in reality - to dangers and difficulties in the near future.

Slavic dream book

Winning money in a dream is a good symbol; the larger the amount, the more opportunities will open up for the sleeper.

Hitting the jackpot in a dream means the rapid development of your own business, which previously only brought losses.

Family dream book

According to the Family Dream Book, winning can symbolize prosperity. If the dreamer received a large sum from a lottery ticket in a night vision, great success and achievements in various fields of activity await him.

Esoteric dream book

According to the Esoteric Dream Book:

  • dreams of winning money - to quick losses and misfortune,
  • winning a slot or gambling card game means a whole series of failures.
  • if a married girl saw in a dream that her husband received money after a draw, in reality he could be fired.

Love dream book

Winning with a cash prize in night vision is a sign of the quick elimination of problems that have been bothering the dreamer for a very long time and seem insoluble.

Dream interpretation by days of the week

Interpretations of the dream depending on the day of the week when you dreamed it:

  • on Monday - long shopping trips, purchasing digital equipment,
  • on Tuesday - warns of the possibility of dishonest use of the dreamer’s good name,
  • on Wednesday night - intrigues of envious people,
  • for Thursday - you should not overly help your work colleagues, because they are simply using the dreamer for their own selfish purposes,
  • in the evening before Friday - the dream warns that someone is trying to negatively influence the sleeping partner,
  • on Saturday - to quickly receive significant profits and/or change jobs to a higher paying and less labor intensive one,
  • on Sunday - for entertainment, fun and noisy events.

Dream book for women

  • for an unmarried girl, a dream about a big win is a sign of unfulfilled desires and unjustified expectations,
  • if a woman is married, then the dream may indicate her husband’s infidelity or her frivolity, which will cause family troubles,
  • For a virgin or bride, the plot where the winning ticket was given to her by her beloved guy speaks of the superficial feelings of her partner.

Dream book for men

  • If a married person sees gold coins as a win, then in reality a large fortune awaits him.

Lunar dream book

Depending on the phase of the moon, night vision has the following interpretations:

  • on a new moon, a dream means a risky event that should be agreed to with great caution,
  • in the phase of the old Moon - to meet friends soon,
  • on the full moon - to wealth and material wealth.

Spring dream book

Interpretations of the dream book depending on the type of game:

  • winning money in chess - some kind of pleasure awaits the dreamer in the morning,
  • playing cards or dominoes - to success in business, even those that seemed losing.

Summer dream book

The summer dream book contains the following interpretation: if you dreamed of a big win, then in reality the dreamer will experience large losses.

Autumn dream book

If in a dream a lottery ticket brought a large amount of money to the dreamer, it means that you can expect a material reward.

Home dream book

According to the Home Dream Book:

  • winning money in dominoes means receiving an inheritance from a distant relative,
  • playing cards - to a clash with deceivers and hypocrites in a professional environment.

Alphabetical dream book

  • if the winnings were obtained as a result of playing roulette - to the loss of funds,
  • after a card game - to administrative penalties,
  • a plot where the dreamer counts the money he has won - to troubles and misfortunes.

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Time to make plans

Miller's dream book, deciphering why you dream about slot machines that you fill with coins, claims that this is not the best prophecy. However, there is no need to panic either. Stories of such content hint that a good period is coming, not for implementation, but for planning.

If you have any ideas, now is the time to start developing them - be it a business plan or a creative project. You need to visualize what you want, evaluate your capabilities, discuss financial issues - these actions will indicate weaknesses and allow you to strengthen them.

The collapse of illusions will darken your life

A bad omen is a picture in which you see yourself robbing slot machines in a dream, warns the Summer Dream Book.

Breaking, destroying, or damaging automatic game libraries for the purpose of profit is a sign that you will encounter disappointments and total bad luck. All hopes will be in vain, dreams will be illusory, and efforts will be in vain.

Quarrels, insults and other troubles

Seeing slot machines broken or broken in a dream is a signal that you will face resentment, conflicts and problems in relationships with people around you.

The interpretation of a dream about how you wander through an abandoned gambling house among “mechanical robbers” and furniture piled up in one heap is a symbol of cooling feelings, lack of positive emotions and disappointment in someone who recently seemed ideal (friend, boss, chosen one) .

Why dream of taking chips or coins out of a broken machine? Such a vision promises a quarrel with a loved one because of your greed.

If you dream about winning money

A complete description of the dream on the topic: “If you dream of winning money” with an interpretation from astrologers for people.

Winning in a dream often promises a favorable course of affairs and is a symbol of well-being and security. However, sometimes the dream book interprets such a vision as a warning to avoid risk. Details will help you correctly interpret what this sign means in dreams.

General value

Did you dream that you won big in the lottery? This means that in reality you will receive a large amount of money. Seeing your prize in a dream means success, wealth, prosperity ahead.

The interpretation of dreams about winning is sometimes just the opposite and foreshadows a real loss. If you dreamed of receiving the amount you won, recalculating it, planning how you would spend it, losses await you in reality. The dream book is categorical: you should not take what you see in a dream literally and risk your last money!

Why do you dream about winning the lottery? According to Miller’s dream book, this means winning on the stock exchange, but the process itself will bring anxiety to a person and confuse him.

Winning a car marks an improvement in the dreamer's affairs. There will be a good time to implement plans, a favorable combination of circumstances, unexpected help or a salary increase.

Friends, acquaintances

Winning at cards in a dream indicates: in reality you can rely on your friends - they will always support you. However, at the same time, prepare for losses. To see that someone else is lucky means a meeting with a group of friends and entertainment.

Winning the lotto means worrying about people who have unreasonably gained the dreamer's trust. The dream book advises: try to realistically evaluate your friends in order to form an adequate opinion about them.

Why do you dream about winning a car? Soon there will be a joyful meeting with someone close who has long been lost sight of.

Wealth, business sphere

A dream about an unexpected win in the lottery promises the sleeper pleasant surprises regarding money. He can open a business based on some of his talents. The dream book recommends: feel free to start a new business, even if it is somewhat risky, but the result will please you.

In addition, winning money in a dream is a harbinger of success in life and business success. New projects will turn out to be profitable; it is only important to carefully consider the ways of their implementation. An unexpected promotion is possible.

Such a sign in a dream can mean the same probability of success or failure. The dream book emphasizes: when starting a new business, you should be on the alert, invest money carefully, calculating all the risks.

If you dreamed that you won a large sum of money at a casino, and its employees do not want to give it back, in reality the employer will either delay your salary or try not to pay it. It's also unlikely that people who borrow money from you for a short time will pay it back on time.


The dream book sometimes interprets a dream about a large cash prize as communication with dishonest individuals, so you need to be more judicious when making new acquaintances in order to protect yourself from scammers. Be careful, because after some event your business or reputation may suffer.

Why dream of winning at slot machines, but not getting that money? Stop relying too much on the honesty of your business partners. It is better to document everything, then you will be able to avoid losing your investments.

A big win in a casino in a dream foreshadows complications with the law, which will still be successfully resolved, although it will cost a lot of work. Therefore, try to avoid any kind of adventures. For a woman, the plot in her dream signals: she needs to reevaluate her behavior, since from the outside it looks vulgar.

Why do you dream of losing your winnings? You will take someone’s important promise lightly, and then you will repent and worry. The dream book advises: make informed decisions, but if it turns out that you did something wrong, reject empty regrets, because they are in vain.

If in a dream you were lucky enough to win money, especially big ones, do not rush to rejoice. Better yet, be patient and take a close look at your surroundings. Often such a dream is interpreted as a topsy-turvy dream. That is, a big win, especially in a gambling game, can result in trouble in the real world. The dream book has different opinions on this matter, but only one’s own intuition will help to explain exactly what such a dream means.

For players

If you are a gambler who spends his time in casinos and slot machine halls, then it is not surprising that in a dream you can win big money. But this does not mean at all that Fortune will smile on you in reality.

Most likely, this is just a reflection of the desire to get a luxurious and carefree life without making any effort. In this case, the dream is a warning that it is time to change your way of thinking and your habits. Otherwise, the Mistress of Fate may treat you extremely harshly.

It's better to lose in a casino

But why have such a dream if you don’t even think about gambling? Here the dream book offers several interpretations. The very fact that you were in a casino in a dream can signal your subconscious desire to live a more colorful life. Perhaps pleasant company and exciting leisure time await you in the near future. But only if you dreamed that you were just watching the game.

While in a casino in your night dreams, it is better to lose than to win money. Do not forget that this is a shapeshifting dream. If you dreamed that you won a lot of money, then you will be disappointed in a loved one, waste and troubles of varying severity. Receiving a win in a dream can mean losing a lot of value in reality or receiving unpleasant news.

Fortune, lottery...

Another situation is that you dreamed that you won money in the lottery. The dream book recommends treating such a vision as a sign of caution. Lovers should take a closer look at their other half; perhaps she or he is not reliable and honest enough with you.

Winning money in the lottery also means meeting treacherous people, but losing is a signal of the need to reconsider your life principles. If a woman dreams of winning the lottery, then the dream book interprets it as too frivolous behavior, and the desired relationship as unstable and superficial.

Challenging card games

Why do you dream of making a profit when playing cards? Here the dream book recommends exercising maximum caution. Apparently in the real world there are people who control you spiritually and physically.

Playing cards in itself means serious changes in life and not always for the better. Depending on personal circumstances and the characteristics of the game, winning money at cards can symbolize both victory over enemies and the etherealness of some ideas. Most likely, difficult trials lie ahead, but you will endure them with honor.

Fate's Clues

There is another interpretation of why such a dream occurs. In some cases, winning a lot of money in the lottery can actually mean making a profit. Such dreams also contain special clues.

These are numbers, combinations of numbers, card suits and other signs that the subconscious gives. If possible, they should be remembered as best as possible. According to the dream book, there is a possibility that one day they will point to a specific number or date. And in reality you will receive a real gift from Fate, although not necessarily in material terms.

Miller's Dream Book

win money in a dream

Winning money in a dream is a symbol of wealth, self-sufficiency that you currently have, or that you will have in the future, well-being. But such a dream can also warn you of major losses and various troubles. If you win a lot of money, then this is for love and power.

Vanga's Dream Book

what does it mean to win money in a dream?

Winning money means that people around you see you as a kind, generous person who will come to the rescue in difficult times.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

win money according to the dream book

Winning money in a dream may indicate minor reasons for concern. Also, he can bring you great happiness and pleasant changes in your personal life.

Muslim dream book (Islamic)

win money according to the dream book

If in a dream you dreamed that you became the owner of gold coins that do not exist and there are more of them, then there is cause for concern. If they do not differ from the real ones, then this dream suggests that you should solve your affairs gradually, and not all at once.

Freud's Dream Book

Why do you dream about winning money?

According to Freud, money symbolizes sexual energy. If this money was won by you or given by someone, then this means that you lack love, sex and joy.

Loff's Dream Book

win money according to the dream book

Winning money, the circumstances under which it happened, its source are worth remembering better, because it can predict favorable news, blessing. Also, the dream may represent a renewal of a relationship with someone or a rise in emotional strength.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti

what does it mean to win money in a dream?

If you win gold money, then you have important things ahead of you, but they will not be profitable for you; silver money symbolizes wasted troubles, and copper money symbolizes upcoming troubles. But still receiving and winning money predicts an increase in your family affairs and personal affairs.

English dream book

what does it mean if you win money in a dream

To win or receive money from someone can indicate the birth of a child. The matters you are deciding will turn to face you, that is, the dream is for the benefit of you and your affairs.

Love dream book

what does it mean to win money in a dream?

If you acquire money, then the dream predicts well-being, freedom from the troubles that bothered you. Gold money conveys wealth.

Be prepared to be surprised

But what explanations do dream books offer if you dreamed of slot machines that do not give out money, but something else.

Did you beat the machine and it gave you some food as a prize? Someone will surprise you with a gastronomic dish or invite you to an expensive restaurant.

Receiving alcohol as a gift means pleasant surprises, excitement and entertainment. And if you received a valuable trinket, it means that some completely predictable event will receive an unexpectedly pleasant continuation, radically changing your plans for life.

Winning the jackpot in a dream

I dreamed of unexpected luck

Don't rush to go all out. Dream interpreters will tell you what to do. On the one hand, if you dreamed that you won a certain amount, then now you will be able to benefit from any business.

Interpreters also warn that winning in a dream is a sign that you should refrain from risky actions.

Gustav Miller's prediction

A prize won in a dream, according to Miller, means the dreamer’s current high status. Even if things aren’t going well right now, this dream is a warning that your material well-being will improve in the near future. The amount of material wealth will directly depend on what a person won in a dream. The more money the better.

A lot of money received in a dream is a symbol of power and love in real life.

True, Miller also said that such dreams can be a harbinger of great losses and mistakes.

Dream book of the seer Vanga

According to this dream book, winning money in a dream means that the dreamer is valued and respected in certain circles. This vision suggests that the people around you trust you, appreciate your responsiveness, and are confident in your support.

Dreaming of winning a large sum

What other dream interpreters will say

Many interpreters consider the question of what a monetary win might mean in a dream. Some predictions completely cancel out others. To understand and make a correct forecast, you need as much detail as possible from your night vision.

Modern dream book

In general, seeing a large sum of money in a dream, and especially euros, means changing jobs.

Further, the dream book gives conflicting predictions:

Love dream book

Win gold coins in a dream

Any victory in a dream with a monetary reward means that you will be able to deal with troubles that have been haunting you for a long time.

Why do you dream about winning gold coins? To the acquisition of material well-being in real life.

Interpreter Meneghetti

Winning money in a dream means success either in the family or at work. It is important that you remember which coins you received as a reward:

Interpreter of Sigmund Freud

Money, as a symbol of sleep, has a sexual connotation; it denotes a person’s sexual energy.

When in a night vision you managed to win or receive a certain amount of money from another person, then you lack love and affection from your loved ones.

Muslim dream book

Winning at cards in a dream

When a person dreamed that he had won a certain amount of coins, then, according to this dream book, the dreamer should resolve all his affairs slowly and thoroughly.

If the winnings were in a currency that does not exist in real life, then the dreamer should be extremely careful, trouble awaits him.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why do you dream about winning money? This night vision is a sign that luck is on your side. Success will accompany you both in business and in family affairs.

If you had to get money for playing cards, then the dream shows: you have true friends who are always ready to help. But at the same time, a series of failures awaits you, you will suffer material losses.

Why do you dream of winning money at slot machines?

1. Why do you dream about winning money at slot machines? 2. Why do you dream about winning money at slot machines? (description by day of the week) 3. Why do you dream about winning money? 4. Why do you dream about winning the lottery?

1. Why do you dream about winning money at slot machines?

Slot machines in a dream symbolize intrigue and manipulation. Moreover, they will not try to control you for personal gain. The goal will be an event that will benefit everyone around. Therefore, even if you discover methods of influencing you, do not create scandals. People reach good goals in different ways.

Another meaning of such a dream is corporate secrets. Perhaps your competitors will try to find out through you very important information that could allow them to lure away clients. The dream warns of intrigues that your friends will weave, trying to take possession of an expensive thing or property.

2. Why do you dream about winning money at slot machines?

(description by day of the week)

Sunday Monday. The dream promises a troublesome and long time spent in stores and shopping centers. Perhaps the goal will be to buy a computer or some kind of digital equipment. A prosperous period for choosing a new phone or camera.

Monday Tuesday. You will be angered by the unceremonious use of your name in an unsightly light. It is possible that you will be passed off as the culprit of unlawful actions, so you will have to undergo lengthy explanations and administrative penalties are possible. In this regard, there will be conflict situations with slanderers and scandals.

Tuesday Wednesday. You will fully experience the effects of someone else's envy. Moreover, people may not only envy you, but also try to influence you, use spells or drugs. Limit your circle of contacts to only trusted people.

Wednesday Thursday. Your enthusiasm will inspire your colleagues to come out without a twinge of conscience. You won’t notice this right away, requests to finish something or help sort out a backlog of things will be so skillfully crafted. Help as much as you can, your reward will definitely find you.

Thursday Friday. Reason to be wary. The dream promises that your other half will be used by an insincere and cunning person. Perhaps your spouse will fall under the influence of an insidious person who will extract a lot of money from him and at the same time ruin your nerves. Or, on the contrary, the wife will be carried away by a cold-blooded tempter whose goal will be property - a car or an apartment.

Friday Saturday. Winning on slot machines in a dream predicts you a high position at work in the future, a high position in society. It’s just up to you to decide which way you will achieve it. The dream promises that sycophancy and servility will raise your rating in the eyes of your superiors, but you will lose the respect and friendship of your colleagues. Think about whether you need victory at such a cost.

Saturday Sunday. A weekend dream does not often come true, and most likely promises entertainment, noisy company, and festive events. Your relationships with friends may undergo changes, as a result of which only real, sincere people will remain nearby.

3. Why do you dream about winning money?

Your money winnings in a dream have different interpretations. A large amount of money, a lot of bills, large, and in bundles, promise troubles, losses, damages in real life. But small bills, pennies, small amounts of money in a dream in reality prophesies profit, even if small, but real.

4. Why do you dream about winning the lottery?

A lottery win in a dream denotes an alarming or incomprehensible situation in life. The girl needs to pay attention to her fiancé after such a dream. The guy may not be as reliable and respectable as he seemed. Men should expect treachery from their partners. There is a possibility of finding yourself in a hopeless situation, which will lead to a tarnished name in the end. Such a dream promises the risk of earning a bad reputation in the eyes of your friends, because you will let them down and will not do even the minimum for the necessary help.

The dream warns against investing in business, undertakings, and new projects. They will not bring success; investments will burn out before they bring any income. Buying a lottery ticket in a dream is a sign of financial losses in real life.

Visiting a casino in a dream

Even if you just walked around the casino in a dream and watched others play, this vision speaks of your desire to diversify your drab everyday life. Dream books believe that soon after such a dream you will have the chance to have fun in good company.

It is believed that if you decide to play slot machines, then it will be better for you to lose money than to receive it from the administration of the gambling establishment. Interpreters unanimously declare that such dreams are shapeshifters.

The bigger the win you can dream of, the worse. In reality, you risk incurring losses and becoming very disappointed in the person you trusted. If you dreamed of losing, then in reality you should win.

In a dream, you won, but your employees are dragging their feet on paying the money? You will encounter similar troubles in reality. Your friend won’t repay the debt, your boss will delay your salary, or won’t give you the bonus you were hoping for.


Why do you dream about slot machines: interpretation in various dream books

According to dream books, slot machines do not have a single interpretation. To more accurately determine the meaning of a dream, you need to understand the details of what is happening and your feelings. In this article we will analyze the details of the dream and turn to well-known dream books.

If you dreamed that you were playing slot machines, you should expect problems soon. They will be associated with your ignorance of the necessary facts.

Interpretation of a dream depending on its details

  • If in a dream you happened to play slot machines, then in life expect unexpected problems associated with ignorance. It is recommended to postpone ill-considered transactions and refrain from large purchases for this period. Also, such a dream foreshadows the possibility of becoming a victim of scammers,
  • Winning a large sum of money in slot machines in a dream means losing friends. Possible deterioration with relatives and colleagues,
  • Losing at slot machines in a dream portends good news or unexpected support from a friend,
  • Being in a room with slot machines in a dream promises a good opportunity to prove yourself in life. If you skillfully take advantage of such a life chance, your cherished dream will come true,
  • If in a dream you really want to play slot machines, then this is a sign that in life you want to escape from responsibility. The responsibilities assigned to you bring a lot of discomfort into your life.

Miller's Dream Book

According to psychologist G. Miller, seeing slot machines in a dream portends some life difficulties. They are mainly related to professional activities. The dream book recommends paying attention to your surroundings, since there is a high probability that you are being deceived and taken advantage of financially. If you lose money, then get ready for everyone's disapproval.

Vanga's Dream Book

According to Vanga’s dream book, slot machines in a dream promise the discovery of new opportunities and the attainment of a cherished dream. The dreamer’s determination will be able to take him beyond his usual life and help him establish a stable material status. Losing a lot of money in a slot machine means being deceived by loved ones. Winning at slot machines means getting material capital that should be invested in a promising business.

Freud's Dream Book

Freud believed that dreaming about slot machines foreshadows a great time. The dreamer expects new acquaintances and intimate relationships that will bring him a lot of pleasure. For a woman, such a dream means that her current lover is using her. This companion is not faithful to her, which will soon be revealed in the same way. For a young girl, such a dream promises the wrong choice of a man. It is recommended to think carefully about your decision so as not to cause yourself mental suffering.


Analyzing this dream, we can come to the conclusion that this hobby, both in life and in a dream, is a game. People create illusions to escape their daily worries. Such a dream tries to protect us from rash actions that will have irreversible consequences.

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