Why dream of falling from a balcony: the meaning of sleep for women and men

In a dream, a person can see different objects and events. Some play an important role in everyday life, while others are of secondary importance. For example, balconies. They are most often assigned the role of a utility room, which is rarely visited and does not deserve special attention. But in a dream it can become something significant - the place of a kiss or a fall. Seeing the latter is quite unusual, even creepy. Therefore, many may wonder why they dream of falling from a balcony.

Stand on the balcony

Seeing yourself standing on a balcony in a dream means overcoming all difficulties in your personal life. A modern predictor promises a successful completion of the work begun, especially those related to the sphere of personal life.

The universal dream book explains why you dream of looking around the surroundings from above. Looking from the balcony means seeing your life in the future. Depending on the view that opens to the eye, one can judge whether life will be favorable or difficult in the future. Height is a symbol of good luck and happiness in life. The higher you stand, the happier life will be.

Other dream images

  • A bird flew out from the balcony - a dubious acquaintance.
  • Supplies for the winter on the balcony - you will live in fullness and comfort.
  • Old things on the balcony - to the healing of mental wounds.
  • Flowers withered on the balcony - to the destruction of hopes.
  • A balcony with tulips means trouble.
  • A balcony with scarlet roses is a sign of romantic victories.
  • Balcony with lilies - fortune will smile at an unexpected moment.
  • A balcony with cacti means mental discomfort.
  • A cat on the balcony - it’s a sin for you to be offended by fate.
  • Snow on the balcony - higher powers will not allow you to stumble and lose honor and dignity.
  • A white dove on the balcony - the relationship with your partner will seem ideal to you.
  • Gray dove on the balcony - you will complain about fate.
  • A dove with a key in its beak on the balcony is a sign of betrayal by a loved one.

Fall from a height

Why do you dream of falling from a balcony? In general, Miller’s dream book believes that this is not a very good dream. The dream book foretells the end of all dreams. This is especially true for relationships with a partner. The fear of falling experienced in a dream will be equivalent to the suffering that will be experienced in real life.

If you dreamed of falling from a balcony, it means that all your plans in life are being destroyed. The longer it was in a dream, the longer you will experience bitterness and sadness. If you fall into a bottomless pit, get ready to experience severe depression. You won't be able to deal with it on your own. Contact a psychoanalyst.

The Women's Interpreter also explains why one dreams of a fall of this kind. Falling from a balcony means failing in love. If someone pushed you, it is definitely an ill-wisher who is trying in every way to bring disagreements and quarrels into your personal life. If this is an acquaintance, in real life she may turn out to be a rival. A man who pushes a woman is a secret admirer.

If you dreamed that a child fell from a balcony, Grishina’s dream book recommends being more attentive to his health, studies or behavior. Try to eliminate small problems so that you do not encounter serious difficulties in the future.

Interpretation of various dream books

A dreamed balcony is a multifaceted image that requires careful interpretation. After all, one detail in a dream can change its entire meaning.

Freudian interpretation

A dream about a balcony is a symbol of the fact that you are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. For a young man, such a dream promises a change in priorities in choosing a soul mate.

For a married man - falling in love with your wife and the fact that you need her.

For women - another hobby or a lot of fans. Also, a dream with a balcony can indicate promiscuity in relationships and instability of feelings. Making repairs means being overly concerned about your appearance.

If the balcony is in flowers, then a romantic relationship awaits you. But this hobby will not last long.

Vanga's Dream Book

According to Vanga’s dream book, such a dream has different interpretations:

  • Standing on the balcony - for a woman - adding to the family;
  • If a single man stood on the balcony - to love and reverent relationships;
  • For a married person - problems in the family;
  • Seeing a cracked balcony window means losing a friend or your favorite job;
  • Smoking is a warning about illness;
  • To fall means disappointment;
  • Falling into soft snow means solving all problems;
  • Falling into a dirty puddle means gossip and gossip;
  • From the sidelines, watching your own balcony fall means missing out on luck or chance.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Being on the balcony means good luck in all matters, especially professional ones, and promotion. Looking at beautiful landscapes - life will give you a gift, and fate will turn out more prosperously.

Any action on the balcony is for the better, for changes in the family, at work, with family and friends. A lucky dream for lovers.

Loff's Dream Book

  • According to the dream book - a bad omen. Means:
  • Danger;
  • Instability in business;
  • Failures at work;
  • Misunderstanding in personal life;
  • The dreamer's uncertainty and doubts;
  • Breakups; Conflicts;
  • Betrayal of a loved one;
  • Quarreling.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Such a dream is also negative in Hasse’s interpretation: it signifies powerlessness. Inability to confront problems, inability to resolve issues. And if a balcony falls in a dream, then expect trouble.

Circumstances will begin to develop in such a way that you will forget about your dream and stop making positive plans for the future. But you shouldn’t blindly believe in dreams; you have to continue to act no matter what.

Dream Interpretation of Medea

You have a desire to become more spiritual. Gain more knowledge and develop. Therefore, if you are standing on the balcony in a good mood, then you will realize your plans.

A fallen balcony promises obstacles to achieving your goals or the end of your dreams of spiritual development. But remember, any dream only pushes you to action. We need to draw the right conclusions and move on towards our dreams.

Love dream book

The balcony is a symbol of separation, partings, quarrels and disappointments. Standing with your chosen one means a quick separation, regardless of efforts and aspirations.

Many balconies mean an abundance of fans, relationships with whom do not bring complete joy and pleasure. There is no seriousness and reliability.

Any dream can be understood and deciphered. This will help you build your future life and not make mistakes. Do not be afraid when the interpretation of a dream is categorical - illness, separation, quarrel. You can always fix everything in real life, you just have to make an effort and overcome your fears and doubts.

Various descriptions

If you dreamed of a balcony without railings, you need support and support. You will soon have to go through some difficulties, and it would be wonderful to have a reliable and faithful person nearby at these moments.

A dream in which a building collapses warns of a collapse of hopes. There is danger ahead, so Aesop’s dream book recommends refraining from risky activities.

Jumping in a dream means succumbing to fleeting weaknesses and emotions, which can negatively affect your relationship with your loved one.

The Dream Book of Wanderers predicts the speedy fulfillment of desires, both in intimate life and in the professional sphere, if you dream of construction.

By looking into the interpreter, you can easily understand what the person or people who help build it can dream of. These are friends you can always rely on in difficult times. Don't be afraid to trust them with your deepest secrets.

A dream with flowers on a loggia speaks of joy and success in the near future. The more colors, the higher and brighter they are, the happier and luckier you will be in real life.

If you dreamed that there was a lot of junk on the balcony, try to sort out your intimate life. It might be worth changing your partner.

Other dream images

  • Jumping from a balcony and falling into a puddle means making a fool of yourself in front of your boss.
  • Jumping from a balcony and falling onto a tree means the path to happiness will lie through difficulties.
  • Jumping from a balcony and falling on the asphalt means a lingering illness.
  • Jump from the balcony into the ocean - fall head over heels in love.
  • Jumping from a balcony into a wheat field means unbridled fun.
  • Standing on a balcony that has suddenly collapsed means fate will give you unpleasant surprises.
  • Your neighbors' balcony has collapsed - financial difficulties will bypass you ten times.
  • A balcony collapsed on top of me - a period of happiness and prosperity will begin.
  • Sleeping on a cot on the balcony in winter means misunderstanding with your significant other can develop into divorce.
  • If the glass on the balcony is frozen, you will be fussing about the arrival of guests or an upcoming date.
  • Standing on the balcony in a wedding dress - your colleagues will reveal their true colors to you.
  • Standing in a swimsuit on the balcony means a long-awaited vacation.
  • Drinking water on the balcony means a new addition to the family.
  • Changing the glass on the balcony - a friendly meeting will go better than you hoped.

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