How to interpret a dream about genitals - 50 exact meanings

A dream about a male organ reveals the dreamer's energy, vitality and sexual power. Whether it is a symbol of negative meaning depends on who exactly dreamed about it. For men it often brings experiences, but for women it gives the beginning of a new life.

Options for interpretation

  • Male penis in Miller's dream book
  • Interpretation of a dream about a penis in Vanga’s dream book
  • Member in the Islamic dream book
  • Who had the dream?
  • To an unmarried girl
  • Pregnant
  • Married woman
  • To a man
  • Interpretation of sleep in detail
  • Husband's penis in a dream
  • A dream about how a woman's penis has grown
  • Dream about a small penis
  • Cock with sperm in a dream
  • Blood on the penis
  • Small dick
  • Dream about oral sex
  • Dick fell off in my sleep
  • conclusions

We’ll tell you what exactly it will bring to you in this article.

Genital organs according to the online dream book

If you dreamed about your genitals, it means that you are not happy with how attractive you are to the opposite sex.

Genitals of the opposite sex symbolize attraction to new relationships.

If they are dirty, you may become a victim of gossip.

Injured - there is a chance that you will get sick.

A dream in which male genital organs appear promises you variety in your sex life and a new successful experience.

They are also evidence of troubles in business

Seeing a man's penis in a dream foretells the dreamer new achievements on the love front, for mature people

If you dreamed of a woman’s genitals, intimate problems await you and you will feel incapable of anything.

If at the same time you have difficulties at work

Interpretation of a dream about a penis in Vanga’s dream book

For a young woman, the dream foreshadows unpleasant relationships, after which she will be ashamed. For a married woman, seeing a genital organ means a long-awaited pregnancy. If a woman dreams of a penis who has not had sexual intercourse for a long time, this is a reflection of her condition. A dream of a grown penis on a woman’s body warns of difficulties in which she will have to take responsibility for herself and her family.

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Genital organs according to the Universal Dream Book

Why so much fuss about genitals? Some people don't consider them a very beautiful part of the body, but they are very functional!

If you saw genitals in a dream, first of all, you need to pay attention to the circumstances of the dream. For example, do you defecate? This suggests that you need to get rid of emotional arousal. Is the dream telling you that you need to let go of the past? Should I remove it from my life?

If in a dream you saw the genitals of the opposite sex, what did you feel when you woke up: envy or relief? If there is envy, the dream suggests that you would like to have the advantages that the opposite sex has. If there is relief, then you are glad that you are who you are. In a dream, did you see the genitals of your gender?

Whose organ did you dream about?

The owner of the dignity makes adjustments to the recognition of the plot. An individual who displays his “wealth” will soon influence events. But the nature of his intervention is shown by plot features. Let's look at the most common cases.

A phallus without a corresponding body is a call to courage. Take on the role of leader in a situation that will prove important in the coming days. It is usually suggested to join the work process in order to improve your position.


If you see your partner’s organ, it’s a hint. We need to spend more time together. You will be able to strengthen your marriage and breathe new life into it. Soon your everyday life will sparkle with completely new colors.

For a widow to see the member of her deceased husband - to a new spring, harmonious relationships. Contrary to popular interpretations, the plot does not predict anything bad.


Get ready for positive changes. Perhaps the partner decided to diversify his intimate relationship. Be ready to experiment.

Genital organs according to the Islamic dream book

One who feels in a dream that his sexual organ is exhausted, he has, in all likelihood, caused harm to people, and for this reason they slander him and invoke the wrath of the Almighty.

If he sees his genitals cut off and thrown far from him, he will die and have no offspring. This dream could also foretell the death of his son.

If he has only one daughter, and he sees his genitals cut off and attached to his ear, his daughter will have an illegitimate child.

For a representative of the government to see a genital cut off means the loss of his post, and for a warrior it means defeat.

If someone sees himself castrated in a dream or castrates himself, he will suffer humiliation.

If a man intends to entrust a secret or give something for safekeeping to someone, and if he sees a castrated man in a dream, he must refuse to carry out his plan. However, they say that if anyone sees himself at the moment of castration, he will receive the mercy of Allah.

If a sleeper sees in a dream a castrated man unfamiliar to him in the guise of holy people and speaking wise words, let him know that an angel has come to him with a warning or good news.

If a sleeper sees himself in a dream unable to urinate, this foretells that he will be unable to ensure his existence.

If someone sees in a dream that he has difficulty urinating, it means that he has a debt hanging over him that he cannot pay. A swollen scrotum portends wealth, and the one who sees such a dream should beware of the envy of his enemies.

Man size

It should be noted that for the correct interpretation of the plot seen, it is important to remember the size of the dignity.


Why do you dream of a large male penis? In fact, there is nothing vulgar in the interpretation of such a plot.

Long but thin - the vision warns of an approaching illness.

Smeared penis - the interpretation warns that the dreamer should be more careful, since in a person’s life there is a person who is very angry with him and seeks with all her might to cause him harm.

To flirt

To see a wound in a given organ in a dream - the vision portends illness. For some, a night dream indicates that the person will actually be humiliated and insulted.

Touching your husband’s penis in a dream - the vision promises the appearance of a love affair in a person’s life, which will only be flirtation and will not lead to marriage.

To look and not touch it means that the plan will not come true.

Male testicles portend material well-being in real life. It is important to note that the larger the body, the greater the financial income.

Genital organs according to Danilova’s Erotic Dream Book

Apart from the explicit sexual content, the female genital organs can be considered as a symbol of a woman’s reproductive function, and also, if used in an even broader sense, as a natural creative force. In any meaning, this symbol will have such an interpretation that the organs act as producing something new. But this interpretation can hardly satisfy our needs in studying the essence of the unconscious.

Regardless of the gender of the person who sees this dream, its meaning is that the unconscious requires the introduction of new elements into life. The circle of things and people in which you exist no longer satisfies you; you are simply bored with it. You strive for something that can give you something new, which will give meaning to your entire existence, give you a full sense of the world and a feeling of joy and well-being. The old age and decrepitude of your mental state is compensated by the unconscious in a dream, but you need to understand that this is not enough. After all, the instinctive sphere cannot fully function if consciousness turns away from it: a conflict arises in the psyche, which is easier to prevent than to overcome later, wasting precious energy and time. Thus, your search actually becomes a search for yourself in another, which is exactly what the unconscious requires of you.

According to the theory of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, hollow and round objects seen in a dream symbolize the female genital organs, and all elongated and sharp objects symbolize the male genital organs.

Dreams associated with intimate parts of the body, as a rule, have their source in the deepest experiences of the individual. Being sexually charged, the dream makes us understand that everyday hardships, even those that have no connection with the intimate aspects of human existence, leave a deep mark on all components of the psyche. This also applies to dreams in which a person seems to be losing what is most precious to many. This suggests the conclusion that the loss of genital organs symbolizes the deprivation of something close and dear. In life, we always have to lose something, sacrifice something, which we later bitterly regret. Without realizing some losses with our minds, we still feel it with the unconscious part of our soul, which is why regret is expressed in such dreams.

The stronger the negative emotions associated with the disappearance of the genital organs in a dream, the more significant the reason that caused the appearance of this phenomenon on the horizon of the unconscious state in which the person remains during sleep. The release of psychic energy into sleep requires that a person find the source of its occurrence and take certain measures to bring his mental state into balance. This is the only way to ensure the normal functioning of thoughts and sensations without harm to yourself and others.

Why do you dream of genitals according to Miller’s dream book?

According to Miller, such a dream predicts separation from loved ones.

Interpretations depending on which reproductive organs you dreamed about:

  • with an intimate haircut - to joy;
  • with pus - to problems due to gullibility;
  • in mucus - to gossip;
  • in the blood - to flirt.

Depending on the dreamer’s actions:

  • looking at the genitals means doing hard work;
  • stroking them means deterioration of well-being;
  • kissing - to important changes in life;
  • wash - to make a profit;
  • shaving - to the end of a period of bad luck;
  • hold in hands - to stress;
  • sew up - to career growth;
  • cut off - to illness.

Depending on what happens to the genitals in a dream:

  • they grow hair - to successful purchases.
  • change color - fortunately;
  • increase in size - to reconciliation with an ill-wisher;
  • covered with a rash - to betrayal of a loved one;
  • swell - to a pleasant acquaintance;
  • separated from the body - a change in priorities;
  • wrinkled - to fatigue.

It is important to know

Dreaming of multiple genital organs means disappointment in loved ones and a period of loneliness.

Depending on the day of the week:

  • on Monday the genitals dream of negative changes;
  • on Tuesday - to concern for loved ones;
  • on Wednesday - to reward for work;
  • on Thursday - to losing in gambling;
  • on Friday - to intrigue in the team; on Saturday - to improve the quality of life;
  • on Sunday - to achieve goals.

Depending on the time of day:

  • In the morning, the genitals dream of legal proceedings;
  • during the day - to the betrayal of a loved one;
  • in the evening - to stagnation in business;
  • at night - to problems in relationships or separation.

Depending on the phase of the moon:

  • on a full moon, genitals to the desire to achieve popularity;
  • on the new moon - to a change in lifestyle;
  • on the waxing Moon - to get rid of debts;
  • decreasing - to open conflict with an ill-wisher.

For men:

  • a married man dreams of genitals as a sign of unplanned expenses;
  • divorced - to danger;
  • for the groom - to conflict with the bride’s parents;
  • for a single guy - to the emergence of a new hobby.

For women:

  • a married woman dreams of genitals as a sign of fatigue from the monotony of life;
  • divorced - to difficulties in business;
  • elderly - to self-doubt;
  • to a virgin - to vain worries;
  • for the bride - to loss of reputation.

For a man

An extremely positive sign. See for yourself :

  1. For a married person - to harmony in the family, progressive career advancement.
  2. Single - to popularity among women.

A foreign organ is interpreted according to the identity of the “owner”:

  1. The other guy is a sign of uncertainty, unsteady ground underfoot.
  2. Wives are dizzying bed experiments.
  3. For a young or adult woman - a meeting with an attractive person.

Sexual visions are often realized directly. Sucking is a dream - invite your friend to diversify the pleasures, she will agree.

If you show dignity to others, then do not be afraid of public speaking. Fail. A “baby” in shit is a huge wealth; standing - a feat of labor; black - breaking up with your lover.

Crippled (cut, bitten off, wounded) - to sorrowful experiences. A project that seemed promising will turn out to be a failure. Do not trust partners or colleagues who promise to put mountains of gold in your wallet.

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