Why do you dream of an old house: familiar or unfamiliar? Basic interpretations: why do you dream about the old house in which you used to live?

This dream really has a lot of meanings. In a dream, many people begin to travel through the streets of their childhood or find a house in which they once played, visited, and in the place of which there are now new buildings.

There are also dreams of a slightly different nature: a person simply sees a building in which no one lives or a mansion belonging to distant ancestors.

To understand why you dream of an old house in a dream, pay attention to whether it is familiar or not, whether this public building or dwelling really existed or is it a figment of the imagination. It is also important when he dreamed, where he stood, why you ended up in this particular place. This is how the dream book interprets an old house in a dream.

How to interpret why you dream of an old house

This dream really has a lot of meanings.
In a dream, many people begin to travel through the streets of their childhood or find a house in which they once played, visited, and in the place of which there are now new buildings. There are also dreams of a slightly different nature: a person simply sees a building in which no one lives or a mansion belonging to distant ancestors. To understand why you dream of an old house in a dream, pay attention to whether it is familiar or not, whether this public building or dwelling really existed or is it a figment of the imagination. It is also important when he dreamed, where he stood, why you ended up in this particular place. This is how the dream book interprets an old house in a dream.

Your actions after the dream

Such a dream invites you to explore an untapped area of ​​your personality and develop its true potential - now you have the time and energy to do this. This special part of your character is usually a talent that you didn't have the opportunity or confidence to pursue when you were younger. It may seem easiest to continue to ignore this creative gift well into adulthood, but it is a fundamental part of who you are. By making it a reality, you can fulfill your childhood dream.

Childhood memories

Usually, at a certain time, a person begins to see old houses in a dream, associated with childhood memories and dreams. Why you dream about this can be determined by the plot and various clues.

. Usually a person begins to see old houses from his childhood and the events taking place in them as changes in his own consciousness, a mature view of the situations that took place then. Try to understand how they may relate to you personally today.

For example, an adult, middle-aged woman sees herself as a girl and being in an old building, for example, in a cinema, which no longer exists today. The dream book writes that such a dream predicts an event that will significantly revive old memories.

For example, you may see a fragment of an old film or meet a father who left your family for another woman during this period. There can be a lot of interpretation options, but all of them in a dream can predict a meeting with the past in reality or that you can get out of a difficult situation.

The dream book writes that pictures from the past, including those associated with your places of childhood, mean internal growth and imperceptible changes.

Often a person himself does not notice them, but in the same situation his behavior changes greatly. Sometimes the dream book writes that such a dream means that very soon you will break the thread of the past.

For example, throw away old furniture or find out that your old friend with whom you communicated in the sandbox has died or, on the contrary, you will meet him again.

Why do you dream about the old house of your parents, grandparents, which no longer exists in reality? The dream book writes that such a dream predicts the return of an old situation, memories of that period or a problem that may be associated with childhood or youth. You may find an old thing that -an object or book.

Sometimes dreams associated with houses from childhood can predict a meeting with an old friend or just a person from that time, or an immersion in memories.

Comparing your experience with your childhood experience

Your life, however, may be radically different from the one your parents led in your childhood home and for which they prepared you with their upbringing. That is, you are faced with subconscious constructs formed in childhood. And your subconscious can record this difference. Deep down, you are either happy or sad about this. By tracking the feelings that arose in your dream, you can become aware of it.

For example, you could right in a dream understand that you are in your childhood home and think that some piece of furniture, a room, or something similar is different from what you have now. Here you need to understand what the detail to which you drew your attention symbolizes. For example, a ladder is an opportunity to move up in life, taking a leading position. The door is your exit to the world, to social life, the sofa is an opportunity to relax. TV - entertainment, etc.

A splash of nostalgia

Another interpretation of why you dream about an old house in a dream, connected with the past. You may meet an elderly person whose life will be connected with the period of your childhood. Most likely, he was successful then and felt full of life.

Seeing an old house in a dream, familiar from childhood, is interpreted by the dream book to communicate with an old person who will open your soul and many secrets. Try to remember what was said, as this will help you establish relationships with people and give you a lot of interesting and useful things.

If you had a dream in which you want or simply see an old unfamiliar house, this is not the best sign. In a dream, it means an old, conservative person with established habits and who has difficulty accepting the opinions of others. Perhaps such communication will be forced, unpleasant, but necessary.

For a girl to see an unfamiliar old house in a dream, but not an ancient one, means meeting and having an affair with an older, mature man who will teach her a lot. Especially if you had such a dream on Friday or Saturday.

Seeing him in your home means that an old friend will soon come to your grandfather or grandmother, with whom they will spend a wonderful time.

If you dreamed of an old and abandoned, uninhabited house, a certain period of your time will soon become a thing of the past. The modern dream book writes that seeing it for a young girl, if she lives with her parents, predicts favorable changes in life and a breath of novelty.

It is possible that very soon you will gain independence, and all outdated programs will remain a thing of the past. You will live by your own rules and ideas.

Those who have a melancholic temperament and like to go into memories may have such a dream as a sign of finding the answer to some question related to the past.

Perhaps some story will come to an end and you will be able, as before, to enjoy life and stop delving into past memories. But if you see a loved one in an old, abandoned house, he may be in danger of death. Especially if you leave and he stays.

Such a dream is very bad for an elderly and sick person suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. If a young man or girl remains in an old, abandoned house, and you leave, this means poverty, trouble, illness and misfortune.

Staying there yourself means severe suffering, hardship, ruin and death. Especially if it is in a cemetery. However, most often this plot means sad thoughts and memories, self-absorption or a state of depression that will last for a long time.

Esoteric reasons for dreams about childhood home

These reasons do not contradict psychological ones, but complement them. One of them is the existing energetic connection with parents or childhood home. A kind of telepathic connection.

Often, parents may remember you with love or, on the contrary, with irritation. And this forms an energy impulse that reaches you, and you again see your childhood home and your parents in it, with whom you are in a state of joyful meeting or, conversely, intense communication, quarrel, conflict.

But we have an energetic connection not only with people, but also with the place itself, the house. Previously, when people lived more in villages, they felt these things better. They were sad to be away from their homes, so much so that it could become physically difficult. Now our connection may be weakened, but it has not disappeared completely. And we can miss a place and return with the astral dream body to it in dreams. It turns out that some part of our soul really visits our old home.

Also, our soul may be drawn to the childhood home by solving some issues of the ancestral egregor. Then you see dreams that you are meeting with representatives of the clan and they give you some important information. And it is possible that the action takes place not even in your parents’ house, but in your grandparents’ house.

One witch shared that she met in her dreams with her grandmother, who was also a witch, as well as with older women of her family who had already died by that time. And they pass on to her, when necessary, knowledge of witchcraft. This is how the magical part of the generic egregor works.

dream book old childhood home which is no longer in the dream

Dream book dream book old childhood home that no longer exists in a dream, why do you dream about an old childhood home in a dream that no longer exists? To select a dream interpretation, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing the dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see in a dream an old childhood home that no longer exists by reading below for free dream interpretations from the best online dream books!

When and how to interpret?

Before moving on to a detailed analysis and getting a full interpretation of the dream, it is necessary to understand that almost all buildings act only as a background for the main action and do not carry any special semantic load.

But if the father’s house appears in a dream too often, it reflects personal memories, regrets about the past, missed chances.

The worst thing is that housing often appears in a gloomy, neglected and even ominous state. The dream book believes that all troubles originate in ancient events.

In a dream see Too old to plow

An important decision: a decisive step forward, perhaps from childhood to adulthood.

An indication of the middle of life, when individual assessments undergo dramatic changes.

Transition from life to death.

A distant shore often appears in dreams as a bright destination, while that shore may often be unattainable.

This dream may be accompanied by the archetypes of a young man, a wise old man, and especially a hero.

In a woman's dreams this is her animus.

The crossing can be achieved by bridge, boat, swimming or wading.

When death approaches, wading often appears in people's dreams.

Dreams can indicate how to cross successfully.

Dream prediction House

A house (residential) most often symbolizes a person.

However, a wooden house can symbolize a coffin.

A house with smooth walls symbolizes a man, and a house with balconies, loggias and bay windows symbolizes a woman.

Renovating a house means having sexual intercourse.

If you renovate your house with pleasure, then your personal life is in complete order.

If you experience unpleasant sensations while renovating a house, then you don’t love your sexual partner, maybe even hate them, but hide your feelings.

If a man climbs or descends a smooth wall of a house, then he is prone to homosexual contacts.

If a man climbs onto the balcony of a house, then his feelings for a woman are quite serious.

If a woman climbs the smooth wall of a house, then her feelings for a man will most likely remain unrequited.

If a woman climbs onto the balcony of a house, then she needs female guardianship and is inclined to enter into a lesbian relationship.

Climbing onto the roof of a house means striving to complicate and clarify relationships, a desire for scandals and showdowns.

Seeing a destroyed house means you have health problems, including in the sexual sphere.

Being or living in a destroyed house - all your attempts to achieve mutual understanding with your sexual partner were in vain.

Seeing a House in a dream

Home - move to a new home - die.

A house without windows and doors - this man’s coffin falls.

If you dream that they are building a new house, then this is very bad.

If you dream about beautiful houses, it means wealth.

If a wall falls in a house or in a stable, someone will die in that house (family). Bare walls in the house mean the death of a loved one.

The wall fell - a dead man sooner or later.

Like a locked house - this is death, evil.

The wall falls - trouble falls on your head. As soon as the mother falls out, the owner or mistress will die, and as a wall, then one of the relatives will die.

If one of the family members dreams of music and dancing in their house, there will be a dead person in that house.

If you dream that you are building a house, it means you are ill. They are building a house for you: light and beautiful - your life, black and windowless - rowing.

The storm tore the roof off the house - beware of a tragic disaster.

Building, erecting, oiling a house means death.

The house falls apart, the motherboard falls, the ceiling falls, the walls collapse (especially the corner wall), the stove falls - this means death.

If you dream about a house, it means a change in life.

To sweep the house - guests; get rid of enemies.

Lit - to theft; news. High – wealth; falls - death.

General interpretation

It is an unfavorable omen to see an empty or abandoned parental home in a dream. Such a sign indicates that in real life the sleeping person did something very wrong, for which he will have to pay in the near future.

If the parental house in a dream was renovated and well-maintained, in real life the dreamer will have a secure, happy future. An evil sign is a night vision in which a sleeping person cannot find the way to his parents’ house. This means that in the near future there will be a decline in all areas of life.

It is worth paying attention to the state of the dreamed father’s house - the correct interpretation of the dream depends on this:

  • A whole house of strong appearance foreshadows happy moments;
  • If your dreamed parental home is falling apart, beware of illness;
  • If you happen to see your parents’ house sold, the dream promises losses due to your lack of foresight.
  • If it is prepared for demolition, expect misfortune;
  • Hiding in your parents' house means avoiding danger in real life.

A wonderful omen is a dream in which a sleeping person inherited his parents’ house. Such a dream foreshadows the appearance of a business partner with whom the dreamer will reach unattainable heights.

Interpretation of dreams with fire

Sometimes we see unpleasant dreams in which the parental house appears before us engulfed in flames. The interpretation of such dreams is also different and also depends on other details seen.

In general, a burning home is considered a harbinger of a serious illness. Also, such a dream can foretell need, troubles and troubles in business, a break in romantic and other close relationships.

If a sleeping person in his dream set fire to his parents’ house with his own hands, unpleasant consequences will soon occur due to his careless and thoughtless actions.

A more favorable omen is a night vision in which the dreamer extinguishes the burning parental house. Such a sign suggests that after the failures that befell the sleeping person, a long happy streak will come.

Parental home and deceased parents, guests

Deceased parents in your home appear in dreams for two purposes - to help you with something or to warn you about something. If your deceased parents were happy and joyful, or simply calm, you are currently doing everything right.

If, on the contrary, the deceased family members in your dream were annoyed, embittered or saddened by something, analyze your actions recently. Surely you did something wrong somewhere.

A favorable omen is a dream in which the late father of a sleeping person visited the parental home. Such a sign portends an improvement in material well-being in the near future.

If there were many guests in your father’s house in a dream, a lot of wealth awaits you in the future, but you have yet to earn it. According to the dream book, the dreamer will have difficult work in a large, but friendly and pleasant team.

Interpretation by actions

A night vision in which a sleeping person had a chance to rebuild his parents’ house suggests that in real life a situation that was previously incomprehensible to this moment will become clear and transparent to him.

If in his dream the dreamer is renovating his parents’ house, in real life he needs to sort out his own affairs as soon as possible. If he watched other people renovating the house, in reality he would have to monitor the execution of some order.

Washing the floor in your parents’ house is a dream that foretells serious life changes. Moreover, at the moment it is impossible to say exactly what character they will have and whether the dreamer will like them.

If a sleeping person happened to clean this house, in real life one should expect a visit from a guest who will arrive from distant lands. However, there is another version of the interpretation of this dream - one of the family members may leave the home.

Freud's Dream Book

According to the interpretation provided by this dream book, the parental home is an ambiguous symbol. The renovation of this building foretells unexpected intimate relationships for the dreamer. If a sleeping person does repairs with pleasure, everything is in perfect order in his personal life. However, if this process is unpleasant, you do not feel tender feelings for your current partner, but do not admit it to yourself.

If the dreamer climbs onto the roof of his parents’ house, he has a subconscious craving for sorting out relationships and scandals, which ruins the life of both him and the people around him.

Miller's Dream Book

According to the dream book of the famous psychologist, the parental home appearing in our night visions foreshadows pleasant and unexpected news. However, on the other hand, the dream may simply be a reflection of our memories of bygone times.

Vanga's Dream Book

The dream book of a famous soothsayer reveals a dream in which the dreamed parental home was warm, cozy and well-groomed. Such a night vision suggests that at the moment everything in life is going well, and in the future it will continue the same.

Why do you dream about your childhood home?

Dreams are important to humans. They predict the future and characterize the dreamer's real intentions. Therefore, night visions should not be treated with disdain. But in order to understand what the night sign means, it is worth remembering what actions took place in the dream: If in a night vision the dreamer saw his parents’ house, then it is worth remembering his feelings and emotions from being in this building: If a person feels longing for childhood, then this is a sign of his moral fatigue.

Deciphering the oddities

In a dream, the dreamer's soul most often rushes to familiar places. Therefore, the interpretation of such visions does not make much sense, unless you discover something strange.

  • The room is flooded - a great danger.
  • A spring appeared inside - joy, consolation.
  • A river flows from the house - abundance, prosperity.
  • The building is on fire - poverty, trouble.
  • Falls into a hole - illness, death, separation.

Why do you dream of a house in a dream (interpretation according to Magini’s dream book)

If you saw a House in a dream or dreamed of your Rich and Beautiful House, Dream Interpretations assure that happiness, success and prosperity await you in reality. The appearance and condition of the House Seen in a Dream will give you a hint as to how your affairs are at this point in your life. This is an alarming sign that indicates that in reality you are threatened by illness and a host of other problems. I dreamed of my beautiful house, I dreamed of my rich and comfortable house - happiness, success, prosperity. WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: Why do you dream about House (Dream Interpretation, Interpretation of Dreams)

Why do you dream about the person you love but he doesn’t love you?

Assyrian dream book. Ayurvedic dream book. If the house is abandoned, dilapidated, you will experience the bitterness of disappointment in the person you love most. You will lose support from him, which you will immediately feel and appreciate, but it will not be easy to restore the previous relationship. Intimate dream book. Lunar dream book.

The general answer will be that the reason for returning to the past is the negativity that... Only in bad dreams.

Childhood is a bright, but at the same time difficult period of human life. He is distinguished by the sharpness and speed of perception, the fastest possible development opportunities, and a positive attitude towards the world around him. But at the same time, the child requires constant care and assistance, and is not independent in his actions and decisions. Feeling like a child again - this dream plot is quite common, and its interpretation depends largely on what the dreamer’s childhood was like. Otherwise, a dream about childhood symbolizes a feeling of insecurity, inability to cope with real life problems, underestimation or excessive demands of others. For a married dreamer, a dream about children reflects her special spiritual mood.

Childhood in a dream

Dreams... What could be more mysterious, mysterious and interesting? Sometimes they scare you to the bone, and sometimes they give you fantastic emotions. But the most valuable thing in the world of dreams is probably that in addition to the vivid experiences that they sometimes give, they can reveal valuable secrets, give important advice and even ward off trouble. And those who open the dream book in time know that fate can be controlled using intuition, trusting the call of the heart and deciphering messages from dreams. Among the huge, countless number of bright, interesting symbols, the house occupies a special place. This is not just a dream vision.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: Why do you dream of a HOUSE or to see HOUSES in a dream ★ Interpretation of Dreams ★ DREAMLINE 3.0™

I dreamed about a house in a dream. Dream interpretation new or old house

The girl saw her childhood in a dream - this is a harbinger that she is ready to start a family, become a mother and raise children. For a young man, a dream in which he saw his childhood is a prediction that without outside help he will not be able to get out of a difficult situation. He needs to be careful after such a dream. An adult having a dream about his childhood predicts his insecurity. Soon he will be faced with a lot of problems that he simply cannot cope with. Repeated dreams about childhood express your dissatisfaction with the surrounding state of affairs, since you believe that your loved ones do not understand you. In our dream book you can find out not only about what dreams about childhood mean, but also about the interpretation of the meaning of many other dreams. In addition, you will learn more about what it means to see childhood in a dream in Miller’s online dream book. Childhood in a dream Interpretation of the meaning of sleep Childhood A girl saw childhood in a dream - this is a harbinger that she is ready to start a family, become a mother and raise children. Dreaming about childhood?

Why do you dream about childhood? Dream Interpretation Childhood

Sometimes dreams predict the future for us, sometimes they give us hints and help us make the right decision. Why do you dream about an old house? The house itself represents a refuge in which a person can hide at any time. But, as the dream book says, an old house often indicates problems with a sense of security. This image can mean problems in the family, the threat of dismissal at work, or overall concern for one's own future. Seeing an old house in a dream is not the best sign; dream books often interpret it from a negative side.

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If you often dream about your childhood home and your child, but younger in age

If you dream about your childhood home, you often dream about your child, but younger in age. Interpretation of dreams Magikum.

1) Dream today due to personal af. I was again “thrown” into my childhood home, where my parents now live. But he is the same as when I was little. Dad dreamed about it all night. Just like in life, he wears black trousers and a khaki shirt, his favorite colors.

I remember for a moment. We are in the room where our former wardrobe stands, polished dark brown as before. He's been gone for a long time now. I take out some clothes to show my dad or he chose something on the trempels.

If in a dream it is dark outside the window.

Then the room and windows, they are without curtains. It’s dark outside the window (dreams are dark all the time), and the window, something is wrong with it: either someone opened it or threw something and broke it (I don’t remember, but something is wrong), it’s like someone “bad” was, I went to find out who it was. But there was some kind of danger for dad, like someone made an attempt on his life, and I “raked it all out” in a dream, unfortunately I don’t remember.

I remember in fragments. My daughter was everywhere, she’s actually 6 years old. In the dream she was a little girl, about a year old, I would say. Dressed all the time in clean white, healthy, it’s as if her dad and someone “friends” are babysitting her. But mostly my dad (in fact, he is far away in Ukraine and almost never sees her), while I was minding my own business.

Arrangement for sex.

I clearly remember this plot: at some point in my sleep I was talking to a husband and wife couple (I don’t know anyone like that in real life), they were a little older, about 55 years old. I negotiate with the man that I want to sleep with him, and I tell his wife, you wait, It’s okay, we’ll have sex and he’ll come to you, don’t worry. Well, they thought about it and he agreed.

And so I say that it will be in the bathroom, and here we are standing in the bathroom: it is white, clean, without water, in my opinion there is a white curtain, I don’t see myself naked or anything. I just see this guy: broad-shouldered, thick-set, with a potbelly, in shorts. Well, we stood there and I decided that I wouldn’t have sex with him and let him go, saying that he could go to his wife.

Unfamiliar guys in dreams.

Then another unfamiliar guy was present in my dream all the time. He was with me everywhere as an assistant friend, short and round, ordinary, not handsome. I don’t remember everything, I remember the plot like this: we decided to go to sleep as friends in the same bed, because we are together everywhere. The bed is large, not poor and not luxurious. In the dream, I knew that he had been “wanting” to be with me for a long time, but he would never say, he’s a devoted friend.

And I thought that, in principle, I could have sex with him. Why, there’s nothing wrong with overpowering yourself a little, the main thing is not to get pregnant. But I thought about it and changed my mind. Suddenly, somewhere in my legs I feel like some kind of garbage can. Here in this part of the dream it was light.

I sit down and see near the bedspread or did I quickly throw it away: I take this trash can in my hand and look very carefully: it is a small tail from a grape, that is, one of these grapes has already been eaten, but only such a small tail, and in the place where the grapes were still The inside is so fresh (that is, it has not dried out yet).

White crumpled bed in a dream.

I threw it on the floor, I never slept with the guy. The bed was in the building, a white bed, slightly rumpled, since we slept on it, spread out like that, the wall was at the head and on the left side of the bed where this guy slept, that is, sort of in the corner, on my side there is usually nothing spacious room, but feet close to the bed, it’s also like under the walls and perhaps a window, or maybe everything was open to the street, but it was light, only about a meter high, white or a wall or like a railing, but the bed was indoors.

Dad and baby were everywhere in the dream, I don’t remember well.

The last story: I’m probably coming back to pick up the little one, the big daddy is sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. It seems to me that the same room where this row of windows was with a window at the beginning of the dream. And he has my little daughter in his arms, sitting calmly, I go up and tell dad I wonder if she recognizes me, she’s still so little, I’m a little worried. And as soon as she saw me, she started laughing, reaching out to hug me, wanting to hug me, reaching out, so happy, so happy.

I look at her lips: they are smiling and she says “I’ll kill”, that is, “I love” me. And I’m surprised, because she still doesn’t know how to talk in her sleep. I run up to her, hug her, tell dad, look how I recognized her right away and “Dad, she says she loves me, did you hear?” He listens, and I don’t know how he does, but I could read his lips “I love you.”

Happy child in a dream.

And there is such joy at the end of the dream. She was dressed in white or very light-colored pants, also a T-shirt, a blouse with a hood on top, and she was wearing this light-colored hood.

And I woke up. These strange symbols are for sex, the daughter is not her age but small, for the remainder of the grape in bed, especially if it is covered, I guess, but I don’t know if I did the right thing by throwing it on the floor.

I don’t understand why my dreams send me to my childhood home, I don’t remember any special events like this, we lived simply and poorly, but it was our own apartment, although not richly furnished, but then we were very happy, it was a good time ( childhood time is always good in principle). And again, the furniture, which was actually there at that time, but now has been gone for a long time, was thrown out. (In the dream about gays, there is also the same house and no furniture).




Curtains, wardrobe and childhood home. ANSWER TO DREAM 1

The childhood home indicates that the future situations shown in the dream have their roots in the past. An old wardrobe in a dream symbolizes your past and by what you took out of it you can judge what will return from the past. But you did not indicate specific things.

Dad here is your rational active aspect. Here the emphasis is on black and khaki clothing, and these are protective colors. Curtains symbolize natural protection from the outside world, and their absence will be the absence of such protection at the time of the situation.

Someone threw something out the window - this is trouble due to the violent intrusion of strangers into your life. There will be some danger for you and you, as you yourself wrote, “will rake it all out.”

If an adult child dreams of being small.

When a child dreams of being younger, it speaks of your worries and worries about her. Judging by the fact that your girl was all in white, clean and healthy, there would be no danger for her. In the dream there were only your worries for her.

Couples are prototypes of people in reality and you will think about sex with a married adult man. It will be about sex without commitment. A man with a potbelly says that he is wealthy. But in the end you decide not to get involved.

In the next episode, the guy is the prototype of your friend in reality, who “has been wanting it for a long time, but won’t say it because his friend is devoted.” If you had feelings with him, falling in love, then he would be tall and handsome, but he is short and ordinary. And you will think about starting a relationship with him or not. With the previous man, thoughts will be about sex (symbol of the bath), and with this guy about relationships (symbol of the bedroom).

Go to bed in a dream.

The fact that you decided to go to sleep is a symbol of the fact that you are overlooking something, not paying attention. Lying in bed together is a passive state and means a period of cooling in the relationship when there is no contact or emotional connection between you.

The moment when you sat down and threw back the blanket, that is, you removed some of your protection from this relationship and then you saw a trash can at your feet, that is, you realized that there is something that is preventing you from moving forward in your relationship with this guy. Since grapes are a symbol of abundance of money, the tail of the grape, the leftover, is your disappointment from what you saw or realized that he is not rich at all.

As far as I understand from your description, the window in the bedroom was open and this indicates your openness in terms of relationships, the desire for a relationship.

Sitting on a chair in a dream.

In the last episode, the daughter is in the arms of your father and this is a symbol of your care for her. The father is sitting in the middle of the room on a chair - this is your position in relation to your daughter, that is, care and protection. The moment when you approach and worry whether she will recognize you, speaks of your concern; perhaps we are talking about those periods when you leave her for a while due to work or personal matters.

And if the first word “kill” instead of “love” is not a typo and not a real fact from the past; there is a problem with diction, then this just shows your anxiety about her feelings towards you. Based on the combination of symbols of her light clothing and her emotions, she is doing well. And you will worry about her too much.

In answer to your question, I repeat that both the situations in this dream and in the dream with gays have their roots in your past, and this is what the symbol of the parental home speaks about. That is, either old unresolved emotions or beliefs, or both, remain in the subconscious, which attract precisely these situations in current life.

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Author: Victoria Sokolova





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Why do you dream about grandma's house?

Why do you dream about a house according to the dream book? In a dream, a house has an interpretation of your existence, inner world, life support. A residential building will have the same meaning. An empty house in dreams represents a purposeless existence, apathy, and sometimes death. Many houses mean uncertainty in choosing a life direction.

Our home is our fortress. If you see a house in a dream, then it is not advisable to ignore such signals. Home is a person’s internal state, the emotional sphere. What the dream wants to say depends on the state of the house, the owners, and memories of it. Popular articles Why do you dream about a village? Why do you dream about the Former House?

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