Dream interpretation of leg amputation - why do you dream about leg amputation in a dream?

  • August 11, 2018
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Events in the dream world can sometimes develop in shocking ways. So, a person sometimes dreams that he has become a victim of a cruel operation - amputation of a leg. It also happens that he lost a limb in a fight with a maniac or even cut it off on his own. The images are very unpleasant, but they carry a certain meaning that must be correctly understood. Dream books will help you understand why cut off legs are seen in dreams. Below are the most accurate interpretations.


Did you dream that your loved one was left without legs? You clearly anticipate some difficulties in your amorous relationship.

Amputation of a colleague's or friend's leg literally means a desire (perhaps unconsciously) to take revenge on him. Did you happen to see a legless stranger in a dream? Communication with others will cause awkwardness.

Has the lower limb grown back in place of the stump? The Dream Interpretation believes that all attempts to harm someone will be fruitless. The same interpretation of the dream is relevant if the dreamer’s leg is personally cut off.

Why lose a leg in a dream?

Dreaming of leg amputation is a harbinger of career collapse, financial problems, problems in family relationships.

In the case when a husband or wife is deprived, there is a high probability of a break in the relationship or divorce.

If what happened does not cause worries, it is easy to bear all the troubles and a quick recovery.

When a prosthesis appears in place of a lost organ, or a new limb grows, this is good. All problems can be easily resolved.

When it comes to spouses, betrayal and family quarrel are possible.

Maria Fedorovskaya believes that the subject in question in dreams signals impending disagreements with relatives and ruin.

Discomfort after amputation warns of inconvenience in reality. Shiny prosthetics that turned out to be faster than lost limbs - timely help.

Denise Lynn equates the amputation of a leg with the abandonment of one of the facets of her essence, considering it indecent.

The Eastern interpreter believes that it will not be possible without outside invasion: a group of third parties will create restrictions and take away some of the powers.

The universal dream book calls for vigilance; only extreme caution will help to avoid troubles. The symbol speaks of physical illness and destructive moods.

Cut off feet represent psychological dependence and bad company.

Interpretation of features

To establish exactly why you dream about leg amputation, the dream book suggests recalling the features of the process.

  • Abundance of blood - illness, difficult parting.
  • Its absence is a painless break.
  • Separately lying stumps are a scam, fatal mistakes.
  • Cutting yourself is a voluntary deliverance.
  • Someone cuts off without anesthesia - scandal, conflict.
  • An operation with anesthesia means it is impossible to prove that you are right.

Who to believe?

As the dream book writes, amputation of a certain part of the body is not something you just dream about, and you have to come to terms with it.

Why do you dream about getting lost?

Why do you dream about a Dog Crying?

Beaten in a dream - why do you dream?

The dream promises problems

The human subconscious often helps the dreamer cope with the difficulties that arise, but in real life. The presented symbol, despite its disgusting nature, predicts the onset of not very good events.

Who saw it?

An amputated limb is an indicative sign for any person, and therefore it is so important to determine his role.


People who decide to connect their lives with conquering the water element must beware of a serious storm, which will entail big problems. If your intuition tells you something is wrong, then it is better to tell the commander about it.

In addition, sailors will experience loss of property. The dream should warn a person that a serious misfortune is still ahead, and he will have to prepare for it in advance.


The vision warns of a decline in business

For dreamers who have connected their lives with commerce in all its forms, an unusual dream will allow them to avoid large losses. We'll have to remember the plot and break it down into its components.

Creative professions

If your arms or legs are amputated in a dream, then in reality you can expect a decline in business. To prevent such a problem, you will have to determine the root cause, and only then act on it.

What will the dream books tell you?

It’s worth starting with the fact that a severed limb is a symbol of losses affecting various aspects of life. Completely losing limbs means a decline in trading activity. Your competitors will not want to play by your rules, and this cannot be tolerated.

Vanga's interpretation

The fortuneteller Vanga analyzes in detail a dream in which she happened to lose some parts of her body. In any case, a night dream predicts a not very successful future. What severity of losses did you dream about? There are several options:

Vision warns of failure in business

  • lose a finger - minor problems will not cause any harm;
  • lose a hand or leg - you will have to strain yourself to get out of trouble;
  • the loss of all limbs means complete failure in the business field.

If a similar plot was dreamed of by a person who had to endure a difficult trauma, then it should be considered as a harbinger of positive changes in life.

Miller's interpretation

According to the predictions of a popular dream interpreter, amputation of limbs foreshadows an imminent separation from a loved one or the loss of something important. If you really value your current relationship, then you will have to make every effort.

You dreamed that there were no more fingers on your hands, then your relatives and friends would turn away from you overnight. Your task is to analyze your own behavior, which led to such consequences . If a friend's arm is amputated, it means you will not be able to help him, and this will unsettle him.

Interpretation by Denise Lynn

Dreaming of a surgical procedure

The chosen dream book explored in detail the topic of a severed upper limb.

To see one's own hand lying separately from the body - the dreamer is in for a painful break with his loved one, and this will not be preventable. Most likely, the partners began to be at different levels of development, and both did not like this discrepancy. I dreamed of a child without arms - an elderly admirer will appear

I had a dream in which my fingers were amputated - to minor problems in matters that cannot affect the final result. The main thing is to follow a pre-drawn plan, and not rely only on intuition.

The loss of a brush is a decline in the financial sphere, and therefore you will have to think through a plan for your retreat in case of collapse. At this stage, you will have to calm your appetites and not give in to momentary desires.

Longo version

If we talk about dreams in which the dreamer loses his limbs, then you should not immediately think about health problems. The subconscious tries to predict possible losses and prepare the sleeping person for this.

When you have dreams in which your entire arm or just your hand is cut off, you will remain powerless in the face of future problems. The dream interpreter is trying to tell you that it is time for a change.

Problems with legs that result in amputation in a dream reflect an unstable position in society, as well as difficulties in achieving a goal. Longo paid great attention to each finger, and therefore this information should be considered in more detail:

Dream about problems with limbs

  • indicative - a symbol of insufficient will to carry out one’s plans;
  • large - your indecision will complicate life;
  • other fingers - in some matter external support may not come, and therefore it is better to prepare for this in advance.

Interpreter Semenova

If something wrong happened to your limbs in a dream and you had to cut them off, then in the foreseeable future you will become vulnerable to enemies. Information sent by the subconscious must be correctly interpreted and used for personal benefit. Ill-wishers, sensing weakness, can relax, and at this time they will be able to make the decisive blow.

If your relationship with your children is far from ideal, then losing fingers in a dream symbolizes their problems that will have to be solved together . Your task is to establish contact with them, using all your capabilities. To be left without an arm or a leg means the loss of a loved one, and it does not necessarily mean death. Your pathological inattention will probably play a cruel joke against you.

Semenova’s dream book gives an interesting interpretation regarding the amputation of one leg. You do not know how to defend your own opinion, and this is reflected in your current state. Losing an arm means uncontrollable events will occur.

If you dreamed that all your limbs began to grow again - you are under the protection of higher powers, but it would be foolish to rely only on them. A night dream in which you had to amputate something for a relative or friend is a symbol of superiority over him.

Modern dream book

Losing a hand in a dream

Speaking about amputation, it reflects a conscious renunciation of some part of one’s personality. For example, if you lose your hand, you will not be able to hold on to what you have acquired through backbreaking labor. The interpreter advises being less attached to material values, since they play an indirect role in building a happy life. In addition, the operation to remove the hand reflects your craving for constant control, and you need to get rid of this character trait.

Gypsy dream book

Losing limbs in a dream means problems in all endeavors . If you saw such a story on the eve of signing an agreement or making an important decision, then it is better to move everything to another date.

Why did you dream about amputation if you looked at it from the outside? Such a dream is a reflection of unnecessary connections that the time has come to get rid of. If you happen to undergo surgery yourself, then taking the first step is not so easy. To expand on the plot he saw, the dreamer will have to remember the presence of blood:

  • without blood - unpleasant acquaintances will disappear by themselves;
  • copious discharge - you cannot imagine your life without a certain person, and therefore you will have to wait a little.


In a dream, leg amputation turned out to be inevitable due to terrible gangrene? If you want to help someone else, you will only harm yourself.

Did you dream that you voluntarily agreed to an operation? The dream book is sure: in reality you will get rid of excessive parental care.

If both feet were taken away from you during an operational operation, then get ready for total surveillance, control or absolute dependence.

Why did you dream about your amputation operation?

Miller's dream book and many others explain in detail the nightmare when he managed to end up on the operating table.

  • Personal execution of the operation predicts deliberate separation from people.
  • Occurring bloodlessly, the gap will be painless.
  • The presence of blood indicates serious distress.
  • The vision personifies a painful relationship that the sleeper wants to get rid of.
  • The Big Interpreter promises a hitch in business.
  • The lunar oracle considers presence at an operation a harbinger of rest.
  • A similar plot is seen by teenagers, whom adults continue to look after like children. The English dream book sees a warning in the sign: a clumsy attempt to correct the situation will only worsen it.
  • The operation without painkillers is seen shortly before the scandal.
  • Anesthesia predicts injustice.

When the need for surgical intervention is obvious, and the sleeper takes this step voluntarily, in reality he will have to break unnecessary ties or find a way to regulate relationships.

Violent action reflects experiences caused by economic dependence, persecution, pressure, magical influence. The willingness to part with a part of the body without regret indicates a desire to shift one’s direct responsibilities to the first person one meets.

Do not hurry!

In a dream, did you decide to make such radical changes for no reason? Any attempts to improve the current situation now will only make it worse.

Use this period to analyze your past life and plan your future in a slightly different direction. Better yet, just relax and rest.

Sometimes such an image marks a matter that you obviously cannot handle. The dream book insists: give up such ideas.

Now let's find out together whether your dream will come true? ? Which I dreamed about today. Exactly this night️?.

Opinions of other experts

The universal dream book says that the removal of a limb foreshadows a deterioration in relationships with loved ones. If you happened to see someone with amputated legs, then in real life you will have to give up any methods of dishonest earnings. The money you receive will only bring disappointment and condemnation from others.

Interpreter Hasse writes that the disgusting plot of the dream is associated with your incontinence, which manifests itself not only in speech, but also in actions.

Amputation of hands, according to the French dream book, promises private scandals and streams of profanity that undermine the state of mind.

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