Why does mom dream: what does the dream mean, interpretation of the dream and choice of dream book

  • August 15, 2018
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  • Liliya Chuyas

Mom... So much warmth, tenderness, support in one short and so dear word. From the moment she was born, she has always been with us. Mom will never allow you to stumble or make the wrong decision, even when you are separated by hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

What if I dreamed about my mother in a dream? Many dream books interpret this differently. However, the main point is in the details of the dream. What does the dream in which your own mother came warn about? Interesting?

Do you have any doubts?

Why do you dream about your ex-girlfriend’s parents? The dreamer's fears, doubts and insecurities manifest themselves in this way.

Did you happen to see the girl's father? In real life, you have to put aside your own affairs and take care of other people's problems.

If a girl’s mother appeared in a dream, then you need support in a difficult undertaking.

According to Miller's dream book

What does Miller's dream book say? A mother who appears in the house predicts a positive result in any business that begins.

Talking to her in a dream is good news.

If you dreamed of a sick mother, it means sadness and sorrow.

If, according to the plot of the dream, your mother is calling you, it means that you are left alone and have chosen the wrong path in your affairs.

If in a dream you hear your mother crying, this means a serious illness or misfortune that threatens your life.

What they were doing?

The dream book reminds that the interpretation of characters is directly dependent on their actions.

  • They scold you - pay attention to other people’s opinions.
  • They praise - take into account the interests of others.
  • They argue - decline, dissatisfaction.
  • Beating is an internal protest.
  • If you get sick - troubles, delays, obstacles.
  • Dying means loss of money.

However, the dream book advises linking dreams in which you happen to see living relatives of your ex with real circumstances. But the deceased relatives of a woman you no longer meet always warn of changes in your dreams.

According to Vanga's dream book

Vanga's dream book is interpreted by mother as a prophecy for your family.

If in a dream a mother appears the same as she looks in real life, then you should not expect serious drastic changes soon. But intra-family relationships should be adjusted and improved.

If you saw your own mother crying in a dream, this is a bad sign, foreshadowing a serious major conflict and disintegration in the family. Such a dream plot gives you time to prevent unpleasant situations.

If in a dream your mother beats or scolds you, it means that misfortune will soon come to your family. Moreover, you will consider yourself guilty. However, in reality, in the upcoming negative event there will only be victims, not perpetrators.

If in a dream your mother sings a lullaby to you, it means that you are completely absorbed in your career, and your family requires attention. Don't miss the chance to save your family and the trust in it. This dream plot can also be interpreted as the need for care and support on your part for your mother. Perhaps the connection between you and your mother through the subconscious has broken through into your dreams. The signal is being sent: pay attention to your mother. Maybe at this moment she needs your support more than ever.

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