Why do you dream of another city: interpretation of the dream, its meaning and choice of dream book

Miller's Dream Book

Seeing another city in a dream means a forced change of place of residence, a move due to unfavorable events in the life of the sleeper. A psychologist interprets such dreams as any changes in life, and whether they will be positive or not depends on the emotions of the dreamer and the entire plot of the dream.

Why dream of going to another city and experiencing joy? Such a dream is a shapeshifter and predicts failures, disappointments and disappointed hopes. Conversely, complete success is foreshadowed by a dream in which a trip to an unfamiliar city evoked negative feelings or was not done at will.

An unknown city in a dream indicates the sleeper’s desire to travel and frequently change places. Also, such a vision speaks of a person’s desire to start his life anew, with a clean slate.

Walking around an unfamiliar city and admiring the sights is a sign of the fulfillment of an old dream. If another city turns out to be dirty, gloomy, with narrow dark streets, it means that the dreamer will be destined to find himself in a difficult, dead-end situation in real life.

“Why do you dream about a city in a dream? If you see a City in a dream, what does it mean?

ABC of dream interpretation

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The city is an image of the dreamer himself and his relationships with the people around him.

Seeing your hometown means longing for childhood, for parents; an alien, deserted city - a search for the meaning of life.

A big city with a lot of people is a difficult job to do.

A destroyed city means losses, blows of fate.

Assyrian dream book

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If a person in a dream enters the gates of his city or leaves them (leaves or arrives) - no matter where he turns, no matter what he undertakes, he will not achieve what he wants.

Idiomatic dream book

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"Ghost town" is something vague; “city (secular) person” - sovietness; “the city of my dreams” is what you need; “blue cities” are a symbol of romance.

Italian dream book

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The city is a composite, multivariate symbol, the meaning of which is determined by specific circumstances and actions. Often denotes childhood, a specific place, a group of friends or partners, first attachments, or the family of origin. In addition, this image is the main code that serves to indicate the situation in the present. This image works so that the past teaches the present.

The city is a symbol of another civilization, ideology or morality that the subject seeks and prefers.

If a city is familiar and defined geographically, it carries anamnestic specificity.

Maly Velesov dream book

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The city is a disease; come in - your plan will come true; burning - illness, hunger, war; crowded - good, success; rich - prosperity; unfamiliar - complications at work.

Muslim dream book

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For worldly people, seeing a city means peace and security, and for religious people it means abstinence.

Newest dream book

What does the City mean in a dream?

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Seeing the city at night means a secret romantic date; in the afternoon - to monetary expenses, and the purchase of things (entertainment, services) is not relevant for you on this day.

Psychoanalytic dream book

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The geometry of the city reflects the geometry of consciousness. The situation of reality and morality.

The city system can be linked to history and can therefore be represented as frozen time from the past to the present.

The dead city is a situation of existential or clinical depression, symbolism of the completion of one of the stages of individuation. It is believed that even in a hopeless situation in such a city, one can find positive signs (light, sound, color of the sky), indicating a possible way out of the situation and prospects.

The unknown city is a departure from the situation into a constructed reality, the adoption of a different model of consciousness or Self.

The underground city (metro) is the unconscious.

Underground urban transport symbolizes the energetic aspect of the unconscious.

Russian dream book

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Seeing an unfamiliar city predicts travel; getting lost in it means losing your position

Dream Interpreter

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Seeing a crowded and abundant city in a dream means prosperity and success in all matters; a city damaged by an earthquake - portends poverty, hunger and devastation; a burning city - portends illness, famine, war and pestilence.

Modern dream book

Find out what it means if you dream about the City?

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To dream that you are in a strange city means that some sad incident will force you to change your place of residence, and perhaps even your lifestyle.

Modern dream book of yogis

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The city is the world into which you will enter after earthly life.

Dream Interpretation 2012

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The city is a projection of what is going on in the soul; For interpretation, it is important what feelings and thoughts came to mind.

Dream book of the 21st century

Why did you dream about the City in a dream?

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A large and crowded city in a dream promises you prosperity and success in business in reality; a city destroyed by an earthquake is a harbinger of poverty.

Suddenly finding yourself in a foreign city in a dream means a sharp turn in life; if you are surprised that you are in a foreign city, then this turn will bring you a lot of anxiety.

Walking along a narrow alley in a dream means that you may find yourself in a difficult and unpleasant situation through your own fault.

Walking along it for a long time means a long period of stagnation and calm in business.

A dream about a wide city street is a harbinger of great opportunities ahead for you.

Seeing an empty street in a dream means wasting energy and time; seeing a lot of people on it means trouble; noisy city crowds on the streets mean fun and joy.

If in a dream you find yourself at a dead end, it means that you have to do useless work or engage in a futile business.

Being a city dweller in a dream means honor and glory.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

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A city in a dream is something alienated that the soul has left temporarily or forever and is watching from the side; your own body / arena of life, alienated from the sleeping consciousness, a world without a soul.

Unfamiliar, deserted, abandoned by the inhabitants - the image in which the soul of a deeply sleeping person perceives its own body.

A familiar city with empty streets and houses - one feels burdened by strangers and wishes them harm.

An unfamiliar abandoned city is being destroyed, dying - the world of your daytime consciousness is experiencing losses, blows; get ready for an update.

An unfamiliar city without people, but filled with different creatures - the revival in a dream of the strength of your body / your thoughts about the posthumous disintegration of the body, in general, something disintegrating in you.

In the unfamiliar and empty, to meet the only person is to be in the world of your past, alienated from the soul, from which you are expelled for life / rush into it secretly from yourself.

To suddenly find yourself in a foreign city in a dream and not be very surprised by this is a turn in life that will bring anxiety.

A very beautiful city with a lot of monuments of art to see - a world of your alienated and viewed from the side of high or low desires.

Walking through Gothic, medieval buildings with narrow streets is a way to discover your base desires, to see them from the outside.

To see a Muslim or Indian city with a lot of quaint buildings is to contemplate the world of your imagination.

Seeing Chinese or Japanese buildings on city streets is a symbol of the world of work, profit, and monetary relations.

Seeing noisy city crowds around means fun, joy / to be imbued with the bustle of life in a dream / to live thoughtlessly.

The city is burning - the image of your own body in a waking state / overwork / your body being destroyed by alcohol, drugs.

Dream book for a bitch

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City - big changes in life: at work, in personal life, a change of place of residence is possible.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of January, February, March, April

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Seeing the city in lights is a sign of revelry.

For rural residents, seeing the city means spending money.

Dream interpretation of birthday people of September, October, November, December

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Seeing a big city illuminated with lights in a dream means your life will change for the better.

Dream interpretation of birthday people in May, June, July, August

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Seeing a big city in a dream means a change of residence for a rural resident.

Dream Interpretation of Martyn Zadeki

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A burning city is a disease.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Miss Hasse

What does it mean if you dream of a City in a dream?

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The city is big - you will collect a lot of information; small - you will meet with the philistinism; build - you will be cheerful and happy; with many towers - you will start an unusual business.

Miller's Dream Book

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Seeing yourself in a dream in an unfamiliar city means; that a sad reason will cause you to change your activities, lifestyle, and even, perhaps, your place of residence.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why see the City in a dream?

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Seeing a crowded city in a dream means success and prosperity. Big city - you will collect a lot of information, seeing it from a distance is a vain claim.

If you drive into it, in reality you will be lucky to see many houses in it, then you will start an unusual enterprise.

If you dream of a small town, you will encounter a bureaucrat, complications in the service and an unexpected appointment. Seeing a city destroyed during an earthquake means poverty and hunger; rebuilding it means you will be cheerful and happy.

A burning city in a dream foreshadows illness in reality and enmity in the family.

Seeing yourself in an unfamiliar city means that you will have to change your job, address, and overall lifestyle due to a tragic event.

If you dream of a city being flooded by streams of rushing water, this means a catastrophe with many casualties.

If you dream that you have arrived in a port city, it means that you will soon have the opportunity to travel and make new discoveries, but you will encounter an obstacle in the person of a person well known to you.

Dream interpretation of a modern woman

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Building a city in a dream means fun and happy events.

The presence of many towers in this city is a sign of unusual undertakings.

Seeing yourself in a dream in an unfamiliar city means a change in activities, lifestyle or place of residence due to sad events.

Solomon's Dream Book

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City - prosperity; burning - illness.

Dream Book of the Wanderer

Interpretation of the dream: City according to the dream book?

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To see the city, to move through it, as a whole - the sleeper itself, one’s own experiences, states of mind, impressions, the course of affairs, plans.

A strange, unfamiliar city is a change in life.

Getting lost in a big city means troubles, worries, vanity.

Entering a new, beautiful place means accomplishment, achievement.

Dream Interpretation of Fedorovskaya

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Wandering around a city in a dream means unexpected events.

If you dreamed that you saw a burning city from a distance, you will soon have a commotion at home.

Freud's Dream Book

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The city is a symbolic image of a woman.

A walk or trip around the city symbolizes sexual intercourse.

A boat trip around the city speaks of the desire to have children.

A beautifully lit or decorated city speaks of good health and harmony in your relationship with your partner.

A dull, dirty or neglected city symbolizes diseases of the genital organs.

A view of the city from above indicates your penchant for admiring a naked female body.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

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Seeing a large city from a distance is a claim; if you enter - prosperity, accomplishment; many towers is an unusual undertaking.

An unfamiliar town - an unexpected appointment, a difficult position in the service; for a woman - a strange proposal.

French dream book

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Seeing a city you know destroyed by an earthquake in a dream predicts troubles, famine, war, and the cruelty of the authorities.

If the city is unfamiliar to you, all these misfortunes will fall on other countries.

A city damaged by a fire also dreams of great disasters.

Esoteric dream book

Meaning of the dream: City according to the dream book?

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To see a small city is a slander, a slander.

Big - job assignment, business trip.

Familiar from childhood - pay attention to your heart!

Walking around a small city - the gossip you spread will backfire on you.

For the big one, there will be adventures.

A friend I've known since childhood - very dangerous! Mortal danger comes from “dashing” people.

Exotic - a headache.

Erotic dream book

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Seeing an unfamiliar city in a dream means changes on the personal front. You will be able to peacefully break off long-bored relationships and soon find a new connection. Most likely, it will be short-term, but it will bring some variety into your life.

Online dream book

Meaning of the dream: City according to the dream book?

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The dream in which you see a city personifies the appearance of the author of the dream and his connection with people close to you.

More interpretations

If you saw your hometown in a dream, it means you miss your childhood and your loved ones.

If you dream of a large city with a large population, the dream promises you difficult work that you will soon have to complete. If you see it in ruins, expect a lot of spending, poverty and shock from fortune.

If you dreamed about a city at night, you will soon have to go on a very secret date, and if during the daytime, you will have purchases that you will not need at all on that day.

If he seems very suspicious to you in a dream, one sad event will contribute to your moving or even drastic changes in your life.

A dream in which you suddenly see yourself in a town that is alien to you - the dream book foreshadows very drastic changes in your life, and if you are also amazed by this, such changes will greatly worry you.

If you dream about bustling city life, you will soon become deeply imbued with the turmoil of life.

If in a dream the city is completely in flames, such a dream is interpreted in different ways: firstly, it shows the appearance of your body in a waking state, secondly, it speaks of your severe fatigue, and thirdly, it indicates that you are destroying your body with alcohol and drugs.

If you dream of a small town, you will have a meeting with officials and there will be some difficulties at work.

Walking around the city - do not think badly about people, do not encourage gossip and do not create speculation.

Flying over the city - it is quite possible that you will discover the gift of a writer who will help you put your feelings and emotions into a real work of art.

An unfamiliar city - whether the changes will be positive or will only worsen the current situation - depends entirely on your behavior.

A very beautiful city is a subconscious desire to make your life interesting and bright, full of all kinds of events.

Another city - a change in interests, which may entail choosing a different profession or exchanging housing.

A dream in which you see a foreign city means that the changes that have taken place will not bring the desired results.

A dream in which an abandoned city appears before your eyes means that losses and changes await you in reality. Be prepared to adapt to changing conditions.

Large city - for people living outside the city, it is possible to move to a large populated area.

The dream book promises the one who dreamed of a city at night - a spiritual life full of eternal values, provided that you pay attention not only to material pleasures.

Dreaming of a destroyed city means accidents and disasters. All your achievements can be mercilessly swept away by evil fate.

The new city is a symbol of renewal, fresh changes. You need creativity to fill your life like a life-giving sip of spring water for a weary traveler.

Family dream book

Finding yourself in another city is a harbinger of imminent unexpected events. If the locality is large, then this indicates the ambitions and strong desire of the sleeper for recognition in society. For a villager to dream about a metropolis, it indicates the futility of his hopes and desires.

Coming to work in another city means wasted efforts and work that will not be appreciated. Building a new city in a dream means participating in a profitable project in reality. Being in a strange or unusual city promises the sleeper to find himself in an absurd or funny situation.

The lighting on the street reflects the clarity of the events taking place. The brighter it is, the more favorable the dreamer’s state of affairs. Festive illumination or bright colored lights - to receive a pleasant surprise or the implementation of a plan.

Type of transport and travel companions

Riding a bicycle on your own is a decision that others will not support. Such a dream may indicate poverty, the vulnerability of your position and troubles.

The motorcycle symbolizes a courageous act that will not be accepted by the environment. Driving it independently through the streets of a city at night symbolizes excitement, change and a new hobby.

Riding a motorcycle with a girl or guy dreams of falling in love or a desperate act. Getting into an accident or disaster means ruin in your relationship with your loved one. Sometimes such a dream means the collapse of hopes and bold plans for the future.

If your bike won't start or runs out of fuel, you'll quickly run out of energy in dealing with obstacles. Developing speed on a motorcycle and seeing that it stands still, dreams of wasted efforts.

Driving a car means independence. The more expensive your car in a dream, the more favorable the opportunities will be. Traveling alone means showing independence.

Leaving your hometown for another means independently implementing your life plans. If another person was driving, he has influence on you, takes the initiative into his own hands and controls the situation. If it was a deceased person, beware of a car accident. Exercise caution while driving.

To be a passenger in your own car is to allow others to interfere with and control your life. Leading fellow travelers and family members means responsibility for the well-being of others.

If you are in a couple and riding in a car, look who was driving it. This person will be the leader in the relationship and its continuation or termination depends on him.

To steer yourself means responsibility for love and mutual feelings. Direction indicates your overall aspirations and plans. Going by car on vacation to another city or to the sea means a desire to live for yourself. Obstacles mean doubts and changes in intentions. An accident indicates a collapse of plans and a common future.

Public transport, a bus, means that you will be in the same harness with people. Pay attention to your fellow travelers. If you are familiar with them, the dream indicates the progress of a common cause.

Stops and voluntary exit from transport are dreamed of ending the situation. If you were thrown out of a pocket or a tram, it means that you will not be able to cope with difficulties. The bus often indicates connections with neighbors and friends.

The tram symbolizes calm relationships, a smooth flow of life and natural changes. The trolleybus symbolizes routine work, circumstances that cannot be changed. Seeing a horse or riding it is a sign of a romantic adventure.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Why do you dream about moving to another city? This is a symbol of an unusual incident in a person’s life, which will completely change his usual way of life and force him to change his environment. Getting lost among unfamiliar houses promises a lot of fuss and trouble.

Being in a quiet, calm city means that in real life the dreamer experiences peace and is in comfortable spiritual conditions.

Why dream of leaving for another city and seeing it destroyed? Such night vision reads a complete failure of the plans. Everything the dreamer counted on will collapse in an instant.

Seeing a flood in a city in a dream, observing its flooding, foreshadows a catastrophe or natural disaster in real life with casualties.

Dream Interpretation of Felomena

A night date in another city means a love affair that the dreamer will carefully hide from society. Going to another city and wandering its streets is advice about the need to reconsider your attitude towards loved ones. Perhaps the sleeper undeservedly offends those next to him.

Traveling to another city, where there are many tall and modern buildings, indicates the upcoming routine. To achieve recognition and financial independence, the sleeper will have to work hard.

The winding labyrinths of the streets indicate human uncertainty in many areas of life. Conversely, straight and wide avenues symbolize the dreamer’s clear and clear plans.

A city with many parks, squares, and fancy architectural buildings characterizes the dreamer as a person who loves beauty and knows a lot about art. True aesthetes have such dreams.

Vanga's Dream Book

Why dream of moving to another city according to the dream book of a Bulgarian seer? The dream foreshadows many changes, adventures, and an eventful life.

If you dreamed that you were lost in another city, it means that you should not rush to change your life. The implementation of plans should be postponed until better times, because now the likelihood of their implementation is negligible.

Finding yourself in an old or abandoned city in a dream speaks of a person’s longing for childhood and his parents’ home. The dream symbolizes the desire of the sleeper to return to past days.

Arriving in another city and seeing its walls crumbling is a harbinger of an imminent change of power, a coup d'etat. Did the buildings collapse due to the earthquake? This means that poverty awaits the dreamer.

Any losses, incidents, fires, disasters and ruins in another city foretell situations in real life that should be feared. This is an accident, the loss of a loved one, a divorce.

What modern interpreters say

There is no comparison between what cities were like a hundred years ago and now. Therefore, when you decide to carefully analyze your dream and get a reliable prediction, you should still seek help from newer dream interpreters.

Dreaming of a wide street

If the metropolis is filled with people and cars, then in reality a favorable period is coming for you. Absolutely all things will go well, this prediction applies to all areas of life.

It is negative if an earthquake destroyed houses - the dreamer will find himself in a difficult situation where he will hardly make ends meet.

Finding yourself in an unfamiliar city in a dream means your life will change. If you were very surprised by how you got there, then changes in life will be associated with great troubles and worries.

After dreams in which you find yourself in a narrow alley, expect trouble. Wandering through narrow streets means a period of stagnation is expected in business; it will be difficult for you to complete what you started.

Being in the middle of a wide street means new opportunities will soon appear before you. The main thing is not to miss the chance that fate gives you.

Deserted street - you are wasting your energy in vain. Try to guide them in the right direction. Go to a dead end - in reality, you will be faced with the fact that you will begin to perform useless tasks.

Dreaming of life in a metropolis

Seeing that you live in this metropolis means high social status, respect from the people around you.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

Why do you dream about a trip to another city? Being the only person in another city speaks of the inner loneliness of the sleeper. A person does not want to let anyone into his inner world and is burdened by people. Coming to a city and seeing it filled with unusual creatures indicates the spiritual or physical decay of the dreamer.

Seeing noisy crowds of people on the streets and being among them promises a fun time and interesting events.

Why does a woman dream about another city? To changes in your personal life. The dream foreshadows a break in a long-disgusted relationship and an acquaintance with a new man. A dream has the same interpretation when a woman sees a large metropolis, illuminated by many lights.

If in a dream the city seems to be floating in the air, then this means that some important secret will be revealed to the sleeper. On the streets, instead of living people, there are only corpses - a sharp turn of events in the opposite direction. There are only animals around - the sleeper is in captivity of base passions.

What does the dream mean for those in a relationship?

For an unfree man, night dreams in which he moved to another house foreshadow discord in the family. Perhaps you need to do something to save the relationship, otherwise you can easily lose it.

Sometimes a dream about moving is a reflection of the dreamer’s internal state. For example, in reality, chaos reigns in his marriage, disagreements with his wife, constant squabbles and scandals. Thus, the subconscious mind projects a possible way out of such a situation - leaving, avoiding problems.

If a woman in a relationship had a dream about moving to a new beautiful place, then she shouldn’t even think about her husband’s infidelity, he only loves her. Also, a dream may indicate upcoming changes in a marriage for the better or worse, depending on the details of the dream and the new home.

If the dreamer moved with his family, then in reality he should expect incredible sensuality and responsiveness from his soulmate.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Why do you dream about another city? Walking along it as if you’ve been here before, unerringly turning into the right streets means a sharp turn in fate. The transport in which the sleeper moves around the city indicates his readiness for change.

Walking means being careful in everything and not trusting people. With the help of an animal, in a cart or on horseback - to use the work of others in achieving one’s own goals.

By city transport - you can achieve what you want with the help of luck. By taxi - luck will also accompany the dreamer, only you will have to pay more for it. On the metro - a person prefers to achieve his goals by roundabout routes.

If a woman had a dream that she was lost in another city, this means that some dishonest admirer will take advantage of her gullibility for selfish purposes.

Flying over an unfamiliar city in a dream means the dreamer’s desire to gain glory and fame, his desire to find recognition in a new field. If in a dream a person saw the name of another city, then he should try to remember it. This is a hint as to which city may be associated with positive or, conversely, unfavorable events.

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