Dream Interpretation: Why do you dream about the funeral of a mother who is alive?

General interpretation

Don't be scared and imagine terrible things. In fact, such a dream is a shapeshifter. That is, it does not need to be taken literally. For the mother who is being buried, the prognosis is only favorable. In reality, she is destined to live happily ever after. For a sick parent, the dream promises a long-awaited recovery.

The interpretation of the dream in this case concerns only the sleeper himself, since night pictures are born in his head. If he had to bury his living mother in a dream, then this may indicate different things. For example:

  • perhaps the dreamer is dissatisfied with the relationship with the parent: there is not enough support, communication, and help. The subconscious thus shows the presence of repressed grievances. It’s worth talking to your mother to restore the family connection and relieve the burden from your soul;
  • and also a dream can reflect the sleeping person’s worries about her health and well-being;
  • in some cases, the vision demonstrates the desire of the dreamer to distance himself from his parents, the need for independence and adulthood. It is possible that in reality he is under strong moral pressure, under the control of his mother, and does not dare to protest.

If the dreamer prophesies death to the mother, this is also not bad. In reality, her financial problems will be quickly resolved. Seeing a mother in a coffin who is alive in reality is an indication to the sleeping person of the need for rest.

If the mother is dead both in a dream and deceased in reality, then the dream is a warning about bad events. At best, a person will become a participant in a major conflict, at worst, he will face someone else’s or his own death.

Dream details

Each person sees his own individual plot, different from the dreams of other people. Therefore, the content of the interpretation will depend on the various nuances of a particular dream:

  • If you dream about your mother’s funeral on a clear day, the sleeping person’s life will change for the better. Possible professional growth, finding a second half, a profitable deal that will lead to enrichment, receiving an unexpected inheritance, and more;
  • bad weather in a dream with wind, rain or sleep foreshadows a turbulent period filled with relationship problems and lack of money. The approaching storm will be strong but short;
  • to be buried to the sound of bells and a funeral march - in reality, bad news is expected;
  • to see how the mother suddenly comes to life and rises in the coffin - soon someone close to you will invite the dreamer to a wedding celebration. Either he learns something joyful for himself;
  • watching the movement of the funeral procession means success in your personal life and prosperity. Taking part in it means that in reality you can expect good news from afar;
  • to see a living mother being buried - for single girls, such a vision promises a successful marriage that will happen soon. For married young ladies, the dream symbolizes harmony in their own families, reconciliation with their spouse after a major quarrel. For men of different ages and marital status, dreams indicate a possible discord in love or marital relationships;
  • looking at a dead mother who is actually alive means that in reality you will face disappointment in your professional activities. Expectations will not match the desired result. For the parent herself, sleep does not pose any danger;
  • seeing fresh flowers and funeral wreaths made from them is a favorable sign. In the near future, the dreamer will be favored by good luck, which will have a positive impact on his financial situation. But artificial plants warn of deception on the part of someone from a close circle;
  • if there are many mourning people present at the funeral , in reality the person enjoys the trust and respect of others. If those present smile - to harmony and mutual understanding on the love front.

Despite the fact that the dream causes negative associations, most of its interpretations have a positive connotation. Funerals symbolize transformation, changes in personal and social life.

Why do you dream about your mother’s death if she is alive - detailed interpretation

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Not all dreams bring pleasant moments. Some stories cause concern and anxiety. The problem with interpretation is that not all symbols need to be taken literally. Dream books will help you understand why you dream about the death of a mother who is alive.

general information

It is not easy to interpret dreams related to the emotional sphere. In the life of every person, mother and father occupy an important place. They have a colossal influence on the child and therefore esotericists give them mystical roles. The appearance of images of a mother’s death in dreams may be associated with very real reasons:

  • constant quarrels with her;
  • problems with her health;
  • feeling of guilt.

In some cases, this means that despite conflicts and scandals, the mother is concerned about the children and really wants to meet them. Her heart is restless and subject to worries. Therefore, the younger generation should take the first step towards and make peace.


For a young man, such a sign appears as a warning: soon his mother will need his help.

The appearance of death in dreams indicates that an unprecedented cycle of events will soon begin, which will plunge you into a whirlpool of affairs. In it, the mother will need the support of her son. Other relatives will also have to provide help. It is a man’s shoulder that will be the key to a future prosperous life.

For a girl to see her mother’s death in a dream means entering a new stage of life, where she will have to experience many events. They will radically change her life in a positive way. Changes will affect the personal and work spheres. Perhaps you are about to meet a fateful man who will help create a strong union.

For a woman, such dreams also promise changes in her usual life. Time will tell whether they will be good or bad.

Circumstances and details

For an accurate interpretation, it is important to consider the plot of the dream as a whole. If the parent was killed by a mentally ill person or under unforeseen circumstances, then it is necessary to study her environment. Some of her acquaintances or friends do not like her and are making plans to harm her.

If death was the result of a long illness, then the dreamer needs to pay attention to his health. Soon it will noticeably worsen, but dream signs will help you take action in the first stages of treatment.


Men need to pay attention to the sexual sphere, women to reproductive function.

When death occurs under the influence of an accident, this is a warning about caution in work matters, especially if they are related to business. The following measures must be taken:

  • do not enter into transactions;
  • do not make large purchases;
  • do not invest.

Any serious actions must be postponed for a while and do other things. Otherwise, this may result in failures and failures, and serious financial losses.

In the case when a mother dies in a dream surrounded by children and grandchildren, this foreshadows the emergence of family conflicts and quarrels. It is dangerous to watch the murder of a mother from the sidelines, especially if it is done by someone you know. In reality, the parent will stop communicating with the dreamer.

When you dream about natural death from old age, in reality this reflects the presence of an old conflict. In this case, you need to stop being offended and make peace. The dreamer needs to take decisive action, take a step forward and stop being offended. Forgiveness will bring relief.

Many will be frightened by a plot where a son or daughter acts as a killer. In reality, this warns of quarrels that will lead to a protracted conflict. It is necessary to carefully control speech and avoid offensive statements.

Main stories

Each dream will be unique. Even common symbols manifest differently depending on the individual. Often one can imagine the death of a parent and her subsequent resurrection. This phenomenon promises unexpected gifts from Providence.

On a note:

The dreamer will receive respect and recognition from other people.

A vision of death foreshadows the emergence of unexpected sources of income and improved financial situation. If resurrection has occurred, then a person needs to think about his views and principles and change them. This may be an indication of a job change or relocation.

Preparing for a funeral means increasing your financial well-being due to a successful marriage. If the procession itself was modest, then success and wealth await the person. When the event is especially luxurious, you need to learn to avoid disasters and problems.


Dreaming about the funeral of a still living mother is not the worst sign. It may mean receiving important news. Someone will deceive the dreamer in reality and try to use it for their own purposes.


You need to be suspicious of everything, check everything and not take serious action.

If a woman cries at the news of the death of her parent, then this is a good sign. There comes a period in life that is ideal for solving complex problems and overcoming obstacles.

Seeing another person dead in a dream means a long life for him. Therefore, mom has nothing to worry about; good health awaits her in the future.

The appearance of a sign in the form of the death of a parent means a lack of communication with her in reality. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange meetings, joint activities, regularly call each other and talk.

Popular psychologists and esotericists

Many psychologists have spent many years studying patients' dreams and unraveling hidden messages. Freud recommended paying attention to the internal state, thoughts, sensations that appeared during sleep.

Fear means that the dreamer misses his parent, who considers herself abandoned, but does not dare to say so. Therefore, it is necessary to visit her. Meetings should not take place only under the influence of external reasons. If the vision was associated with positive aspects, then in life it will turn into luck and joy.

Freud also associated such symbols with changes in the sexual sphere. They can result in the search for a new partner, mastering new practices, or the birth of a baby.

Miller associated the appearance of the mother's death in dreams with the dreamer's internal problems. A person needs to overcome his own infantilism and take care of his life, show independence.


A key aspect of personal development is making decisions and taking responsibility for their consequences.

There are small purchases ahead that will pleasantly please you and give you pleasure from receiving them. Such acquisitions will give you a feeling of satisfaction.

For women, such visions suggest a need for the support of another person. You should contact close friends or relatives for it. Help does not necessarily come in material terms; sometimes moral support is enough.

Nostradamus did not see anything good in this sign. Only bad omens: monetary losses, conflicts, scandals, quarrels and other problems. It is impossible to say in advance how serious they will be. Much depends on the dreamer. Reasonable savings will help you spend money wisely and reduce the consequences of material losses.

Source: https://tarovsem.ru/sonnik/k-chemu-snitsya-smert-mamy-kotoraya-zhiva.html

Interpretations of popular dream books

The world of dreams is mysterious and therefore interesting. Since ancient times, people have tried to understand the mystery and meaning of night dreams. Long-term observations made it possible to establish a connection between dreams and reality - how symbols that come at night subsequently influence reality. This is what dream books say about the dreamed funeral of mother, who is actually alive and well:

  1. Romantic dream book - the funeral of a mother who is alive means discord in family life. Perhaps the spouses have been experiencing mutual tension for a long time, which is worth discussing, dotting the dots and making peace.
  2. G. Miller - for women, a dream symbolizes the need for love, longing for affection and care. For men, the vision reflects fear of the fair sex.
  3. Women's dream book - such dreams indicate the need to say goodbye to the past. Another interpretation is the fear of separating from parents and starting to lead an independent life.
  4. Everyday dream book - positive changes and relief from problems await the sleeper. The black stripe will change to white. New acquaintances are possible, which will be useful for personal development, promotion.
  5. Vanga - a dream indicates the need to improve a negative relationship with a parent.
  6. English dream book - it is possible that the dreamer’s mother needs help. If the person sleeping in reality pays little attention to her, then this should be corrected.
  7. Dream Interpretation Maya - for good news and changes.
  8. Idiomatic dream book - seeing a deceased mother means successfully finishing a big task in reality. This could be about passing exams, completing an important project, renovation, etc.
  9. Mythological dream book - burying a mother in a dream means that in reality the sleeper goes through one of the stages of personal growth, which consists of abandoning old stereotypes. If in cutting a person feels relief and other bright feelings, then the real transformation occurs successfully and painlessly.
  10. French dream book - in reality the dreamer is in fear of change and does not allow new things into his life. It is necessary to loosen control over events and other people in order to make your existence brighter and happier.
  11. Medea's dream book is a warning about future difficulties. It is necessary to analyze in which areas of life a person has problems and try to reduce them to a minimum.
  12. Dream Interpretation from A to Z - dreams foretell a big win or a long-awaited discovery of an item that is very expensive. The joy will be unexpected and pleasant.

As you can see, there are many interpretations and some of them differ radically. To choose the appropriate interpretation, you need to remember recent events in your life, analyze them and correlate them with the transcripts. For example, if the dreamer has pressing tasks in the professional sphere, then an interpretation with the appropriate semantic load should be selected.

What does it mean if you dreamed that your mother died?

Sleep is a human state characterized by changes in brain activity. During sleep, the body rests and gains strength. A natural phenomenon that occurs only when a person sleeps is dreams.

Most people see dreams and many are interested in their meaning, especially if deceased relatives appear in the dream. It is believed that dreams in which someone dies have a special meaning, and dreams involving parents should make you think deeply.

So many dream books interpret that the death of a close relative in a dream foreshadows longevity for the dreamer, but the details and circumstances of the dream play a big role.


The mother dreams of being dead - this means that she will soon need help from her son. A dream can warn of an upcoming illness that a close relative will face.


A young woman observes in her dreams that her mother has died - to upcoming events that will become fateful. The dream may foretell an imminent meeting with a future lover. The dream also promises pregnancy.

Mom died in a dream - a positive sign that foreshadows the mother’s longevity, as well as positive changes in the dreamer’s life.


If you dreamed about the death of your mother, the dreamer should prepare for the upcoming life changes.


An unmarried and childless woman sees her mother's death - she will soon find love and say goodbye to loneliness, since the union will lead to marriage.


A mother comes to a deceased married woman—the relationship with her husband has outlived its usefulness. His betrayal and departure from the family is possible. You should not stop him, as the situation will have a positive outcome for you. You won't be left alone.


For a young girl to dream that her mother has died is a harbinger of a future pregnancy.

To kid

Children see their parents dead in their dreams because of the experiences they experience in life. They are unhappy and hold grudges, as they are often subjected to rudeness and aggression from their parents.


A small child dreams that his mother has died - he experiences discomfort from living with his mother. He is burdened by conflicts and squabbles between his parents.


To dream that your mother has died means adult life will soon begin. The teenager will get rid of pressure and control from the mother.

To an elderly person

An elderly man or woman dreams that her mother has passed away - the dream foreshadows profit and an improvement in her financial situation.

Announced her imminent death

A message from a mother about her death is a sign of joyful events for her.

Died and rose again

A dream in which a mother died and then was resurrected foreshadows a quick meeting with an old friend and good news.

Lies in a coffin

You dreamed that your mother was lying in a coffin - a warning about an upcoming illness or imminent difficulties.

Died in the arms of her child

In a dream, the mother dies in the dreamer’s arms, and at the same time he knows who was to blame for her death - the dreamer’s mother will soon stop communicating with this person.

Dies several times in a row

A mother dies several times in a dream - the dream tells you that you need to change the situation a long time ago. The dreamer needs new impressions and rest, as he is overcome by fatigue.

Dies surrounded by children and grandchildren

A mother dies surrounded by children and grandchildren - a sign of a quarrel or family problems.

Cries before death

Mom cries before her death - to an approaching illness.

Rising from the grave

Mom lies in a coffin in a dream, then gets up from the coffin and reaches out her hand to you - the dreamer should limit himself from communicating with false friends. They will leave you in difficult times.

From old age

Death of a mother from old age - there is an unresolved long-standing conflict in your family. The time has come to resolve it and reconcile with your relatives, this is the only way peace will come to you.

From the hands of a sleeper

If the mother was killed by the dreamer in a dream, this means a serious quarrel that will cause a protracted conflict.

As a result of an accident

If you dreamed that your mother died from an accident, you shouldn’t make important decisions at work in the near future. Caution and vigilance should be exercised.

During childbirth

The birth of a mother means that you will soon receive a large profit or inheritance.

This dream book explains well why funerals are dreamed of. Miller did not consider this sign to be bad; rather, you need to listen to it, analyze the background of this event, the people around you, the weather, the sounds.

It’s sad if you heard a bell in a dream - such a dream warns of future difficulties, failures and even illness. But a funeral on a warm, clear day is a good sign; you have nothing to worry about the health of your family members.

And, of course, it is extremely important for the interpretation of a dream who exactly the deceased was. Such a sign may tell you that you have not yet fully experienced the loss, or that you still have questions that you will never be able to get an answer to.

If the overall event occurs in a favorable atmosphere, perhaps the subconscious mind is sending you a second chance to resolve these problems.

Freud spent a long time studying human psychology, his instinctive motives and modes of behavior. He paid special attention to dreams, believing that it was in them that the answer to the subconscious, secrets and desires lay, which his clients could not admit even to themselves.

Seeing a funeral in a dream, according to Freud, meant the completion of some long journey.

Depending on what meaning this day is filled with, what the weather is like, what clothes and faces those present are wearing, the dream you are having should be interpreted.

If, despite the sad event, people are cheerful and carefree, you experience some dissonance. It is difficult for you to concentrate on one thing, you are forced to be torn between conflicting things or people.

If the dream is filled with sorrow, and after waking up you experience almost physical pain and longing for the person who again had to be buried, such a dream will be a warning factor. It can mean both problems in the financial sphere and difficulties in your personal life.

Funeral - interpretation of dreams

In most dream books, the interpretation of a funeral seen in a dream is associated in real life with the fact that the business started will be successful. But at the same time, you definitely need to pay attention to the smallest events that you saw in your dream.

Funeral weather

So, the weather that was observed during the funeral in the dream is of great importance:

    A clear sunny day during a funeral procession indicates that you and your relatives will be in good health, and it also portends rapid positive changes in life; Cloudy weather is a negative sign and indicates that circumstances in your personal life can interfere with success, for example, deterioration in your own health or receiving negative news from close relatives.

Why do you dream that you are burying your husband?

Many women are interested in why they dream about their husband’s funeral. After all, such a dream is always upsetting and can hardly lift your spirits. But in fact, such a dream is a harbinger that in real life you will soon resolve a problem that is rooted in the past and interferes with your success in the future.

Funeral of relatives

The funeral of other relatives in a dream can be interpreted in different ways. The most common clues are:

    If you dream about your mother’s funeral, then this portends unexpected and very serious troubles.

Interpretation of Vanga

The famous soothsayer explained the meaning of a dream in which you saw a funeral: the key to the solution lies in the deceased. If you see yourself, you should change your lifestyle; if the coffin is empty, this indicates that there is not enough presence of other people in your life, you feel lonely and empty.

If you dreamed of people in a coffin who had already died: analyze how dear this person was to you, what place he occupied in your life. This person's personality contains clues about what you should pay attention to and what to listen to.

This predictor believed that dreams in which you dream of the funeral of a person who has already died are a sign of future changes in life. Close contact during a dream indicates that you have to get rid of and overcome your most painful fears.

Your loved ones and family do not leave you, you constantly think about them, and this is what is reflected in the dream. If you cannot let go of a person, this can negatively affect your emotional state: seeing such dreams indicates that the person is depressed and in a serious condition.

Dreams in which you see the funeral of a recently deceased person are an important symbol sent by your subconscious mind. You need to listen carefully to it: despite the fact that a funeral is a serious event in itself, details and nuances will be key in this dream. The faces of the people who came to the funeral with you, the weather that was that day, your personal impressions.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with why you dream about a trip: you dreamed about a trip to the sea, abroad, to another city

Depending on this, the interpretation of sleep can vary significantly and even be the opposite. However, in any case, one cannot help but admit that seeing a deceased person in a dream, as well as a funeral procession, are extremely important signs.

They reflect a person’s anxious state, his longing for loved ones, which he cannot get used to, and warn of possible negative consequences that may occur in the future due to wrong actions and decisions.

But, nevertheless, the funeral of a deceased person is not a bad dream. Most often, the subconscious simply helps us cope with the loss and does not let us forget how important it was. Dream books will help you figure out what this or that symbol means and why you dream about it, but only your subjective impressions and emotions can help you correctly interpret the dream and understand why you happened to see it.

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