Why do you dream about a girl you like? Dream interpretation girl

Dream interpretation beloved girl. Why does a girl dream

A dream in which an unfamiliar girl appears is interpreted depending on what the girl’s appearance is and what the sensations accompanying the dream are. Very often a guy dreams of a girl in a dream. A beautiful girl who evokes aesthetic pleasure is a very favorable dream, reflecting both the dreamer’s inner harmony and indicating inspiring prospects in his life. And vice versa, an ugly or dirty girl is a reflection of internal anxiety and dissatisfaction, regret and dissatisfaction with one’s destiny, problems in business and relationships.

Old love

As a rule, parting does not always free one from experienced feelings. Therefore, to the question of why a former beloved girl dreams of someone else, most often there is such an answer - nostalgia for previously experienced feelings. Deep down, you cannot come to terms with the breakup of a relationship and the loss of someone so close to you. Longing for the past has settled in your heart. However, if in the future you want to build strong family relationships with someone else, you should drive away the images of the past.

Did you see your ex's wedding to someone else? Most likely, your ex-girlfriend cannot say goodbye to her past. Perhaps your paths will cross in reality.

Dream interpretation beloved girl. Why do you dream about a girl you like?

What stands out are dreams about a girl whom you like, but the relationship with whom cannot yet be called love. Or if you met a girl not so long ago. If you dreamed of a girl you like, and who in the dream looks sick, sad or dissatisfied, then this is a harbinger of a quarrel with her. At the same time, too tender communication, accompanied by hugs and kisses, may indicate insincerity on the part of this girl, and if she herself is the initiator of the kisses, then one can hardly count on reciprocity with her in reality.

The manifestation of open hostility in a dream on the part of a girl whom he likes clearly indicates that she is not indifferent to the dreamer. If you dream of a girl whom you like and who beats the dreamer or there is a fight with her in a dream, it means that she likes the dreamer and in reality the most pleasant relationship with this girl is likely. Such dreams belong to the category of inverted dreams, where the negative is interpreted as positive.

There are options for dreams about girls that do not imply any interpretation, for example:

  • why does the beloved girl dream - this is a reflection of thoughts about her, if no other details of the dream amaze or surprise the sleeper;
  • a girl can be an erotic symbol in a dream, for example, if a guy or man dreamed of a naked girl. In a word, according to the interpretation of the dream book, a naked girl is an object of bodily fantasies, both in a dream and in reality...

According to the interpretation of the dream book, a guy’s dream about his beloved girl usually portends happiness in personal relationships. However, if in a dream a girl cries or accuses the sleeping person of something, then in real life we ​​can expect a quarrel caused by misunderstanding.

The dream book interprets a kiss with a girl differently. For young people, this dream promises a pleasant surprise or a quick wedding. If the dreamer is a respectable man and in a dream he kisses a young girl, then this portends a profit, and, most often, this profit will be received from an unexpected source.

According to the instructions of the dream book, kissing a girl while being in full view of a large number of people (for example, on the street) means that gossip may begin to spread about the dreamer in life. And if in a dream you had to kiss your beloved in the dark, then the dream expresses the subconscious fear of losing a loved one.

If in a dream an unfamiliar girl declares her love, then in life we ​​should soon expect changes on the personal front. Moreover, if the confession in a dream caused pleasant emotions, the changes will be extremely negative. And vice versa, if in a dream a person felt awkward or irritated by words of love, then one should expect pleasant changes.

If you happen to meet a girl in a dream, then the interpretation depends on her appearance. Meeting a beautiful and pleasant stranger is a sign of good luck, but if the person you meet is sloppy or downright ugly, you need to be prepared for trouble.

A dream in which you happened to hug a girl foreshadows promotion and new career prospects. If an unfamiliar girl is in the arms, then the dream is a harbinger of meeting a person (not necessarily female) who can have a significant impact on life.

Seeing a walk with a girl in a dream is not a bad sign, but the interpretation largely depends on the surrounding situation. For example, walking with a girl in sunny and warm weather means that in real life you will have the opportunity to realize your plans. Walking in the warm rain promises profit, but walking at sunset can be a harbinger of separation. Dreams in which the dreamer walks with a girl at dawn promise good changes, but walking under the starry sky in a dream is a sign that you will soon have to make an extremely difficult choice.

If in a dream you had to carry a girl in your arms, the interpretation of the dream depends on the details. If a man had a dream, and his beloved appeared as the heroine, then in reality we should expect an improvement in personal relationships. If the girl is unfamiliar to the dreamer, then such a dream foreshadows hard work and a delay in receiving the result of one’s labors. If a woman has a dream, then carrying a girl or any other person in her arms portends illness or mental trauma.

A dream in which you had to protect a girl from wild animals or a group of hooligans means that in life someone harbors a grudge against the dreamer and is waiting for the right moment to ruin his life. Did you happen to save a girl from water or during a fire in a dream? This means that you can soon expect to receive some kind of reward for your work. For example, a bonus at work or a gift from a grateful friend who received a favor.


Did you dream that your beloved was expecting a child? Changes for the better will not take long. They will affect, first of all, your career. New productive ideas may come to you, and your projects will bring good income.

According to predictors, there is another interpretation. Thus, the future father receives confirmation of the completed conception. Most likely, in reality you are already ready for fatherhood and feel your spiritual connection with your beloved, which is why you instantly react to the slightest changes in your relationship and her body. Soon you will be faced with a difficult choice, and your future fate will depend on the decision you choose.

Cheating and separation from a girl in a dream

According to the interpretation of the dream book, a man’s dream about a girl’s betrayal is a sign that in reality he can have no doubt about his beloved’s fidelity. If a girl dreams that she is cheating on her boyfriend, then in real life she should be careful; her words spoken in the heat of the moment can cause a serious quarrel.

The dream book interprets breaking up with a girl in a dream ambiguously. If in real life the relationship in a couple is not going well, then most likely the moment of separation is close. But provided that the couple has an excellent relationship in life, a dream in which the guy broke up with the girl does not promise anything unpleasant. On the contrary, the relationship can move to a new, closer level.

A bad omen comes from a dream in which you see your beloved girl with another man. Such a dream foreshadows the collapse of hopes and plans. If in a dream a girl kisses another man, and the opponent’s face is not visible, then in real life you can expect betrayal from loved ones. If one of your friends and relatives acts as a seducer, then in the near future you will have to experience serious disappointment.

A dream in which a guy is abandoned by a girl signals a strong internal fear of losing a loved one and an unwillingness to part. In a dream, did the girl leave for someone else? This means that in life the dreamer experiences a feeling of jealousy, often unfounded. In order not to lose the relationship, you need to try to cope with negative emotions and begin to trust your partner.

If a woman dreamed that her husband brought a girl home, then she should not suspect her husband of cheating. Such a dream, as a rule, signals that the dreamer herself is dissatisfied with family relationships. Perhaps the spouses got bogged down in a routine and stopped paying due attention to each other.

A dream in which a girl leaves the dreamer indicates that he lacks friendly participation in life. If a guy dreams that a girl is running away from him and not allowing herself to be caught, then he should reconsider his immediate goals in life, since perhaps some of them are wrong.

Hair color and clothes of a girl in a dream

In the process of comprehending the dream, you must remember the appearance of the person you dreamed about. So, according to the interpretation of the dream book, a red-haired girl in a dream foreshadows changes in relationships with a friend or wife. Moreover, changes can be both for the better and for the worse. A dream in which the main character is a beautiful brunette girl means health and pleasant circumstances for a man. For a woman, a similar dream foreshadows jealousy, slander, and deception.

A man's dream of a blonde girl can foreshadow problems with men's health, as well as the betrayal of one of his friends. For a woman, such a dream is a signal of a drop in self-esteem and loss of self-confidence.

The dream, the main character of which is a girl in a dress, has various interpretations. You need to pay attention to the color of the clothes. A green dress predicts respect from others, a gold dress predicts wealth, a red dress predicts love, and a gray dress predicts hard work. If the dress is a wedding, then you should expect big changes in life. A girl in a black robe - to sadness, illness.

Quarrel, tears and fight

According to the interpretation of the dream book, a quarrel with a girl in a dream allows you to throw out accumulated negativity and avoid quarrels in real life. If in a dream a girl or woman had to quarrel with a girl, it means that in real life the dreamer should be wary of dirty gossip and slander.

According to the dream book, a guy’s dream of a fight with a girl signals that there are serious problems in the couple’s relationship. Perhaps jealousy, mistrust. A man's dream of girls fighting may portend a serious quarrel with a girlfriend, wife or mother. Another option: a dream in which the dreamer happened to beat a girl is interpreted by the dream book as a manifestation of weakness in resolving important issues. Indecisiveness can cause you to miss out on the best opportunities and end up settling for little.

If another girl or woman happens to beat a girl in a dream, then in life the dreamer will face illness, loss of strength, and everyday squabbles.

Dream interpretation: a girl is crying, upset about something - sad news, an unpleasant surprise.

The bitterness of parting

Why might you dream of breaking up with your girlfriend? Most likely, in reality you are worried about your future and are afraid of losing your beloved. The episode you saw seems to confirm the seriousness of your intentions and the sincerity of your feelings. This means you have something to fight for.

Did you dream of a farewell scene? You can prepare yourself mentally - in reality, you cannot avoid separation. Most likely, your chosen one will become indifferent to you.

Have you seen your loved one leaving you in a dream? In reality, you are destined for a disagreement. The dream indicates that there are problems in your relationship that could lead to a final break. You already subconsciously know this and are afraid of the future.

Sometimes such a dream can occur when separation has already been planned and “approved.” The dream in this case is caused by the reluctance to lose your soul mate. You should keep your emotions under control, because your relationships are already unnecessarily overstrained.

A sick and ugly girl according to the dream book

A sick girl is bad news. An ugly girl is an obstacle in business.

Dreaming of a smoking girl means that luck may run out at this stage of life. But seeing a drunk girl in a dream means revealing a carefully hidden secret of someone you know.

A bald girl who appears in a dream is a harbinger of big scandals, swearing for no particular reason. But a dream in which a hairy girl appears can be interpreted in different ways. If you dreamed of a girl with a luxurious braid, then you should expect an increase in financial well-being, but hair on a woman’s body portends success with the opposite sex.

A fat girl means profit, a skinny girl means loss.


To the question of why you dream about how you achieve a wedding with your beloved girl, the French dream book has an answer. He believes that this plot is a promise of prosperity and mutual understanding in reality. In addition, according to the interpreter, if the bride in the vision is miraculously beautiful, then it’s time to give her a lot of positive emotions in reality with unexpected gifts. Your chosen one will definitely appreciate the generosity.

If your beloved in a dream is not the standard of beauty, then most likely in the near future you will get into trouble, from which your true friends will help you get out. On the other hand, to see your beloved in a dream means to be invited in reality to a good society, to have the opportunity to become rich and successful. To summarize, the answer to the question of why you dream of proposing to your girlfriend is the beginning of a white stripe.

Why do you dream of an unfamiliar or familiar girl in a dream?

Next, we can highlight the main interpretations of the dream book of a girl and why an unfamiliar girl dreams:

Seeing a pleasant-looking girl and talking to her is good news.

A dancing girl is a joyful event, a surge of strength and inspiration; dancing with a girl in a dream also means wonderful moments.

A girl with long and beautiful hair is a benefit, a benefit, an advantageous offer.

If a young girl dreams of a mature man, then such a dream may portend falling in love, a refreshment of feelings. Did you see a girl's face in a dream? For interpretation, it is worth remembering what emotions it expressed. Fear, anger, sadness are bad omens. Joy, smile, tenderness promise good luck.

According to the interpretation of the dream book, a girl you know in a dream about a guy or a man can be an omen of the development of a romance (not necessarily with the person you dreamed about) or the resumption of an old relationship.

Dreaming of two girls portends anxiety and a feeling of confusion for no particular reason.

According to the interpretation of the dream book, many girls in a dream means that the dreamer may be involved in a scandal associated with slander and the spread of gossip.

A man’s dream of someone else’s girl is a reflection of his inner emotional experiences. If the girl is pretty, it means that the dreamer’s state of mind is stable. An ugly girl seen in a dream is an expression of internal problems.

If in the dream there is a friend’s girlfriend with whom the dreamer is having conversations, it means that good luck awaits him in life, both personally and professionally. Quarrels in a dream with a friend’s girlfriend foreshadow the emergence of conflict situations. But a love relationship with a friend’s beloved speaks of dissatisfaction with one’s personal life.

Married or girl with a child

According to the interpretation of the dream book, a girl with a child in a dream is a favorable symbol that predicts the imminent receipt of good news. A dream in which a girl with a stroller is present also foreshadows good changes in life. This means that the efforts made to achieve your goals will not be in vain. Soon you can expect to receive a significant reward for your efforts.

But a girl giving birth in a dream is a sign that the dreamer may miss time and be late in resolving some important issue.

If a man dreamed that a girl gave birth to a baby, then this is a very good sign, foreshadowing family happiness and prosperity. If a girl dreams about giving birth to another woman, this means pleasant changes in the dreamer’s life.

Seeing a married girl in a dream means a stable position at work and in the family. If an unmarried woman sees herself married in a dream, then this dream is a harbinger of changes in life, but not necessarily on a personal level.

Did you dream about a pregnant girl you know? This means that pleasant chores await you in life, which will bring a lot of joy. If a woman dreams of a pregnant stranger, then the dreamer’s reputation may suffer from gossip spread by ill-wishers.

Death of a girl

Did you happen to kill a girl in a dream? This means that the dreamer may commit an act that will cause serious damage to the entire family. A dream about a girl covered in blood foreshadows the emergence of difficulties in family life. If the bride or groom has this dream, then the marital relationship will be difficult, and perhaps a divorce will follow soon after the wedding.

Did you dream that a girl was stolen by intruders? Such a dream is a signal that the dreamer is used to complicating everything and needs to look at life more simply.

The dream book in which I had to see the death of a girl is not connected by the dream book with real death. If the dreamed girl in a coffin is an acquaintance who gave it, then this is a signal that it would be nice to restore the relationship.

Intimate sphere

Don’t know why you dreamed of seeing your beloved girl naked? Such a plot is interpreted very ambiguously. Most often, seeing the naked object of your passion means understanding that the candy-bouquet period has already come to an end, and the turn of a serious relationship is coming. On the other hand, such a dream can be a warning. Your bride-to-be may not be as innocent and pure as you imagine. For example, perhaps she wants to push you around in your family life or is a selfish and spoiled person. In other words, some character traits of your beloved may push you away from her and force you to break off the relationship.

The prediction of why you dream of having sex in a dream is also most often unfavorable. This episode confirms your dissatisfaction in reality. However, if you did not experience an orgasm in a dream, then everything is still fixable. You will be able to overcome all obstacles and achieve all your goals. But the joy from your own victory will be very insignificant.

Why do you dream about sex with elements of violence? To an uncontrollable desire for influence and wealth.

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