Seeing a window in a dream - interpretation according to the dream book. Why do you dream about windows: broken, washed, open?

Various dream books interpret what a window means in a dream in an extremely ambiguous way. In a general sense, a window seen in a dream should be understood as a warning from the universe that some changes are coming in your life, perhaps not very positive ones.

To carry out a deeper interpretation of a dream, you should pay attention to the circumstances and actions accompanying the dream object.

Interpretation of a window in a dream depending on the gender of the dreamer

  • If a woman at the beginning of the week, this means an upcoming acquaintance that will be pleasant in all respects and positive news. If a woman dreams of a window closer to the weekend, this foreshadows the receipt of an unexpected gift.
  • For a man , a dream in which he saw a window means false news, doubts. Perhaps, before making any important decision, you should consult with people competent in the controversial issue.

Why see broken glass in a car?

I dreamed of a broken car window - in reality you will deserve attention and praise from your superiors at work.

The dreamer will reveal all his talents, draw the attention of influential people to his personality, and appear before them in all his glory.

Your efforts to please an authoritative person will obviously be rewarded. The dreamer will receive a profitable, promising offer that he has dreamed about for a very long time.

Window location in a dream

  • Looking at the windows in a house in a dream means that you doubt something and will not take part in it, but will regret it later.
  • Seeing means that in real life you are too trusting,
  • Seeing windows in a room in an unusual place means an awkward situation in reality.
  • If you dream of an open window in a house that was suddenly thrown open by a strong wind, in reality this foreshadows unexpected news that will change your life.
  • Did you dream about broken windows in your apartment? If you are a family person, then such a dream means the machinations of envious people and gossips who dream of ruining your life.
  • A broken window in a house symbolizes threats that could have unpleasant consequences for the dreamer.
  • If you dreamed of a house without windows , this means that a solution to the issue that worries you is not expected in the near future.
  • Dreaming of windows and doors means the possibility of choice, it is best if they are open. There is a greater chance that the choice will be correct.
  • Seeing someone else's window in a dream and incomprehensible events happening behind it means loss of reputation and failure.

If you saw a window in someone else's apartment?

Such a dream foreshadows a girl’s loss of innocence, especially if in the plot of the dream the room where the window broke was dark.

For everyone else, this dream promises unpleasant circumstances, due to which drastic life changes will occur.

If the window was broken from the inside, then in reality this symbolizes solving the problem through an extraordinary way out of the current situation . It will appear when everything has already been tried and the dreamer is in despair.

Properties of a window in a dream

  • An open window in a dream means that new opportunities will soon open up in life.
  • A closed window , on the contrary, foreshadows the collapse of hopes and plans, the impossibility of achieving a goal. However, not all dream books interpret this dream in this way. According to Hasse’s dream book, a closed window means bold solutions to a difficult issue.
  • Beautiful windows that are pleasant to look at dream of a surge of internal energy.
  • New glass inserted in a window means a bright streak in life.
  • Seeing light in a window means there will be reasons to revive hope for something.
  • If you dreamed of a window frame without glass , this means the ridicule of envious people.
  • of a new window signifies favorable changes in life.
  • A dilapidated, old window is a symbol of abandonment and uselessness, an upcoming depressive period in life

Vanga's Dream Book

The seer believed that this symbol was directly related to imminent changes in the life of a sleeping person. In the dream book, walking against the wind and resisting violent squalls symbolizes that you will be able to overcome all the adversities that you will encounter in the near future. You will be fully rewarded for showing dignity and composure.

If you dream that your hat is being torn off by gusts, it means that in the near future you will commit an unjust and dishonest act. It will cause you to lose the position you value.

In the dream book, the wind breaks trees , lifts up garbage - in reality complications will arise in an area from which you do not expect it. It is possible that troubles will affect not only you, but also those around you.

also determines the meaning of a warm, pleasant wind in night vision. The dream indicates upcoming positive events. You don't have to do anything to get all the benefits you can. A period of prosperity and prosperity will come. But try to behave with dignity and not lose your honor.

Cleanliness of windows in a dream

  • If you dreamed of a dirty window that you see from inside a house or apartment, in reality this means that it’s time for you to stop looking at life through the prism of your own complexes. If you see a dirty window outside, perhaps one of your loved ones has some dirty secret from you.
  • Clean windows in a dream mean that you look into the future with ease and confidence, and no one will be able to confuse you
  • Washed windows in a dream - fulfillment of obligations, successful completion of what was started.

Integrity of a window in a dream

  • A broken window in a dream foreshadows a difficult phase in a love relationship, mistrust, and the possibility of deception. It will take some effort to stabilize the relationship.
  • Velesov's dream book interprets a broken window as a suspicion of your significant other that you are unfaithful to him (her). At the same time, the larger the area of ​​broken glass in the window, the gloomier the assumptions.
  • a breaking window in a dream means that in reality the dreamer should not take on too much and shoulder maximum responsibility - there is a risk of simply overstraining himself.
  • Broken windows throughout the house - to melancholy, disappointment, spiritual devastation. But if there is only one broken window in the dream, things are not so bad. Even if everything is not very smooth now, everything will get better with time.
  • A broken window most often dreams of bankruptcy or major theft.
  • If you dream of a cracked window, the meaning of such a dream can sometimes be somewhat piquant. For a young girl, a cracked window means losing her virginity. In other interpretations, this means boredom and minor troubles.
  • If you dreamed that a window fell , this is a very bad sign: a fallen window symbolizes the death of a relative, especially in the case when you dream that the windows were blown out by an explosion or fire (death from a sudden serious illness or disaster).

Why do you dream about a broken window?

Dreaming of several broken windows at once is a sign of loneliness, sadness, and disappointment. It will probably be extremely difficult for the dreamer to solve the impending troubles himself. There is also a high probability of disagreements and quarrels.

If you observe broken glass from the outside, darkness is visible through them, then troubles will come for a long time.

Negative signs

I dreamed of hitting the glass in a room - a warning about an imbalance with the real and other worlds. Accuracy and attentiveness are required in public, personal, social affairs, and also to monitor your health.

The window breaks, the fragments pierce the skin, possible injury or surgical intervention. If only one glass is broken in your house, then losses are inevitable, but minimal; the unfavorable state of your affairs may be reversed. If many windows broke, then such a dream means that all the dreamer’s efforts to fulfill his dream will collapse, the circle of friends will sharply narrow.

For young ladies who dreamed of their sleeping glass being broken into pieces, it foreshadows the strong jealousy of their chosen one. A man sees such a dream, then his companion is probably unfaithful to him, and the relationship will soon end.

The window completely collapsed - the final point in the relationship. However, if the damage is minor, the separation will probably not be long.

Size, number and color of windows in a dream

  • Large windows in a dream are a favorable sign. The larger they are, the more chances in life you will have to realize yourself and live happily.
  • If you dream of a small window or window, this means that you will weave intrigues to achieve your goal.
  • I dreamed of a house with large windows , which you look at with interest and joy - the emergence of new opportunities in life that lead to happiness.
  • Dreaming of black windows with the lights off , or in an abandoned house - to loneliness.
  • A white window, shining with cleanliness , behind which a cozy light is visible - to harmony, well-being and prosperity in the family.
  • Did you dream about red windows ? It may be worth considering that hatred or anger is preventing you from objectively assessing the situation. Be cool.
  • wooden window with carved trim means support for parents in difficult life situations.
  • Many windows dream of mistakes and troubles that will leave behind bitter regrets.
  • If you dream about a car window , this portends that the issue that worries you at the moment is a temporary topic that does not deserve attention (if the car is someone else’s). If you dreamed of a window in a personal vehicle, and you are inside the cabin, this means that some events will pass you by, and you will not be able to influence them in any way.

Actions of the dreamer and other dream characters

  • If you had to break a window in a dream , most often this predicts trouble in reality. But if you broke it in order to breathe fresh air or free yourself from captivity, this is a favorable sign: in real life you will be able to get rid of debts or tedious obligations.
  • Breaking a window in a house for no reason means problems in family life, the creator of which will be you yourself. Try not to find fault with your loved ones, and not to show dissatisfaction over any minor matter.
  • Breaking glass in a window with your bare hand - in reality, you really lack the support of your loved ones, emotional and material. If the glass from a broken window falls out, this means that friends will help resolve the situation. If the glass is scattered on the floor, you will have to deal with the difficulties yourself.

Creative actions with windows

  • Washing windows in a dream means that some obstacles will stand in the way of realizing your plans, but you will successfully overcome them.
  • If you dreamed about strangers washing windows , you should pay attention to the actions of your friends. Perhaps there is a secret ill-wisher among them.
  • Washing windows in a dream, dirty and dusty , and seeing how gradually they begin to shine with whiteness and cleanliness is a sign that in real life the efforts spent on something will soon bear rich fruits.
  • If you had to wash someone else's window , in reality this may foreshadow that your help may be misinterpreted. Don't “do good” unless you are asked to do so. You won't get any gratitude.
  • If a man dreamed of a woman cleaning a window , this portends positive changes in his personal life. But only in the case when the woman is young and attractive, and the very process of washing windows by her evokes a feeling of joy and positivity in the dreamer.
  • If in a dream a gloomy and elderly woman washes windows with a dirty rag , in real life this predicts diseases of the genital area for the dreamer.
  • If you dream of painting windows , outside the framework of a dream, this signals that you want to look better in the eyes of others than you really are.
  • Insert windows - your loved ones will soon need help, and you will be able to provide it to them.
  • Changing a window in a dream means urgently looking for a new, non-standard way to solve problems, otherwise you risk being buried under a wave of claims.

Neutral actions

  • Looking out the window in a dream, detachedly and thoughtlessly - in reality you will strive to withdraw into yourself, isolate yourself from others, focus on knowing yourself and your inner world. Don't get too carried away with this. Noticing your lack of initiative and detachment from “worldly affairs,” competitors will not fail to take advantage of this.
  • Dreaming of looking into windows while walking around the house is a sign of disappointment. They will try to pin other people's problems on you. And if these attempts are crowned with success, you will remain the last one. If you own your own house, then the source of problems will be someone from the family. Someone else's house - problems will come from unexpected places.
  • I dreamed that they were knocking on the window , persistently and strongly - to news from distant relatives.
  • I dreamed of an incomprehensible knock on the window , and there was no one outside the window - a signal of an imminent serious illness.
  • Dreaming of knocking on a window means health problems, but in the end everything will end well.
  • If you dream of a woman knocking on her window , this means a new romantic meeting.
  • Climbing through a window in a dream means that you may be using dubious methods to achieve some goals in reality. Try not to do this. It will be very embarrassing when you are caught doing this. And the trust of others in relation to you will immediately drop.
  • To dream that you are trying to climb through a window is an omen that in ordinary life you will soon encounter something that does not fit into your value system so much that it will radically change your whole life.
  • Jumping out of a window means quick and drastic changes in life, achievement of goals, and high appreciation of you by others.
  • Sitting on the window means the close attention of ill-wishers, your rash act, which they immediately use to quarrel between you and your loved one. And it is likely that their efforts will be successful.
  • Looking out the window onto the street means looking for new opportunities.
  • Looking through a window at something good means a positive event will happen soon, but at the moment there are certain obstacles to this.
  • Opening a window in a dream signals that in everyday life you are too open and trusting towards others. Be on your guard. Someone will probably want to take advantage of your kindness and naivety.
  • Dreaming of opening windows in a house after a long winter : in real life it means that the storms of life that took away your mental strength and time are already behind you.
  • If you try to open windows in a dream, running from one to another , in reality this may portend a difficult struggle with the harmful influence of others.
  • Closing a window in a dream means that a certain stage in your life will soon end.

Destructive actions

  • Falling from a window in a dream is not a very good omen. In most cases, such a dream symbolizes conflicts, quarrels and misunderstandings. Sometimes such situations can lead to assault. Be careful.
  • If a person dreams that he has fallen out of a window and is lying on the ground , such a dream foreshadows that the dreamer will commit some frivolous act that will have a negative impact on his reputation. Perhaps he will get involved in matters that do not concern him, and accidentally reveal someone’s private secret to strangers.
  • Accidentally falling out of a window in a dream means that in the near future you will go on a trip that you did not plan, and it will have a global impact on your life.
  • If you dream of a child falling out of a window, in reality you will soon quarrel with a friend who you trusted with personal secrets, and he will make your secrets public.
  • In the case where a child did not fall out of a window in a dream, but was thrown out , in real life, for the dreamer, such an event foreshadows the theft of valuable property or a large sum of money by a close person or relative.
  • If you dream of another person falling out of a window , in reality this foreshadows that you will soon have to look for a decisive and quick way out of a confusing situation. The situation at home or at work can become simply unbearable. Perhaps you should think about moving or changing your profession.
  • A person fell out of a window in your dream, and there are multiple bruises and wounds on his body? Not a very good sign for those who dream of organizing their personal life. Most likely, the relationship will fall apart for reasons beyond your control.
  • Falling from a window in a dream that will not end means problems at work. It is necessary to immediately postpone planned meetings with partners and signing of defining documentation until a more favorable moment.

Breaking windows in a dream means meeting a pleasant person. But if at the same time you get hurt and blood flows, this acquaintance will bring nothing but disappointment and worries.

People's dream book

In the classical interpretation, the image also has positive and negative meanings. This is what the dream book says about strong winds and other dreams involving a symbol:

  • in the dream book, a strong wind blowing off the door and causing other damage is a sign that serious changes are coming;
  • if during a hurricane you were outside and held on to something so as not to fly away, in reality you will be able to overcome the upcoming troubles with great difficulty;
  • in the dream book, to see balcony doors being blown away by the wind , and to be able to find shelter - you will cope with all troubles. They will practically not affect you;
  • if impulses push you in the back, it means you should prepare for serious trials and troubles;
  • in the dream book, wind with sand blowing directly in the face foreshadows future troubles. But you will bravely face troubles, and as a result you will overcome everything;
  • you feel that the breeze is preventing you from moving forward - in reality you will be disappointed in business and in personal relationships;
  • in the dream book, closing the window from the wind , since it opened the doors too much, blew the curtains - a sign that you will make a mistake in business, but as a result you will still make a profit;
  • hear the rustle of impulses - you will part with a person who cannot imagine his life without you.

Person or animal seen in the window

  1. If you dreamed of a woman outside the window, then in real life you will be trying to understand a whole tangle of confusing problems, hesitating between choosing one option or another.
  2. In a situation where you dream of a girl in a window , what you see means that all problematic situations will be resolved in a positive way.
  3. The guy in the window in a dream is a symbol that circumstances will turn out well, and new friends may appear.
  4. Did you dream of a man outside the window , looking attentively at you? Stop focusing on your appearance and imaginary shortcomings. Real life requires your immediate participation.
  5. A child in a window is a good omen; such a dream predicts financial stability and pleasant acquaintance with influential people.
  6. a man in the window - soon the time of mysterious and mystical events will come.
  7. If you dream of a face in a window , this means an interesting acquaintance under strange circumstances.
  8. If you dreamed about your ex in a window , it means that he is remembering you. When he behaved neutrally, this foreshadows a useful acquaintance. If he demonstrated threatening behavior, you may soon meet him under not very pleasant circumstances.
  9. Dreaming of a husband in a window means certain changes are coming in family life. It’s not a fact that they are positive.
  10. Dreaming of a grandmother in a window - such a dream foretells that thanks to the life experience you have accumulated, you will be able to avoid dangerous life situations.
  11. Dreaming of a dead man in a window ? Do not take this dream lightly. If during this person’s life you had close or family ties with him, such a dream is a kind of sign: you dream of a deceased person in a window, warning of an impending serious danger or illness.

car window

Of extraordinary significance is a dream in which the dreamer saw how someone managed to break a window in his car. Why do you dream about this and what to do in reality? The person will be able to present himself in the best light in front of influential people at work. If you manage to please someone from this retinue, then the sleeping person will soon receive a lucrative offer. The person will get the job of his dreams.

If the transport was alien, then this is a warning dream, which has absolutely the opposite meaning to the previous interpretation. Possible job loss. Aggressive colleagues will try to strike a blow at the sleeping person’s career.

Animals in a dream

  • Do you dream of a bird hitting the window ? Such a dream prophesies the appearance of unexpected news.
  • A bird flying into a window is actually considered a bad omen. But we are dealing with a dream. Things are a little different here. A bird flying into the window is a sign of a romantic acquaintance. And if you caught this bird in a dream and put it in a cage, most likely your relationship will end in a wedding.
  • A bird knocking on a window is a good sign, foreshadowing prosperity and peace. And a small bird in the window is an omen that there will soon be a new addition to the dreamer’s family.
  • If you dream of a parrot in the window , things that have stalled in real life will suddenly come into active motion.
  • A dove flying into a window prophesies changes in the dreamer’s life. The peaceful nature of the bird suggests that changes will occur naturally and gradually.
  • a raven in a window means deception, quarrel, misunderstandings.
  • A crow flying into a window in a dream foreshadows a quarrel with loved ones, unfair accusations from them.
  • If you dream that a crow is knocking on the window , this is a very bad dream, prophesying a serious illness or the death of one of your relatives.
  • A black crow in a window dreams of sad news.
  • If you dream of a cat in the window , this portends an acquaintance with a gossip who, having called you to be frank, will subsequently spread defamatory rumors about you.
  • A dog in a window dreams of a strong and faithful friendship; true friends will always support you in a difficult situation.
  • Flies on the window usually dream of minor troubles, gossip, and ailments.

House with broken glass

A mansion with a lot of broken windows - the dreamer will soon have to pay for the mistakes of the past. Caregivers or parents who have had such a dream should closely monitor their children and try to avoid rash actions. Also, the dream says that in reality the dreamer will need to stand up for someone else’s interests, perhaps take someone else’s blame.

An old, abandoned mansion with broken glass - excitement, mental imbalance of the dreamer. Probably, the experiences are echoes of the past, which cannot be forgotten, so he is tormented by emotional pain.

Items on the window

  • Do you dream of curtains on the windows ? Shuttered - you are keeping a little secret from your loved ones. Raised curtains mean that your secret will soon be revealed.
  • Hanging curtains on windows in a dream means that in reality your family will soon make some valuable acquisition.
  • Seeing tulle on a window in a dream means that in real life you have some secrets from your loved ones, a problem that you are not able to solve. The white color of the tulle foretells that the situation will be resolved successfully.
  • Flowers on the window are a very favorable omen. It means future luck, prosperity, success in love.

Miller's Dream Book

According to Miller’s dream book, wind with dust may indicate the following events:

  • you walk down the street and hear minor gusts in the distance - in the real world you are moving away from the person without whom you will feel bad;
  • in the dream book, a light wind in the face represents the possibility of finding happiness with a loved one. But for this you will have to sacrifice financial success. Another interpretation of the image is that you will achieve prosperity and wealth if you work hard and hard;
  • you quickly move towards impulses - a sign that there is no need to be afraid of decisive action. Set yourself up for victory and take action - everything is in your hands;
  • in the dream book, to see that the wind is taking you somewhere is a negative symbol. If he only slightly pushes you forward, it means that on the way to your goal you can rely on the help of close and faithful friends.
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