Why do you dream of a loved one cheating: interpretation of dreams

Betrayal by a loved one is one of the most unpleasant situations in the lives of many. Women react especially sharply and negatively to this. However, dreams with such a scenario also bring disappointment, cause pain, and create fear in the soul that what is seen may come true. Therefore, many representatives of the fairer sex try to explain why they dream about their loved one’s betrayal.

General values

Cheating on a loved one always hurts a woman, even if it happened in a dream. There is an opinion among gypsies that such a dream predicts betrayal in real life. Perhaps your partner is already thinking about this or wants to add variety to life. Often a dream means that a man is tired of the relationship, and his partner subconsciously feels this, so she sees it in a dream.

Some interpreters argue that betrayal by a spouse or boyfriend does not always indicate real betrayal. Often insecure women see such a dream. Doubts can be associated solely with mistrust of a partner, but sometimes they become a consequence of low self-esteem. The dreamer doubts his attitude towards his loved one, as well as whether he can be the object of sincere love.

Some astrologers, when interpreting such dreams, focus on the emotions of the dreamer. Strong disappointment, sadness or rage speaks of a favorable combination of circumstances in life. Joy and emotional uplift can portend quarrels and depression.

It is important to take into account not only the fact of betrayal, but also the accompanying circumstances. The appearance of your best friend in a dream speaks of her envy in real life. Most likely, the person is not a true friend and is ready to betray at any opportunity. It is recommended to gradually move away from such a friend, not to show your hostility, but not to trust in serious things .

How did you find out about your boyfriend's cheating?

The fact of how the fact of betrayal in a dream was exposed is important:

  • seen in person - you are afraid of loneliness, you prefer to be with the wrong person, just not to be left alone;
  • told by acquaintances - to intrigue, gossip, intrigues of insidious ill-wishers;
  • found out over the phone - the opinion of others greatly worries the sleeping woman;
  • the rival said - the betrayal happened in reality;
  • saw in a photograph - in life they are too suspicious and unsure of themselves;
  • the mother said - to tense relationships and quarrels with parents regarding the choice of the young man;
  • read in a note - to receive a negative message;
  • said another person - to a scandal with his parents.

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Day of the week

You can dream about betrayal on any day of the week, but its meaning will be different. The most common interpretations will be the following:

  1. On Monday, the dream of a loved one’s betrayal is most often empty. Perhaps this has already happened in reality, so the dreamer simply observes a picture processed by the subconscious. You should not think about this after waking up; sleep will not be able to influence the further development of events.
  2. On Tuesday, a woman may dream of betrayal, which causes a storm of negative emotions. The interpretation differs depending on the situation in life. If the relationship with a partner is going through a crisis, the dream warns the woman. She needs to pay attention to the man, his behavior and attitude. If there is mutual understanding and trust between people, the dream does not foretell bad events.
  3. Wednesday is the day of the week when many women dream about their husband or boyfriend cheating on them. Most likely, in life, a girl’s relationship with the opposite sex is unsuccessful. She attracts the attention of men, but they easily let go of their partner for another, more attractive or successful one. The woman despairs and considers herself unworthy of fidelity. If such a dream is repeated almost every week and precisely on Wednesday, some predictors see this as a sign of damage imposed on a person.
  4. Thursday is the day of prophetic dreams. Betrayal in a dream can actually mean your partner's infidelity in reality. It is recommended to remember the details of the dream, as well as the woman’s face. Perhaps this person is present in the guy’s close circle.
  5. Friday is another day of prophetic dreams. If for several weeks on this day a woman sees her betrothed cheating, most likely she is no longer the only one for him.
  6. Saturday is an ambiguous day for the interpretation of dreams. Cheating on your husband in a dream is not a sign of infidelity in reality. But you should be on your guard: someone close to you is trying to deceive the dreamer.
  7. On Sunday, a dream can be prophetic. Betrayal by a spouse often indicates impending changes in life. Sometimes such a scenario in a dream foreshadows difficulties.

Who saw the dream: a woman or a girl

An adult woman dreams of cheating on her beloved when she is unsure of her relationship and doubts the correctness of her choice of partner. If you interpret the dream literally and start to find fault with your lover, then the connection will be destroyed.

For a young girl, such an unpleasant picture promises difficulties in communicating with her chosen one. You need to work on raising your self-esteem. If the sleeping woman is a virgin, then she will be disappointed in the guy because of the latter’s addictions.

The interpretation of a dream about a guy cheating is different for men and women.

Traitor behavior

When interpreting a dream, you should pay attention to the behavior and actions of your partner. In addition, accompanying circumstances play an important role, as well as the behavior of the homewrecker. The most common situations seen in dreams:

  1. The partner averts his eyes and cannot look at the woman - in life, a man feels shame for his feelings for another. He can't suppress them, his mind goes back to the moments he spent with her. Typically, this situation occurs when colleagues at work like each other, but both have regular partners and cannot afford to get carried away. A man is physically faithful to his other half, but the emotional connection is severed. You should not get hung up on the dream, it may turn out to be empty.
  2. A man shows aggression towards his wife when betrayal is detected - a common situation when a person defends himself by attack. In life, you should pay attention to your partner's behavior. Perhaps he has not been faithful for a long time, but he successfully hides it. If such behavior is unacceptable for the dreamer, you should talk and solve the problem.
  3. The partner quickly disappears when his legal wife appears - in reality, the man is not ready to be responsible for his actions. He does not feel remorse when he deceives his partner, but does not want to be caught cheating. If the dream is repeated often, and its scenario does not change, you should talk frankly with your loved one.
  4. A man smiles and looks into a woman’s eyes - in life, a husband or boyfriend is distinguished by fidelity, high moral convictions and disgust. He will not be able to secretly or openly cheat on his wife, because he considers this a great meanness. The dream is a reflection of a woman’s doubts; she should not trust her beloved, this can destroy mutual understanding.

You should pay attention to the behavior of your opponent. If she quickly disappears, says nothing and tries not to make eye contact, most likely the dreamer is well acquainted with her in reality. You need to study your surroundings, observe your friends. If a woman does not try to leave, but openly declares her rights to a man, you should beware of colleagues and close friends.

What actions did the guy take in the dream?

By the actions of the image of your boyfriend, you can understand the meaning of the dream even more deeply:

  • broke up with a sleeping woman - in reality there is a fear of loneliness;
  • corresponded with another - to receive sad news;
  • left - to the illness of a loved one;
  • tried to hide infidelity - there is no trust in the relationship;
  • kissed another - the sleeping woman was too trusting, which is why she was mired in numerous problems;
  • kissed a friend - to an unsuccessful marriage, scandalous family life;
  • confessed his love to the sleeping woman - to complex and responsible assignments at work;
  • asks for forgiveness - the couple lacks sincere, frank conversations;
  • openly admitted to infidelity - a sincere dialogue with a partner will help to find mutual understanding;
  • pretends that nothing happened - the dreamer’s boyfriend has a love interest in someone from their common circle;
  • wants to go to someone else - to have an outrageous conversation with one of his friends.

Popular dream books

Sigmund Freud always argued that dreams are a reflection of a person's sexual energy. It is the subconscious that reveals a person’s hidden desires and allows them to break through into reality. The author interpreted the betrayal of a loved one as follows:

  1. Catching your spouse with a friend means that in reality the woman is experiencing dissatisfaction. Her wishes cannot be fulfilled, so she seeks an outlet for her emotions. A dream about a cheating spouse speaks of a woman’s subconscious desire to commit this act. The fear of losing a partner becomes an obstacle to the fulfillment of intentions, but also disrupts emotional balance.
  2. Seeing your spouse flirting with another woman means the dreamer is experiencing anxiety associated with the deterioration of his relationship with his partner. Perhaps it was the woman who initiated the quarrel, so the feeling of guilt makes her suffer. It is recommended to talk openly with your loved one and talk about your experiences. Silence can cause a cooling relationship; a man will take this as a sign of indifference and try to overcome disappointment with the help of a new acquaintance.
  3. Kissing a loved one with an unfamiliar woman - in reality, a man can cheat on his regular partner. Most often, the dream is associated with a lack of harmony in the intimate life of a couple.

Freud in his book says that such dreams should not be ignored. It is necessary to listen to the voice of the subconscious.

Miller's book

Her husband’s betrayal, according to Miller’s book, speaks of imminent changes in real life. Such a plot does not necessarily predict the infidelity of a loved one. Most often, it acts as a kind of signal that says that you need to be careful and attentive. Business partners or close friends can let a person down, disrupt his plans, or cause his downfall .

If a woman sees in a dream how they are trying to persuade her to cheat, she should be on her guard. Soon she will find herself in a situation where she will not be able to influence the course of events.

Interpretation of Adaskina

If you believe Adaskina’s dream book, betrayal of a loved one in a dream is the result of a woman’s causeless jealousy. It is necessary to abandon suspicion and trust your partner so as not to lose him. The constant repetition of a dream with a similar plot indicates a futile struggle against vices, an inability to resist them.

Successfully resisting temptation in a dream is a favorable sign that testifies to the fortitude of the dreamer’s spirit. In life, he has a permanent partner, and is not ready to ruin the relationship for the sake of a fleeting hobby. For a married woman, such a dream is considered a warning. You shouldn’t let strangers get too close to you, some of them intend to destroy the family.

If an unmarried girl dreams of her own betrayal with a stranger, it is recommended to beware of new people who suddenly appear in life. You cannot give in to impulses of passion, even when a very strong desire appears. They will bring pleasure, but they can destroy a harmonious relationship with a partner, cause disappointment, depression and despair.

Thus, a dream about betrayal does not always mean that your partner is unfaithful. You should not make hasty conclusions based only on a dream. The best way to clarify the situation and get rid of doubts is to talk openly with your loved one.

Important aspects of sleep

To understand a dream more accurately, you need to carefully look at the smaller details, and there is a great variety of them:

  • Seeing a cheating husband means that you are too impressionable and subject to causeless worries and fears.
  • In a dream, the husband admitted to cheating - take a closer look at him, perhaps he is looking at other women and thinking about cheating.
  • If you cry because your husband cheated on you, your fears are unfounded.

  • Your husband admitted to cheating and gives you a bouquet as a sign of repentance - your love is strong.
  • After the betrayal, they decided to get a divorce - a sign of rapprochement after a quarrel.
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