Why do you dream about the dead and how to interpret a dream with a deceased relative

There are dream plots after which it is simply impossible to maintain peace of mind. Mentally, a person constantly remembers the details and wonders what the dream means. First of all, this applies to dreams into which dead people look. Emotional experiences after a night's rest with such a visit excite thoughts for a long time, forcing you to think about what you dreamed about again and again.

The reason for such dreams is often simply an acute feeling of loss, and the desire to see people dear to the heart, at least for a very short time. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s all just a manifestation of a natural feeling of longing for those people who were in your dream. But at the same time, there are often numerous interpretations of what the dead mean in dreams, which, depending on the personality of the interpreters and the details of the dream, vary greatly, even with opposite meanings.

Dream Interpretation: seeing the dead in a dream

The interpretation according to different dream books can be divided into two approximately equal parts. One includes those variations that consider dreams with the dead to be extremely unfavorable, predicting danger. The other part includes interpretations that interpret such a plot as warnings and good omens.


21st century dream books
are surprisingly unanimous in deciphering dreams with the dead in their dreams. In reality there will almost certainly be precipitation, and even snowfall may occur ahead of schedule. The words that the dreamers say, according to these types of interpretation, must be remembered - these are hints.

A similar meaning is contained in Tsvetkov’s

. In the warm season, it will rain in the next 24 hours after the dream, so you should take care of an umbrella when leaving the house. In winter and late autumn, you can expect snow to appear in reality.

Aesop's dream book

I also agree with the option of deciphering what the deceased was seen as a change in weather leading to precipitation. But for communicating with someone in a dream, it has a special meaning - in reality you should take care of your health. It is now the weakest point.

According to the Ukrainian version of the dream book

interpretation of the plot with dead people dreaming has a cautionary meaning. Significant troubles lie ahead due to the fact that the dreamer will not show the proper fortitude in solving problems.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

predicts to someone who sees a deceased person in a dream that he will live for many years. This medium interprets interaction with the dead in a special way: taking something from a deceased person in a dream is a good sign. On the contrary, giving something away is an extremely negative meaning of losing vitality or material resources.

English dream book

when deciphering, it takes into account what the dreamed dead looked like. If they were thoughtful and sad, the dreamer is tormented by vain worries, thinks a lot about solving the problem, but is unable to solve it. If the deceased looks happy, a favorable period is ahead.

According to the ontopsychological interpretation of Meneghetti

, the deceased are asked to take care of the property. Keep an eye on things in crowded places. Before leaving the house unattended, check that all electrical appliances are turned on.

White magician Longo

gives an interpretation of such an unusual plot as an attempt to revive the dead. Suddenly you will have to resolve an issue related to the past. A task that was once unfinished will remind itself again, and this time it will not be possible to leave the problem unattended.

Miller's Dream Book

deciphers the plot with the dream of the deceased as a warning about the need to beware of troubles. If the deceased laughs merrily, then in reality someone has a negative influence on the dreamer.

According to the dream book of the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga

a dead person seen warns that soon someone will treat the dreamer unfairly. On a global scale, a pandemic may even break out, and man-made and natural disasters may occur.

Soothsayer Nostradamus

believed that the appearance of the deceased in a dream was a sign that he had not yet been able to find peace. Hugging in a dream means that the dreamer will be able to successfully overcome his fears.

Dream Interpretation Loffe

interprets the dream of the dead as a symbol of the fact that the dreamer sincerely grieves for his loss. The fact that he still reproaches himself for his insufficiently attentive attitude towards the dream visitor during his life.

What not to do when communicating with a dead person in a dream

It is believed that simply communicating with a deceased person in a dream can foreshadow some events, either bad or good. But there are situations when the dead try to take with them, so to speak, the person they come to in a dream. For example, he offers to go with him, or takes him by the hand and leads him somewhere. You should not give in to such invitations, since you can bring misfortune and trouble onto yourself and directly onto your loved ones.

Also, you should not refuse when a deceased person offers to give a gift; you must definitely say what you want, and not say that you don’t know or leave the question of the gift in uncertainty. And it is recommended to order a more expensive gift. It is believed that in this way you can attract good luck into your life, and your cherished dreams can come true soon.

In conclusion, it should be said that the appearance of dead people in a dream is a direct warning about some events that may happen soon, or perhaps they will happen in the not-too-distant future. Therefore, you should not be nervous, but try to understand the reasons for the appearance of the deceased in a dream and continue to live.

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Comments (44)

  1. librarian April 11, 2022 at 06:31 pm

    Guys, behave not like children, but like adults. Why do we dream about the dead? For the same reason as nature, people and animals. We may dream about stories, incidents, etc. But why do we only dream what we know? We will never dream of what we do not know. The answer is clear: dreams are the work of the brain; when a person sleeps, his brain processes all the information that a person once heard, saw, read... The brain produces only what is already familiar to the person. Therefore, there is nothing prophetic in dreams. And there is no need to interpret them. It is no coincidence that God commanded in the Scriptures to punish dreamers. Because it's deception.


      Igor April 17, 2022 at 12:12

      In our time there is such medieval obscurantism! Where does this come from? From ignorance! The most basic scientific data! Even the school biology curriculum! And the complete absence of brains, in which these dreams occur! HORROR! AND SHAME!!!


  2. Nadezhda April 22, 2022 at 5:52 am

    I read a long time ago that our body is created in such a way that it warns in advance about some event through dreams. So, this is not at all related to signs, but has been scientifically proven. And my dreams always tell me the truth. I won't convince you otherwise.


  3. Irina April 10, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    A friend of mine died a long time ago, I really liked him, but I was still a child, I was probably 14 years old. I was very worried about his death and constantly thought about him. I periodically dreamed about him and in my dreams I didn’t think about it. that he was deceased. And one day I had a dream that I was standing on the bank of a river, everything was so colorful, the water was bright blue, the sky and clouds were reflected in it, the greenery was so beautiful that it was impossible to take my eyes off it all. And suddenly I realized, that I have a wrist watch in my hands, I think to myself, this is Zhenya’s watch, I should give it to him, and suddenly I notice that he is walking in my direction, descending from a low hill. When he approached, I gave him the watch and he said that it was time for him to leave. I started crying, didn’t let him go, fell to my knees, clung to his legs and asked him to take me with him. At the same time, I didn’t realize that he was dead for me at that time he was alive. But he pushed me away and said that I couldn’t go with him. I stood among this beauty for a long time and watched him leave. After that, I didn’t dream about him anymore.


  4. Irina April 10, 2022 at 5:57 pm

    I had a dream that I was standing with my little son near my grandmother’s house and was afraid to go into the house. Svnishka ran in, and as if through the walls I saw that my mother and aunt were sitting there. The son ran around the house and went out, and my grandmother grabbed him, I was so scared, I began to tear my son out of her hands and scold her that she might scare him. She let him go and began to ask me for forgiveness, saying that she would never do that again. And an hour later I received a telegram, that grandma died.


  5. Gennady April 10, 2022 at 12:52

    I dreamed about my dad, he just came at night and said; Let's go to the hospital and immediately we are already at the doctor's. And suddenly blood started dripping from me, dad shook his head and disappeared. I suffered for three days and still went to the doctor, nothing hurt me. As a result, they found the beginning of cancer in me, not even 1 std, but atypical cells, i.e. the beginning of the disease. The doctor always asked me: What prompted you to come get checked? The dead come for a reason, they warn, believe me.


  6. Olga April 08, 2022 at 06:31 pm

    I dreamed about my mother 3 years after her death. He asks: “How are you living?” I was afraid of how to tell my mother that my father lives with another woman... And she told me, “Don’t worry, now I’m not alone either, a military man came to see me...” I woke up in a cold sweat... Whatever thoughts came to my mind. I thought that the vandals had done something to the grave. The next day I went to my mother’s grave. Imagine my surprise: a military man was buried next to my mother just a few days ago...Can you really imagine such a thing? Still, there is some connection...


      Nadezhda April 22, 2022 at 5:58 am

      Man is a mystery of nature that we will never solve.


  7. Tatyana April 05, 2022 at 5:55

    But it’s interesting why mom dreams about family life, everything we do together is like it was in life


  8. Natalya April 02, 2022 at 17:01

    My mother-in-law hated me terribly. She was probably sure that her daughter-in-law would be the Queen of England. I lived in such self-hatred for 10 years with my mother-in-law in a two-room apartment. Back then it was not possible to buy an apartment even if you had money. My mother-in-law could and we asked her about it. We had money, but then she would have no one to mock and she refused. I won’t describe what nasty things she did. Then she got cancer, I looked after her, worried, cried that she was suffering, and then died. So, on the 3rd day after the funeral, she walked around the apartment, turning on and off the lights in the hallway, her shuffling gait cannot be confused with anything. For about 3 months I dreamed about it for 2-3 weeks and in the dream she grabbed me by the breasts and pulled me toward her with an angry look. Then everything is the same, but less often. After about 10 years, she stopped dragging me along in her dreams. After some time, I dreamed that I was planting garlic with my father-in-law. But somehow I planted it incorrectly and I offered my help. I don’t remember whether she allowed me or not to help them. Immediately after her death, I remembered her in church, and then the children grew up and problems with housing began and the consequences of her harm, which she did to me, and in fact to my grandchildren, I stopped remembering her. All this is sad because I cannot get rid of the feeling of resentment towards her. This is not a material thing that can be thrown away. Once I wanted to remember her on Parents’ Saturday, but when writing down the deceased, I still forgot. Now I don't even bother. I convinced myself that every action has consequences. But my mother dreamed completely differently. I look into the distance and see that she is in white clothes just above the ground and I ask her to come closer, but on the contrary she rises higher and higher. I ask her not to go far and go to meet her, but she rose higher and higher, and then disappeared. That's the whole experience of dreams with the dead.


  9. Viktor Semenovich March 29, 2022 at 04:13 pm

    I didn’t notice before, but after the funeral of my youngest daughter and three grandchildren, I began to dream about dead people. Not necessarily relatives. Just acquaintances. I often dream about my mother. But I don’t dream about my daughter and grandchildren. I’ve been like this for three years now. I believe in God 50/50. I don’t go to church. So what should I do?


  10. Darsi March 10, 2022 at 11:47 am



  11. Tatyana March 05, 2022 at 21:45

    Not always due to a change in weather. I often watch the channel “Spas” and there the priest said that the dead are in a subtle world and cannot help us alive and come to us, but there is another force, dark, so they tempt people, they know everything about us and can come in any guise. Personally, it’s unpleasant for me after such dreams, but, of course, it’s necessary to remember!!!


  12. fatykh February 23, 2022 at 05:13 pm

    There is such a phenomenon and I dreamed that my mother helped me in a difficult moment and my mother-in-law came to visit me, it turned out to say goodbye - although I had been divorced from my wife for 15 years. I had a good relationship with my mother-in-law


      fatykh February 23, 2022 at 05:16 pm

      in general, I dreamed about almost all my deceased relatives


  13. Elena February 18, 2022 at 09:59 pm

    I'm talking about my mother, I ask her to constantly come to me to see her!!! it happens!!! one day she asked me if I loved her!!!! to which I answered - limitlessly, mommy!!!!! Now we see each other often, and I'm glad about it!!!!!!!


  14. Gennadij February 16, 2022 at 9:18 am

    Fear not the dead, but the gypsies. This is definitely a disaster.


      Rei February 24, 2022 at 7:46 am

      these can..


  15. Vladimir February 15, 2022 at 10:57 am

    It’s interesting how you can follow the author’s recommendations in a dream. If the dream is like a movie, you can see it, but you won’t be able to intervene.


      Alla February 19, 2022 at 06:44 pm

      It's really not a movie. but you can interfere with dreams. It's strange that you don't know this


      Nadezhda April 22, 2022 at 6:03 am

      Please share your advice on how this can be done.


  16. Nadezhda April 22, 2022 at 6:02 am

    Yes, I am always surprised by such advice.


  17. Elena February 12, 2022 at 11:51

    One day in the morning I woke up abruptly from the fear that someone had entered my room, which was locked from the inside, and was slowly moving towards me. When he got there, he tripped over a glass of water placed at the head of the room on the floor. And disappeared. I was alone at home. An hour later the doorbell rang, I opened it, my mother was standing on the threshold: “Get ready, let’s go.” My grandmother died.” It was my stepfather’s mother, whom I knew well. Like this. In general, people dream about the dead to warn about something. Personally, I’m talking about the upcoming illness.


      Alexander. 19 Feb 2022 at 17:48

      This is how it happened when my grandmother died back in 1994, at night I was woken up by a voice saying Get up... When I opened my eyes there was hellish silence in the next room, my mother was sitting above my grandmother and quietly crying. This is 100% true. It really happened... Believe it or not.


  18. Rei February 24, 2022 at 7:41 am

    We know this... Only the grandmother came to the children's apartment in a nightgown, and next door in the apartment this grandmother was having a funeral service..


  19. Rei February 24, 2022 at 7:43 am

    I'm into finance, 20 years have passed since I started noticing...


  20. Nadezhda April 22, 2022 at 6:04 am

    Agree. Me too.


  21. Vera February 10, 2022 at 11:09 pm

    I dreamed of my late son, as if he came to our house, seemingly upset. And he says that he will move from the apartment, he doesn’t like his neighbors. Noisy. And it seems like he wants to lie down with us. I calmed him down and went to see what the neighbors were like. And there is a family with two children - girls. In the morning we went to his cemetery. No one new was buried nearby.


  22. Oleg February 9, 2022 at 21:24

    and I often dream about my dead dog. How shoud I understand this?


      Musya February 12, 2022 at 8:06 am

      Father says that dogs do not go to another world, but their life ends and that’s it, no trace remains. Therefore, you just miss your dog, so you dream about it. It happened to me too, after the death of my little friend. But the dream can be interpreted in such a way that the dog is a friend, the relationship with someone has ended (died), but perhaps it will resume again (come to life). Did you dream about the dog being alive? So. that everything will be fine for you! Friendly dogs dream of good things!


      Vladimir March 13, 2022 at 03:22 pm

      Your grandmother is wrong, every living thing has a soul and animals have the same dreams and they also go to another world


  23. Irina April 02, 2022 at 21:35

    My dog ​​died, he cried for 2 years, I dreamed about it and said I was drowning him, asked him to stop, so you’re the one who won’t let him go, that’s what I’m dreaming about. Make a new friend, it helped me


  24. Nadezhda April 22, 2022 at 6:06 am

    That's why you're sad.


  25. Lyudmila February 9, 2022 at 19:02

    Two months ago my brother died. We are the same age. I dream about it every night. Cheerful, we walk, chat. How can I not dream, if not even a day has passed without me thinking about him.


  26. Irina February 08, 2022 at 07:48 pm

    My husband died a year ago. I dream about him every two weeks, and every time I wake up with joy, as if he were alive. I don’t know why this is, but maybe because I really miss you.


  27. Marina February 02, 2022 at 1:55 pm

    ...Once upon a time I woke up abruptly and sat up on the bed in the middle of the night from the acute sensation that someone was standing near the bed and as if this was the person whom I loved but with whom I absurdly broke up due to my fault and he married someone else.. We parted ways in different cities and several years have passed since then... And in the middle of the night I very clearly feel that it is him and I see a dark silhouette... I shout his name into the darkness several times... the silhouette dissolves, and there is a feeling of trouble in my heart... Social networks in There was no time at that time, I rushed around asking my friends, but no one knew anything. And only many years later I found out that he died in an accident 4 years before the night when he came to me..(((Never before or after, nothing like this happened to me...


  28. Nina Avgitova(Kondrashova) 01 Feb 2022 at 18:57

    In the distant past, when I had to divorce my husband, I dreamed of my dead grandmother. She told me, “I’m so bored here.” To which I said, “If you want, I’ll pay you back and come to you,” to which she waved her hands in fear and said, “ what are you, what are you going to do here?! Since I loved my husband, I was very worried, cried, lost my appetite, then due to nervousness I fell ill with tuberculosis, was treated for 10 months, I recovered, after that I solved the dream, my grandmother did not accept me. Another case, two years ago I dreamed of my husband, he seemed to be living with my deceased friend, although they had never seen each other, I didn’t know anything about him in my years. I decided that something was wrong with him, thanks to Odnoklassniki through my niece I found out that he died in 1982. And interestingly, I asked if he had children? He told me, - a son, after a pause, added, - and a grandson. In fact, it turned out that there are two sons and a grandson, although when he died , the children were small. Surprisingly, there is a connection without any doubt


  29. Stanislav January 26, 2022 at 10:44 am

    This is for mushrooms!!!


      To change the weather or ask to remember January 30, 2022 at 10:20

      To change the weather or ask for a wake-up call


      Today I dreamed of my older brother... he was lying on the bed and waiting for the car that was supposed to arrive. And when it arrived, I told my brother: Valera, the car has arrived. It’s time for you. To which he replied that you will go in another car. And I couldn’t even think about it in a dream it was that my brother died. Already in the morning, remembering this, I decided to remember him. They say that when you dream of a dead person, it means he is hungry... 06 Feb 2022 at 7:59

      He’s been gone for two years now, and just today I dreamed about him


  30. Musya February 12, 2022 at 8:12 am

    And I dreamed of my dead son, on the contrary, he treated me to borscht, which he prepared himself... I always dream of such a cheerful light behind it, like the sun shining... I immediately go to the Temple and distribute food to those asking for alms, because... the priest said that they commemorate him not with money, but with what he can eat. But I also prepared borscht and eat it. Maybe he was worried about me because I wasn’t cooking, now I had to eat borscht......


  31. Victor February 24, 2022 at 12:24 pm

    100% to weather changes


Why do you dream of a dead person as if he were alive?

One of the most common plots is to see the deceased as alive in a dream. Of course, this is also the influence of the subconscious, as if allowing, at least for a short time, to bring back a loved one or acquaintance who is so missing. This is especially true recently

experienced deaths. These dream plots can unsettle you for a long time, and prompt you to once again experience the pain of loss after waking up.

According to another common version, dead people

appear as warning signs relating to various areas of life.

If you dreamed about a deceased loved one

person for the dreamer who is already in a new romantic relationship, then in reality you should be more careful. Such a dream warns that a cooling of feelings and subsequent betrayal are possible.

But, paying attention to the warning symbolism of the dream in which the deceased husband

alive, but strict, you can take preventive measures and prevent this from happening. Another meaning is that you will have to adjust your life principles, otherwise happiness will not be achieved.

When you dreamed of a dead man in a coffin

, these may simply be vivid memories of a negative nature. In addition, such a plot may mean a spontaneous visit from friends or distant relatives.

If you dreamed about a dead friend

, in reality you need to take a closer look at your surroundings. Someone in a difficult situation is embarrassed to ask for help.

The dreamer should take the initiative and offer his support or competent advice even if the dream was visited by a deceased friend


The plot of a dream about a long-dead person

a person warns that in reality circumstances will not go as planned. You will have to show extraordinary flexibility and ingenuity to adapt to them.

In general, when do you dream of dead acquaintances

, in reality you should expect to receive important news. The main thing is not to miss them. They can make a big difference.

Who had the visions

One of the important aspects of the interpretation of night dreams is not only the emotions experienced in conjunction with the features of the plot, but also their main characters.

If you dream about dying relatives

  • If a deceased child constantly visits your dreams, then it’s time to let go of the situation and move on.
  • Dying yourself in dreams is a sign of rebirth, drinks of energy and wisdom, but the often dreamed plot will tell about inconstancy and frivolous actions
  • Nightmares, where according to the scenario the dreamer wakes up next to the dead, will tell you about the existence of competitors vying for your place.
  • Dying relatives usually dream for several nights in a row before the sick person recovers.
  • Those who hug the dead cannot avoid problems with trusting relationships in reality; most likely the person is being deceived, led by the nose.

Dreams, where a familiar deceased person constantly appears, are identified by the subconscious with unfulfilled promises.

Semantic message

Even after recurring nightmares with the dead, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the intensity of passions and emotional outburst, but also to the words spoken.

A person who has well-developed intuition will be able to receive a specific prediction through the image of the deceased. It happens that an intrusive guest predicts a change of home, a new love, informs about the best ways to realize the plan, and directs the actions of the sleeper.

When you dream that the dead are smiling, then life will be measured, filled with joys and happiness, while threatening or frowning deceased persons promise financial difficulties.

What to do when you constantly dream about your dead grandmother or friend?

Dreaming of the silence of dead relatives

Solving a dream where a dead person asked for help is quite simple. In reality, you should attend Sunday service. Often, visions of this kind hint at the need to honor the memory of a relative or friend.

The silent dead man will not only tell you about the existing secret, but will also point out the best ways to find out about it.

Actions in dreams

Everything that happens in dreams is tied to an associative way of thinking and disturbing thoughts.

There are two common interpretations of naked dead people. The first says that after such a dream a person will find himself in an awkward position, his action will be condemned by society. The second meaning will tell you that the plan is not destined to come true, desires and hopes will remain at the level of dreams.

The discord that reigns at home depresses the sleeper if he constantly dreams of a crying dead person.

Feeding a dead man to men in a dream is a symbol of upcoming losses of the material plane. The dream book provides a joyful meaning to the fair half of humanity. Did you happen to serve bread to a dead girl? A gorgeous wedding is coming soon. For a married lady, dreams predict the appearance of a suitor.

I dreamed of a dead man in a coffin

The evil fate of fate has prepared a string of troubles for the dreamer and his family if in dreams he has to constantly visit the house where his parents died.

The priorities in reality are chosen incorrectly, the Wanderer’s interpreter assures, when the main element of the dream is a corpse in a coffin.

Did you have to run away from the dead? The fears that grip the soul do not allow rational thinking; all actions will turn out to be illogical and will undermine not only self-esteem, but also the authority of the sleeping person.

Why do you dream about dead relatives?

Sometimes people wonder why they often dream

dead? This is considered both a sign of imminent change and psychological depression.

The most likely visitors in dreams are relatives seen alive

This is quite natural, given the dreamer’s feelings. Seeing that close relatives
are joyful, cheerful, and neatly dressed is considered a favorable symbol. If they are sad and their appearance inspires pity, grief is possible in reality. What the events will be related to depends on the details of the dream.

Dead parents

are always a warning sign. In reality, someone provokes rash events. The dearest people appeared for a reason. When you dreamed about dead parents together, this is an attempt to warn against making an impulsive mistake.

If grandpa

in a dream healthy, young, joyful, this is advice to use the example of the older generation. This will add worldly wisdom to the dreamer and help overcome all difficulties.

Dreaming husband

suggests that it’s time to leave memories in the past and move on with life. It is a bad sign if the dreamer lies down with him on the marital bed. In reality, she may get into trouble due to excessive gullibility.

When I dreamed about my brother

, no matter whether it is a relative or a cousin, the dream symbolizes a successful acquaintance in reality. It can lead to a pleasant romantic relationship.

When you dream about your deceased mother-in-law

alive, soon there will be significant changes in the dreamer’s personal life. They will be positive if you just happened to see her, or if the conversation is smooth and calm. Swearing and arguing warn that conflicts with the opposite sex will occur in reality. You can also get injured - you need to exercise extra caution in the very near future.

Deceased grandparents

appear in a dream to serve as a warning about changes that will need to be perceived with wisdom. If you dreamed about them in your house (apartment), in reality one of the relatives on their side, or the dreamer himself, will experience health complications. It is worth attending to a medical examination.

Dreaming of a dead uncle

portends a global revolution in the sphere of personal relationships. His appearance will tell you in which direction life will change.

Dead sister

, seen alive and joyful in a dream, especially for women, predicts unexpected joy and fun. Men also need to prepare for pleasant surprises from fate.

If the deceased grandfather dreams of his granddaughter

, in reality she will have to adjust her plans. The appearance of an adult relative also predicts deterioration in health.

A favorable symbol with deep sacred content is that the deceased great-grandmother

. The dreamer will have a wonderful rest and replenish spent energy. This will help achieve all goals planned for the near future.

When a dead child

in a coffin, life enters a difficult period filled with quarrels. If he comes to life right before your eyes in a dream, the dream predicts success even in the most seemingly failed projects.

Late son

signals changes in the family. If he is in a coffin, you should take care of your health; if you dream of him alive and cheerful, joyful events await you.

aunt appears as a warning symbol.

in a dream. It’s worth paying attention to even the smallest things at work. Otherwise, any blunder or minor mistake will be presented by ill-wishers as a huge miscalculation.

The plot of a dream in which the dreamer goes somewhere after the deceased has a general negative warning meaning. This means the onset of a disease, or an exacerbation of a chronic illness. To avoid negative consequences, it’s time to consult a doctor.

General interpretation

Dream books tell why dead people dream. First of all, they recommend not to be scared or panic. Dreams about dead people are considered a good sign. They often warn of problems, predict certain events and give advice. Likewise, dead dream guests can symbolize desires and dreams that cannot be realized, or rumors spread by someone about the dreamer.

It is important to remember as many nuances of the dream as possible. Among the most common plots:

  • dream of deceased people - health problems are possible, it is necessary to be examined;
  • a dead person is suffering or crying - to possible quarrels; if he gives money at the same time, then quarrels with relatives are expected;
  • the dream guest lies in a coffin - to early news from relatives; if there is no lid, then expect great luck;
  • a dead man's kiss - close financial well-being, if you did not experience fear - there will be a correct solution to complex issues in your favor;
  • a living hero in reality - the completion of any stage of life; for example, if a mother dreams of a living daughter, as if dead, this may mean worries about the fact that she will soon become a girl, woman, etc.;
  • there were several dead people (two - you have to choose between options for the development of your life) or many - absolute luck;
  • people who were dead in reality came to life - to the end of a long-standing dispute or conflict;
  • zombies - they are trying to control your actions from the outside, take a closer look at your surroundings;
  • looking at yourself dead - soon you will make an unexpected decision;
  • the deceased was silent (this means positive admiration of your actions and deeds) or spoke (foreshadows the illness of one of your loved ones);
  • dead people in clear water - for a woman success with the opposite sex, for a man - solving current issues.

Familiar deceased people are often a guarantee of well-being and longevity. Relatives and friends may reproduce the subconscious fear of loss of protection and warn of negative changes.

If you dreamed of a conversation with loved ones, it is very important to remember their words, because this may be the key to unraveling something significant from your own future.

If dead strangers scare the dreamer or attack him, it means there is a dark streak ahead. The resurrection of the heroes of a night dream in the absence of any harm promises amazing events. However, at the same time it is likely that we will encounter long-forgotten difficulties. Watching the evil dead chasing the dreamer in a dream means many problems and unpleasant moments during the next day.

Why do you dream about a dead father?

The plot in which the deceased father dreamed of being alive

and joyful. Such a dream means that in reality you can be active in business. All plans will go even better than planned; the dreamer is under strong protection from above.

If a daughter

, and casts reproachful glances at her, or looks stern, this is a warning. In reality, she may find herself in an awkward situation if she acts rashly.

Seeing your deceased dad sad in a dream is a sign to cancel all risky financial investments, and, if possible, cancel or reschedule planned surgical interventions.

Dreamed of a dead drunk

father - danger comes from the immediate environment. This is a warning signal to be more careful and try to avoid being drawn into conflict situations.

Why do you dream about a dead grandmother?

When you dream of grandma alive and well

very often, this, of course, is longing for her. There may be a feeling of guilt that not all tender words were spoken on time. But there is also such an interpretation as a harbinger of changes for the better.

Especially if the deceased grandmother appeared in a dream to her granddaughter

. In reality, you need to listen to the recommendations of an older woman. This advice will help you adapt to the changes that are already very close. When a deceased grandmother cries in a dream, this is a sign of reproach. We need to pay attention to the family. Reconsider your behavior style, be wiser and more tolerant of the shortcomings of others.

A sad sign if you dream of a deceased grandmother in a coffin

. A streak of bad luck will soon follow. For married people, the likelihood of adultery is high. The meaning changes if an older relative rises from the coffin. Guests will arrive soon, and you will have to work hard.

The Benevolent Dead

If a deceased relative behaves kindly in a dream, appears in a calm, pleasant environment, it is quiet and light around him, it means that he has come to protect a member of his family or to help him. Perhaps the deceased is trying to give advice or say that everything is fine with him.

Often in such dreams, the deceased can convey important information, so they should be taken seriously. The deceased may be dreamed not by the relatives themselves, but by their acquaintances and through them convey significant information for the relatives.

Angry/sad dead man

There are situations when the deceased dreams in a difficult, oppressive environment, gets angry or swears in a dream, is sad, cries, and in general, heavy unpleasant sensations remain after sleep.

Such dreams are a clear sign that a person is not put to rest. In other words, in the afterlife the deceased suffers. This may also be a sign that the deceased person is between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Such situations must be taken very seriously, since if the deceased relative is blood, his severely depressed state in the afterlife will affect the living members of his family.

Why do you dream about dead animals?

For many, pets are not just entertainment or a necessity. Pets become members of the family, and their death causes grief no less than for people. In this case, if the owner

, this is a reflection of real experiences. Dealing with this is difficult, but necessary. In general terms, a dead dog in a dream means that a friend will need support. This is the case when he cannot do without help.

If you dreamed of a dog

who died, you need to show your merciful qualities towards your friends. When you dreamed of a dead dog being alive, a familiar person from the distant past will appear in reality. Restoring old friendships will bring joy.

When you dreamed about a dead cat

, belonging to the dreamer, the plot has no special meaning, other than his longing without them. Although some interpreters insist that purrs warn of the machinations of ill-wishers. If you dreamed of a dead cat being alive, in reality you will need to take some trouble. This will involve providing support to someone much weaker.

Why don't you dream about the dead?

Sometimes the desire to see deceased loved ones is so great that the frustration is caused by the fact that there is no way to see them alive, even in a dream. There is a psychological explanation for why we don’t dream about the dead. This is a kind of protection so as not to hurt yourself by experiencing the bitterness of parting again and again upon awakening. Explanation of the mystical plan. If the deceased mother

is not a dream, it means that the dreamer has enough of his own strength to cope with all the emerging circumstances.

Similar meaning if the deceased dad

does not appear in dreams. Everything is going well, and the sadness of separation cannot be avoided. We must try to remember bright and joyful moments so that it becomes at least a little easier. Events occur in the life of a widow that her husband would not like.

Here's the main explanation for why she doesn't dream about her late husband


Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church have a negative attitude towards attempts to decipher dreams, and give instructions on how to behave correctly.

What to do if you dream of a dead person

Orthodox priests have a special view that lay people seek to decipher their dreams. The opinion of the holy fathers on this is sharply negative. It says that a true Christian should not believe in dreams. After all, in the most favorable case, they are a reflection of desperate longing for loved ones, relatives and friends who have already left the world. But also, under the guise of the dead, a manifestation of the tempting devilish principle can be hidden. Revelatory dreams appear only to truly holy people, and are practically never dreamed of by those mired in major and minor sins. The desire to interpret dreams, as well as various kinds of fortune-telling, by the way, also belong to deeds that are not pleasing to God.

The recommendation that Orthodox priests give is, first of all, to intensively pray privately (at home) for the soul of the deceased in a dream. It is also advised, if possible, to read the Psalter or a special canon about the dead. It is believed that such a dream reveals the Christian’s inner need for prayer. You need to pray for those who have been baptized and have passed on to another world in church; it would be nice to light candles for the repose of their souls, order a memorial service or a magpie.

You will have to pray at home, after receiving the blessing of the priest, for the souls of the unbaptized deceased, as well as those who have committed the mortal sin of suicide. No direct instructions are given to go to the grave; this is not obligatory. But if this makes the dreamer feel better, it won’t hurt anyone. The details of performing these Orthodox rituals need to be clarified in the temple. No matter how you personally feel about the interpretation of dreams, you must remember that you should not be afraid of the deceased, either in a dream or in reality, they are not capable of causing harm. Those who dreamed should either be mentally thanked for the warnings, or follow the advice of the priests. Good night!

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