Why do you dream about a window, the meaning of dreams with a window

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Did you dream that you had to climb through a window covered with shutters? The dream book believes that you are trying to win the favor of a certain person through deception and flattery.

The same plot in a dream hints at excessive persistence in spiritual development and warns that such an approach will only cause stagnation.

Seeing how you break glass in order to climb somewhere means that you will find an unusual way out of the current situation or will carry out your plans in a very non-trivial way.

Sizes and shape of a window in a dream

The size and shape of the window seen in a dream are of great importance. Depending on how big it was and how disturbing the landscape behind it, the meaning can vary dramatically. Thus, if the view outside the window is peaceful and inspiring, and the window:

  • Gigantic in size - you have a cherished dream, and you are on the verge of its realization. If the window is closed, then between you and the fulfillment of your desire there is an almost intangible, but significant barrier that is quite easy to overcome;
  • Large, but not taller than your height - you look confidently into the future;
  • Average - a new stage is coming in your life.

If in a dream you are standing in front of a small dormer window or window, this means that you are discovering extrasensory abilities that need to be developed. The view outside the window glass does not matter.

If you dream of a beautiful-looking landscape, but upon closer examination you notice disturbing and unpleasant things (drizzle, hostile entities), and the window:

  • Huge - you are trying to hide from your own fears, but so far you have not been completely successful;
  • Big - a hidden ill-wisher has appeared in your inner circle. In appearance he is a completely harmless person, but in reality he is a dangerous enemy;
  • Average means that you look at things soberly and know how to navigate a potentially dangerous situation.

A frightening and openly hostile view outside the window does not necessarily portend something purely negative. If you are in a state of stress and depression, you will most likely see in a dream a huge dark window with a sad autumn or cemetery landscape. If you are scared, the size of the piece of furniture in question will be average, but the images in it will flash truly frightening.

As for the shape of the window seen in a dream, only round and oval panels have a special meaning. If you saw something like this in a dream, it means that in the near future you will discover hidden talents that you didn’t even suspect about before. These abilities will help you later in life.

Window glass tint

You should also pay attention to the color of the window glass seen in a dream. I select windows in the following shades:

  • Pink - soon you will accept a point of view that is alien to you. This is not always a bad sign. A rose window in a dream means a rethinking of life priorities;
  • Green - interpretation depends on the shade. If the glass is a pleasant grass color, the dream promises peace and a calm life, but if it is an unpleasant swamp or dirty green shade, illness awaits you;
  • Blue portends a period of depression and blues;
  • Red symbolizes false ideas about life that arose under the influence of negative emotions: anger, envy, hatred and resentment;
  • Gray - you are emotionally devastated, you should bring fresh colors to your life;
  • Yellow means that you are very angry about something. The dirtier the shade, the deeper the negative feeling reflected in the dream penetrates your life;
  • Multi-colored - you cannot decide on life priorities. You should carefully consider your goals in life, as well as what worldview you adhere to.

Transparent colorless glass seen in a dream means that regardless of the situation that awaits you, you will soberly assess the situation and act rationally, and not impulsively.

More details

The interpretation of the dream directly depends on the characteristics of the dream window.

  • Illuminated - hope, the end of separation.
  • Dark – uncertainty, isolation.
  • Curtained - the need for privacy.
  • In the web - an attempt to escape from loneliness.
  • With bars - separation.

Did you dream that you had to climb through a window with clean and transparent glass? The dream book predicts quick happiness and good luck. If the glass is dirty or broken, then you cannot retreat from the goal, even if you are deprived of your last strength. In a dream, an opening without glass symbolizes ridicule and deception.

a guy climbs into my window dream book in a dream

Looking out the window means calm, peace, a safe situation. Getting out of it or falling out of it means failure from a frivolous undertaking, a quarrel.

Getting into it means careless interference in other people's affairs, a secret that can easily be discovered. The desire to return “to yourself”, to become the same, to forget something. A secret from the family, incestuous attraction.

Breaking a window means trouble.

Looking out of the dormer window is hope.

Seeing bars on the window means separation.

To install bars is to deprive yourself of joys out of fear of life. Avoid interesting ventures.

To climb into a dark room through a window is to experience a passionate desire.

If you break a window outside in a dark room, you will lose your innocence, and for some reason you will have to remember this.

Inserting glass into a window means taking precautions.

Looking through the broken, cracked one, we must continue the fight, despite the failure.

Seeing an empty window frame is a mockery; your intimate life will become the subject of gossip.

The wind throws the window open during the day - something new comes into life, but you don’t notice.

It opens at night - something new and important is clearly entering your life, but the consequences of this are still unclear.

The wind blows something away - something new will invade your life and confuse all your plans.

And he extinguishes the candle - news of death, thoughts of suicide.

The wind throws open the window, and you try in vain to close it - you feel fear of the world.

Seeing a bright window with tulle curtains means harmony of the outside world in your spiritual life.

Hanging them means embellishing your ideas about the world for the sake of peace of mind.

The curtains on the window are burning - some rapid turn of events.

Sealing the window for the winter, drawing a thick curtain - a premonition of everyday storms, the need to take precautions.

The window in your room seems too big - to feel insecure, to be afraid of someone.

Too small - suffocation, heart attack, captivity.

There are pink glasses in the window - you are imposing on yourself someone else’s ideas about the world.

Green glass - something urgent and painful comes from outside into your soul.

With yellow glasses - irritation and envy prevent you from seeing things correctly.

With blue glasses - melancholy and sadness.

With red glasses - hatred and vindictiveness dangerously distort your ideas about the world.

Seeing stained glass in your windows means trying in vain to isolate yourself in the world of beauty or religion.

Close the window carefully - unclear fears, some damage.

To open is an expectation that seems hopeless.

To be near an open window in a room and be afraid that someone will break in is to experience fear of the future.

A thing, an animal or a flying bird thrown through your open window are messengers of the future, they speak about its character.

Someone climbs through the window - an important acquaintance for your future, dark forces awaken in you.

To watch for him and hit him is a sign of inner, hidden despair in relations with the world.

A woman climbs into a window - a new hobby.

Locking shutters in a dream is a futile precaution.

The window is in the cobwebs, in the cracks; Looking outside through the shutter means feeling spiritual stagnation due to a secluded lifestyle.

To be in a room without windows and doors means to look in vain for the way to people; you will have to grieve alone.

The window is the entire wall, behind it there is light and greenery - harmony of the external and internal world.

Behind it there is darkness and monsters - you live, turning your face exclusively to your inner world.

The view from the window, there is a snowstorm outside the window, to see a storm - the storms of life will pass by.

Heavy rain is something good and joyful.

Desert - taking an irreconcilable, uncompromising position in relation to the outside world, trying to subjugate it to your will and suffering from it.

Destruction, ruins outside the window - to destroy something in your relationships with people, to be left alone.

The sea is outside the window - you need to strictly control your actions.

If it is peaceful, it means great happiness and joy.

Seeing a big river outside the window means living away from the flow of life and yearning for the bustle and noise.

You can see the landscape open to the horizon from the window - its details symbolize your worldview.

Pitch darkness outside the window - an unknown future, an incomprehensible present, you are turned to the world of magic and dark forces.

The blank wall of another house outside the window - someone is influencing your destiny, trying to drive it into a certain framework.

The street outside the window - trouble hangs over you, seeing the world from the outside.

Garden, trees outside the window - living immersed in memories, perceiving the world through the eyes of another person, not having your own opinion.

Outside the window, to see a strange perspective of buildings directed directly at your window - to completely immerse yourself in the life of your body, to rob yourself spiritually.

To see demonic hari outside the window - your passions are blocking the world from you, you see only them.

Fixed faces - someone is watching you intently.

Teasing faces - someone wants to force you to act according to their will.

The unbearable light outside the window is an invasion of unknown forces into your life.

To see a window with an empty room outside means to experience a strong longing for another person.

With a room where people walk around - yearning for a person who doesn’t need you.

There is another room right outside the window - love and harmony will replace the entire outside world for you.

Seeing a staircase leading up from a window means hope for relief, deliverance, liberation.

In an apartment, having a window only between rooms means being locked in the world of your family and being burdened by this.

Outside the window, the road stretching beyond the horizon hangs in the air - one is burdened by oneself, striving to break away from everything familiar.

Outside the window there is a burning house - peace and happiness.

The skull looks out the window - to realize that in the outside world there are no people dear to you, to yearn for the deceased.

They knock on it, but it is not clear who it is - a warning of misfortune, an imperious demand to fulfill one’s duty, greetings from the afterlife.

Someone in the dark is knocking - an obligation that conscience does not allow to fulfill.

To look into a dark window from the street is in vain to try to understand someone else’s soul and someone else’s life.

Seeing your family sitting peacefully through the window is a premonition of separation.

If you are sitting there with them, leave it of your own free will.

Seeing someone else's family means yearning for peace and quiet.

To see scenes of love in the window is to feel the coldness of your soul and suffer from it.

Seeing a murder or a fight means discord within your “I”, misfortune in your environment.

Looking at an abandoned room through a window means feeling unnecessary.

To see a dead person in her is to live automatically, without putting inner fire into your actions.

Seeing animals instead of people means you are tormented by passions and will be led astray from the right path.

Seeing unusually illuminated windows, a ball outside the window - all sorts of things are going on, something is being planned against you.

Seeing dinner being prepared outside the window - depending on the circumstances: something pleasant or evil is being prepared for you.

A ghost sticks out in a white window - you can’t recognize yourself, you can’t be surprised at your thoughts or actions.

People are frightening you from behind the window; you should be interested in someone else's life.

They throw a net at you from the window - fear of addiction.

A pot is being poured out or slop is being poured on you - you are about to experience kindness from someone else’s family.

A person falls out of a window on you - to suffer for another, to be guilty without guilt.

A pole sticks out of the window - if you quarrel, you will be refused the house.

The pig's snout sticks out - this is your home and your image, you have to reproach yourself.

What are you afraid of?

Why do you dream if you had to climb out your window? In a dream, trying to sneak into your own home symbolizes the discovery of deception.

If you tried to break into someone else's house, you will experience disappointment or get involved in an unpleasant story.

Did you dream about how you were afraid that someone might climb into your window? The dream book is sure that you are afraid of change and your own future.

The meaning of a dream about blinds

according to Freud's dream book

If you dreamed about hanging blinds, this indicates that you are very closed in sex and try to close yourself off (both literally and figuratively) from your partner immediately after the end of sexual intercourse. You are also secretive in life, and it is difficult to expect you to show any feelings towards your partner.

For this reason, you are considered insensitive, although this is far from the case. Taking down the blinds in a dream means that you really want to get rid of the stiffness that attacks you whenever it comes to intimate relationships. You immediately lose your natural attractiveness and become “squeezed.” Convince yourself that this is not good for your love and your relationship in bed. Take everything that happens naturally.

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