What does it mean to see yourself, a woman or a man naked in a dream?

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  • Perhaps you have never walked naked in a dream or encountered a situation where you suddenly had no clothes on in a public place. So why do we so often see ourselves naked in our dreams?


    We'll look at why dreams occur where you or another person is naked, and how to interpret them.

    From the point of view of Western psychoanalysis, nudity in a dream sometimes speaks of a tendency towards exhibitionism and internal repressed desires.

    For both men and women, seeing a naked woman in a dream

    indicates sexual desire.
    At the same time, if we see a naked man
    , then this more often indicates a tendency towards narcissism.

    Dreaming of ideal nudity, such as in the form of a sculpture, may indicate longing for love.

    Naked man

    The dream of a naked man has several interpretations. Most often, it foreshadows a visit to a crowded place. Going to a concert of your favorite singer, going to a football match, or participating in a holiday corporate party will bring you closer to the right people.

    According to another meaning, the sensational conflict will be resolved. After carefully working on old mistakes, you will make peace with your former friend or relative. Relationships that you have long given up on will take on a new meaning.

    Who saw the dream: a girl or a man

    According to statistics, people sleep for a third of their lives. Also, everyone dreams, but only a few remember them. A dream is a world in which the past is interspersed with fantasies, desires and fears. Fortune tellers believe that you can even see the future in your dreams.

    Sometimes in a dream you can find the key to solving a long-standing problem. The same dream, repeated several times, symbolizes a painful question hidden in the depths of the subconscious.

    The interpretation of a naked dream depends on the dreamer. From a psychological point of view, nudity is a sign of a person’s weakness, dissatisfaction with oneself, the presence of secret or obvious fears and worries.

    Clothing symbolizes the part of a person's personality that it shows to others. Therefore, the lack of clothes in a dream may mean that the dreamer is afraid to be himself and suffers from an inferiority complex. Or it is a sign that the young person's environment is damaging his self-esteem.

    However, if a man has experienced positive emotions naked, this means that he fully accepts himself and does not experience remorse or shame.

    The interpretation of such a dream for a girl depends on many details:

    • whether this person is familiar or not;
    • how old is he and what is his appearance;
    • where he was and what he was doing.

    Interpretation of dreams according to popular dream books

    Dream books ambiguously interpret the appearance of a naked man in a dream. Most often this means a change in life or illness.


    The founder of psychoanalysis believed that dreams are a reflection of a person’s desires. According to Sigmund Freud's interpretation, sleeping with a naked man has sexual overtones.

    For a woman, this can be interpreted as follows:

    1. If you are surrounded by naked people, but you are dressed, it means that they actually know you and are closed off, which prevents you from realizing your cherished dreams.
    2. If you force your acquaintances to undress against their will, this shows that you want to diversify your intimate life, but your significant other is against it.
    3. If you start taking off your clothes in public, it shows a lack of experience. Unconsciously, you are trying to take the initiative.

    Such dreams in men indicate their excessive modesty and indecisiveness, which interferes with their personal relationships or suppression of homosexual inclinations.


    American psychologist Gustav Miller believed that a naked man predicts the dreamer's envy of loved ones, material losses or illness.

    Several naked young men are swimming and having fun, which symbolizes that the girl is very popular with men.

    But if the water was cloudy, your loved one will be unfoundedly suspicious of you and spread rumors.


    The famous Polish medium Miss Hasse believed that seeing yourself naked in a dream was a bad sign. Such a dream foretells the dreamer a loss of respect and a miserable existence. Running without clothes means having smart relatives. And seeing other people in bathrobes - on the contrary, for a carefree life.


    According to the modern dream book, if a person dreams of a young, handsome and healthy man who is not embarrassed by his nakedness, then a new pleasant acquaintance awaits him. Also, such a dream can mean the fulfillment of a cherished desire.


    The Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga believed that dreams occupy an important place in people's destinies. They can be connected not only with the lives of the dreamers themselves, but also with the fate of entire countries. In the interpretation of dreams, Vanga proceeded from ancient beliefs. According to them, sleeping with a naked man did not bode well.

    A woman who had such a dream should fear for her honor. The dream book predicts troubles and misfortunes for him. Her secret affair will be revealed, putting them to shame.

    perhaps someone is plotting against her and wants to defame her. The dream warns a woman not to start a relationship with a married man, and not to appear in unknown and dubious companies.

    A naked man who dreams, according to Vanga, promises a woman troubles and misfortunes.


    A modern dream fortuneteller, pastor of a Baptist church in the USA, David Loff, is convinced that through dreams, spiritual mentors guide and warn a person.

    According to Loff, the appearance of a naked man in a dream signifies uncertainty. Perhaps a person is tired of impersonating someone else and subconsciously wants to find his true self.

    For a woman, such a dream means that she will soon receive important news that will change her life.

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    This interpreter attaches great importance to the appearance of a naked person in a dream:

    1. If a man looked attractive, this means a successful marriage and a happy family life.
    2. On the contrary, a person who is sloppy and untidy predicts loneliness and disappointment.
    3. When a man’s appearance causes rejection, in reality a confusing and incomprehensible situation and the disclosure of someone else’s secret are possible.

    Dream book by numbers

    To interpret the dream book by numbers, the day of the month when this dream occurred is decisive:

    1. Wait for a visit from someone you find unpleasant.
    2. Your friend will try to deceive you.
    3. Be careful - the dream book predicts an accident.
    4. You will cry for a small reason.
    5. You will recover after a long illness.
    6. A long trip or business trip is possible.
    7. An event will happen that will change your life.
    8. Your secret wish will come true.
    9. You're lucky.
    10. The dream book predicts family quarrels.
    11. A joyful event awaits you.
    12. Changes in your personal life and new acquaintances are likely.
    13. The dream promises apathy and disappointment.
    14. Be prepared for problems in the workplace.
    15. Take care of yourself. The dream foretells a slight malaise.
    16. Put off important things - they may end in failure.
    17. Old acquaintances will remind themselves and ask for financial help.
    18. You will receive an expensive product.
    19. Family conflicts are possible.
    20. Expect a romantic meeting.
    21. Your dreams will come true.
    22. The dream book predicts happiness. Problems will pass you by.
    23. Your colleagues are plotting against you.
    24. A meeting with an influential person awaits you, but it may cause you trouble.
    25. The dream warns you of possible fraud or deception.
    26. You can win in a game of chance or a lottery.
    27. Be careful, you won't succeed.
    28. There may be problems with your home or housing.
    29. The dream warns against borrowing or borrowing money.
    30. You will be unreasonably suspicious of your partner.
    31. The dream book promises a romance that may end in marriage.

    Simeon Prozorov

    The distinctive features of Simeon Ivanovich Prozorov’s dream book are not only the interpretation of dreams from the point of view of the people’s environment, but also advice on preventing the consequences of bad dreams. Many foreign psychiatrists used the method of the Russian scientist in their work.

    According to interpreter Prozorov, the appearance of a naked person in a dream foreshadows illness and financial losses. Nudity symbolizes uncertainty, weakness of the dreamer's body, because of which his health is in danger.

    The interpretation of the dream depends on the characteristics of the dream:

    1. If you see a naked stranger, beware of viral infections and exacerbation of chronic diseases.
    2. A familiar naked person predicts the illness of a distant relative of the dreamer.
    3. The dreamer saw himself naked - there is a risk of becoming a participant in a big quarrel. If he walks around naked in front of everyone, he may find himself in an awkward position.
    4. A naked child in a dream can foreshadow the illness or even death of a familiar person.
    5. A naked old man means financial problems.
    6. If you dreamed of a lot of naked people, it means that your health (you and your loved ones) is in danger. The dream book advises not to meet with them for a while.
    7. Disgust at a naked man seen in a dream foretells shame for the dreamer.

    To reduce the negative consequences of such a dream, Prozorov recommends imagining the person from the dream in a good mood, swimming in a pool or other body of water with clean water.

    When you dream of a naked old man, you may have financial problems.


    The ancient philosopher Aesop believed that a dream with a naked man signifies the dreamer's shyness and distrust of the world around him. This person cares too much about what others think of him. The dream book advises to distract yourself from disturbing thoughts and tune in to the positive.


    According to this dream book, the appearance of several naked men in a dream means that the beholder has loyal and faithful friends who will come to the rescue in difficult times.


    Russian writer and astrologer Evgeniy Petrovich Tsvetkov believed that dreams can be influenced, designed taking into account your wishes. His interpreter predicts troubles and misfortunes for those who saw a naked man in a dream.

    For a woman, such a dream means that in reality she is afraid of something. The more precise interpretation depends on the details:

    1. If the dreamer sees a naked man running through the crowd, this promises him disappointment in a love relationship.
    2. Embarrassment at the sight of a naked person means great fear in the near future.
    3. Many naked men dream of good news.
    4. A half-naked man predicts troubles and illnesses.
    5. A beautiful naked representative of the stronger sex means a quick declaration of love.

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    Velesov’s little dream book was formed with the participation of many generations of Slavs. According to ancient Slavic mythology, Veles was called the god of dreams. Over the centuries, our ancestors have learned to interpret dreams, with an emphasis on confusing and bizarre dreams.

    According to the dream book, the interpretation of sleep varies depending on the details:

    • a naked man in the water portends an unsuccessful love story;
    • muddy water warns of the emergence of evil rumors about your personal relationships;
    • if the dreamer himself swam without clothes, this is a sign that good luck awaits him;
    • naked people in the bath promise a quick marriage and a happy marriage.

    Catherine the Great

    When creating this dream book, interpretation systems that were popular during the time of Catherine II were used. A dream with a naked man is interpreted as the dreamer’s weakness and helplessness in life. A person tries to appear different from what he is, presents himself in a different light.

    Healers Akulina

    According to this dream book, a naked person portends illness to the dreamer.


    According to an intimate interpreter, a man who sees himself naked in a dream, in reality wants to diversify his sex life. Also, such a dream may portend a new acquaintance or romance.


    The appearance of a naked representative of the stronger sex in a dream is a warning to the dreamer. Maybe someone close to you wants support in a protracted conflict. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to defend your point of view and not succumb to provocations and persuasion.


    If a healthy person sees a naked man in a dream, in reality this promises him trouble and serves as a warning. For a sick person, such a dream, on the contrary, predicts a long-awaited recovery.


    Interpreter Azar is one of the oldest surviving dream books today. It was created by the Jewish people several thousand years ago and is still in demand. Jews viewed dreams as messages from angels, a connection between the past, present and future.

    This dream book interprets the appearance of a naked man in a dream as a warning. Maybe someone in your circle is plotting against you.

    If a person sees himself naked in a dream, it can be interpreted as follows:

    • without witnesses - inability to deceive and honesty with oneself;
    • in a crowded place - a sign of insecurity;
    • Swimming naked in clean water is a symbol of sincerity and good health.

    For a girl who kisses a naked guy in a dream, the dream book predicts the betrayal of her beloved.

    Seeing yourself bathing in clean water is a sign of good health.


    The author of this dream book is psychologist Terenty Smirnov, known as the Tramp. He believes that a naked person in a dream is a sign of helplessness and fear of the outside world. Such a dream foreshadows illness, problems at home and at work, and health problems.


    Unlike many predictions, this dream book interprets a dream with a naked man as a good sign. Such a dream predicts happiness and success in business.


    The famous French astrologer and soothsayer attached great importance to dreams. He believed that dreams come true over time.

    The interpretation of a dream with a naked man according to Nostradamus’s dream book is as follows:

    1. The appearance of a naked person means that you need to beware of enemies who want to lead you astray.
    2. If in a dream a person saw himself without clothes, this foreshadows a quarrel, a scandal.
    3. The naked dead man symbolizes the dreamer's moral and physical fatigue.
    4. If you saw a naked brother, this foreshadows an invitation to a wedding.
    5. A naked colleague symbolizes financial stability.

    For men

    The dream book for men interprets the dream book with a naked face as follows:

    1. If the dreamer saw himself naked, this promises him problems at work, possible disagreements with colleagues and financial difficulties.
    2. The appearance of a naked friend signals that you need to take care of your health.
    3. A naked competitor or rival dreams of a quick victory over him.
    4. To steam alone or with friends, joyful events and good news await you.


    According to this interpreter, if you dreamed of a naked man lying next to you, a crop failure is expected. An ugly, unattractive man without clothes is a sign to be wary of a home robbery. If the dreamer is afraid of a naked man in a dream, this promises illness for his pets.

    For a girl who sees several naked men swimming in a pond, the dream book predicts the betrayal of her beloved.

    If in a dream you have to swim in a pond

    The dream books say that to accurately decipher such night visions, it is necessary to take into account all the details of what was seen, and only after reproducing the entire scenario in memory, begin analysis:

    • clear pond - good luck will accompany the dreamer, mutual love and financial well-being await him;
    • swimming naked - you should think about your own behavior. It is possible that in real life a person is too frank;
    • falling into a transparent pond and joyfully swimming - a large monetary replenishment or finding love is expected;
    • swim and feel confident - regardless of the circumstances, a person is always confident in his own abilities;
    • suddenly start drowning - there is a serious danger; you should be very careful and take action to improve your health.

    The dream books also say that swimming in a pond can mean that in real life a person is blatantly interfering in someone else’s life. It’s worth recalling all the recent events in your memory; perhaps you had a meeting with an old friend, or you just happened to discuss someone’s life with others.

    Find out how your dreams relate to reality in a quick test

    If in a dream a man is naked in a public place, then in reality he should be more collected and attentive. Due to his carelessness, he risks facing many problems.

    The dream also means that the dreamer has low self-esteem, is not confident in himself, is afraid to show his feelings, and worries about what others will think of him.

    A dream in which a person suddenly begins to undress portends a surprise. If a naked young man is in the company of naked friends, he can actually go on a date.

    Swimming without clothes predicts good luck and prosperity for the dreamer. A dream in which he is resting naked in nature suggests that in reality he is tired and needs a quick vacation. If a man smokes naked in the bathtub, it may foretell that he is receiving good news from afar.

    If in a dream you saw yourself naked, then during the day you may have problems at work.

    What do your dreams mean?

    Stranger or familiar person

    A naked boy familiar to a woman in a dream may indicate an emotional attachment to him and a lack of attention. Most likely, the girl sympathizes with this young man. If you have seen a stranger, you need to check your health and the health of your loved ones.

    A naked husband or young man in a woman’s dream can promise trouble. In fact, the girl will discover the unpleasant truth about him.

    A man talking to a naked friend should be careful when communicating in reality. He may accidentally reveal his plans and secrets.

    Age and appearance

    A young and attractive young man predicts good luck on the personal front and an increase in wealth. If you dreamed of a boy without clothes, this foreshadows a quick trip, and an old man means that someone’s secret will be revealed to you in the near future.

    An unpleasant man symbolizes your shortcomings. You may want to improve yourself, stay fit, eat well and expand your horizons.

    Where is the naked man?

    A dream in which a representative of the stronger sex freely walked naked down the street predicts that you may be ridiculed or shamed. If he was shy or asked for help, this suggests that you have problems that need to be solved urgently, and not put on the back burner.

    A handsome young man lying in bed actually portends a pleasant acquaintance with a representative of the stronger sex. The presence of underwear on a man means material well-being.

    If naked young people take a bath or swim, this symbolizes increased interest in the dreamer on the part of men or the ability to rely on their friends and relatives.

    If you dreamed of a handsome young man in bed, expect a pleasant acquaintance.

    What did the man do

    A naked acquaintance walking towards you reveals your secret desire to meet him. If, on the contrary, he ran away from you, then most likely, in fact, you do not need to put pressure on this person, give him time. A hostile man portends betrayal of a loved one.

    If in a dream a naked man wants to get dressed quickly, this symbolizes that in reality he should postpone a planned trip or purchase of an expensive item.

    A dead naked man promises the purchase of low-quality or unnecessary goods.

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    See yourself in a dream

    A man who sees himself without clothes in a dream may have health or financial problems. Sometimes such a dream predicts problems at work or in your personal life.


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