Why do you dream of an open empty coffin and should you worry about such a dream?

It is always more pleasant to wake up in the morning if the night was filled with beautiful and vivid dreams that charge you with positive emotions for the whole day. But sometimes a person sees in a dream not entirely pleasant, and sometimes even terrible things, for example, a funeral or a coffin. Why do you dream of an open empty coffin and what troubles does such a dream warn a person from?

Sometimes a person sees in a dream not entirely pleasant, and sometimes terrible things, for example, a funeral or a coffin

According to the Muslim dream book

  • Seeing a red coffin means monetary gain, news from distant relatives.
  • Seeing yourself in a red coffin means that in reality you will experience a burst of strength, a surge of energy, you will be able to cope with any goal.
  • Seeing friends or relatives lying in a red coffin means the fulfillment of secret desires.

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Where did you see it?

The dream in which you saw a red coffin can also be interpreted based on where it was located.

At home

If you dream of a red coffin standing in an apartment, it means that in reality you will expect serious losses and illnesses that are not so easy to get rid of. Thus, the subconscious is trying to warn the sleeping person that difficult times await him.

It makes sense to undergo a routine examination to prevent your condition from worsening.

At the cemetery

What could a red empty coffin standing in a cemetery mean? As some dream interpreters write, the sleeping person will expect changes in life, and not the most rosy ones. Such dreams precede a change in views and values.

I dreamed without a lid

Was there a lid on the coffin? If for some reason it did not show up, it means that some matter will be unfinished due to unfavorable circumstances. If you decide to look into an empty red coffin without a lid, it means that in reality your health will begin to deteriorate.

Which one was it?

When such unpleasant dreams occur, the dreamer must remember who the coffin was intended for.


When it comes to interpreting a difficult symbol, three key aspects can be distinguished:

  • a lurking danger that a sleeping person simply underestimates;
  • constant scandals and showdowns with close relatives;
  • plans that are not destined to come true.

Seeing children's ritual objects in a dream

In any case, the dreamer must understand that a deceased daughter or son is a symbol that does not pose a real danger. Most likely, it will reflect the good health of the person seen and one can simply envy him.


If you dreamed of a red coffin for an adult, it means that in reality dangerous situations will lie in wait. Your actions may be misinterpreted by other people, which will lead to big problems. To prevent such a problem, you must learn to express yourself correctly.

Seeing a living person in a red coffin means illnesses and quarrels that cannot be prevented. The dream interpreter gives a simple recommendation: during any quarrel you should not get personal.

What did you have to do?

The scenario line leaves a certain imprint on the decoding, and therefore it is so important to remember the actions that the dreamer performed.

To dream about burying a grave


Oddly enough, the dream in which the red coffin was to be buried is in some way prophetic . It portends a favorable period towards which you will have to move through many problems. If in real life there is no reason for concern, then the symbol seen predicts losses and losses that may appear in the near future.


If a sleeping person decorates a red coffin with fresh flowers, it means that in reality he is in for trouble and annoyance. He will have to become more cautious, try to predict a possible ambush, even if this will not be so easy. Having an unpleasant dream on the eve of marriage means an unhappy union.


Making a coffin yourself in a dream

Seeing someone making a red coffin denotes hard and unfavorable work. After finishing the work, the sleeping person will have to listen to a bunch of unpleasant reviews. In addition, he will not receive the well-deserved reward that he so wanted. If you receive a dubious offer in the near future, it is better to refuse it.


If in your dream you had to burn a red coffin, then most likely in real life you will experience an unprecedented surge of emotions associated with radical changes in life. If such a dream appeared to a sick person, then he can count on a speedy recovery.

Interpretation of sleep depending on the shade of the red coffin

If a person saw a red coffin in a dream, then he can hope that respect and honor await him in real life. It is also important what emotions the dreamer experienced when he saw the empty red coffin. If there was fear or horror in the dream, then in reality the person will find himself in a situation that will irritate and anger him. Indifference and calmness in a dream promise the dreamer that he will easily cope with an unpleasant problem. If a person saw a red coffin in a dream, then he can hope that respect and honor await him in real life. Perhaps, after such a dream, the bosses will appreciate the dreamer’s efforts and promote him in his position.

  • The dark purple color of this product may mean that a future planned project will not be successful and it is better to postpone it until better times.
  • If the coffin in a dream had a light red color, then such a dream predicts that the person will have success in love affairs.

It's all about the details

The symbol described above is usually metaphorical, and therefore there is no point in taking it to heart. The range of emotions received can vary, from extreme misunderstanding to confusion. How not to get lost in this list?

Why do you dream about the Coffin?

Why do you dream of a Closed Coffin?

Why do you dream about the Black Coffin?

What do dream books say?

I dreamed of a ritual object

If you believe the dream books, then the quality of the resulting transcript is affected by every detail that is so easy to forget after waking up. To prevent such a problem, a sleeping person should keep a small notebook next to him, in which he will write down the entire scenario line.

Miller's Dream Book

According to the psychologist, a dream image does not come just like that, but reflects the imminent death of a loved one or a tragic coincidence of circumstances. In any case, the dreamer needs to become extremely attentive.

Vanga's Dream Book

What happens during the funeral procession? A sleeping person must remember the events taking place, no matter how difficult it may be:

  • carrying an empty coffin means committing an unseemly act;
  • dreamed of an open coffin - to illness and powerlessness, which interferes with a normal life.
  • seeing a closed coffin is a sign of disappointment and serious fear.
    Seeing yourself dead in a dream

Even if the dreamer is in a depressed state, sooner or later he will have to get out of it, and this will not be so easy.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Why do you dream of a red coffin in which the dreamer lies? Despite the fact that such a symbol is unlikely to seem pleasant, it can be interpreted in the opposite way. Most likely, the sleeping person will experience unprecedented success in various areas of life. Luck will help you end a difficult stage in life.

If you were familiar with the deceased, then you will actually be able to hear good news about him. Seeing someone nailing an empty coffin is a sign of taking decisive action that marks the beginning of dramatic changes.

The main thing is to take full advantage of every opportunity so that you don’t have to regret it later.

Dream Interpretation of Hasse

Seeing empty mourning props in a dream

If you dream of unpleasant events concerning you or your friends, it means that in reality a long and happy life will come, which cannot be overshadowed by minor troubles. An empty coffin portends fun and interesting adventures. In addition, a sleeping person can be presented with a small but very pleasant gift.

Freud's Dream Book

Freud's dream book gives very extravagant interpretations of dreams with a coffin seen in them. According to Freud , the coffin is a symbol of the woman’s genitals. And in a dream, it means the following:

  • A skillfully decorated coffin means you are unusually fertile and your health is not in danger;
  • A broken coffin lid in a dream means your inability to bear children;
  • Rotten coffin - you value yourself low and hide your complexes;
  • If you dreamed of a zinc coffin, you are unsure of your sexual capabilities.

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Seeing a small coffin in a dream

If the dreamer saw a small child’s coffin in his night dreams, then in real life he will be faced with danger and shock, the consequences of which can be unpredictable.

If the dreamer saw a small children's coffin in his night dreams, then in real life he will face danger and shock

Also, such a dream may suggest that you should not start any business related to finances and business projects, because most likely it will end in failure.

Another interpretation of such a dream is conflicts and quarrels with close relatives.


The meaning of the dream depends not only on the personality of the dreamer and not only on the source of interpretation, but also on the color of the closed coffin.

  • The red coffin speaks of the beginning of work on a new enterprise that will bring profit and fame to the dreamer. A luxurious red coffin foreshadows the fulfillment of a dream of the sleeper, a joyful family holiday, a nostalgic meeting with school or university friends.
  • A multi-colored coffin indicates the dreamer’s desire to settle down and start a family and have children. Perhaps such thoughts were prompted by his meeting with “that” person.
  • A large golden coffin portends prosperity and material well-being, the implementation of your plans. Buying a golden coffin means warm, good relations with your relatives. Often such a dream is a harbinger of the wedding of one of the family members.
  • A black coffin decorated with flowers and wreaths indicates a breakdown in family or romantic relationships due to the fault of the dreamer. If the sleeping person now loses his love, then later he will no longer be able to return it.
  • A simple black coffin is a bad omen and portends grief and misfortune, illness and numerous troubles. An old or broken black coffin indicates problems of an intimate or love nature.

Why do you dream of an empty coffin: interpretation of the dream

Almost every dream book gives a detailed interpretation of why a person suddenly saw a coffin at night, and an empty one at that.

Vanga says that such a nightmare most often warns that there is some unusually painful memory in people’s souls. You need to understand yourself and try to completely free yourself from it.

Miller's interpretations indicate that this terrible symbol cannot appear for good. It usually means that very difficult trials lie ahead. Similar visions also carry other sad omens.

Tsvetkov’s collection, on the contrary, optimistically reports that such a sign indicates the end of the streak of failures.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

It is considered absolutely normal to see a coffin in a dream. The interpreter attaches great importance to its quality, novelty and texture. This attribute personifies a kind of protective sarcophagus for the birth of new life

Therefore, it is important that it is expensive, beautiful and reliable.

For a woman, such a dream speaks of the imminent bearing of healthy and beautiful offspring. Old and ruined promises infertility or disappointment in your other half, in your ability to conceive a child.

The man saw a coffin upholstered in red velor and lined with fresh flowers - in reality he would experience the joy of admiring and admiring women. There is a high probability of having inflated self-esteem and excessive vanity as a skilled lover.

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Predicts a positive outcome of events from such a dream if the burial box is tightly, hermetically sealed and no one tries to look under its lid.

The black color of this item indicates dark spots from the past. For the sleeper, this is a good reason to leave all negative thoughts, actions and experiences behind. You are ready to prove in your bright new life that you are talented, smart and capable of doing good.

Hammering nails into the lid - someone who cares about you will help you achieve success in life, lending a helping hand and giving protection in everything. It will help you get rid of past troubles and health problems.

Seeing your name on the top of the coffin is a reason to rethink your values, lifestyle and feel the line between life and death. Perhaps an excessive love of risk, frivolity and carelessness leads you too far into dead-end situations, from which you manage to get out only by luck.

If you dreamed of a black ritual box falling into the grave by itself, it promises you a miraculous and clever salvation from the danger that lurks along the way.

Gustov Miller

Represents an exclusively negative interpretation of a dream where funeral objects are dreamed of. This is a sign that ruin, illness, separation from loved ones awaits you. But this will all happen due to the dreamer’s inaction.

That is, being a warning sign, the dream encourages you not to get involved in large financial adventures that promise big profits and easy enrichment. A period is coming for lovers when they should not make plans for the future and get married. And if you feel an illness, you should immediately consult a doctor so as not to start the disease and stop the irreversibility of the processes.

If you dreamed about your own funeral, you will experience a moral and spiritual crisis, a fall in values, difficulties with self-determination, and a collapse in life guidelines. Moral degradation can be avoided close to family and home. Your loved ones will help you rethink everything and show you light and further development.


Predicts negative events, warning of deteriorating health and losses. Being a message about impending disasters, a coffin in a grave is identified with poor old age, loss of property and complete failure in everything.

Evgeniy Tsvetkov

This dream connects with good events, especially in the lives of young people who have just gotten back on their feet, trying to live and work independently. This promises the newlyweds a strong and long marriage, full of joyful moments and events for the lovers.

For those who are trying to independently develop their own business, this is a good reason to confidently invest in a promising project. Profit will not be long in coming, becoming your initial capital for major financial achievements.

See a lot of them arranged in a circle

You are a businessman and you have such a dream. This is a harbinger of your losses, which you cannot avoid. This prediction is given by Juno’s dream book. Almost all dream books interpret the vision of a moving coffin as a symbol of failure both in business and in love.

You have familiarized yourself with the probable interpretations of your dream from various dream books. Which one is closer to you in terms of content and desired consequences is up to you to decide. But take your time. Analyze everything carefully and only then act. Perhaps you will be the one who will be able to change the destiny.

Coffin in the grave

To see a coffin lowered into a grave in your dream is a symbol of the forgotten causes of your family troubles and the beginning of a new stage in family relationships. The dream can also serve as a hint to the need to see a doctor and serves as advice to pay attention to your health.

A dead person rising from the coffin in the grave, according to the interpretation of the Chinese dream book, means the imminent arrival of guests. And the grave itself in this dream indicates the resolution of life’s problems.

In life, success and loss are always nearby. The dream has a double interpretation . It can mean both failure and profit.

What if you dream of a red coffin?

There are many different dream books and in none of them does the coffin symbolize death. Of course, it is important to consider under what circumstances you dreamed about it. However, such a dream still does not threaten anything serious.

Although, the dream book for birthday people says that those born in May, June, July and August will face trouble. Especially if they saw a dead person in the coffin. A better interpretation occurs for people born in September, October, November and December. For others, this dream only foretells changes in affairs for the better.

It is very important to pay attention to what the coffin is like. That is, you definitely need to consider its color, size, and whether it is open or closed. It is important to consider who is in the coffin. This could be a friend, a close relative, or a complete stranger. And, perhaps, that it will turn out to be empty. All these details carry very important aspects of interpretation.

Sometimes it happens that you dream of a red coffin. Of course, it is not advisable to see the coffin in this form. In general, this promises illness. However, the Ukrainian dream book says that such a coffin means a long life. Vanga's dream book is also no consolation. He predicts the devastation of the soul.

That is, some situation will happen that will change life a little. And after that the person will change. His views on life will change and past plans will disappear.

But still, the esoteric dream book, where a red coffin means success in any endeavors, may please you. But the women’s dream book promises prosperity and wealth. . .

See the coffin and know who is there

According to the assumptions of the Women's Dream Book, seeing a coffin and knowing who is in it (relative, friend) predicts misfortunes and serious illnesses for the one you see in the coffin. But the same dream suggests excellent health and longevity for you.

To see a coffin and a child in it in a dream is a harbinger of the complete collapse of all new plans and an abundance of various misfortunes.

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According to Vanga's dream book

To dream of a funeral procession carrying a closed coffin with your name on it means urgently change your lifestyle and actions. Something is wrong in your life;

An empty coffin with a lid is a symbol of your emptiness of spirit and heavy thoughts and worries about your actions;

A dream where you nail a coffin with large nails is a symbol of your aspirations to eradicate bad habits;

A coffin lid sprinkled with something is a sign of the presence of evil, which cannot be compared with anything.

Type of material from which the dreamed coffin was made

Even such seemingly insignificant details, such as the type of this object or the material from which it was made, have a huge impact on the interpretation of the dream.

  • A coffin made of wood promises the dreamer resentment and sadness.
  • A zinc product portends unpleasant news and bad news.
  • A coffin made of the precious metal gold predicts that the dreamer will experience success and good luck in financial matters.
  • An expensive and beautiful funeral box, decorated with carvings, means good health.
  • A cheap coffin may be a sign that in real life a person suffers from low self-esteem.
  • A product with rotten or broken boards promises failure and loss.

A few more interpretations of the dreamed coffin

  • To see this object decorated with fresh or artificial flowers in a dream means an unsuccessful marriage or a troubled family life.
  • If a person dreams that he is a participant in a funeral procession and is carrying an empty coffin, then in life he will commit an ugly act, which he will later repent of.
  • Closing an empty funeral box with a lid in a dream and nailing it with nails promises getting rid of bad habits, such as smoking or alcohol addiction.
  • Dreaming of an open empty coffin standing on a dais in a church is a bad sign, meaning trouble and failure in real life.
  • Many coffins in a dream foretell wealth and financial well-being to the dreamer. Also, such a dream can be a sign of an imminent wedding.
  • If fishermen, hunters and mushroom pickers dream of many of these funeral attributes, then the dream promises them an excellent catch and rich trophies.

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