Dream Interpretation of Plumbing: why a woman or man dreams of Plumbing

Plumbing // dream book of E. Erickson

Plumbing - The dream of plumbing is related to how we manage our emotions, whether we are able to control them, use them to overcome obstacles and create a safe environment. Another interpretation of plumbing is our physical condition. A dream about plumbing draws our attention to some kind of disorder in our body.

Emotional safety is important for everyone, but often our emotions are hidden from public view. When we look at a water supply in a dream, we are actually looking into our subconscious, where we store information and emotions. Perhaps this is a clue that we need to learn to reach the subconscious in order to create clarity in our lives.

We are aware of the flow of spiritual energy in our lives.

Dream Interpretation: seeing a flood in a dream

Dream book of Gustav Miller

interprets streams of water, sweeping away everything in its path, as problems for relatives and friends. A mudflow in a dream foreshadows cataclysms in reality. The pain of loss lies ahead if the waters are cloudy. Transparent streams are dreamed of before positive changes in fate.

According to Vanga's dream book

the flood is the personification of anxiety. The days will be filled with numerous experiences, and the moments of joy will be very short.

Dream book of the white magician Yuri Longo

suggests that if you dream of a flood and a flood in which the sleeping person finds himself, it means that the basest instincts have taken over. Observing the rampant nature of the elements from the outside is a grandiose fateful event.

According to the Mayan dream book

a lot of water and a flood symbolize threats from the outside. To eliminate the difficulties that have arisen, titanic efforts will be required.

Family dream book

interprets the global flood unfavorably. In reality, plans will be destroyed.

According to the Russian dream book

rain and flood as a result of precipitation mean a violent manifestation of feelings towards others. The source warns that emotions out of control can cause harm and lead to scandals.

Dream Interpretation of the Medium Hasse

interprets the flood as a dangerous situation for the property.

Financial losses are likely. Sigmund Freud

For women, the flood was associated with pregnancy and childbirth. For men, the plot is a symbol of vicious sexual attraction to ladies in a piquant position.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

contains a positive interpretation of the dreamed flood. The projects that have been started are nearing completion.

Why do you dream about Plumbing according to the dream interpreter according to N. Stepanova

For those born from January to April:

Water supply - Opening or closing water supply taps means fuss and anger.

For those born from May to August:

Plumbing - Seeing a perfectly functioning plumbing system in a dream means that everything in your life will be fine.

For those born from September to December:

Plumbing - Being nervous in a dream that your plumbing is not in order means an accident.

Trouble with plumbing

The pipeline, as a symbol from a dream, shows your vital energy. When troubles happen to him, we can safely say that you are experiencing a leakage of vitality.

Why do you dream about a Lake with Clear Water?

Why do you dream of Swimming under Water?

Why do you dream about Hot Water?

When a pipe breaks in night vision, there is a gap in your body. The dreamer may also be haunted by some troubles along the way.

Breakthrough site

When you start looking at the dream, you should first of all decide where exactly you saw the pipeline at the moment when it burst:

Pipeline accident

  • in the bathroom - you will find yourself in a situation that will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable for you, you will need privacy to put your thoughts in order;
  • in the toilet - you will become the object of unpleasant conversations, people will gossip about you;
  • in the kitchen - you set the wrong goals for yourself, you should re-evaluate everything you have;
  • heating pipe - behave more restrained, otherwise you risk getting into a conflict situation.

In general, a breakthrough symbolizes the failure of plans and stagnation in business. When this happens in your apartment, the situation in the family will become tense, and constant conflicts and quarrels will occur.

What do dream books say?

If you dream of working pipes, then your life resembles a safe haven. All events happen as usual, nothing bothers you, you are calm and balanced.

According to the dream interpreter, problems with the water supply mean difficulties on the path of life. And only by overcoming them will you achieve your goal.

I dreamed about plumbing

Miller's Dream Book

Gustav Miller believed that if a seemingly good pipe burst in a dream, then you should not start new activities. What you have in mind will be fraught with great difficulties. Constant obstacles will slow things down so much that you will more than once think about abandoning what you started.

Just seeing pipes in a dream through which water flows is a dramatic change. You will never cease to be amazed by what is happening around you.

Dream book of the 21st century

To see a water pipe - you are about to meet a person who will greatly disappoint you. This subject will be unpleasant to the dreamer in communication, while the sleeping person will not be able to avoid his company.

A pipe burst shows that you are wasting your invaluable time and vital energy on unnecessary disputes, on people who do not bring you any benefit or joy. Think about what you can change in your life.

The dream book believes: the larger the section of pipe you saw, the more time and energy you waste.

Seeing a drain in a dream

Rommel's Dream Book

Although a pipe, even a drainage pipe, is viewed positively, promising peace and tranquility after a difficult struggle, at the same time the dream book considers a burst water pipe as a sign of a complete weakening of the body’s defenses.

When a breakthrough occurs due to rust or another malfunction, you risk becoming seriously ill in the foreseeable future. As a result, things at work will also not go well.

But the stream of water that flows from the drainpipe is a symbol of success and joy.

The color of the water from the breakthrough

After dreams of a pipe burst, it would be nice if you noted to yourself its color and consistency:

  • water similar in color and consistency to blood - trouble will happen to your relatives;
  • green - the dreamer learns everything quickly, this has a beneficial effect on his career;
  • red - a sleeping person is in danger, he should be extremely careful;
  • clear water - new horizons are constantly opening up before you, perhaps this is because you are a positive person;
  • rusty - get ready for difficulties along the way;
  • cloudy or mixed with dirt - you are susceptible to illness, there are many implausible rumors circulating around you.

Clear water flows from the gust

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

Almost always, this dream comes true precisely during the third and fourth phases of the lunar cycle. The chance remains high during the new moon period. But the probability of this happening if water flows in other phases is much lower. If possible, try to plan things specifically for the lunar growth.

The edition of the lunar dream book is strikingly different from its analogues. It shows the chance of different dreams coming true depending on the lunar phases. A huge amount of research into the influence of lunar phases on dreams made the existence of such a publication possible. To use it correctly yourself, you must also rely on the lunar calendar.

Pipes in a dream book for girls

Seeing a Pipe in a dream:

Trumpet - A dream in which you hear the sound of a trumpet foreshadows the imminent receipt of some alarming news, but it, apparently, will not concern you personally. You just find out that something bad happened to someone you know.

If you play the trumpet yourself, then in reality you are not acting in the best way and are not only creating problems for yourself, but also making your parents, friends and acquaintances suffer.

If in a dream you see a person unknown to you playing the trumpet, then in reality some completely stranger will create a lot of problems for you. Therefore, try not to communicate with unfamiliar or complete strangers in the near future. It's good if you continue to be careful in dealing with such people.

Profit or sacrifice?

Why else dream that a water pipe has burst? To achieve your goal, you will have to make some sacrifice.

Dreaming of a water pipe leaking means general weakness due to loss or intentional pumping of energy. The dream book reminds: the location and features of the pipeline in a dream will tell you which area the vision concerns.

Did you dream that numerous pipes with water suddenly “flowed”? Your soul will be torn apart by conflicting feelings. If only one pipe bursts, then the upcoming romance will bring trouble. Sometimes this is a sign of serious but unexpected profits.

Pipes in Lewis's dream book

Why do you dream about a trumpet in a dream:

Pipe – Sewer – A sewer pipe signifies a rotten situation, perhaps the “rotting remains” of old relationships and circumstances. Waste serves as fertilizer and can therefore symbolize rebirth. Perhaps the dreamer needs to eliminate an unhealthy situation or harmful ideas before embarking on new intentions.

Dreaming of a Trumpet? See the following interpreter.

Trumpet - Trumpets are often associated with the traditional belief of Santa Claus coming to reward those who have behaved with gifts. They also symbolize the warmth and goodwill of the family, as on traditional greeting cards, gift candles, crafts, etc. Pipeline - If you see pipes in a dream, for example an oil pipeline, the interpretation of the dream may be related to communication, communication - a promising image if the pipes are free of rust and corrosion.

Water masses according to modern dream books

If you dream that water is flowing, it means meeting a good friend, going on a trip together, feeling an emotional rush. Some researchers note that this may also be associated with the search for a new job, a new work team. Communication with these people will be quite easy and there will be good personal compatibility. Some of them will have a serious impact on your life in the future.

Recent modern studies have discovered that some of the old interpretations are no longer accurate enough. This is also influenced by a person’s changeable perception. This was also reflected in the meaning of water masses in dreams - their description in dream books constantly underwent changes. And if the symbol you are looking for is completely new, the answer will probably be exclusively in a modern dream book.

Miller's dream book: if water flows

According to Miller, if you dream that water is flowing - find a new friend to communicate with, experience an extraordinary experience, and restore mental strength. According to this publication, such a dream promises, first of all, an expansion of the current circle of communication and interaction. His rare appearances are simply an ordinary acquaintance with a new person. But sometimes it allows you to restore long-forgotten friendships.

According to Miller's analysis, water masses are very multifaceted in their significance. Their appearance portends positive life changes. Occasionally they promise the appearance of new good acquaintances, as well as possible partners. However, the researcher strongly advised to rely on caution and not make hasty decisions.

The dreamer's actions

You should also remember the actions that occur in a dream. The storylines will become assistants in its correct decoding. Here are some descriptions of a possible scenario:

The rupture of the pipeline into pieces warns that the dreamer will very soon have to say goodbye to a huge amount of money.

This will make his situation worse. But if in night vision the sleeper manages to fix all this, then there is a chance that he will be able to resist temptation.

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