Why do you dream about an Ex-Girlfriend - 65 interpretations of a dream about a guy’s ex-girlfriend

The world of dreams reflects experiences experienced in reality. The collapse of a relationship is a strong emotional shock for both women and men. It is not surprising that sometimes you dream of a lady with whom you were connected by romance, strong passion or marriage. A dream can appear once or be repeated regularly, and the meaning is interpreted very differently. Why do you dream about your ex-girlfriend or spouse? These are not necessarily her thoughts about the sleeping person or memories of the past. Interpretation from different dream books will help you understand the confusing plot that brings you back to the past.

General meaning of a dream about an ex-girlfriend

If a guy sees his ex in a dream, then the subconscious hints that it’s time to forget the girl. If a man wakes up with a heavy feeling or negative emotions, he is not satisfied with the love sphere of his life. Positive feelings after waking up foreshadow a new stage in life.

Dreaming about your ex has different meanings for men and women.

Why do you dream about a woman you know with a child?

To more fully decipher night vision, it is important whether you dreamed of a woman you know or whether you are seeing her for the first time.

  • If a person dreams of a neighbor feeding her child on his balcony, thereby causing inconvenience, the dream foreshadows upcoming troubles about relatives who may be planning to come to visit him.
  • If she was feeding the baby on her own balcony, most likely the dreamer himself will decide to stay with someone.
  • In your nightly dreams, a girl you know asked you to look after her child - such a vision warns that you will have troubles in the team related to the problems that have arisen.
  • If a man dreams of a girl he knows with a child, this is a sign for him that in reality he should spend more time communicating with this person.

What was the ex-girlfriend like in the dream?

The state of the girl in the vision can be interpreted in different ways:

  1. An aggressive girl is dreamed of by those guys who have not admitted to themselves that they are in a serious condition after a breakup.
  2. An ex who shows indifference to the sleeper's actions signals that she is ready to talk about feelings.
  3. Sick, crying, pathetic, sad, asking for help - the man got rid of feelings (you can put an end to the relationship and make new acquaintances).
  4. Pregnant - new love will bring a lot of happiness.
  5. Dead - everything is going well in the ex’s life.

Why do you dream about a woman and a child you don’t know?

If you have never met a young lady with a baby in her arms before, the interpretation of such visions will be different.

  • In your night dreams, a stranger rocked her baby to sleep - this means that you will soon meet your childhood friend.
  • I happened to see in a dream how this young lady made some kind of remark to you - such a vision also foreshadows a meeting. Only this will be a person with whom you have long ceased all relations.
  • If you dreamed of an unfamiliar girl with a child asking for help, in real life someone needs you, and you will patronize this person.

Where did you dream about your ex?

The circumstances under which the meeting took place also carry a semantic load.

Interpretation of places where you dreamed about your ex:

  1. A car, public transport - soon there will be an opportunity to publicly declare a relationship with another.
  2. A bathhouse, a bath, another place where you can wash yourself - you need to cleanse yourself of old memories in order to let new love into your life.
  3. In the company of friends and relatives, you should give up trying to return everything, the girl lives on. A man should do this too.
  4. In bed - you need to satisfy your sexual needs.
  5. At home - to minor troubles. They do not pose a threat, but will interfere with achieving goals.

I dream of her wedding on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

The celebration prophesies a turn of fate. A girl in a white wedding dress is suffering. An accurate forecast is determined by the following nuances:

  1. Nowadays, if you are married, you will win the competition. Lonely - fail.
  2. Seeing a huge banquet attended by her relatives (mother, father, brother, sister) is a sign of a lucrative offer. You yourself also joined in the congratulations - accept without looking. Very profitable.
  3. If you tried to take your young wife away from your newly-made hubby, you were deceived.
  4. Combined with a friend - this is an unreliable person. Try to communicate less.
  5. Kisses with another while shouting “Bitterly” - give up hopes for the implementation of current plans. It won't grow together.
  6. Parents scold the bride, do not approve of her choice - change your mind. We set out to take the wrong step, not related to love. It's about money.

Marrying an ex means problematic credit or loan. Limit your spending and stay within your budget.

The actions of the sleeper and their meaning

The interpretation of the dream will be more accurate if you correctly characterize the actions that the man performed with the girl:

  1. Beating, slapping, kicking and other processes associated with violence are dreams of those who are stuck in the past. The subconscious is trying with all its might to drive out memories so that a person can move on, make new acquaintances, meet girls.
  2. Swearing, screaming, sorting things out - a man is ready for change, has come to terms with the breakup. But it is painful for him to remember the past. Perhaps the ex-lover seriously offended the guy. It takes time and patience for feelings to go away completely.
  3. Relaxing together in nature, swimming, playing active games, walking - you need to wait for changes in life, not necessarily related to love. Success and prosperity are ahead. An event will occur that will add new sensations to life.
  4. Eating or drinking together - the desire to renew the relationship does not go away. The man has a chance to return everything, but everything will end in failure.
  5. Seeing by chance means you can’t let the past spoil the future. You should not let your ex-girlfriend into your life, answer her calls and messages, otherwise everything that the dreamer has achieved without a woman will collapse.
  6. Be friends, spend time together as with a friend - be ready for a new relationship. The pain from the breakup is almost gone.
  7. Introduce her to friends, parents, colleagues - your ex will appear in life again in a large company (maybe at a holiday with mutual friends). But this meeting will not change anything.
  8. Making peace, dating again, having sex is a signal of unmet needs. You don't have to get your ex back to fix the problem.

When deciphering a dream about an ex, it is important to remember your and her actions.

Mood and emotions

If, after meeting in the kingdom of Morpheus with your ex-girlfriend, pleasant impressions remained and good memories came flooding back, you and your ex-partner realized that the romantic relationship had come to its logical conclusion. This is not bad at all, since you can remove the extra burden from your soul and continue to live if the breakup bothered you in any way.

But when, after waking up, memories began to torment you, and the meeting itself in the dream was not very pleasant, then in real life you did not say a lot to each other, there is a lot that still needs to be done together. Dream books do not mean that you will start your romantic relationship again, but in any case it is worth continuing to communicate and being good friends.

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What did the ex-girlfriend do in the dream?

Details of your ex’s behavior will help you understand the dream and warn you against mistakes:

  1. She dances, runs, walks, has fun, jumps, plays active games - the girl has unspoken complaints. She tries to say nasty things about the man at every opportunity. It is important to stop this, or you will never be able to get rid of your obsessive girlfriend.
  2. If she gets sick, cries, etc., the girl is ready to forget all conflicts and troubles in order to remain friends. It is better if the man goes to peace first.
  3. Throws him out, kicks him out - the guy is ready for new intimate relationships, he has let go of the situation with the breakup.
  4. Fights, hits - the girl does not want to let you go. You need to explain why you need freedom. A frank dialogue will help end the relationship and remain good friends.
  5. If you come to visit and knock on the door, your ex will soon show up on your doorstep, and it will be an unpleasant surprise.
  6. Ignores - the man wants to bring his ex back into his life, but the girl made it clear that it’s all over. It's time to accept it and move on.
  7. She returned, apologizes, confesses her love or wants peace - now everything is going well in the guy’s life, he shouldn’t look back.

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  • 19-Jul-2021 Alexey My ex-wife washed clothes, prepared a bed for sleeping, and put her son to bed. He tells me: I’ll finish the laundry now and we’ll go to bed.
  • 11-Feb-2021 Yuri I dreamed of an ex-girlfriend whom I really like. And she is very beautiful. In the dream she was with a child who looked like he was from me. But I didn't know about him. The child was a very beautiful girl. It was all about relationships and family life. And all this made me very happy. Honestly. I wish I could stay in this dream. What could this mean?
  • 30-Nov-2020 Alexey I dreamed of my girlfriend with my child, I came home from work, and she was breastfeeding him and was in red evening lingerie, what does this mean.
  • 5-Nov-2020 Stas What if you dreamed about your ex-beloved with a child, just without any feedings, etc. and after that in the same dream there is snow?

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The meaning depends on how often you dream about your ex

A recurring dream signals important things.

Therefore, you need to remember how often you dream about your ex, and then analyze the number:

  1. 3 times in a row - she needs your help. If you call or write to a girl and support her, then there is a chance to remain friends.
  2. Every night the past haunts you and doesn’t let you go. You need to sort things out (meet and talk) with her in order to move on with your life.
  3. 1 time - the dream was inspired by some events that happened recently and is not important.

Other dream details

For a girl to see her boyfriend's ex. You always try to help everyone and please everyone. Sometimes this turns into excessive obsession. Don't forget that people can sometimes do without your help.

Dream books also interpret this image as the girl’s own uncertainty. The dream also reminds you of really important things that are worth appreciating.

Who else was present in the dream

If a girl had a dream with her parents, then a joyful event will soon happen in the family. A woman communicates with your mother - you are not yet ready for a new relationship. You dream of other men surrounding your ex - you are afraid that she is better off without you than she was as a couple. With animals - to troubles and mistakes that will lead to negative consequences. With a child - to renewal, joy and a surge of strength.

If you dreamed about your ex surrounded by men, then the dream suggests that feelings have not yet cooled down.

I dreamed about other situations on Sunday

The variety of plot intricacies is incredible. There is a wise explanation for each:

  1. Seeing her talking to a man and getting jealous means trouble.
  2. Calling and looking for a passion means disappointment in a situation where triumph seemed obvious.
  3. Looking at a photo brings memories and sad thoughts. If you seem beautiful, you will fall in love; ugly - they will offend; ordinary - to the everyday bustle. Nude photography is a sign of unsatisfied desires.
  4. Correspondence with ex - to worries; conversation - to collect career-relevant information.
  5. To meet by chance is to surprise. Began to pester - to an offensive situation.
  6. She ran away and forgave her for her sins.
  7. He gets water - he wants to talk about the past days.
  8. Walking together is a sign of a romantic evening. Invite a beauty who is currently striking your imagination on a date. A walk in the moonlight - to a long-term desired romance.
  9. Looks in the mirror - the return of the relationship is quite realistic.
  10. Hid together in the attic - get married if you want.

If you only saw familiar things, don’t attach any importance. During the day, a picture flashed before my eyes, reminiscent of the past.

The meaning of a dream by day of the week

Depending on the day of the week when you had the dream, the interpretation may vary:

  • from Sunday to Monday - have patience to overcome upcoming difficulties;
  • from Monday to Tuesday - the dream warns: there will be many failures on your way, but there is no need to give up;
  • from Tuesday to Wednesday - quarrels with friends are coming;
  • from Wednesday to Thursday - there will be many events that are beyond your control;
  • from Thursday to Friday - do not pay attention to the past in order to create a good future;
  • from Friday to Saturday - conflicts will pass, you don’t need to make a lot of effort to resolve them;
  • from Saturday to Sunday - all changes are for the better, do not avoid them.

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Interpretation of sleep in popular dream books

Researchers interpret visions with an ex ambiguously. There are suggestions that the girl also still has feelings for the man, which is why she comes in her dreams.

A dream about an ex may not be prophetic, but simply mean that the dreamer misses his ex.

Miller's Dream Book

Memories prevent you from building new, strong relationships. The chosen one feels that the past does not let go of her beloved, so she doubts the future.


We need to understand the reasons for the vision. Most likely, the girl is dreaming because of wounded pride.


We need to come to terms with what happened. Your ex will not come back, so you should forget the relationship, although at this stage it is difficult.


The girl is in trouble and is waiting for help. If you remain good friends, help her. This will bring you luck and new emotions.


The dream promises peace and well-being. New love will erase all memories, there will be harmony and happiness in the union.


The masculine energy left you with the departure of the woman.

It is worth finding a new muse, otherwise troubles will begin in all areas of life.


A dream about an ex is a signal that she is ready to make peace. Make amends and you will be happy together.


The phase of the moon can change the interpretation of a vision. Dreaming on a full moon - a girl wants to return old feelings; on the new moon - to trouble; on the waning moon - the man did the right thing by ending the relationship.


We need to meet to talk and discuss all grievances. There is a chance to resolve the conflict and move on without offense.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

You feel a strong attraction to a person, you feel longing. You need to come to terms with what happened and remember the girl with gratitude.


You should stop feeling sorry for yourself and find new hobbies to forget about the breakup. This will lead to new feelings not previously experienced.


The man is at a dead end and cannot make a decision. It's time to take a step into the unknown and step away from the past.

Why did you dream about your former beloved: interpretation of details

The picture has passed means the presence or absence of internal problems. The first option requires adjustment and elaboration. You need to start from the general impression:

  1. Pleasant emotions from what you see are a sign of comfort. You managed to throw out from your soul everything that previously haunted you.
  2. Depression, grief, boredom are a sign of upcoming difficulties. Limitations associated with incorrect worldviews will come to the fore. We need to work on expanding our comfort zone.

The two former ones together emphasize the meaning. Emotional color encourages concentration and action. The past and present side by side is a bad signal. The sleeper compares his current girlfriend with the one he left, not in favor of the first.

What does it mean if you break up again in a dream?

Reliving bitter events means going through a karmic lesson. Apparently, the experience has not been fully learned. What to do? Take time to rethink the breakup.

The interpretation details the reason for the disagreement:

  1. The relationship has reached a natural end - the events are going well. There is nothing more you could wish for.
  2. She cheats and leaves - look for a clever rival in the business or personal sphere. A bitter betrayal lies ahead. Cheating is a bad prognosis.
  3. A quarrel led to separation - the inconsistency of a partner, colleague, or friend will sadden you. Try to respond thoughtfully. And not on the first impulse.
  4. If you drink and behave indecently while drunk, you will disgrace yourself in a public place. And the girl herself will get sick.
  5. They were jealous and cursed - the moment had come to make an important decision, but there was no inner confidence. Pull yourself together so you don't make a mistake.

A fight with her passion, who in reality is already married, means that she is longing for the past. The woman remembers the wonderful time of her youth and is bored. Not everyone succeeds in being a man to a girl as well as the dreamer. She hits - she tries to contact, write, or looks at your activity on social networks. If you beat them yourself, you’ll think of something shameful. Give up the destructive intention; you will get hurt.

What did the beloved from the past look like?

Appearance is the determining factor for recognition. Specification:

  1. Naked - to a precarious position, gossip from colleagues. If your mother is still nearby, prepare a perimeter defense. The enemy will try to rob you, deceive you, fire you, or take your place.
  2. Crying - to troubles with consequences. Her tears should be taken directly. The soul remembers and suffers for your future grief. He says through sobs: “Run, they will punish you” - you will collect stones. If you did good, you will receive a reward and vice versa.
  3. Beaten - sick.
  4. Smiling, happy - forget it. Her destiny is prosperous. Laughs at you - bitterly regrets the divorce.

Sleeping in bed means mental rest. Looks like you worked hard the day before.


A positive sign. Pregnancy means profit. Even if you haven’t met for a long time, many years. Get ready to spend your money profitably and with pleasure.

She gave birth to a girl - an arrival from an unexpected source; boy - the earnings will go to the account. Breastfeeding your son or daughter - you will get rich if you do not succumb to laziness. Seeing a woman with a child is a hint for bachelors. It's time to start a family. Narrowed side by side, take a closer look at the inner circle.


The death of a woman with whom one was in love is a very symbolic symbol. Some part of life has died. Options: project, employment, family. It's time to change plans.

Killing your passion yourself leads to an erroneous conclusion. You will stumble out of the blue due to lack of information. Unknown persons killed you, but you couldn’t save them - they’ll frame you at work. Pay more attention to details.

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