Why do you dream about the funeral of a living person: the meaning in the dream book

If you are at a funeral in a dream, where none of the participants in the ritual action are familiar to you, expect a big happy event ahead (a wedding, the birth of a child, a new successful job). A more accurate interpretation may be influenced by the details of the dream:

  • Rich funeral. Don't worry so much about money and the impression you make on others. Try to place the right emphasis in life and determine what is more important to you at the moment.
  • A poor, modest organization of a ritual attended by several people. There is a person next to you who really needs you.
  • Strong and mournful crying at a funeral. In the near future, pleasant chores await you, which will require a lot of strength and patience. But the result will exceed all expectations.
  • A dead man comes to life in a dream and speaks to you. Expect news that will radically change the situation in your life. You need to make decisions with a cool head, without emotions and unnecessary worry.
  • Child's funeral. A dream with such a plot is very difficult and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. You are troubled by inner restlessness. You need to take care of your health. Also be careful when traveling and driving. It may be worth taking out life or property insurance.

Having understood the details of their dream, everyone will be able to answer the question “Why do you dream of someone else’s funeral?” If after awakening the heart remains calm and no alarming premonitions appear, then the dream most likely carries a good and positive message.

A dream about the funeral of a living person promises serious trials that will have to be passed in reality. You will definitely need the support of your loved ones.

Your future life promises to be long and cloudless, negative events will pass you by, everything will work out for the better.

If a person sees a funeral in a dream (it doesn’t matter whether it is a friend or a stranger), then most often he wakes up with a heavy feeling in his soul. Few people will enjoy such a dream. Some particularly impressionable people think about funerals in their dreams for a long time and speculate about the meaning.

Many people worry that the dream means the death of a loved one. There is no need to panic and make all sorts of guesses; it’s better to read the article below and you will find out exactly why you dream about a person’s funeral.

Did you see your own funeral in a dream? Don’t despair, this doesn’t mean at all that the same thing will happen in real life soon. The dream tells you that a period is coming when you will have to pay for your mistakes and mistakes in life.

Many people are interested in why they dream of their own funeral if they are trying to bury a person alive. Such a terrible dream threatens troubles that will arise through your fault. Any information will be used against you by enemies and envious people. If in a dream you got out of the grave, then this means overcoming all difficulties at the cost of great effort.

Why dream of your own funeral if you take part in it? This is a good sign, promising spiritual growth and development.

If in a dream you buried your relative, then this indicates the imminent disappearance of all problems and conflicts, and your financial well-being.

If the funeral of a relative took place on a sunny and fine day, this indicates his good health in reality, as well as some favorable events in the near future.

If the weather was cloudy, you can expect not very good news from your relative.

If you had a dream about the death of an old person, this is an excellent sign; prosperity and success in all your endeavors will soon await you. Burying a child in a dream means good health of relatives, but the deceit of friends behind one’s back.

If you had a dream about the funeral of a completely unknown person, be prepared for difficulties and problems that will fall on your head unexpectedly. Such a dream could be a symbolic sign that someone in your family is going through difficult times right now. Look around you, maybe you can help a family member get out of a difficult situation.


Who's stopping you?

Why do you dream about burying someone who is still alive? The dream book suspects that you are trying with all your might to remove this person from your own life. Usually such visions concern competitors and rivals.

Did you dream that you wanted to bury someone alive in a dream? In reality, a rather strange and unusual incident will happen.

Why do you dream that you had to bury other people’s corpses? The dream book believes that you will be seriously disappointed. In addition, the burial of a large number of people marks a dangerous situation and difficulties in financial matters.

Let's find out why we dream about the funeral of a living person. What does it mean if these are close people?

As a rule, many people, having seen a funeral in a dream, cannot find peace for a long time. It seems to them that troubles are following them all around, and the dream was an ominous omen. Actually this is not true. Rather, on the contrary, seeing a funeral in a dream promises you something good, an end to all failures.

about why funerals are dreamed of in our article.

Why do you dream about the funeral of relatives?

The worst thing for us is to see the funeral of our loved ones in a dream . This does not always bode well; it all depends on the circumstances and who exactly you are burying.

Brother's funeral

If in a dream you have a good mood and peace of mind, your brother will live for many more years and will have good health.

Son's funeral

If various troubles and failures happen to your son every now and then, burying him in a dream means the end of all difficulties and the beginning of a new white streak in his life.

Grandma's funeral

If the grandmother you are burying in a dream is alive, rest assured that she will live for many more decades. Hearing a bell ringing in a dream means that you will soon receive news about the illness of a distant relative.

Father's funeral

Burying a living father in a dream means that his health will improve in the near future; if in a dream you see relatives who approach you with condolences, in life they will turn into congratulations on a solemn and joyful holiday, and your father will be the hero of the occasion.

Mother's funeral

Burying your mother in a dream is not a good sign. It means that very soon you will have to face various difficulties; competitors and envious people may appear. Nothing bad will happen to mom; on the contrary, her health will improve significantly.

Husband's funeral

Burying your husband in a dream promises a quick resolution to a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. Perhaps you will soon receive an unexpected inheritance and your financial situation will improve significantly.

Own funeral

Seeing your funeral in a dream is a good sign. It promises you good health, long life and a carefree family life.

Friend's funeral

Burying a friend in a dream means that in the near future she will meet her chosen one, who will love her very much. All the difficulties that she had in the past will fade into the background, and a new bright streak will come in life and she will be accompanied by success and happiness in everything.

If you are burying a friend in a dream who is rich and famous in some circles, this is a good omen for you. You will be successful in all your endeavors, including financial matters.

In many ways, the meaning of a dream about the funeral of your living relative depends on your state of mind at the time of the dream. Having peace and tranquility in your soul means a long and happy life, good health and good luck in all your affairs.

If you feel anxiety and sadness in a dream, perhaps your financial affairs will deteriorate and temporary difficulties will appear, but they will not bring you much concern.

Why do they bury strangers in a dream?

Burying a stranger in a dream means ending all failures in life. Soon a bright streak will come in your life and good luck will accompany you in all matters.

If you bury a person in clear, sunny weather, you will soon meet a good person who will help you and provide the necessary support.

If the funeral you attended was magnificent and rich, you will have good luck in financial matters. If you have a business, you should think about expanding it.

If you are attending a child's funeral, this is not a very good sign. If, moreover, the funeral is very poor and only a couple of people are buried, business failures await you. Beware of envious people and gossipers behind your back who are trying to cause trouble for you.

Miller's Dream Book

If in a dream you bury a relative in sunny and clear weather , this means improvement in all your affairs, good luck in all endeavors and good health for the one you buried.

If the funeral takes place in rainy and gloomy weather, you may experience bad news and some setbacks at work and in financial matters.

If you see yourself being buried alive , it means that there are envious people around you who are trying with all their might to harm you and discredit you. The dream will serve as a warning to you.

If you see your funeral in a dream, it means it’s time to change your habits and somehow change your life. The dream serves as a warning that your previous lifestyle promises you sorrows and disappointments.

Tsvetkov's Dream Interpretation

Seeing the funeral of a living person means that you will soon receive an invitation to a wedding.

If you are buried in a dream , it means you will live a long and happy life.

Dream Interpretation of Grishina

If you bury a loved one in a dream , a change will soon come in your life, and you yourself will change for the better.

If you are sad and cry at a funeral, unexpected happiness awaits you, but it will not last long.

Family dream book

If you see a funeral in a dream, one of your loved ones or acquaintances will die soon.

If you or someone else is being buried alive in your dream, you may experience health problems, especially with your respiratory tract.

Source: https://astrolibra.com/sonnik/deystviya/k-chemu-snyatsya-pohoronyi-zhivogo-cheloveka.html

Make no mistake!

If in a dream you yourself were buried alive, then you will soon make a grave mistake, and ill-wishers will take advantage of this mistake.

Seeing that you managed to get out of the grave means that you will come to your senses in time or correct your own stupidity.

Did you dream that you were present at your own burial? The dream book predicts long life, family happiness and wealth.

Additional situations

A dream has a more positive impact on immediate events if during it and upon awakening the sleeper did not feel despondency, fear or malaise. If they were present, the interpretation of the dream will be less successful.

According to Freud, seeing mourners at a funeral in a dream shows financial instability or personal problems. Luck may run out, and it will not be easy to return to prosperity. If a person laughs through tears, in reality he often behaves obscenely.

Sobbing at a funeral in a dream marks violent emotions. Sometimes means having fun in reality. Some dream books decipher a dream as short-lived happiness.

I dreamed about cremation

Cremation is a harbinger of failure in trade and commerce. The sleeper's reputation will be undermined, and profitable deals will be postponed. This can happen due to the fault of enemies and envious people. If the dreamer is cremated, you should listen to your intuition and not really trust other people’s opinions.

Cremation of a loved one promises grief or long-term ill health. The body of a deceased person consigned to fire in a dream, according to his wishes, speaks of responsibility towards relatives and the fulfillment of obligations towards them.

I dreamed of a funeral procession

A procession with a large number of people portends difficulties and discontent. If in a dream she blocked the sleeper’s path, he will face stagnation in business and losses. The dream of a crowd of relatives walking behind the coffin reflects the efforts before the wedding celebration. A moving hearse promises changes in life.

Dream about a coffin

Dreaming of buying a coffin means major expenses. For an unmarried girl, a dream about being forcibly placed in a coffin speaks of an imminent wedding. A dream with a coffin entwined with flowers has the same meaning. Standing on a hill promises prosperity and success in business. And the one who fell and crashed, according to Vanga, personifies the care of the Guardian Angel, who averted trouble.

According to Freud, the symbol of the coffin means the female genital organs. Expensive and intact indicates excellent health, while broken indicates problems with childbirth. The zinc coffin warns of impending danger.

Seeing yourself sleeping in a coffin is a dream before great fun. Rising from the coffin precedes family quarrels and the search for a way out of the conflict.

Burial alive

If the role of the person buried alive is a friend, the dream promises a quick meeting with him at a party. A terrible dream will entail in real life an event with a large crowd of people, where the “star” will be the character from the dream. It could be a wedding, a family holiday, or a spontaneous party with friends. The event guarantees meeting interesting people.

Wealth or addiction?

Did you dream about the funeral of someone who had already died in real life? The dream book believes that the invisible connection between you will finally be broken. In a dream, did you plan to bury the deceased a second time? You are aware of the changes that occur in your body or soul.

Had to rebury the decaying corpse of a long-dead person? If the event did not cause any unpleasant feelings, you will suddenly become rich. If the reburial of the deceased was associated with attacks of nausea, then you will fall under the influence of others.

In addition, burying a dead person in your dreams is a sign of success where you could not even imagine. In essence, this is a symbolic deliverance from possible obstacles.

Interpretations of sleep in dream books

Clairvoyants suggested taking the dream with the symbol of a funeral seriously. A certain turning point comes in a person’s life, and he needs, more than ever, to monitor his actions. Whether the changes will be positive or unsuccessful depends on the actions of the dreamer. Scientists suggested that we perceive what we saw with a degree of irony, but not with despair or anxiety.

According to Miller

Psychologist Gustav Miller considered dreams to be messages from the subconscious to the sleeper. Negative emotions give rise to visions in dark colors, and joyful hopes and expectations give rise to white objects or sunny weather. Thus, by the coloring of a dream, it is possible to determine the disposition of a person’s spirit.

A funeral procession on a clear day gives a good omen. Pleasant events, meetings and peace in the family are coming. In case of slush, the prognosis is less favorable. A person does not expect good news and is unlikely to receive it. It is possible that it is his bad mood that will not allow him to accept the most amazing news with gratitude.

A vision of a coffin being lowered into the ground speaks of difficulties in communicating with others. A person is too focused on his emotions and does not want to notice other people's needs and meet them halfway.

The ringing of a bell foretells someone's illness. If the dreamer himself rings the bells, the body gives a signal about a malfunction. You should consult a doctor and have your health checked.

The seer believed that after the dream it was time to stop indulging in bad habits. A funeral in a dream, especially if the name of the sleeping person is written on the sign, is a clear sign given by the body. Hammering nails into a coffin indicates a successful attempt to get rid of vices in the near future.

A dug grave or an empty coffin demonstrates the emptiness in the soul of the sleeper. He is sad or has broken up with a loved one. The dreamer who bears the coffin is preparing or has already committed an ugly act in reality. Repentance and heaviness in the soul cause a dream with participation in a gloomy ceremony.

If a long-dead person was lying in a coffin, the sleeper needs to remember the affairs and events associated with him. Something from the past will return, and the dream provides a valuable clue.

According to Freud

Sigmund Freud attributed the question of why funerals are dreamed of to the area of ​​phobias and uncertainty about one’s sexuality. Thus, a man fears impotence and the inability to prove himself a good lover. The girl, in turn, doubts her own attractiveness and the ability to attract the man she likes. Such thoughts complicate life and communication with a partner.

If a sleeping person is lowered into the ground, in reality he behaves detached and self-centered. It is not easy for him to establish contact with others.

According to Nostradamus

If you have to bury already departed relatives again, the dreamer becomes sad and misses them. Staying in a cemetery at the grave of a famous person promises in reality the receipt of an inheritance. Together with him, the sleeper will gain recognition and respect. If the grave is on fire, it is possible that damage will be caused to the dreamer or his illness.

An attempt to prevent the destruction of a tombstone precedes the receipt of important news or secrets. Finding a burial place speaks of the spirituality of the sleeper and his interest in new knowledge. A tombstone that appears in a dream on the site of an existing building foreshadows a move to the homeland of your ancestors.

Whichever living person ends up in a coffin, with a high probability, he still has a long earthly journey ahead of him, and the sad ceremony in reality will turn into a cheerful celebration. Why you dream about your own or someone else’s funeral can be found out by analyzing the details of the dream.

Own funeral

If the dreamer is sick, the dream promises recovery. There will be changes that can affect different areas of life: health, place of residence and work. If the weather is good, during one’s own funeral, a person in reality will face a solution to the housing problem or a promotion.

Why else do you dream about your own funeral? A magnificent procession indicates a deterioration in relations with friends. Preparing for a ritual with witchcraft attributes warns of the machinations of an ill-wisher.

If a bouquet of fresh flowers is placed on the grave, achievements in business are coming, and an artificial wreath promises deception. Seeing yourself lying in a coffin symbolizes a joyful event.

Burying a relative

According to Miller, burying your child in a dream, who is actually alive and well, speaks of his future longevity and prosperity. Harmonious relationships and love will be established in the family. Another interpretation of the dream reports problems with the sleeping friend. If he asks for help, do not refuse.

The inability to successfully complete a started project results, according to Freud, in a dream involving the funeral of a brother. The dreamer grabs onto different things, listens to the opinions of his colleagues, but the result remains the same.

A father's funeral may warn of a deteriorating financial situation. It's worth starting to save. Another interpretation is that a long-lost expensive thing will be found. The mother's funeral prepares unpleasant surprises in real life. Preparing for the funeral of a living parent promises timely help.

Receiving condolences from those who came to the ceremony foreshadows congratulations in reality. If there are a lot of acquaintances among people, especially relatives, you should expect a profitable marriage.

Muslims believe that the last farewell to a living spouse represents seeing off a loved one on a long trip. According to Freud, the husband's funeral will lead to reconciliation with his family. Miss Hasse advised having patience after such a dream, as it will entail the completion of a difficult task.

Burying a wife means progress and successful completion of a hopeless business. Worry and anxiety over minor issues are also possible.

Stranger's funeral

Burying a stranger is usually a good dream. The dreamer expects profit, a charge of vivacity and energy, as well as the end of the “black” streak. Everything will work out and be a great success. Ahead is an acquaintance with a powerful entrepreneur who will provide assistance in business. Fortune will be even more favorable if no one cried at the ceremony and the sun was shining brightly.

Think about it!

Burying your parents in this way in a dream means that you will enter into a hasty marriage, but will not know happiness in it. In addition, the dream book believes that the moment has come when you should seriously think about the results of your own life and its meaning.

Did you dream that you buried your mother or father? In reality, you are afraid of losing some protection and your own safety. In a dream, burying your mother means unexpected luck in a hopeless case; your father means receiving the necessary help and support.

Dream interpretation of the funeral of a loved one

In night dreams you can see not the most attractive pictures. Some see scary images that are clearly not conducive to relaxation and rest. In fact, such a plot most often has a positive interpretation. Each interpreter has his own predictions, but the general meaning remains the same.

  • According to Miller’s dream book, He claims that seeing in a dream the burial of a person who in reality is in good health portends good health for him, if it was a clear day in the night image, then one can hope for success in all endeavors. When gloomy landscapes with rain are depicted in twilight dreams, expect minor troubles and possible problems with well-being. Seeing a dead friend means a strained relationship with him.
  • According to Vanga’s dream book, according to the seer’s explanations, seeing yourself in a coffin signed with your name is a sign of poor health. In this case, it is recommended to reconsider your lifestyle and habits so as not to corrupt yourself from the inside. An empty coffin at a funeral procession is a symbol of the spiritual emptiness and despondency of the one who saw it.
  • According to Veles's dream book If a person is familiar to you, occupies a significant position in society and is considered a recognized authority, this indicates imminent success in business. By ceasing to doubt after past failures, you will be able to make a profitable investment, which will certainly bring large profits. Watching a friend's funeral in the bright sunshine is good news. Soon she will receive a marriage proposal when she meets her man. Along the way, the money situation will improve.
  • According to the family dream book, there is an end to unpleasant events and relief will come. If a seriously ill person sees this, he will soon go to another world and stop suffering. Some people should expect a quick wedding or an inheritance. If you dreamed of someone else's funeral, this predicts the loss of a relative or bad luck at work. Hearing people talk about a funeral procession promises the end of litigation and great joy in this regard. If people talk at a funeral, expect good news.
  • According to Rommel’s dream book Here the interpretation depends on the circumstances under which you dreamed about it. When you are buried, you can count on longevity, but there is a risk of finding out that people are gossiping about you. In sunny weather - to finding happiness and abundance. If there is bad weather, this means an unsuccessful outcome of current events. Seeing a dead person come to life at a funeral means a wedding celebration; expect an invitation to the wedding. Hearing the sound of bells and mourning music is a sign of unpleasant news. In general, you should hope for success in business and pleasant surprises.
  • Esoteric dream book If you dreamed of a funeral procession, you will have good luck and joy. If you take a direct part in this, you will receive a gift or good news from afar. Seeing your own burial is a sign of long-term luck, despite your pessimistic mood.
  • Dream Interpretation of Astromeridian For those who are not yet married, this means a wedding. If in your night dreams you are carrying a coffin with the body of a person who is alive in reality, this means committing meanness towards him. Your action will bring suffering, even if you did not want it. What matters is the emotions you felt at the time. Melancholy and the desire to start crying promise trouble. In the absence of a bad mood, expect a favorable outcome of your affairs. Sometimes burying someone who is actually alive in a dream predicts a change in activity. It’s high time for you to start doing what you love. Don't put it off until later.
  • Women's Dream Book For representatives of the fair sex, seeing the burial of a living person in a dream foreshadows various options for the development of events. A luxurious funeral ceremony means you risk dishonoring your home. A poor funeral ceremony means good luck in any field of activity. Burying a child means there will be harmony in the family; burying an elderly person means prosperity. Hearing the sounds of an alarm bell means sad news or illness. Ringing the bells yourself is a sign of failure. For unmarried women, this means the opportunity to get married.

You'll be lucky!

Why do you dream about funeral arrangements for a relative? This is a sure sign of good health and successful changes.

If you happened to bury a relative in a dream, then in the real world there will be a general reconciliation, even with old enemies.

Did you dream that you were burying your grandmother or grandfather? The dream book is sure that you will be lucky in the game or you will find a valuable item that you previously lost.

The reality and meaning of dreams

Sleep from Sunday to Monday
The dream is associated with the dreamer’s state of mind, his fears and concerns.
A pleasant dream promises resolution of problems, a frightening dream promises the development of depression. Such dreams rarely come true. However, for people born on Monday, they are prophetic. 27 lunar day
The dream is intended to rid the dreamer of erroneous ideas regarding his life.
It demonstrates the depth of differences between illusion and the real state of affairs. Such dreams can only be beneficial if they are interpreted correctly. Waning Moon
A dream on the waning moon belongs to the category of cleansing: it indicates that it will soon lose value in real life. Only dreams with negative content come true: they carry a good meaning.

Why do you dream of a funeral? What bad prospects does such a dream promise? As with Tarot cards, he does not report death. Most likely, one period in life replaces another, and it is common for a person to worry about this. At night, the subconscious shows the image of a sad ritual, transforming the exciting events of the day.

Rarely is a dream more upsetting and discouraging upon awakening than a funeral procession. Immediately, anxiety arises for the well-being of loved ones and friends, and even one’s own health. The dream is extremely gloomy and unpleasant. Approximately the same mood occurs when the “Death” card falls out of the Tarot deck. But more about the dream.

Most interpretations after a dream about a funeral in clear weather predict a quick celebration and a friendly feast. Moreover, the one who was buried in the dream will be in charge. It’s not bad to see a poor ceremony with a small number of mourners, then in reality the sleeper will receive profit and recognition. If the funeral was luxurious, there will be a loss of money and authority.

In addition to the weather and the pomp of the ceremony, the consequences of the dream depend on the person who was interred. He may turn out to be a relative, friend, or the dreamer himself.

There are two options for deciphering the dream: the person seen will live for many more years, or he is sick and should be treated without delay. Studying the nuances of the dream will help you choose the right interpretation.

Specific images

The dream book offers a number of other interpretations, which depend on the personality and degree of relationship of the person who happened to be buried in the dream.

  • Husband/wife – long family life, changes.
  • Son/daughter – wedding, long-term relationship.
  • Sons-in-law - money troubles.
  • Nephew - mistrust.
  • Odnoklassnika - news.
  • Friend/girlfriend - increase in salary, position.
  • Sister - everyday troubles.
  • Brother - tears.

Dreams on the topic

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