How to interpret a dream about a trifle (56 meanings according to dream books)

Money is the subject and concern of many people, so it is not surprising that in a dream people continue to do with it the same things they do during the day. Usually they find money, are surprised that it is not there, steal it and very rarely give it back. Meanwhile, this is one of the most favorable dreams. Remember why and in what quantity you shared bills, coins or currency.

Where to start?

According to tradition, the interpretation of a dream begins with a general interpretation. So, any money symbolizes time and energy. If you dreamed about small things, then there is a clear lack of vitality, material resources and time.

Sometimes small money is associated in a dream with emotions and tears. The dream book reminds: collecting money literally means accumulating small problems, grievances, or, on the contrary, valuable acquisitions (experience, knowledge).

Try to remember exactly how many coins you saw. Their number will indicate how many days or months are left before some important event.

Miller's Dream Book

The psychologist associated coppers with a leak of vital energy:

  1. If you saw it, you won’t be able to reach mutual understanding with your superiors, or at home with your loved ones. Lack of care and attention.
  2. Lost - a minor failure will quickly be erased from memory.
  3. If you passed by on the street and didn’t pick it up, you can easily get out of a conflict situation.
  4. False, fake - excessive gullibility. People often lie.

They counted the pennies in their own wallet - they are capable of self-restraint for the sake of a high goal.

Think about it...

Did you dream that you started collecting small change from the ground? A period of great opportunity is approaching.

Pay attention to exactly how many coins you were lucky enough to pick up from the ground in your dream? If there were a lot of them, then you will be able to use every chance you get wisely and significantly improve your life.

Seeing that very few small things have been lifted from the ground means: a grandiose plan, despite colossal efforts, will lead you to real bankruptcy. The dream book suspects that the reason for the defeat lies in the initially incorrectly chosen direction of activity.

Decoding details

Experts pay considerable attention to subtleties. The following questions are considered fundamental:

  1. What were the coins like?
  2. Where were they?
  3. What's happened.

Scattering on the ground means disaster. On the road - bitter disappointment. Hearing the ringing of iron means unpleasant news; gold - to the desired letter, receipt of an important document.

So many


  1. A pile on the floor is a reproach for a tendency to idleness. Laziness turns away from opening prospects. This way you can skip everything in life. Wake up.
  2. An incredible mountain of coppers is disrespect for one’s personality. Ready to work for free or for symbolic remuneration. And those around you shamelessly use kindness. Until you change your attitude towards yourself, you will not achieve the desired level of income.
  3. A lot of different things (metal and paper) - wealth, accompanied by personal problems.

Bags filled to the top represent overcoming sorrows. The more there are, the more serious the tests left behind. There is a reward ahead. A small bag means tears. But moisture will flow from the eyes with joy.

One or more

A certain amount means:

  1. A single penny is a pleasant signal for people dreaming of offspring. Soon the wish will come true.
  2. Two are false relationships. For single people - finding a soul mate.
  3. Three - wish fulfillment.

1 Soviet kopeck is a harbinger of news from the past. They considered something lost, lost. In fact it will come back. You will be glad.

Color meaning (yellow, white, silver, gold)


  1. Only white - for testing. Show strength of character.
  2. Yellow - to fleeting joy.
  3. Gold - luck is nearby. But she needs to be caught.
  4. Silver - for an unplanned trip, vivid impressions.
  5. Copper - good prospects for creative realization.
  6. Iron - advice to save. Soon you will want to buy something big.
  7. Darkened modern or ancient - quarrels.
  8. Pure - well-being achieved through hard work.
  9. Dirty - failure.

Various things mixed together - a cycle of events. The positive ones will be followed by the bitter ones, then vice versa. But luck will always be with you.

What does the denomination say?

If you clearly saw the numbers, then look at the forecast:

  1. The smallest (pennies) are chores, everyday duties.
  2. Rubles - troubles due to forgetfulness. Fail to fulfill your promise and you will receive a reprimand.
  3. 5 rubles - make a wish. There is a chance.
  4. 10 - great prospects.

Small pennies - small things, large ones - the development of the situation. Strange, the kind that doesn’t exist in reality while you’re in the clouds. It's time to put aside your dreams and get to work. Very big - blow. At first you will be upset, then you will realize that everything happened for the better.

Action Recognition

Detailed actions:

  • to win - to endure hardships;
  • wash - to the deceased;
  • swallow - to sudden enrichment;
  • picking up from the ground - poverty;
  • to divide is a scandal;
  • hiding is to your advantage.

Swallow gold - use the chance to the fullest.



  1. Picking up at home or on the street - material well-being will linger for a long time.
  2. Collecting coin rarities brings profit.
  3. Picking up the scattered ones means losses.
  4. They wanted to pick it up, but woke up - beware of deception.
  5. Raking in handfuls means a well-deserved reward.
  6. Collecting from a cemetery means an unprofitable investment. Refrain from any spending.

The entrepreneur faces ruin. Try to check your partners and protect yourself from competitors.


If you're worried about having little income, it's time to stop wasting energy. The plot is favorable for start-ups, changing jobs to a higher paying one.

If you find a shortage, be careful with your payments. The receipts are a mess.

If you count, but the money doesn’t run out, take a rest and relieve overwork.

Spouses go through things together - they will quarrel over capital. They believe that everyone will want to buy something of their own. We need to come to an agreement.

To count is to be a careful owner. Rational behavior is the key to great success in the financial sector.

They give

On the subtleties of the picture:

  1. Receiving a salary in small things will make you disappointed to the point of tears. The employer will cut your salary and give you less bonuses. The next morning, clear out what you have accumulated from your wallet and give it to the poor. Correct the negative outlook.
  2. Surrender means squandering. Control your expenses.
  3. The dead man is drawn to illness, in general. Taking from a deceased husband means the need to remember, order a prayer service. The soul cares about you, worries from heaven. A deceased mother offers a gift to a woman; for a man - to sadness.

Sometimes the deceased directly indicate the presence of internal complications. For example, a girl who committed suicide gives a penny - hidden depression harms the body.

Give away

You can't waste money. This is not good. Specifically:

  1. They gave it to a woman - someone would ask for a loan. Irrevocably.
  2. The man was told that there were troubles in the work process.
  3. They poured handfuls of it on unknown people - leading to poverty through their own fault.
  4. Putting it on the grave means a joyful change.
  5. Throwing into a fountain means unexpected happiness. And to get it is to great satisfaction.
  6. Throwing it far away, out the window or into the sea - means travel. Spend money, but you will gain impressions.

To give to a dead person means liberation from sin. They have already done something good, for which there is a non-material reward.


A positive sign. A find to profit in reality. Found a gold one - an inheritance. Finding a few rubles means a small bonus or winnings.


Immerse yourself in sad memories. A waste of time. You can’t return the past, you can’t correct mistakes. Engage in positive work.


The problems that have bothered you in recent days will disappear. Loss marks the passing into oblivion of disturbing circumstances.


What matters here is who exactly stole. If you were involved in theft, you will get into dangerous difficulties. Stolen from you:

  • release from boring obligations;
  • desired breakup;
  • getting rid of debts.


Dropping it by accident and immediately picking it up is a refusal of the request. Support will not come in a difficult situation.

Scattered, scattered intentionally - you will cause moral or material damage to loved ones out of ignorance.

Reading a magic spell for money and throwing away change - black witchcraft is to blame for the current need.

Pay up

Calmness will become part of everyday life. You will understand that you worried in vain. To pay is to straighten a shaky position in the service.

If you had a chance to change for large ones, you will be able to use the current situation to your advantage.

Give to those in need

Giving alms means a bright period in life. You are already on the threshold. Giving to others means a general difficulty will arise.

Begging is not good. To change the current difficult situation, we need good advice. You can't do it yourself.

Gift of coins

Received from a relative, friend, acquaintance - you will attract good luck; from an outsider - you will be unpleasantly surprised. If you accepted it from a child or colleague, you will take responsibility for someone.

To give it yourself is to show mercy. You will have to firmly listen to someone’s complaints, calm them down, and wipe away their tears.

Where was the money found?

Holding it in your hands is an alarming signal. Only with titanic efforts will you be able to overcome obstacles. Silver in the palm of your hand - feel like a rich man.

Other places:

  1. A wallet filled to the brim is a small bonus.
  2. Finding it in a bag means obstacles on the love front. Unpleasant gossip.
  3. If you see him on the sofa, you will get sick.
  4. If you feel it in your pocket, you will be sad. Lack of money will bring grief. You'll have to borrow for the bare necessities.
  5. Piggy bank - collect for a large purchase.
  6. If you saw it in a bank, you will be faced with the question of defining new goals and life priorities.

Shiny fifty dollars in the water is an ambiguous omen:

  • in a pure state - there will be a reward for perseverance and integrity;
  • in the dirty - to losses, loss of authority.

Go for it!

Why do you dream if you still have to collect small change? In reality, do difficult work, but receive meager pay for it.

Collecting and counting pennies in a dream is bad. A period of lack of money, great stress and failure is approaching. According to the dream book, pennies also hint at excessive economy, sometimes bordering on stinginess.

Did you dream about a lot of penny coins? The plot is especially favorable for businessmen and promises the conclusion of important contracts, deals, the establishment of long-term connections and general prosperity.

Why do you dream about giving money? Interpretation of a dream

This vision indicates that in the near future the dreamer will expect losses or, conversely, gains, joy and honor. The exact interpretation of the dream depends on what you had to pay for in the store or why you decided to provide financial support to friends and acquaintances. Giving away big money in a dream is good if you do it voluntarily. Here are several interpretations of such a dream.

  • Giving money to children for pocket expenses means that in life you will teach them useful skills or do a good deed. The larger the amounts, the more valuable the experience you pass on to the younger generation will become. If the kids did not accept financial assistance or returned it or tore the bills, do not expect gratitude for the services provided - your work will not be appreciated, nor will your practical advice.
  • Giving relatives monetary gifts is a sign of providing services. You may want to make a favorable impression on others and be liked by those who are liked. However, giving change, especially in large quantities, to another person means complaints and tears. Perhaps the dreamer will have a significant reason for suffering.
  • Sharing money with parents and grandparents in a dream is an auspicious sign. You will earn enough to help others. A dream in which they asked for financial help indicates that soon you will have to give them not only money, but also share knowledge, time and attention.
  • Giving money, even small change in a dream, to brothers and sisters and cousins ​​is a sign of feeling guilty towards them. If these people depend on the dreamer or consider him an important person for them, then such a dream indicates a strong feeling that you are depriving them of time or not helping them financially. If brothers and sisters are older than the dreamer, then sharing material resources with them means resentment and great experiences, especially if they were small bills and coins.
  • Helping colleagues, classmates or classmates financially is a useless attempt to please. This dream predicts that you feel guilty towards these people or want to help them, not necessarily financially. The dream book writes that giving away a lot of money means an increase in salary or promotion. Sometimes a dream foreshadows unexpected joy or a valuable find. A trifle usually brings tears to your dreams.
  • Throwing coins to beggars on the street is a sign of boasting. This dream indicates ostentatious virtue or the desire to please those who few will appreciate generosity as you would like.

Pay attention to whether there are bills or coins left in the wallet or not. The dream book writes that giving all your savings and savings to other people is a favorable sign. This vision indicates that you will demonstrate all your talents and abilities, and will be able, if not to get rich, then to receive a worthy reward for your work.

If you did not manage to give all your savings, not everyone will appreciate the dreamer’s activities, especially if you had to give the funds into the hands of a stranger.

Attention! If they gave you back what you tried to give, expect humiliation and resentment in reality, unsuccessful attempts to impress.


Why do you dream if you happen to collect change in a piggy bank at night? The dream book advises to be patient. It will be a long time before your efforts pay off. This same vision symbolically reflects the accumulation of everyday experience, wisdom, and knowledge.

In a dream, are you unlucky to see that you have been saving for a long time, but the piggy bank still has very few coins? You are not yet ready to successfully realize your daring plans. Don't waste your energy and keep waiting.

TOP 10 negative meanings of sleep

What did you dream about?Decoding the dream
Copper finesAt risk of being robbed
RustyRegrets about missed opportunities
Change in a glass jarTo stagnation in business
In the pocketGossip
On roadTo an unsuccessful business trip
Give away changeTo quarrels over an unfulfilled promise
StealTo the period of financial problems in reality
Throw at someoneTo condemnation from others
Accept change from a dead personTowards a dangerous situation
From ex-partnerTo loss of self-confidence

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