How to interpret a dream in which a deceased aunt comes

The dream book will help you figure out why you dreamed about your dead aunt. Often, what is seen in a dream can be interpreted without allegory; at the same time, observant interpreters have noticed a stable meaning behind some symbols. What the plot is about in dreams sometimes concerns situations that require resolution. There are signs that can be considered warning signs.

What is the dream trying to warn about?

Predictions of what the symbol means in dreams contain warnings about one or another danger. According to the Esoteric Dream Book, the deceased aunt is trying to point out a serious mistake that the sleeper is about to make. Haste threatens to harm business or interpersonal relationships.

The appearance of an untimely departed aunt reminds you that you should be more attentive to your loved ones while they are around. The prediction for spring birthday people speaks of large-scale changes and the opportunity to start a new life.

Quality and quantity

Many interpreters and the dream books they compiled promise a favorable development of events when a stack of paper banknotes appears in a dream. Good changes will come if you manage to remember the denomination and numbers on the bills. Experts say that specific numbers can indicate important dates and events in life, hint at car or house numbers. Associations that arise in a dream can point in the right direction and lead to the right person.

Unpleasant changes are usually promised by dreamed coins. Metal money often symbolizes sadness and tears, and if the deceased sprinkles them on the palms of the sleeping person, then big troubles can be expected. A serious illness is indicated by a night scene in which the deceased falls asleep on his feet and legs with small change. This may also be a sign of poor old age, poverty, lack of outside help.

If a deceased relative gives away a whole chest of gold coins, you can find yourself in a very unpleasant and delicate situation.

Friends or close acquaintances who do not act very honestly towards the sleeping person will be drawn into the adventure in reality. You should take a closer look at your surroundings so as not to lose what is precious.

Copper or iron coins are a sign of deception. You don’t need to trust your deepest secrets even to your most faithful friends. Everything that is dear to the heart should only be kept in it. To avoid betrayal and disappointment, experts recommend putting several ordinary coins in your pocket in the morning and carrying them with you for several days. This ritual will also protect you from unnecessary expenses . Modern interpreters suggest paying attention even to what currency the deceased offered:

Much depends on the condition of the banknotes. New and clean paper symbolizes pleasant changes, benefits, decent earnings and good luck in the near future. Worn, torn and crumpled money portends dubious acquaintances, risky transactions, and possible losses. This is how relatives who have passed away try to protect their loved ones from possible troubles and losses or, conversely, help them not miss the chance to catch luck by the tail.

I'll get you out of the other world!

In the dream books there are explanations of why a deceased aunt dreams, with whom the relationship did not work out during life, and even in a dream she strives to make trouble, lecture, and be indignant. Often this is a typical shapeshifter: in reality, communication with others will be surprisingly pleasant.

This is not the only explanation why an angry deceased woman dreamed. Other interpretations do not exclude public reproach, family troubles, and troubles in everyday life.

General interpretation

Nightly stories involving deceased relatives mostly evoke mixed feelings. As a rule, their images appear in dreams in order to warn and caution the living , and to predict important events. You should listen to such signs.

Many interpreters agree that it is impossible to take any things or objects from the dead. However, there is an exception: if the deceased gives money, dream books indicate favorable developments in the near future. The exact decoding depends on the details, so you should pay attention to the following points:

Nothing dangerous is predicted by a dream in which banknotes are handed over by blood relatives - mother or father, grandmother or grandfather. Large bills are considered a favorable sign; pleasant changes should be expected if these people did not know need during their lifetime.

Deceased relatives rarely disturb their loved ones in night visions, but their appearance portends major changes. If you take money from your deceased father in a dream, then you will soon have a chance to receive a large sum, and this will not require much effort. Perhaps this will be a win or other unexpected income associated with an unexpected offer to take a good position.

If the deceased mother wanted to give the paper bills, you won’t have to worry about financial troubles in the near future. The sleeping person will have a well-fed and prosperous life; substantial income in the form of an inheritance is also possible.

Deceased parents in dreams are considered a very important image. If the father and mother look healthy, calm, and smiling, then the changes will be positive and not only in their financial situation. The sleeper is not threatened with health problems , family troubles and losses. But if close relatives looked sick, tired or sad, in no case should you accept money from them.

If you still had to take the bills, you should think about the so-called karmic debt. To avoid suffering or need in the near future, you should definitely go to church and light a candle for the repose of your deceased parent.

If a grandmother or grandfather gives money, it means that you will have to face difficulties and obstacles, but you will be able to overcome them with honor and dignity.

Life didn't prepare me for this

Some dream interpreters contain unexpected explanations of why it happens to see a dead aunt in a dream:

  • Be prepared for an unexpected visit from guests;
  • Hugs portend a carefree holiday away from home;
  • If you managed to kiss her, a big profit is coming;
  • A drunk relative symbolizes someone else's secret or alcohol abuse;
  • If your aunt dreams of being pregnant, considerable amazement lies ahead;
  • Sex with her means competition for your loved one.


It’s even better if you dreamed that you received something from the deceased to the bar. The dream book believes that the positive meaning of the dream in this case increases.

But giving, putting things in the coffin of a deceased aunt, going with her or answering a call are very bad signs. After such dreams, you should exercise maximum caution and take care of your health.

The dream book interprets in approximately the same way a dream in which you saw a dead aunt swearing and making trouble. This is a clear sign of impending danger.

What did we talk about?

Almost all dream books claim that what was said by the deceased should be taken literally, therefore it is advisable to remember the content of the dialogue in as much detail as possible.

What to do if you happen to promise something that cannot be fulfilled in reality? The dream book suggests asking someone whose opinion means a lot to you. Even if you haven’t had to communicate before, this person will pay attention and try to give a detailed answer.

Why do you dream about a dead aunt?

To find out the meaning of a dreamed relative, you need to turn to the interpretation of dreams. The events seen are interpreted without allegory, but some situations have a metaphorical meaning. If a person faces difficulties in life, he tries to unconsciously deal with the situation in a dream. An attempt to deal with the problem is displayed as symbols.

One of the explanations why the deceased aunt dreams of being alive is strong family ties that do not disappear after death. The soul of a relative who has left the deceased body appears alive in a vision in order to get a chance to spend a little more time together with a loved one or to warn him against impending misfortunes.

The deceased appears within 40 days after the funeral. Then the visions occur less frequently and have a specific semantic meaning.

A vision of the death of a relative who is actually alive means that her life will be long.

Exchange of material goods

If you are lucky enough to receive a gift from the hands of the deceased, the dream book promises excellent health, and the dreamer’s health will not let him down for a long time. If you have to sacrifice something, overwork threatens to result in problems in the body.

Auntie’s request suggests that in reality one of his friends and relatives needs help, which he is embarrassed to talk about out loud. For those who are starting a new project, the dream interpreter recommends checking the calculations again to make sure that there is enough information.

Negative predictions and warnings

In a dream you can see warnings concerning not only yourself, but also your relatives. For example, if a deceased friend tries to give money to someone they know, illness and minor troubles await them.

The one who is actually alive, but appeared at night in the form of a dead person and tried to give away the bills, warns against financial difficulties. You may have to cut expenses and give up your usual lifestyle. The streak of failures will be short-lived if you make an effort and return to your previous level of earnings. Most likely, the sleeper will lose a good job, but these difficulties are only temporary. Many dream books predict trouble for women and girls if they see the following:

A dream on the eve of an important and responsible event foreshadows its outcome. So, if the money was stained or torn, shame, bad luck, and failure of plans await you in reality. What you planned will not come true, you will not be able to fulfill your promises to others. Because of this, conflicts with others, loss of friends or business partners are possible. Brand new banknotes that the dead man showers on the dreamer foretell great success.

A particularly negative symbol is a coffin with a deceased person, from which the sleeper independently tries to take money. This is a prediction of a sharp deterioration in health, financial difficulties associated with purchasing medications and paying for treatment.

It is not recommended to pick up objects or things that the deceased has dropped. The ban also applies to coins. If this happens, then hopeless situations await the sleeper. Even the best friends will refuse to help in a difficult situation. Money found by chance during the burial process symbolizes great changes. This is a favorable sign, suggesting that a very lucrative offer will arrive in the coming days. You should not be afraid of change, otherwise you may miss out on prospects.

Mood above all else

Forecasters often clarify what mood the deceased aunt was in in a dream. Gloominess promises another funeral, most likely it will be a distant elderly relative. Revitalization suggests that the dreamer is able to overcome troubles.

If you remember silence, in reality gossipers and envious people can do a lot of trouble. Interpreters offer a truly wise solution: do not let strangers into your plans. If only pleasant emotions were present in the dream, what you saw is a good sign.


If you dreamed of an aunt, remember how she behaved:

  • She was sad and sad.
  • Cheerful and cheerful.
  • She was furious.
  • She was talking about something.

Usually, a dear aunt symbolizes guests, family chores, housework, sometimes the pre-holiday bustle, and the arrival of loved ones. If the aunt was sad and silent in a dream, then this often promises bad weather (snow, rain). If she was in a great mood, then this means well-being and satisfaction from some business or your action.

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