Why do you dream about funerals and coffins, your own funeral, the funeral of someone long dead, an empty coffin? Dream interpretation

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Seeing a funeral in a dream is a sad and depressing sight, but it does not always foreshadow any tragic events in real life. Most often, such a night vision indicates the completion of a certain stage in life. This is a sign that a person is ready to part with something unnecessary, outdated and is ready to move forward.

Miller's Dream Book

Attending the funeral of one of your relatives on a fine sunny day foreshadows a long and happy life for the dreamer’s family members, and good luck for himself. Rainy, cloudy weather during a funeral ceremony is a sign of approaching illnesses and failures.

Being at a stranger's funeral indicates problems in relationships with people. Seeing your child in a coffin means that his fate will be successful and no troubles will threaten him. A hearse is a harbinger of sadness, but if it blocks the path in a dream, then in reality the sleeping person will be able to defeat a strong enemy.

Burying someone in an old, neglected graveyard means longevity. The dream indicates that a person will outlive his loved ones and relatives. A modern and well-kept cemetery promises news of the recovery of a seriously ill friend.

Lunar dream book

Finally, it’s worth looking into it. Here are some interesting predictions that have not been mentioned before:

  1. A man made a coffin and then painted it black? This means that soon he will face trials related to both the love and professional spheres.
  2. Did the black paint come off the black sarcophagus in your dream? Such a vision promises him poverty, resentment and humiliation.
  3. The black coffin was so heavy and bulky that even several people could not lift it at once? But this is a good sign. It promises a life full of prosperity.
  4. Did a man dream about how he was lying in a black coffin, and then just got up and walked? This vision is associated with lightness and positivity.
  5. Have you ever watched from the sidelines as someone was buried in a black coffin? This means that soon a person will be faced with a choice - to commit some terrible act for his own benefit, or not.

However, sometimes a vision in which such an image was present should simply be perceived as a reflection of moral depression experienced in reality. If things really aren’t going well for a person in reality, perhaps it’s time to pause, take a time out to sort yourself out and rest.

Family dream book

A deceased person in a coffin may indicate that the deceased person's life achievements will be passed on to the dreamer. This vision also foreshadows the receipt of an inheritance or news of distant relatives.

If the dreamed deceased was well-off during his lifetime, then this promises an increase in well-being. And if the deceased was poor, then the dream foreshadows need and losses. Seeing your own funeral denotes good luck and new opportunities.

A dream about the funeral of a long-dead person foreshadows financial losses. Bringing flowers to the coffin with the deceased indicates that in reality the sleeper experiences great guilt before the deceased.

Seeing an empty coffin in a dream means obstacles in business and a feeling of emptiness. If it stands in the house of a sleeping person, it means news of a serious illness or death of a family member. Talk about a funeral promises a successful conclusion to the litigation. Hearing a death knell is bad news.

Watching the funeral procession from the outside portends financial difficulties and family conflicts. Overtaking means an accident. Crossing the road in front of a hearse means compromising yourself in society with an obscene act. Seeing several funeral corteges at once in a dream means the onset of a difficult period.

Long, massive funeral processions with the presence of familiar people in a dream warn of difficulties in business in reality. It will take a lot of effort to resolve an unfavorable situation.

Carrying a coffin with a deceased friend in a night vision means a quarrel with him. Moving with a cross at the head of a funeral procession means the collapse of hopes and the failure of plans. If conversations were heard during the burial, then it is necessary to remember what people were talking about. The information received can have an impact on your future life.

Interpretation of sleep depending on details

Most often people see such a dream in detail. In some cases, these details are incredibly important.

So, if the burial place is surrounded with flowers, then this means an unsuccessful marriage. But such an interpretation is only suitable if the dream occurred at home.

To find out why you dream of a black coffin with a dead person, you need to remember whether it was open or closed. Open, most often - to failure. Closed means good news.

Seeing yourself or distant relatives in this form means joy or victory. For example, if this is a deceased uncle, then something joyful will be associated with him.

I dreamed of many coffins with dead people

Much depends on the number of coffins. There may be not one, but two or many. The dream book says that coffins with the dead, of which there are many, mean many problems that will not be easy to deal with. If there are two coffins, then we are no longer talking about problems, but about the agony of choice. It is the difficult choice that a person will have to make in the very near future.

According to interpreters, if there are a lot of dead people, this may mean that the dead want to persistently convey something. Many dead people in coffins sometimes mean an attempt to draw attention to something. You need to look around you, perhaps there is something that you stubbornly did not notice and that can have an impact on your whole life.

Who was your relationship with the deceased?

Often loved ones who have died do not mean anything bad. Even though a brother in a coffin or a dead mother in a coffin looks scary, it usually means good news or joy. Often joy is associated with what is in the box. If this person has already died, then perhaps he left you something as a reminder of himself, and if he is still alive, then joyful changes may come in his life that will affect the dreamer.

If we are talking about a stranger, then this means the appearance of a new person who can have some direct influence on the one who sees the dream. It is not always strictly negative; young girls often dream of their future grooms in this form. In this case, it is best to remember as many details as possible both in the stranger himself and in what immediately surrounds him. This may say something about what exactly the acquaintance will bring.

Funeral of the deceased in a dream

The funeral of the deceased in a dream depends on how exactly the ceremony takes place. Most often, if someone simply buries a box with a deceased person in the ground, this will mean the need to keep something secret. A person who opens or digs up, on the contrary, means that the secrets have been revealed.

If a funeral passes by the dreamer, this may mean a feeling of loneliness. In this case, it’s a good idea to unwind or find a hobby. The ceremony itself in this case has little effect on the life of the one who sees it.

If a stranger lies dead, then this means a problem that will be quite problematic to solve. But with long work everything will work out. If during the ceremony the deceased rose from the coffin in a dream, then this will mean that the problem will soon

it will sort itself out. If the main question is precisely why you dream about a situation where a dead person rises from the coffin, then this means that you need to slightly change your point of view in order to solve your problems.

If during a funeral you dream of an open coffin with a deceased person, this will mean that there are troubles ahead that require the dreamer’s closest attention.

Seeing a dead man in a coffin come to life in a dream

The living dead are perhaps the most popular plot of dreams about the dead. A person rising from the dead usually means that they want to convey something to you, and in order to understand this, you need to take a careful look at your whole life.

The living dead may simply be a sign that a person has old stress within himself. In this case, he should reduce the stress on his psyche, rest and relax. The level of anxiety will decrease - even the revived corpses will not bother you.

If a person tries to talk to the dreamer after death, this means that he needs to look around him for information that may turn out to be extremely important and even bring him wealth or success in some endeavor.

If you dream that a dead person gets up

So, why do you dream of a resurrected dead man? Usually, if this is a friendly person, then the meanings of the dream are the friendliest to the dreamer. As a rule, you just need to be more attentive to yourself or your life, perhaps there will be joys or small gifts in the future.

If a revived corpse behaves aggressively, then perhaps problems await you in the future or, more often, there are problems already now and bring a lot of stress.

Important: dreams with similar plots almost never mean irreversible evil. Usually, such dreams, even if they speak of something bad, always leave the person room for maneuver or the opportunity to act.

In particular, dreams about the living dead are reminiscent of horror films. But these dreams most often mean some kind of solution or hint. Even if there is an aggressive risen dead in front of you, know that this is just a temporary difficulty that needs to be overcome.

Location of the coffin with the deceased

If you are carrying the deceased in your hands, then this means the need to make an effort to complete some task. If the burial process is standard, then the process of solving the problem will be routine and unremarkable. If the deceased fell out or something was damaged, then this can be considered a good sign: a little luck or help from an unexpected benefactor. Sometimes this is considered a sign of someone's imminent death, but this is unlikely. More often than not, it's just something good.

If the coffin is in the house, then you need to take a closer look to see if there is a lid on it. Closed almost always means something hidden: a mystery or a secret. Perhaps not all people around are honest with the dreamer. You need to more carefully check the facts around you and clarify everything that seems not entirely correct. If it's open, that's a problem. However, in this case, it is almost always not only surmountable, but can even be prevented and eliminated if everything is done correctly and on time.

A box without a lid generally means an absolutely good sign, and it can be located virtually anywhere. A specific location can only indicate something that good news can be associated with.

Seeing a dead man in a coffin in a dream means meaning for a woman

For a woman to see a dead man in a coffin in a dream is not something normal, but it happens often. Usually this means the same as for a man, but if a naked person is placed in the coffin, it can mean privacy.

If you look for what a naked dead man dreams about, it turns out that this almost always means that the person with whom the woman is in a relationship or wants to enter into one is hiding something. He doesn’t always do this consciously, so there’s no need to make trouble or demand. But he has something that he either doesn’t want to talk about or doesn’t consider necessary. In some cases this is not required, since the secret is usually small.

If the deceased is dressed, then the woman needs to carefully assess his age and the decoration around him. The young deceased means the appearance of a new young man surrounded by him. This is not necessarily the groom, but it may well be probable. If at the same time he is dressed extremely richly, then this indicates that he will pay attention to the dreamer.

In some cases, girls dream of rich deceased people as a harbinger of a rich man who wants to enter into a relationship with her. Here you should be careful, since such a groom will not always be a good husband: excessive wealth can ruin a marriage.

Vanga's Dream Book

Why do we dream of funerals and coffins, according to the famous seer? For those who see a funeral ceremony in a dream, Vanga recommends urgently changing their lifestyle and not forgetting that every day needs to be filled with good deeds. Especially if you had a dream about your own funeral.

A coffin with no one in it means spiritual emptiness and internal discord. The one who carries it in a dream has committed a dishonest act in reality. Hammering nails into the coffin is a sign of the desire to get rid of your vices.

What is the interpretation of a dream with the funeral of loved ones? When deciphering, Vanga attached great importance to the person whose funeral was. Depending on the personality of the deceased, the interpretation is as follows:

  • mother's funeral - personal troubles, trials, health problems;
  • father - failures in business, betrayal of a partner, failure of a deal;
  • your child - family well-being;
  • brother - inheritance litigation;
  • sisters - an unpleasant visitor;
  • grandmothers are deceitful friends, ill-wishers;
  • grandfathers - urgent matters;
  • beloved guy - disappointment;
  • girls - a new stage in a relationship;
  • husband - end of a difficult period;
  • wives - bad news, shocks;
  • friend - a happy future;
  • colleagues - changes at work;
  • neighbors - legal proceedings;
  • stranger - change in weather;
  • brides - a bad omen, a tragic event.

Seeing yourself buried in a dream means a long life. Being buried alive is a dangerous sign. Night vision foreshadows the machinations of enemies, the commission of a fatal mistake, or a respiratory disease.

Interpretation of actions

Behavior during the midnight story is crucial:

  1. To carry it yourself - a business trip, valuable acquaintances, return of an old debt are expected.
  2. Seeing someone else's shoulders is the end of a life stage, bad news. Overtaking the procession means an accident.
  3. To look and understand that you are going to be buried in it means troubles are coming, participation in a risky event.
  4. Open - with the help of your courage and the support of loved ones, you can overcome obstacles.
  5. Burying is a useless effort to forget the offense.
  6. Someone carried by - rejoice, danger will pass by.
  7. Sit on the lid - the guardian angel will turn away, in business and love everything will not be the best.
  8. Fell - higher powers will save you from trouble.
  9. Buying means misunderstanding of the other half. For yourself - waste yourself.
  10. Hammering nails means walking forward lightly. Getting rid of enemies.
  11. Fill in your own - resources will appear to solve problems and cure the disease.
  12. Give - benefit, profit.

Locked inside a sarcophagus? This means you feel nervous before making a choice. A more optimistic decoding promises an unexpected wedding, a cheerful celebration.

If they were inside, but were alive, this meant a fatal mistake and a major scrape. Remember the emotions:

  • scary - to dismissal;
  • calm - experiences with a successful outcome.

Modern dream book

If a girl is present at a stranger’s funeral in a dream, such a night vision promises a profitable marriage. Being at the burial of a distant relative portends reconciliation with enemies. And if you dreamed of the funeral of one of your close family members, then in reality a big win is expected.

A magnificent, solemn funeral ceremony with farewell volleys and an orchestra - to complicated personal affairs. A coffin standing in a church and strewn with flowers predicts an unsuccessful marriage or divorce. For businessmen, such a dream predicts ruin, and for farmers - crop failure and death of livestock.

The funeral of an elderly stranger promises a quiet and serene life. If a young man is betrayed to the ground before the eyes of a sleeping person, then the dreamer will face large debts in the future.

Lowering the coffin with the deceased into a hole means recovery from an illness or getting rid of a painful burden. Covering the grave with earth and making a hill means worries and household chores. Seeing ritual service workers in a dream portends danger.

Crying over the burial of a loved one, who is actually alive, indicates that you can put an end to your relationship with him. The couple is expected to separate in the near future.

General interpretation

The most popular interpretation of why you saw a coffin with a dead person in a dream is a quick change in the weather. An equally common version is about pleasant changes in the dreamer’s life, for example, useful acquisitions or a visit from guests.

Options for the development of events in a dream:

  • The deceased has come to life - expect good news soon.
  • A dead man lies with his eyes open - to a change in the weather that will take trouble away from you.
  • There is a living person lying in a coffin without a lid - a loved one is at risk of illness, recommend that he be examined by a doctor.
  • The deceased moved or turned over - your affairs will soon end in a good result.
  • The dead man is talking - warning of an imminent quarrel with someone, be careful.
  • The funeral service is taking place - it is recommended to forget about old feelings and thoughts and start a new life from scratch.
  • The dreamer is present at a funeral - it is necessary to pay attention to self-development.
  • There was someone close to the house - expect complete mutual understanding and financial well-being.
  • The coffin fell - you can avoid big problems in life.

Sunny weather in a dream symbolizes upcoming positive changes. In contrast to this meaning, cloudy or rainy weather is considered an unkind sign. Watching the funeral of someone who is alive in reality means longevity for the dream guest. The funeral of an acquaintance or comrade promises his support in the near future, and carrying a house with the body of a friend means betrayal.

A funeral service in a church is dreamed of before an unsuccessful wedding. According to dream books, a coffin with a dead person opening his eyes promises contact with a person from the past. And also often after such dreams people let go of memories of events that caused pain.

Men dream of the dead seeking the help of a friend. If there was a woman in the coffin, then this is a message from the subconscious about a future happy life. Married women can tune in to the appearance of a suitor, and for girls, the dead are a signal about meeting a partner:

  • young deceased - to a peer;
  • an elderly man - to an older life partner;
  • a poorly dressed dead man - the groom will be a beggar;
  • rich clothes and decorations of the domina - to the wealth of a loved one.

Dream interpreters recommend that engaged dreamers avoid rushing to get married. Coffins with the dead indicate uncertainty in choice. A kiss from a deceased person for a sick person is considered a good sign - the dreamer will soon recover.

Freud's Dream Book

Why do you dream of funerals and coffins according to this dream book? The burial, like any funeral theme in a dream, according to a famous psychiatrist, personifies the phobias of the sleeper. The coffin is a symbol of the female uterus. If it is expensive and beautiful, then this means health and fertility. A broken, shabby coffin is a sign of infertility.

A modest funeral with cheap ritual supplies indicates low self-esteem of the sleeper. To dream of a closed coffin being lowered into a grave foretells the dreamer the sexual coldness of his intimate partner.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

To be present at a funeral in a dream and not to see the deceased himself means that in life a person is engaged in either useless or obviously doomed to failure.

Being at the funeral of a relative or acquaintance who is actually alive portends them good health, longevity, or is a reflection of interaction with these people in reality. In particular, this may be an indicator of a lack of mutual understanding.

Why do you dream of a stranger’s funeral? Such a night vision plot will be favorable if the burial took place in a modest setting with a small number of people. This may indicate the end of an unfavorable period in life, recovery from a serious illness, or climbing the career ladder.

A dream in which a stranger’s funeral took place on a sunny summer day also has a positive meaning. This dream indicates an unexpected successful resolution of all protracted cases.

But a dream with the opposite plot will have a completely different meaning. A magnificent, pompous funeral ceremony with many mourning people predicts failure of plans and financial losses. For a woman, the interpretation of dreams about a funeral with a large number of people can mean rumors and loss of reputation.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

Being present at the funeral of a very famous person in a dream means receiving a good inheritance. Kissing the deceased on the forehead when saying goodbye portends separation from someone close and dear.

The beginning of a new happy stage is a dream in which a person sobs loudly over a deceased person, laments and mourns. This means saying goodbye to everything old and negative in life and meeting new exciting events.

Singing during a funeral or wake foreshadows dreary, monotonous days. The interpretation is unfavorable if the dreamer himself acts as a singer.

Seeing in a dream a beautiful open coffin standing in a large hall means wealth. A closed sarcophagus predicts quarrels and illnesses. Opening the coffin and looking inside speaks of the desire of the sleeper to find out someone else's secret.

Why do you dream of coffins and funerals, as well as other mourning paraphernalia in your own home? Oddly enough, this night vision has a positive meaning and promises family well-being. The dream in which the sleeper bought a coffin has the same meaning.

Esoteric dream book

A deceased person in a coffin, if he is unfamiliar, may dream of a change in weather. The burial of a relative or loved one who is actually alive portends a long life for him. Sometimes such a dream promises this character an important event or a great achievement that will bring him prosperity.

A dream in which a funeral procession blocks the sleeper's path and does not allow him to get to the right place promises negative life changes. It is possible that in real life, trips in this direction will come to naught.

For example, if a funeral procession in a dream blocked the road along which the sleeping person was driving to work, then he will soon be dismissed from service. Seeing a funeral on the way to a loved one or relative may mean that in reality the dreamer will stop visiting this house.

Carrying a coffin means difficulties on the path of life. If a person puts it on the ground or transfers his burden to another, then soon all the troubles will be behind. Such dreams upon awakening are characterized by a feeling of lightness and inner liberation. For patients, such a dream promises recovery.

Chaotic, meaningless dreams with coffins mean a person’s fear of changes and his unpreparedness for them. Sometimes night vision indicates an empty activity that the sleeper is engaged in.

Also, a tedious and dreary task is symbolized by a dream in which the sleeper was preparing for a funeral. The dream speaks of protracted work that needs to be completed quickly.

Why does a woman dream of a dead man dressed in black:

1 According to the Dream Book of Catherine the Great

2 Why do you dream about the Dead?

The dead man himself, appearing in a dream, does not mean anything bad. If a dead person appears in a dream briefly, without attracting attention to himself, this vision should not be interpreted as prophetic.

If the deceased has become a character around whom the plot of your dream is centered, this means that the soul from the other world wants to tell you something, give practical advice or warn you about something.

If you saw a real person who passed away as dead (or a living dead, vampire, zombie), this means that in reality you cannot let him go. The soul of the deceased is attached to you because you experience strong emotions in connection with this loss. The deceased asks to be freed from this binding. If you don't do this, such visits can undermine your health.

To the rain, change of weather.

The stranger a dream seems to us, the deeper its meaning.

The most general meaning of a dream about a dead person is a warning that you need to be on your guard in the near future.

Inside everyone, even the best of us, lies an uncontrollable wild beast that wakes up when we sleep.

If you see someone who wants to see the deceased, it means that this person is poorly remembered.

Your inner world is out of balance, and your emotions are difficult to control. Apparently you are upset.

If you meet a dead person in a dream, this means that in reality something unexpected and unprecedented will happen to you.

A dead man in your dream does not bode well if he actually died in the real world. This simply means that you need to visit his grave and prepare a funeral meal - the soul of the deceased believes that it has been forgotten. Seeing a dead person as if alive is also a request for remembrance. Nothing wrong with that. The soul lets you know that it remembers you.

Good health, long life.

If you just saw a dead person in a dream, then this indicates an imminent change in the weather.

People who were dear to us during life constantly live in our minds, but meeting them is possible only in dreams.

There are often cases when we see our deceased relatives in a dream, and then our feelings will be completely different - we experience joy, warmth, happiness, trust and goodwill. Deceased loved ones are our spiritual patrons and come to provide us with support and protection, especially during difficult periods and difficult life situations.

Dead loved ones seen in a dream can convey news to us, predict the future, warn against misfortunes and provide spiritual support. The dead are constantly next to us, in the subtle world, and at any opportunity they are ready to support you for success in business.

Other cases of dead people seen in dreams, both relatives and people close to you, indicate some unfinished business. There is a case of psychological gestalt - an unfinished relationship with a person brings his image to mind when you sleep, and thereby allows you to resolve the unfinished situation.

The need for reconciliation, understanding, and conflict resolution comes in the form of visions of the deceased with whom you want to establish contact. Such dreams will be healing and have a beneficial effect on the general psychological state, causing feelings of peace and tranquility.

The appearance of a dead person in a dream may be a sign that you need to light a candle for him in church or order a funeral service. This will also help you let go of the image of the deceased, not keep it close to you, which will also improve your psychological state. Sometimes the deceased may ask for something, then it is necessary to take the required thing to the cemetery to calm him down.


Loff's Dream Book

Overtaking a funeral procession in a dream is a bad sign. A dream can warn of an accident, especially if the dead man lying in the coffin smiled at the sleeping person or beckoned him to come to him. Hearing funeral music from afar means receiving news of the death of a distant relative or friend.

If during a funeral a scandal breaks out near the grave of the deceased, it means that in reality the person is tormented by doubts about his well-being. A high-ranking person is lowered into the pit - for a feast or a great celebration.

The deceased is covered with white flowers in a night vision - to receive news about a friend living far away. The deceased lies in a coffin without clothes - to material difficulties, which will become a great test for the sleeper and his environment.

Placing money in a coffin during a funeral predicts material expenses that are not always justified. Is the deceased injured or missing limbs? The dream indicates difficulties that you will not be able to overcome.

If during the funeral ceremony the coffin is not opened and the deceased is not visible, then the sleeper will be able to stay away from the negative event that will soon occur. The coffin is open, but the face of the deceased is covered with a cloth - to an unexpected and unpleasant meeting.

If a woman sees in a dream the funeral of an unfamiliar man who is outwardly attractive to her, it means that the dream reflects changes that affect the sleeping person’s personal life. The same can be said about a man. Seeing the funeral of a beautiful stranger - the dream has more to do with intimate life than business.

What does a dream about a bride's funeral mean? To interpret this plot, it is necessary to take into account to whom and on the eve of what events this character appears in night vision.

If the funeral of a girl lying in a coffin in a wedding dress is dreamed of before an important business meeting, then the success of the negotiations will depend on a certain young colleague. If an old woman is wearing a wedding dress, then the sleeper will be able to outperform a more experienced colleague or competitor.

The bride dreams of going on a long journey - to disappointment and anxiety. The trip will not be as productive as planned. For aspiring businessmen, such a dream foreshadows difficulties in organizing their own business.

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