I dreamed about my own funeral - interpretation of the dream according to various dream books.

Today we’ll talk in more detail about why we dream about our own funeral. To correctly interpret the plot, you need to remember in what place in the dream the sleeping person was buried, how he felt at the same time, and for what reason death occurred. It is important to consider: a person saw the whole process from the outside or watched his funeral from the coffin. It is necessary to take into account who had the dream: a man or a woman. We will separately analyze its interpretations in the most famous dream books. For example, Vanga, Freud, Miller.

Brief interpretation of sleep

The plot of a dream with one’s own funeral can alarm and even slightly frighten the sleeper. But it does not at all foreshadow death or other troubles in real life. It only indicates what important points you should pay attention to.

It happens that such a dream with a funeral warns of the possibility of a nervous breakdown or overwork in the sleeper. Therefore, you should allow yourself to rest more and take care of your psychological and physical health.

Sometimes a plot involving one’s own burial suggests that a person has stayed in one place for too long, literally “stuck” in a comfort zone. Sometimes in a dream you can even find advice on how to change this. Often people also have dreams who overly trust the words of others. It is important to correctly unravel the symbols in your dreams and try to improve your life in reality.

Different dream options

In addition to the opinions of the authors of popular dream books about common cases, we should examine other versions of the vision with a funeral:

  • A woman’s dream of the burial of her husband, who lives in reality, suggests that in reality all obstacles that make it difficult to achieve the goal will be overcome. Such a vision can also indicate receiving an inheritance from an elderly relative.
  • A dead man revived at a funeral actually dreams of a wedding invitation.
  • The burial of someone else's child, which was attended by few people, promises trouble from ill-wishers.
  • A stranger present at his own burial in a vision suggests that one of his long-time friends harbored a strong grudge against the person.
  • The dream of burying a brother or sister means that in reality you don’t have to worry about anything, because good health is expected.
  • Lowering the coffin with the deceased into the grave means that in reality nothing will threaten the dreamer’s health. If he was seriously ill, he will be cured.
  • Filling up a grave means new worries will appear.
  • Funeral home - it’s time to reconsider your views on your values; perhaps a person keeps a lot of unnecessary thoughts inside himself.
  • Hearing a bell ringing means that in reality a loved one will become very ill or the dreamer will learn sad news.
  • Attending a funeral in mourning clothes means the dreamer may become a widower.
  • Seeing a burial and hearing funeral music means someone will die in reality.
  • Carrying a cross at a sad event means hopes will be destroyed.
  • Seeing yourself buried alive means that in reality the dreamer will make a major mistake, which will be taken advantage of by ill-wishers.

Why do women or girls dream about their own funeral?

The plot for a woman of any age symbolizes getting rid of vices, serious shortcomings that interfere with life. For a long time, the sleeping woman did not pay attention to them, but now she decided to devote time to self-improvement. This will have a positive effect on the girl’s entire life.


If you have been worried about health problems for a long time, then your own funeral will be a favorable harbinger. They promise a general improvement in condition. Health will become stronger. Long-standing minor ailments will no longer bother you. You will feel a surge of vivacity and energy.


It’s not too late to start the path to self-improvement at any age. Therefore, if you have a desire to take care of yourself, your psychological health, and development, you just need to start this process. And don’t pay attention to other people’s opinions and criticism.


A nervous breakdown is possible. The dream warns about this and tells you how to avoid adverse consequences. This can be done by reacting in time and adding quality rest to your life. You need to allow yourself to relax as much as possible. An excellent option is to do something that you have long wanted to do, but for which you previously did not have enough time or money.


What prevents a girl from achieving her goals is primarily her own laziness and lack of initiative. These shortcomings are undesirable companions for any person. You should say goodbye to them as soon as possible. And the sleeping woman will have the opportunity to do this. The path will not be easy, but it will certainly be productive.


The dreamer is very worried about giving birth. She fears her own death or other undesirable outcomes. But these are just unfounded internal experiences. You need to tune in to the fact that everything will turn out well. And experienced doctors will help with this.

A man or guy dreams of his own funeral

A man often dreams of his own funeral on the eve of disappointment. They can be related to any topic. For example, disappointment in the people around you, a new job, even a previously set goal. But after a while the man will understand that everything that happened was for the better.


The young man’s own funeral from a dream suggests that he allowed unworthy people into his inner circle. Now it is very important to reconsider your social circle and exclude all unnecessary people from there. In general, you should be more careful about your plans and dreams for the future. Try not to share them with the first people you meet and people whose honesty and loyalty cannot be trusted.


The subconscious mind tells you: an important long-term stage of life has come to its end. You don’t realize it yet, but inside you are very happy about what is happening. Once one stage ends, it means it will be possible to start a new one with peace of mind. It's time to remember your long-standing ambitious plans and cherished dreams.


A man is disappointed in his wife or is dissatisfied with something in her behavior. But he accumulates all negative emotions inside himself. The dream tells you: it’s time to start speaking openly. Frank conversations in a couple will help not only bring out all existing problems, but also begin to actively solve them.


For a single man, his own funeral is a symbol of a lack of warmth, care, feelings and emotions. The sleeper feels uncomfortable. He's lonely. If you manage to catch yourself feeling like this, it’s time to open your heart to a relationship. You can start with at least the usual easy communication with the opposite sex.

Interpretation of Miller's dream book

If a sleeper sees his own funeral in his hometown or village, he has stayed too long in the same place, stuck in his comfort zone. A person has been working in the same position for several years, does not change his hobbies, does not try anything new. It's time to change the situation. The subconscious mind tells you: in fact, a person misses new emotions and impressions. You just need to afford them and, if necessary, organize them.

In a dream you see your funeral in an unfamiliar city from the outside on the eve of a long-planned move. The sleeper is afraid to change his usual place of residence. In fact, only good things await him in his new place. Thanks to new acquaintances and new opportunities, a person will feel much happier.

Saying goodbye to strangers and friends

The funeral of a stranger predicts the end of a dark streak in life. If the ceremony took place in good weather, the financial situation of the sleeper will improve. Such a plot may also portend an acquaintance with an influential person who will become a reliable patron.

If the dreamer was born in the summer, farewell to a stranger is especially favorable - the dreamer will be able to achieve his cherished goals in a short time. If the funeral was truly luxurious and there were a lot of strangers at the ceremony, the main character will become rich.

If the dreamer observed a farewell to someone else’s child, while the funeral was poor and only a few people were present, the plot promises difficulties in business. You should be very careful, competitors are plotting behind the sleeper’s back.

The funeral of an old friend promises a quick meeting with him, perhaps he will invite the dreamer to a wedding or other fun celebration. If you dreamed of saying goodbye to a friend who occupies a high position in society, the sleeper will be accompanied by good luck in all his endeavors. Now is a favorable time to start a business; the dreamer can be sure that his business will not fail.

Attending a friend's funeral on a clear day is a good sign. This girl will meet the love of her life and will be very happy. Such a plot portends joy for the dreamer.

The meaning of sleep according to Vanga’s dream book

If at his own funeral in a dream a person feels comfortable and does not experience fear, it means that success will come in a completely unexpected place. The sleeper himself had previously hoped to make a large profit or develop in a completely different area. We need to react correctly to such changes. And immediately turn all your attention to the suddenly opened new path to success.

Tears and grief during one's funeral indicate lack of self-confidence and fear of taking initiative on the part of the dreamer. He prefers to sit in a quiet place. And he even calmly watches as other people steal his desired positions from under his nose. If you continue to act according to the usual pattern, you are unlikely to achieve real success.

Buried alive

If you saw the burial process from the outside, then in reality you will have to watch how all your plans collapse. You can't change anything. Also, if you have seen how people nail the lid of your coffin, expect betrayal and deception even from loved ones. During this dangerous period, even the closest and seemingly reliable people can set you up.

If you buried your loved one alive in a dream , expect betrayal and betrayal from your partner. Perhaps because of his indifference, you will not be able to change everything around you and get rid of problems. Try to behave carefully, this will help save a lot of time and a semblance of calm. This dark streak will end soon.

Version of Freud's dream book

People who unconditionally believe everything that others say watch their own funeral from the coffin in their dreams. The sleeper may even stop communicating with a close friend after learning something negative about him from relatives. Other people are well aware of this feature of the dreamer and are already beginning to actively use it.

People dream of seeing their own funeral from the outside on the eve of serious financial changes in their lives. There will be a very real chance to get rich. And you can do this exclusively on your own without outside help. The more people present at the dreamed funeral, the richer and more successful the dreamer can become in reality.

Funeral and resurrection in a dream

Soon you will become a victim of a strange situation , you will not be to blame, but people will appear who will blame you for all sins.

You will have to fight an endless stream of gossip. In addition, you may lose something important and expensive, and financial losses are likely.

The situation will be unusual in that everything that has fallen on you, all the troubles and gossip will disappear, just as it appeared. Unexpectedly and very quickly.

If you were resurrected in a dream before the coffin was lowered into the grave, then you won’t even have time to get scared before the situation resolves itself. If you were able to see someone’s resurrection in a dream, then expect that those close to you will greatly surprise you.

Interpretation according to the Islamic dream book

I dreamed of my own funeral after an illness - to the need to be more attentive in reality. There is a chance of making a serious mistake in real life. It can concern a variety of areas. Now you will need to more carefully calculate each step taken and repeatedly double-check all the information received.

Being killed and buried after this is a dream for people who are overly dependent on the opinions of others. They endlessly ask others for advice. They are afraid to make decisions on their own. Especially if they are condemned by other people. It's time to become more independent and responsible.

Short interpretations of other dream books

Here is what other interpreters say about their own burial in a dream:

  • Longo - false information may be spread about you, try to stop it;
  • Nostradamus - all changes in the near future will be exclusively positive;
  • Loff - you should be more moderate in your desires and requests;
  • Tsvetkov - you can safely start a new business, it will be successful, successful;
  • Jung - a long life without serious illnesses and troubles awaits you;
  • Hasse – it’s time to end the pessimistic mood and get positive.

Values ​​from other sources

In addition, there are other interpretations of dreams with a burial ceremony.

The following interpretations are found:

  1. Dream book of Natalia Stepanova. This source presents interpretations of dreams for the fair sex. A woman attended the funeral of a relative on a sunny, clear day - her family will be healthy. During the ceremony it was gloomy and raining - bad news should be expected. The girl saw how a stranger to her was buried - difficulties in relationships with loved ones are possible. If the deceased was a child, peace will reign in the sleeping family, but problems will begin among friends. Hearing bells ringing is a sign of sad news. Ringing a bell means illness and worries.
  2. Miller's interpreter. Burying a relative in good weather is a favorable sign. The dreamer and his family will be healthy and happy, things will go very well. A ceremony on a gloomy and rainy day foreshadows problems and negative news.
  3. Interpreter of the 21st century. Seeing a funeral procession means pleasant events, reconciliation with loved ones, and for men happiness and longevity. Burying a relative is a sign of good luck, positive changes, and spiritual growth. Grieving and crying means short-lived joy. Seeing people crying is a sign of happy news; accepting condolences is a sign of triumph. Being buried alive is a serious mistake. If the dreamer managed to escape and get out of the grave, he will be able to find a way out of a difficult situation.
  4. Dream Book of the Wanderer. Seeing a funeral procession means sadness, delays in business, and marriage. Watching a hearse means global changes. The burial of an influential person means significant changes in life or transformation in the state.

Interpretation of sleep by day of the week

When trying to correctly interpret a dream, take into account the day of the week on which it was seen:

  • Monday – be more attentive with new acquaintances;
  • Tuesday – if you have any health problems, rest will help you;
  • environment - you can get significant benefits where it was not expected at all;
  • Thursday - new financial projects will disappoint the sleeper;
  • Friday – when going on a long trip, finish all your chores at home;
  • Saturday - do not agree to dubious offers regarding money;
  • Sunday - try to improve your relationship with your boss.

What does a dream about your funeral mean in different areas of life?

The funeral you see suggests what is actually happening in a person’s life in its various areas. Such a plot will help you decide which direction is best to choose for further movement and development.

Health and self-development

Even if some diseases appear, you will be able to quickly cope with them without much effort. The sleeper will also want to look for new ways of development. He will take a fresh look at the previously chosen direction and realize that it is no longer relevant.

Money, work and career

Your own burial from dreams is a hint that scammers may be active near you. Especially if you become willing to tell new acquaintances about your financial successes.


Relationships (both love and friendship) will bring exceptional joy. They will become an additional source of inspiration, life resource and energy. Simply spending more time with your significant other or close friend is enough.


Any new interests or hobbies will have a beneficial effect on the sleeper. Now he can afford any entertainment that he had previously only dreamed of. New hobbies are one of the most enjoyable ways to develop yourself. With their help, you can expand your circle of friends.

The funeral of a person in V. Samokhvalov’s dream book

1. If you dream of your own funeral, then there is a fear of being overwhelmed, perhaps by responsibility, or a fear of overwhelming parts of our personality that cause harm. Dreaming of being at a funeral means that we need to understand our attitude towards death. It does not have to be our own death, but the death of others. It can also mean a time of mourning for something that happened in the past, and this time of mourning can allow us to move forward towards a brighter future. Seeing your own funeral may indicate a desire for compassion. It could also mean that some part of us is dead and we need to let it go. 2. Dreaming of a parent's funeral may represent a step towards independence or a need to let go of a past that may be painful. We must let our childhood - or childhood experiences - go and mark it with some kind of ritual or ceremony. 3. The obvious spiritual symbolism of death, loss and grief is evident here. This is not necessarily a negative meaning, the dreamer needs to look at resurrection and the positive elements it can bring.

Dreams on the topic

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