Dream Interpretation Burial of a person in a cemetery: why do women or men dream of Burial of a person in a cemetery?

A dream about the funeral of an already deceased person sometimes haunts the dreamer for several days in a row, so people try to find information as quickly as possible about what this night vision means and what to do so that it no longer bothers them. Most citizens are sure that this dream means something bad and constantly experience a lot of stress, but this is not at all necessary.

In some cases, the funeral of an already deceased father, mother or other person simply means that the dreamer misses these people. Also, do not forget that a dream can be a consequence of a funeral experienced in reality, and until a person restores his emotional state, he will have to fight such night visions. Fear and anxiety after waking up will go away immediately if you turn to modern dream books, where there are many positive interpretations regarding a dream about a funeral.

Why do you dream of a person’s funeral in a cemetery according to the dream book of fortune teller Evdokia

Seeing the funeral of a relative on a fine sunny day is a sign of improved health of relatives and good luck in their lives; if the weather is bad, rain or snow, wind - of illness, bad news, a decline in business. Attending the funeral of a stranger means unexpected complications in relationships with people; burying your child means health and peace in the family, but friends will have problems. Hearing a death knell means unexpected sad news, a friend’s poor health, ringing the bell yourself on a sad occasion means illness, failure.

I dreamed about you in a coffin

Paradoxical as it may seem from a logical point of view, such dreams occur quite often. In this case, you need to remember the facial expression of the deceased . The tears of the deceased predict quarrels and scandals in the family. The deceased grandmother is worried about family conflicts and offers to literally bury them.

The smile of a deceased grandmother can be interpreted as meaning that there is a person in your environment who cannot be trusted.

The calm and peaceful expression on the face of the deceased suggests thinking about leaving the comfort zone. Perhaps you have stayed too long in one place.

Funeral of a person in a cemetery according to a housewife's dream book

A luxurious funeral with an orchestra and farewell salvos - you will get rich. A modest funeral means you face a difficult struggle for life. If you dream of your own funeral, long life, health and family happiness await you. Burying a relative means friendship and reconciliation with former enemies. The funeral of an old person means a quiet, peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle and all sorts of worries. To bury a young man or child - you will show cowardice. Walking in a funeral procession, carrying a cross, is a harbinger of lost hopes. Carrying a coffin at a funeral means unrequited love. Lowering the coffin with the deceased into the grave means you will soon recover from a chronic disease. Filling up a grave means new worries.

I had a dream about a person’s funeral according to the Modern Dream Book

If you saw yourself in a dream at the funeral of a relative on a good, sunny day, then the dream promises good health for you and your loved ones. But if the weather was gloomy and it was raining, illness, bad news and a decline in business are possible. If you attended the funeral of a stranger, then unexpected complications in relationships with people are possible. Hearing a funeral bell in a dream, expect sad news about an absent person. They themselves rang the bell at the funeral - illnesses and failures are possible.

Negative interpretations

However, it is not surprising that such a dream has much more unpleasant, and in many ways even tragic, meanings.

Dream Interpretation Burial, funeral, why dream of Burial, funeral in a dream

Feeling a person's voice, without her speaking, means that she will die soon and is said to be suffering in life. A fool doesn't grieve when he dies. When a bird enters a house, it is a sign that one of the people in the house is about to die. When the owl stops in any part of the house, the smaller person in it dies.

Funeral in a dream according to the interpretation of various dream books

Soon the mother of the one who combs the night dies. It is bad to sit on the table because the mother of the person who does it dies. One who looks at some star and says: This is my star, and by chance it will die instantly. To check for death, a mirror is placed in the mouth of an extinct ham. If he shows no sense, his eyes are closed tightly, and then the cloth is placed under the clamp and tied at the head.

Attending a funeral is a harbinger of trouble

, illness or even death of a loved one or acquaintance.

If it rains during a funeral

, such a dream is a harbinger of illness or whiteness for the dreamer himself. He should beware of bad habits.

The funeral of a long-dead person foreshadows

career failures. For business people, such a dream predicts a streak of failure.

You look a lot if the body is still there because that means death is still at home, ready to catch another family. The people of the country, when a death occurs, go to the mourners to comfort them, and also hasten to send away their chicks, their chickens, their fat ducks, so that the servants can have fun with the tooth.

Jokes, fortune telling, glorio, blow and huachacay are counted at funerals. At midnight, a chicken casserole dish is inevitable. If he was killed, he was buried and buried face down so that the culprit would be found. The most valuable crowns are paper and black, purple and white.

If the dreamer plans to open his own business or implement a project, the dream warns that it will be a failure.

If in a dream the dreamer is not only part of a funeral procession, but also carries a coffin

, he should be wary of quarrels with family and friends.

Soon he may not of his own free will do something vile, offend or cruelly insult people dear to him.

In the fields they lead the attack to the cemetery, on the back of a mule or on a cart, on their hands, on angarils. It is carried out on stilts or parihuela - Rwando. In this case, to avoid damaging the shoulder, they use atotado ponchos, doubled and doubled, to obtain softness.

When the graveyard is very distant, the attack is well anchored in the lattice; they are carried by four horsemen, to the center of their mounts, holding the device by the edges with the right hand. If it was originally organized to be carried in a cart or on hangarillas, and then another thing is decided, the attack will roll to the ground.

Whether he will do this intentionally or not - the dream is silent about this, but in any case the dreamer should be more careful with his words and actions


Seeing a funeral procession from the side is a bad sign. Such a dream is a harbinger of a streak of failure. The longer the procession, the longer the black streak in the dreamer’s life.

A funeral in a dream is a harbinger of bad news

. Such a dream foreshadows a decline in your career.

It is ensured that the burial casket weighs much more as it approaches the pit, and this is interpreted as the deceased's resistance to being buried. Little angels are called children under the age of seven, and if one of these dies, the rosary is recited and pious songs of the angels are sung. Correlative cognac is served or dinner at midnight. In the back of the room, where there is a brazier in which incense burns, mourners and friends drink. In one glass the liquor of the ceremony is served, glory, and the child goes to glory, glorious.

Rich, lavish funeral

- a harbinger of slander, conspiracy. Evil tongues will try to harm the dreamer’s reputation, appropriate his ideas and insult his dignity.

If during a funeral the dreamer cries or feels sad

, he should be prepared for trouble.

Let it be on time! At the table of saints, that is, where the saints are, a little angel rests, sitting in a small chair. In other cases it is a scaffold like an altar and is decorated with flowers and garlands of paper. When a child under the age of seven dies, he does not regret it because a little angel will come to meet them at the hour of death to guide them to heaven. The little angel is very sorry in heaven when his mother cries too much. If you cry, the angel is wrong.

When mothers suffer, the angels give them resignation, conformity. And when they die, they transfer them with their hands to the throne of the Lord. Children who have not sinned go straight to heaven. The first requirement is to call a carpenter to take measurements of the atakan in which the deceased will be placed immediately before burial. These coffins are often homemade: matte board without varnish; when more white paper sticks like paint.

Due to superstitions and prejudices, death and funerals in dreams are often attributed to false, pessimistic interpretations.

However, despite the apparent hopelessness and melancholy of such a dream, it is important to correctly analyze all its aspects and details in order to correctly interpret it and draw the right conclusions in time.

The little dead man was dressed in white, decorated with celestial bows. Cardboard wings wrapped in silver or gold paper are placed as the crown of his forehead. He sits on the saddle with his hands folded, clutching sprigs of white flowers. Be careful to open your eyes to find the path that leads to heaven.

One single candle burns in the middle of a table covered with white flowers. It is carried into the pantheon in a hook or on the back of an acmemila. Only men form courtship. Women accompany the dead and take an assistant with a cedar for a fine. On other occasions, little boys and girls carry the box and women form a procession, wearing crowns and a wooden cross to be placed on their tetum.

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Dream Interpretation Funeral

See separately p.
Dead. Funeral in a dream
Successful completion of affairs and a certain period of life.
Seeing your own means long life; wedding. The funeral of an influential person is a major personal change or transformation in the country. Dream Interpretation of the Wanderer
In some parts of the South, fathers gave little angels to the owners of warehouses and canteens, who became real representatives of the holiday pomp; they provided room for the burning chapel and clothing consisting of a cloak; they supplied wine, food, music, singing for everyone to dance. The angel's parents had certain rights, prerogatives, like drinking without paying.

Baldomero Lillo, in Popular Stories, writes in El Angelita. Custom established that when a child died, the depression was marked by music, song and dance. If the parents could afford the expense, the party was celebrated in the house itself, but the most common thing was that she gave up the body to an interested party in the mountains; the one who paid the best prices for the "little angels" was Spark, also taking care of the burial at cemetery of the nearest village.

Dream Interpretation Funeral

If you dream about a funeral, then this is a good thing, maybe there is a wedding in the family.
If you dream of a funeral, grief will freeze. A funeral is a happy ending; wedding; They hide you - a long life, for employees - a salary increase. Ukrainian dream book
Dream book Funeral

Being at a relative's funeral on a clear, sunny day is a sign of good health for your family and friends.
If it is cloudy and raining, expect illness or bad news soon. If you see the funeral of a person you don’t know, unexpected complications in relationships with people are possible. The funeral of a child in a dream foretells health and peace in your family and problems among your friends. Hearing a death knell in a dream means unexpected sad news or illness of an absent person. Ringing the bell yourself is a harbinger of illness and failure. Modern Dream Book
Just as little angels were rented out, they too were borrowed to throw a party. From the parental home it was from the godfather and even to a close relative. There were angels who exceeded all the deadlines, and then in order to place them in the coffins, they had to expose the bones.

Bury the dead twice

At these festivals of the little angels, due to the drunkenness of their countrymen, some were so neglected that, when the attention of the candles was neglected, there were fires in which the enchanted little angels found a second death. It is in a country where the death of children reaches greater popularity and pain is next to vihuelas, red wine, sweet chicha baya, fame and quartets called songs of angels.

Why do you dream of a person’s funeral according to David Loff’s dream book?

If you don’t see a deceased person at a funeral, then such a dream may indicate that it’s time for you to stop doing what is initially doomed to failure. If in a dream you are present at the funeral of a relative or friend, although in real life this person is alive, then such a dream indicates his good health, promises him recovery in case of illness, and in addition, the dream may be a reflection of your relationship, which you would like to interrupt due to a lack of mutual understanding or frequent quarrels and insults.

Interpretation by degree of relationship

Saying goodbye to an already deceased grandmother may foreshadow a situation in which many people will turn their backs on the dreamer. The sleeper will not feel supported and cared for and will be disappointed in life.

This interpretation is due to the fact that the grandmother personifies warmth, therefore, at her funeral in the kingdom of Morpheus, the main character will experience approximately the same feelings as when saying goodbye in reality.

The loss of a deceased grandfather can be predicted by a lack of support from friends. Perhaps a betrayal, after which the sleeper will be greatly broken and depressed. If he saw the funeral of his already deceased parents, a dark streak may come. Mother and father gave life to a person, and it is they who teach him what may be useful in the future. Therefore, such a plot can indicate a loss of faith in the future.

Saying goodbye to a deceased brother or sister can predict an upcoming separation from something or someone important. For example, a sleeping person has devoted almost his entire life to professional sports, but an injury occurs and he will no longer be able to do this.

Human funeral // Everyday Dream Book

If you dreamed of a funeral, then such a dream should be interpreted only in accordance with other factors - who was being remembered, what mood people were in during the funeral, whether the person whom you remembered in the dream is alive and well in reality, and much more.

Usually, seeing a funeral in a dream is a sign that warns of changes in your life that will occur in the near future, and therefore it is very important to correctly interpret the dream in order to have time to mentally and physically prepare for the upcoming changes.

So, if you dreamed of the funeral of a person who is alive and feeling well in reality, then in real life you can soon expect a successful period.

If in a dream a funeral echoes events in your real life, then you should be extremely careful in the immediate period after this dream - your enemies are not asleep and are quite successfully plotting against you, and any careless word or deed of yours can lead to dire consequences.

If in a dream we are talking about your wake, then in reality you are entering a new life period, which is strikingly different from the one that just passed - an event awaits you that will affect your entire future life. This could be a promotion, a wedding, the birth of a child, an injury, the death of a loved one, and so on.

The importance of details if a deceased grandmother dies in a dream

The events that occur before the appearance of the late grandmother are also important when interpreting the dream. If you dreamed about it in your own home, then the dream book says that this is a lack of warmth and care for the sleeper. If she enters her house in a dream, this portends imminent material enrichment. But if we consider Miller’s dream book, then such a dream does not bring anything good. There is a chance that her relative may become seriously ill. And the appearance of the deceased’s house in a dream speaks of an imminent change in worldview; there will be a series of events that will change your life.

Funeral of a person in a cemetery according to the Jewish dream book

Attending the funeral of a relative - A dream you had on Monday night means a change in your relationships with people; and on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday - to the abandonment of unfounded hopes and to a more sober view of the world; a dream seen on Saturday or Sunday night means a change in lifestyle and habits.

Attending a friend's funeral A dream you had on Monday night means that you should pay attention to your health; and on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday - it means unexpected changes in your life. A dream on Saturday or Sunday night means that you will stop being stubborn and will trust people more.

To attend the funeral of an unfamiliar person. A dream you had on Monday night means that you will be greatly disappointed; seen on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, this dream means that you should seriously pay attention to your health; and if you dreamed about it on the night of Saturday or Sunday, it warns that you are putting yourself at great risk.

The funeral of a person in V. Samokhvalov’s dream book

1. If you dream of your own funeral, then there is a fear of being overwhelmed, perhaps by responsibility, or a fear of overwhelming parts of our personality that cause harm. Dreaming of being at a funeral means that we need to understand our attitude towards death. It does not have to be our own death, but the death of others. It can also mean a time of mourning for something that happened in the past, and this time of mourning can allow us to move forward towards a brighter future. Seeing your own funeral may indicate a desire for compassion. It could also mean that some part of us is dead and we need to let it go. 2. Dreaming of a parent's funeral may represent a step towards independence or a need to let go of a past that may be painful. We must let our childhood - or childhood experiences - go and mark it with some kind of ritual or ceremony. 3. The obvious spiritual symbolism of death, loss and grief is evident here. This is not necessarily a negative meaning, the dreamer needs to look at resurrection and the positive elements it can bring.

Possible plots

If in your night dreams you dreamed of the funeral of an already deceased person, it is worth remembering what exactly the sleeping person observed. This will allow you to predict future events as accurately as possible:

Dreams in which the sleeper had to bury a person who had already died most often speak of his inability to let go of the past, but there are other interpretations. The surest clue is the feelings experienced by the sleeper during sleep and after waking up. If the dreamer does not have negative feelings, dreams definitely do not have a negative meaning. Otherwise, you should treat the message as a warning.


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