What, according to the interpreter, does it mean to see a rival in a dream?

The woman is wondering who exactly could threaten her family happiness. Therefore, at the first suspicion of treason, she wants to find out by any means who her rival is. Often such information comes in a dream.

However, a rival in love may turn out to be a figment of the dreamer’s fantasies and look in real life completely different from what she dreamed about.

If you want to understand what the presence of this woman in a dream means, pay attention to her appearance, meeting place, manner of communication and actions. This is how the dream book interprets this dream most often.

Opinion of the dream book of spouses Winter

Seeing that you have a rival means that excessive slowness will become a serious obstacle in business, and not necessarily in amorous ones.

Did you dream of a rival? You clearly pay too little attention to your chosen one and the relationship may end in an irrevocable break.

If in a dream your rival clearly has an advantage over you, then the dream book thinks that you need to gather your strength in order to complete some idea. Did you dream that you beat your opponent? There is very little left until complete victory!

Why dream that your lover has a secret mistress? The dream book prophesies emotional experiences associated with family and relationships. In addition, difficulties may arise at work.

Did you dream that you had several rivals at once? Your thoughts and feelings are at odds with your actions. Perhaps you are busy with several things at the same time, which interferes with their successful implementation. If you fail to understand yourself and set up a work schedule, you will be mired in failure.

Seeing your rival in the form of a terrible monster is not very good. The dream book is sure that your own irresponsibility will become the cause of a life crisis.

Probability of a prophetic dream

If you had to see a rival in a dream, this does not mean that the lady in the dream will turn out to be a homewrecker in reality.
In rare cases, a woman dreams of her husband’s mistress as she really is. Most often, such a dream indicates your thoughts, imaginations and ideas about the one who interferes with family happiness. Most often, one dreams of a girl who looks like a homewrecker in appearance or a lady whom a man lacks in energy.

Therefore, a dream about a rival should not be interpreted literally. Especially if you have no evidence of infidelity. There are especially jealous figures who see a rival in any woman, jealous of their beloved right and left.

Therefore, in a dream, they may dream that their husband cheated with a friend, a female acquaintance, a co-worker or a stranger, although this is not true.

Therefore, the interpretation of dreams about a rival should be treated with caution and literally interpreted only if you know something for sure.

Usually dreams with exact meaning come true within a few days. In some cases, a dream book helps to understand the meaning of a dream. But with any interpretation of a dream, you need to remain objective and not make hasty decisions.

Interpretation from the dream book for a bitch

What does a rival dream about, according to this dream book? You risk doing a lot of stupid things in an attempt to defend your own dignity, which will negatively affect your relationship with your loved one.

Did you dream of a rival? The Dream Interpretation is confident that you will have to show all your best sides and qualities in order to enlist the support of some influential person.

Symbolic meaning of pregnancy in a dream

Pregnancy as a symbol of fertility. This dream is universal and is not limited by culture or ethnicity. Flower buds or plant seeds, pregnant women and animals are a symbol of fertility, wealth, and prosperity.

Pregnancy as a symbol of power. Becoming a mother is one of the most socially accepted ways for a woman to gain power. In some cultures it is the only one. If a man sees such a dream, then it may mean his desire to gain power, to get rid of dependence on his mother or another woman.

Pregnancy as a symbol of growth. Internal growth and improvement, acquisition of new knowledge and skills are sometimes reflected in dreams as an image of pregnancy. Suddenly finding yourself eight months pregnant is incredible! But many of us study and work hard, search and find ways to develop and improve ourselves, but are not always able to understand and appreciate how much we ourselves have changed, how much we have grown.

Pregnancy as a fear of the new.

A dream in which a woman sees herself “in a position” and is afraid of the upcoming birth may mean fear of new responsibilities, fear of responsibility. Certain changes in relationships with a partner, career growth or other important changes can cause self-doubt and fear of failure. Perhaps you feel that you are being tested at the moment, are you worried whether you are ready for these changes?

What does a rival mean in the women's dream book

If in a dream you met a rival, then in reality you will have to defend your own interests. This is also a sign of a short-term illness.

Did you dream that you beat your opponent? In fact, you can easily cope with the difficulties you encounter. If in a dream an impudent girl spreads rumors about you, then an ill-wisher has appeared in your environment.

Pregnancy message

And for starters, I’ll tell you what dreams mean in which they report pregnancy. You might be interested to know about this.

In a dream you heard about pregnancy - expect news or changes in life. If you want to know what changes exactly, remember how you reacted to the message about pregnancy in a dream. If the news caused a calm reaction, then all difficulties and problems can be easily resolved. The news caused a storm of emotions - you will experience stress, which will lead to the emergence of new ideas and goals.

Modern combined dream book - dreamed about a rival

Why else do you dream about your rival? If in a dream you managed to bypass it, then through considerable effort you will achieve prosperity and well-being. Victory over a rival in any way in a dream signifies success and good luck.

Did you dream that you slandered your rival? The dream book advises to act as carefully as possible in reality. You risk making an irreparable mistake. If in a dream the rival turned out to be more successful, then the same situation can be repeated with absolute accuracy in reality.

What does pregnancy mean in your real life?

For a young married woman who does not yet have children and dreams of a baby, pregnancy is a great joy, a bright dream and a passionate desire. The dream may simply reflect her real hopes and aspirations, or it may suggest that something has changed in her body and she should listen to herself.

Here’s how a young woman talks about it: “My husband and I dreamed of having a baby for two years, but nothing worked out for us. I decided to continue my education and began preparing to enter university. I was so tired of preparing for the exam that I fell asleep in my chair. I dreamed about my late grandmother. She entered the room and began to swear (and she was a rather grumpy lady): why are you sitting around, covered in books, but don’t even think about the child, it would be better if you packed your bag for the maternity hospital! I look, and my stomach is just huge! I myself am wearing my mother’s green robe and it barely fits me!

When I woke up, I had such a bright feeling! And I suddenly thought that this was probably true, I had such inner confidence that I would really give birth to a child soon. Surprisingly, before giving birth I had a very big belly, I wore my mother’s spacious green robe at home.”

For a young girl in real life, an unplanned pregnancy can mean the collapse of all plans and become a real disaster. If, moreover, in her cultural environment they look at the pregnancy of an unmarried woman as a completely unacceptable thing, a shame for the whole family, then such a dream is frightening. Such dreams reflect fear of troubles, real or imagined; sometimes they are intrusive and may indicate internal tension caused by the negative influence of others or one’s own frivolous actions.

If a girl is taught from an early age that if she becomes pregnant, she will erase herself from life and deprive herself of a future, then what, other than fear, can cause such a dream? But fear, fear of some kind of trouble can cause such a vision in a dream!

In older women who have children, dreams about pregnancy are usually associated with physiological discomfort caused by overeating or the desire to visit the toilet. Such visions do not cause strong feelings and are often not remembered.

For older women, such a dream may be a warning about illness of the internal organs. The desire to become a grandmother and nurse grandchildren can be expressed in night dreams about one’s own pregnancy.

I dreamed of a pregnant rival with a child

Usually you dream of pregnancy as a sign of some kind of miracle, but in a particular case, this miracle will turn out to be unpleasant for you. In addition, a pregnant rival is a symbol of unfulfilled desires and hopes.

If in a dream you saw your rival in an interesting position, then do not expect harmony in the relationship. Sometimes this is an eloquent hint: you should not completely trust your chosen one, he is deceiving you.

Did you dream of a rival with a child? There will be more troubles and problems in life. However, there is a chance that after breaking up with your current loved one, you will meet a more worthy person. It all depends on exactly what feelings you experienced when you saw your rival with a child.

General meaning of sleep

A rival next to a man signifies his energy addition, need, lack of emotions, thoughts of this person. Sometimes her image personifies the dreamer’s own fears of a situation in which she could lose a loved one. If there is no reason for betrayal, then a rival means a change.

A very young girl next to a mature man indicates his dreaminess or desire to pass on his experience, knowledge to his daughter, and the need to communicate with her.

Sometimes the homewrecker means the soul of a man. The younger she is, the more infantile your chosen one is. At heart, he is a big kid and wants to stay young as long as possible. It is not necessary that in reality he will cheat on you with a young person, although this cannot be ruled out.

The appearance and age of your rival hints at your problem in the relationship. A very young, pretty and infantile person may indicate regrets about the dreamer’s youth, fear that her husband will leave for a young woman, especially if a similar story happened in your environment.

If there is a suspicion of infidelity, an inexperienced girl, almost a teenager, points to stupid sex and a fleeting affair with a man. Or dreams of grievances, the birth of an illegitimate child, admiration for a charming acquaintance or girlfriend.

A rude, vulgar, ugly girl dreams of a man’s need for freedom and looseness. It seems that he is tired of family prohibitions and restrictions. Sometimes this is a sign of passion for a youth subculture, for example, bike shows, surfing or rock music.

Meeting your man with an older woman is bad news. A dream may indicate a husband's need for care, guardianship and female guidance. Sometimes this is a sign that he is still controlled by his mother and has not completely left her influence.

The impudent, rude and defiant behavior of a rival indicates the dreamer’s fear of standing up for herself in a difficult situation. In life you will encounter such people. A pretty, but not young, rival indicates a fear that her husband might be taken away by a more well-groomed and wealthy person. Try to take care of your appearance in the near future.

In a dream, a rival wants to make friends

A rather unusual dream is almost always subject to the law of inversion. If you dreamed that you had become friends with your rival, then in reality your confrontation will only intensify. If in a dream the impudent girl opposite does everything to destroy you, then a person will appear for whose sake you will be ready to take the most desperate steps and even exploits.

How and with what did you beat your opponent in a dream?

Hit your opponent in the face

According to the dream book, hitting your opponent in the face means financial income. Large financial profits await you in the near future. You will probably be able to implement a long-standing project that will be successful. Don't sit back, get down to business.

Pulling out your rival's hair

Pulling out your rival's hair in a dream means success in your personal life. In amorous affairs, everything will work out perfectly. Perhaps you will meet your love, and if you already have one, your relationship will sparkle with new colors. Be friendly and open, do not refuse dates.

Punch your opponent

Hitting your opponent with your fists according to the dream book is a sign of a promising project. Soon you will have the opportunity to open your own business and gain financial independence. Cast aside your doubts and start taking action. You will succeed.

Beat your opponent with a stick

In the dream book, hitting your opponent with a stick is a sign of luck. Good luck will enter your life and will accompany you in solving all pressing problems. Thanks to fortune, you will be able to deal with a case that you have been working on for months.

Why do you dream of a rival with your loved one?

Did you dream about your rival and your loved one? It sounds like you are having difficulties in your relationship. Perhaps your chosen one will really cheat on you. As for the business side of life, such an image promises a lot of problems here too.

In a dream, seeing your own boyfriend with an unfamiliar girl means that you need to gather all your strength to complete some business. Why dream that your spouse is in love with someone else? Your family life has become too boring, it's time to add some variety to it.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Watching in a dream how a rival circles around your companion means in reality being a completely self-sufficient and self-confident person. You know how to please a man and enjoy sex. Intimacy for you is another reason to prove that you are the best and will not back down from the one who suits you in a relationship.

Gustov Miller

If you dreamed of a colleague who is trying to compete with you, in reality you will have the opportunity to prove yourself in a business environment. You will be able to show your business skills and interest them with your experience and qualifications. At the same time, you should not put other employees in a bad light in order to appear better against their background. This will not raise your rating and authority among management, but will only ruin the reputation and attitude of the team.

For a girl to see her boyfriend with someone else, this is a sign that she should moderate her self-esteem and reduce her sense of self-superiority. With this behavior you can make an irreparable mistake and alienate your loved one. There will always be someone who will surpass you in some aspects. Trust your feelings, be gentle and attentive.

A man dreamed of being outsmarted by a female business partner. This reflects your frivolity, carelessness, and inattention. You often avoid serious issues, entrusting decisions to someone who dreams of driving you out of business and ruining you. In part, she has the right to this, because you have burdened her with responsibility for all the current work, abusing your freedom.

If you saw yourself as an insidious opponent - a good dream. This means you are full of strength, energy and optimism for new achievements. Everything planned comes to fruition, income grows, and new acquaintances bring a lot of impressions and ideas.

David Loff

If you see a rival, this personifies a person who constantly slows you down, preventing you from fully developing and moving forward. Perhaps you are burdened with additional responsibilities, responsibilities that do not bring you moral satisfaction, much less worthy material reward.

To eradicate this situation, the dream calls on you to be bolder, more persistent, to show your temper and strong character. You must clearly understand your life goals, goals, priorities, and promptly get rid of what limits your opportunities on the path to success and happiness.

What does it mean - a rival in a wedding dress

Did you dream that your loved one is marrying his rival? The plot hints that all suspicions and fears of losing him are unfounded.

Seeing a rival in a wedding dress in your dreams means that it is vital for you to moderate your passions and emotions. Suspicions and bouts of jealousy only harm relationships.

Why do you dream that your friend took your boyfriend away from you in a dream and is now marrying him? In a dream, this is an indication that your friends are not sincere with you and are secretly causing harm in small ways.

House of the dreamer and rival

He predicts changes in life, more serious relationships than just intrigue. Arriving at your own home ahead of time and finding a man naked with another woman is a sign of betrayal.

If he, without being embarrassed by you, had sex with her, expect great resentment and trouble. Perhaps your relationship died a long time ago and there is no point in bringing it back. If an unpleasant guest appears in the house in the form of a rival, expect a serious and important conversation.

Sitting at the table with her means a decision. Most likely, you will discuss what to do next. An ugly rival predicts trouble. Sometimes this is a sign that you underestimate your lover's strength. Seeing your husband naked in the house of a friend or acquaintance is an unpleasant surprise. The dream foreshadows evidence of betrayal.

A quarrel predicts an unattractive conversation. To beat an opponent is to achieve elimination. Sometimes a dream means a fight. Your blood indicates loss of strength, energy, defeat, hers indicates minor losses. If a woman goes to complain about you to the police, beware of revenge.

Simply inspecting a rival’s house in her absence is an attempt to understand the situation, her husband’s attitude towards her. Not finding the things of a loved one in her house is a sign of a passing infatuation. Notice what caught your interest.

Finding a lover in a woman’s bedroom denotes deep affection between them. Imagining him in the kitchen means communication and common interests keep them together.

Seeing your family jewels with her is a sign of betrayal. Your man will tell her common secrets. Finding a wedding ring among them is a sign of an imminent wedding. To steal it is to interfere with the marriage.

Vanga's Dream Book

The book by the famous seer Vanga gives an accurate idea of ​​the dream and explains future events based on the circumstances of what was seen. Vanga's talent is revered and her predictions are listened to.

The dream book interprets that seeing a burning candle in a dream is a favorable sign . A vision with a candle means world peace, and people in it will live in love and harmony.

If you see a candle in a dark window in a dream, the person may be under the influence of light forces that help the dreamer and guide him in the right direction. In life, this may mean that the person is being watched by influential individuals, but the dreamer may not even be aware of this.

If a person sees a dream where he tries to light a candle, but fails, this portends bad events. A person can cause death .

Vanga explains the extinguishing of a candle as a very alarming sign. As a rule, such a dream announces the death of a relative. And if the candle goes out right before our eyes, then illness awaits the dreamer.

The most terrible of Vanga’s explanations is the meaning of a dream with scattered candles. The seer explains such a dream as that people will become cruel and merciless, turn away from God and create a new religion. And the angry Lord will burn the Earth to the ground.

Lighting candles in a dream - interpretation according to the dream books of Vanga, Miller, etc. A candle is a rather bright symbol for interpretation. Most often, seeing a lit candle in a dream is considered a good sign, but do not forget about...

IMPORTANT: Vanga’s dream book does not always describe events straightforwardly.

What dream books say

The variety of uses of sharp daggers, dirks, sabers and other weapons requires detail. It is fully provided by famous seers, psychologists, and esotericists.

Vanga's Dream Book

The prophetess, who knew the distant future, was talented at solving dreams. She associated a shiny kitchen tool with a home situation. Cutting vegetables means organizing your life rationally. To get hurt means to quarrel. Accidentally cutting off your child's ear is an indication of mistakes in upbringing. If you don't change your approach, you will spoil your child.

Someone being killed is good for a woman. A mysterious man attacked the dreamer - a change in matters of the heart for the better. The robber threatens, but does not dare to strike - the lover’s indecision. To take the weapon away from him is to initiate an explanation to mutual satisfaction.

A fight with knives, in which the dreamer injured a gypsy, predicts a long streak of misfortunes. Holding a bandit by the hand, taking a cutter from him - have a strong, persistent nature. In reality, you won’t be taken lightly.


The psychologist promises separations, scandals, losses, losses to ladies who have seen a massacre or massacre. Sticking a cleaver into any person shows baseness of character. Be careful not to act thoughtlessly. The successful machinations of the opponents are shown by a plot in which the dreamer was unable to protect herself from the threat of death.

Finding a murdered, bloody unknown man with a stab wound at home is a dishonor for an unmarried woman. The family image predicts that the husband will reveal the secret of her amorous adventures.

Throwing a knife at a thief means being able to defend your own happiness. If you decide that you killed the attacker, then you will come out unscathed.


Blades are interpreted in Islam as:

  • an employee who performs his duty evenly;
  • good friend;
  • winning in court.

If they threaten, then you need to act carefully in complex issues. The sharpness of the weapon indicates the obedience of dependent persons. Give orders more carefully so as not to offend the weak.

Receiving a cutter in times of danger is a blessing from Allah. The Almighty will help you defend yourself from any adversity. Sticking it into bread or other food means getting rich. Accidentally cutting yourself - seeing something unusual, strange.

An alternative interpretation is a scandal with a loved one. It is advisable to prevent it.

Freud's opinion

The psychoanalyst analyzed the plots through the deepest attitudes of a person. Acuteness demonstrates a feeling of intense self-doubt. The vulnerability is hidden so far that it is sometimes invisible to the dreamer herself. But it affects sexual desire:

  1. Pictures with a bloody knife recommend that a woman engage in self-development. Otherwise, he will not be able to experience true satisfaction. We need to work out the complexes.
  2. Throwing in for a man means giving up sublime feelings. He prefers to perceive his partner only as an object of sexual pleasure.

Buying a product means excessive control over your lover. Give him freedom so as not to lose him.

Other dream books

Sources consider various actions with the weapon. Its use for killing living creatures occupies a lot of places in their texts:

  1. To kill a wolf means to cope with a formidable enemy.
  2. To take the life of a dog means to lose a friend due to deception.
  3. To stab a snake - to reveal enemy plans.
  4. A pig is a feast.
  5. Cat - give up empty talk.

Additional values:

  1. Modern dream book. Lies, conflicts, serious disagreements, losses due to unnecessary frankness. Running away from an armed bandit means showing cowardice in reality.
  2. Kanannita. Adventurous tendencies of the sleeping woman. She can easily go to the mountains with climbers, without having the relevant experience, and jump with a parachute. The danger comes from gambling in games with money bets.
  3. Chinese. An unusual weapon is the envy of relatives’ wealth. If you attacked someone, you will try to get funds by deception. They want to kill you - disputes over inherited property with an uncertain ending. If you are wounded, you will lose what you have. The attacker poked but missed - you will win the lawsuit.
  4. Gypsy. Carrying it on your belt is an unfortunate passion of the heart. Throw away the old, rusty one - constancy of feelings.
  5. English. Poverty, enemy attack, failure in legal proceedings. For a lover, he prophesies the loss of his dearest being. Family - the breakdown of marriage and poverty.

Interpretation of sleep in detail

You can better understand the dream using the circumstances under which the candle appears.

Light a candle

If a person sees himself lighting a candle, this may mean that dreams of pleasure will soon come true . True, to fulfill your dream you will need to make some efforts.

A dream where someone lights a candle with matches promises an irrational waste of money. And lighting a large number means good and selfless deeds.

Miller means lighting a candle as the beginning of a great cause that will bring a lot of good to the world.

If the dreamer dreamed that someone was lighting a candle, it means that in real life some person will be useful.

If the candle lights up by itself, it promises favorable events .

A dream where candles are lit in a church speaks of the arrival of new members in the family.

Candle flame

If the flame trembles, this means that the relationship with the other half may collapse due to irritability.

To see a glow that resembles the light of a candle is a surprise.

The bright flame of a long candle means long life . If the flame of a long candle flutters, this portends health problems.

Seeing candles whose flames illuminate everything around is a good symbol and means the well-being of all loved ones. The brighter the candle flame burns, the better life will be.


Seeing a burning candle is a very good sign. The symbol foreshadows peace and tranquility throughout the world .

Blowing out candles at a holiday

In general, blowing out candles means self-deception, a bad sign. It foretells the death of children or suggests that the person will regret the deceased.

IMPORTANT: A dream where the dreamer blows out candles under any circumstances is a harbinger of bad things.

Extinguished, burnt out candle

An extinguished candle is a bad symbol. It portends grief, sadness, failure. It also means thwarted plans.

ATTENTION: If you have such a dream, it is better to avoid any risky events.

An extinguished candle may mean that it is time to change your social circle or that a person has no goal in real life.

What do dream books say about pregnancy?

All ancient and modern dream books give interpretations of dreams about pregnancy, which indicates how common this is the plot of night visions.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn:

Noble dream book by N. Grishina:

New family dream book:

What does Pregnancy mean, says the Eastern women's dream book:

Anyone can dream about pregnancy. In general it represents wealth, creativity or puberty. However, there are situations when individual dreams require a special approach.

In conclusion, it should be said: a dream about pregnancy is rather a dream about something new, about creativity, about new ideas. How to analyze such a dream? Think about your plans and thoughts and ask yourself questions:

Who dreamed it?

A candle, depending on whether it was seen by a man or a woman, has a different meaning.

To an unmarried girl

For an unmarried girl, the candle foretells a marriage proposal from her lover and a happy life with him.

If a girl tries to light a candle, then she will secretly meet with a chosen one who her parents do not like.

To a woman

If a woman sees a bright candle flame, it means that she will meet old acquaintances .

If a woman sees a lot of people holding candles in their hands, then this may be a sign of unresolved problems. Seeing a church candle, a woman can hope for speedy motherhood .

IMPORTANT: A candle can foreshadow a woman’s breakup with her lover, which she can prevent. If in real life a woman is in a relationship and it collapses, the dream foretells that everything can be fixed.


If a pregnant woman sees a candle, then her baby will be born healthy and strong. It can also mean that the child will achieve great success in life and will please his parents.

To a man

A single man sees this sign as a harbinger of failure in business affairs. If a man extinguishes candles in a dream, then his hopes will not come true.

Why do you dream of a grave - interpretation of a grave dream according to dream books A dream in which you happen to see a grave is very alarming after waking up. Don’t panic right away, because most likely this is a warning about what’s to come...

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