Why dream of washing the feet of a dead person, what awaits the dreamer?

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  • Wash a man
  • Wash another person
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      Wash in clean water
  • Wash in a basin or bath
  • Wash under tap
  • Get wet in a puddle
  • In a lake or river
  • What kind of legs were in the dream?
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  • Often in a dream a person sees strange images, which are then quite difficult to decipher. Many interpreters use the laws of psychology, connecting our dreams with the work of the subconscious. For example, a vision in which a person washes his feet is interpreted in completely different ways by different dream books.

    The water in which you washed your feet indicates your desire to get rid of problems as quickly as possible. A person does not want to come into contact with the unpleasant sides of reality and avoids it.

    To correctly interpret a dream, a person will need to remember what water he washed his feet in, its temperature and color.

    Interpretation depending on the gender of the dreamer

    A dream in which a woman or girl washed her dirty feet foreshadows the appearance of enemies who will try to turn close people against her, thereby ruining the sleeping woman’s reputation.

    Seeing the dirty feet of your beloved man is a sign of disappointment in him. Most likely, the dreamer will become a victim of her partner’s betrayal, but will not part with him because of great love.

    For a married woman, a dream in which she washes her husband's dirty feet is a sign that she really lacks the attention and love of her husband. In addition, the vision may indicate betrayal on his part.

    If a woman washes someone’s unkempt and dirty toes in a dream, then in reality she will face financial problems.

    If a man had a dream about dirty feet, it means that he will soon have a romantic date with a new acquaintance. However, after some time, the man will be disappointed in his partner and the relationship will fall apart.

    Dreaming of washing dirty feet is a good sign for businessmen. The dreamer will always be surrounded by reliable comrades and partners.

    Washing away dirt

    Washing dirt off your feet in a dream is a good sign. The plot of the vision suggests that a person can easily cope with any setbacks. He is able to learn from his mistakes. The dream serves as a reason for new beginnings that will be successful. Seeing dirt on your feet and washing it off means a long trip. The trip can be professional in nature or just a tourist holiday. The trip will bring a lot of positive emotions and new acquaintances.

    Provided that a woman washes her dirty feet in a dream, the vision will promise self-care. If in reality she begins to carefully monitor her appearance, then she will be guaranteed success with the opposite sex. This will lead to new relationships.

    In a dream, you may still have a desire to wash your feet from dust after a walk. This will be a sign that it is time to take a break on the path to achieving the goals that the sleeper strives for. In reality, perhaps the dreamer will change his plans for vacation and the future.

    The dirt to be washed can be in the form of clay or sand. Provided that a person gets dirty at work or on the road, the dream signifies his desire to secretly go on vacation without informing his family.

    Sometimes the interpreter gives another meaning - trying to wash away road dust means wanting to hide your secret adventures. If the dirt has disappeared, the secret will not be revealed. And when it doesn’t get away, you should expect loud publicity.

    The interpretation of a dream works provided that the sleeper actually has something to hide.

    Whose feet did you wash?

    The interpretation of the dream may differ depending on whose feet the dreamer washed.

    Washing another person's feet is a warning symbol. If the sleeping person sees that he himself has dirty feet, then in real life he should be wary of deception from strangers.

    Wash yourself

    Wash your own feet - prove your wealth. Or perhaps a person will have to hide some of his secrets so that friends and acquaintances do not judge him. In order to always be the first in everything in the future, you need to carefully study the behavior of your ill-wishers.

    Another interpretation of this dream is that an unforeseen situation will force the sleeper to begin solving a difficult issue, for which he will have to make a lot of effort. However, at first glance, everything seems extremely simple to a person.

    Wash a man

    Washing a man’s feet in a dream means meeting the person you have long dreamed of. You will lose your “head” and fly on the wings of love next to him. However, over time, you will come to the conclusion that you were hasty in idealizing this person.

    Wash another person

    Wash the feet of another person - to realize guilt for some bad deed. You know that you are guilty, but you cannot admit it. Somewhere in the depths of your heart, your conscience torments you; you want to atone for your guilt, but you cannot allow these intentions to come out. If this is not done in time, then remorse will not allow you to live a full life.

    Dead man at work

    The reputation and good name of the sleeping person will be restored, this is what the fantastic sight meant - a recently deceased acquaintance is washing the floor in the dreamer’s house.

    And if you trust the Universal Dream Book, then such an unusual plot foreshadows the sleeper great luck, extraordinary luck.

    Pastor Loff is less optimistic in this case. He suspects that the sleeper will have to correct mistakes and answer the bills of a person who recently died, but appeared in a dream washing floors.

    Where did you wash your feet in the dream?

    After waking up, a person should remember the dream in all its details. The correct decoding of visions depends on the location of the action. For example, rinsing your feet under the tap is a symbol of fatigue. The dreamer should take a vacation and rest from work and everyday chores.

    Wash in clean water

    Soon, on the way to the intended goal, a person will encounter difficulties that must either be quickly eliminated or correctly circumvented. This situation will require a lot of strength and patience from you. However, you will definitely cope with all the troubles.

    Another interpretation of such a dream is an unpleasant meeting with enemies. Perhaps this meeting will be directly related to work. You do meaningless work, so you will hear a lot of unpleasant words addressed to you.

    Wash in a basin or bath

    A dream in which a person washes his limbs in a basin personifies a thrifty person whose thoughts are occupied with worries about the future or nostalgia for the past. Such a person does not understand the value of the present time.

    Washing your feet in the bath is a warning sign. Someone from the sleeper’s close circle will not keep his promise. This will greatly upset the dreamer and he will never trust this person again.

    Wash under tap

    If the dreamer had to wash his feet under the tap, then in reality he should postpone all matters until later and take his mind off the problems that have piled up. Due to chronic fatigue, you do not understand where you are going and what you are doing. A short break will help restore strength and energy for further work.

    Get wet in a puddle

    A dream in which you wet your feet in a puddle personifies you as an irresponsible person who likes to let things take their course. You have an infantile character, so the dream book warns you of further difficulties. If you don't change your behavior now, you will face big troubles in the future. Over time, other people will begin to solve your problems, so now is the time to grow up.

    In a lake or river

    Washing your limbs in a clean lake means a long, happy relationship. In addition, such a dream foreshadows family well-being.

    When a person washes his feet in a river in a dream, he should pay attention to the transparency of the water. Clean water promises positive changes in life, while muddy water with an unpleasant odor indicates negative events, the consequences of which will be disastrous for the dreamer.

    Talkative Dead

    Why dream of washing a dead man who looks as if he were alive and is also trying to make small talk? If the deceased asked for something, then these could be the voiced thoughts of the dreamer himself, who has long dreamed of changing the situation and getting new impressions.

    Listen to the requests of the dreamed character, they will be reflected in your state of mind in reality.

    Sometimes in a dream you can talk to a relative who recently left this world. Most often, the person who is dreaming asks a lot of questions. In the morning, the sleeper feels like a student who has successfully passed an exam. And this is not bad, since the dream book states that your cherished dream is about to come true!

    Why did you dream that you were performing a ritual of ablution for a living person? If you recognize him, then be extremely careful with him in reality. Do not rush to agree to proposals received on his behalf. Despite the apparent benefit, they will definitely lead you to financial collapse and ruin, the dream book warns.

    What kind of legs were in the dream?

    The correct interpretation of the dream depends on which legs were in your vision:

    • without shoes - trouble awaits the sleeper in the near future. Perhaps one of the people he knows will try to harm his health.
    • naked - relatives will begin to make negative claims against the dreamer.
    • dirty, but wearing clean shoes - in order to cope with all the difficulties, the dreamer will need to make a lot of effort.
    • dirty in unkempt shoes - many obstacles will arise on the way to the intended goal. Very soon a conflict will arise between a colleague at work, but the dreamer will be blamed for the quarrel.
    • beautiful and slender - in real life, the sleeper is a very greedy person.
    • swollen or sick - to illness and suffering.
    • in blood and wounds - the dreamer has chosen the wrong path of development and will very soon lose support from close friends.
    • covered with leeches - to problems in relations with management. The dreamer is not accepted in the team and is constantly belittled; his ideas are always used, but never thanked.
    • dirty heels - it's time to change your plans for the future. Otherwise, the sleeper will have a poor life.

    About health and luck

    How and where did you wash the dead man? If the body was lying in a beautiful bath filled to the brim with water and aromatic foam, then this will have a beneficial effect on the dreamer’s health. If at the time of the dream he is sick, then he will certainly get better. In addition, it will be useful to use not only the methods of official medicine, but also traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment.

    Did you imagine that there was not enough water to wash the corpse? This is a strong recommendation to the dreamer - not to relax and not to be distracted - now the slightest inaccuracy, a mistake can turn into disaster, a huge problem, and even cost him life or health.

    Interpretation according to famous dream books

    In fact, dreams where a person washes his limbs are quite rare. However, many dream books did not ignore this vision and provided different interpretations.

    For example, an old dream book indicates to the dreamer a long journey. Another interpretation foreshadows a joyful event. If, as a result of washing, the feet are still dirty, then troubles and misfortunes will haunt the sleeper for a long time.

    Freud's interpretation

    The popular psychologist Freud believed that a leg in a dream serves as the personification of “male dignity” (phallus). If the leg that was washed was slender, then in reality the dreamer is in good sexual shape. A dirty limb symbolizes problems with potency. Seeing several legs means an active sex life and frequent changes of sexual partners.

    Miller's interpretation

    Miller was sure that a dream about washing feet brings misfortunes and problems. Someone from the dreamer’s close circle will try to prevent him from carrying out his plans using cunning. If after washing the water remains clean, then the sleeper will be able to emerge victorious from the situation.

    In this dream book, the place where manipulations with the legs took place plays an important role. For example, if your limbs were washed in the river, then in the near future you will be given an expensive present. If the water in the reservoir was cloudy, it means troubles that will arise suddenly and leave a mark on a person’s fate.

    Cold water portends the dreamer poor health and illness. Sometimes such a dream indicates a cooling of the spouses’ feelings towards each other. In this case, you should immediately pay attention to your significant other, otherwise the relationship will end.

    Dream Interpretation of Phoebe

    Phoebe's dream book says that washing feet warns the dreamer of the approach of good news. Soon a person will be able to get rid of difficulties and get closer to his dream. All the troubles followed you on your heels, but now you can breathe easy. Only successful deals await you ahead, and a happy family at home.

    Dream Interpretation of Medea

    The lower limbs in Medea's dream book symbolize the path of life. If your legs were strong in a dream, it means that in reality the person has a strong position in life.

    Wash sore or too dirty feet - be unsure of yourself and your abilities.

    Eastern dream book

    Soaping your feet means meeting an interesting person, whose friendship will benefit you. If an unmarried lady had a dream, it means she will live in abundance for the rest of her life.

    Dream Interpretation of Catherine the Great

    Washing your feet in a dream is an unfavorable symbol that foreshadows betrayal by a close friend or relative. In this case, the person should not tell them his plans for the future, otherwise they will try to upset them. Do not forget the fact that among your friends there is a hypocritical person who spreads gossip behind your back.

    Magic dream book

    Soaping your limbs means choosing the wrong path of development. Perhaps a person is doing something that does not bring him pleasure.

    Maly Velesov dream book

    Washing your own feet means serious illness. However, do not be upset, the dream foretells a speedy healing.

    Another interpretation is household chores that will be resolved quickly. For those who are going on a trip, the dream promises a quick and easy road.

    Dream Interpreter

    Seeing your own dirty feet in a dream means longing for a loved one. In addition, one should expect troubles and disappointments from such a dream.

    Home dream book

    If in a dream you are going to wash your feet with soap, it means that in the future you will be able to get rid of bad thoughts and worries. If while soaping you feel positive emotions, then in reality all your actions will be beneficial. To experience negative feelings - to events from which bad consequences should be expected.

    Intimate dream book

    Washing your feet in a dream is a harbinger that fate will soon become favorable towards you. A person will be able to avoid difficulties that will arise on his way. There will be harmony and complete mutual understanding in your relationship with your significant other, and you and your loved one will be able to fulfill your old dream.

    Dream book of the 21st century

    In the 21st century dream book, legs are a symbol of difficulties and unpleasant events. However, washing your feet in clean water portends a joyful adventure. Most likely, a person will have a fun journey, which will be very risky and will bring a lot of impressions.

    Wipe your feet before entering your apartment - in real life a pleasant surprise awaits a person. If the legs look unnatural, it means that the dreamer will soon make new acquaintances.

    Seeing a stranger washing their feet means financial loss. It's time to save for a rainy day.

    Lunar dream book

    The lunar dream book interprets dreams about washing feet in a completely different way. If in a dream a person washes her own limbs, it means that in reality an exciting trip awaits her. It will help the dreamer reconsider his attitude towards life, and will also bring a lot of bright emotions.

    Vision Details

    It’s good if, when you wake up in the morning, you remember which part of the body you washed for the deceased:

    • wipe your face with a damp cloth - you will radically change your social circle, become friends, and collaborate with completely different people;
    • wash the deceased’s back - you are running your business incorrectly, come up with new ideas, if you fail to do this, then the interpreter advises you to change your profession;
    • you dream about the feet of a deceased relative, you wash them - you will be able to find a long-lost thing;
    • the deceased’s feet still remain dirty - there’s no point in going anywhere now, especially if the road is long;
      I dreamed of washing the clothes of a person who died in reality
    • thoroughly wash the deceased below the waist - you should abandon the stereotypes imposed on you, think with your own head.

    To bathe not the deceased himself, but to launder or launder the thing that belonged to him - you should remember this dream in the smallest detail. The dream book believes that soon what you saw will turn out to be the key to solving a certain mystery.

    Washing the dead man's hair, combing his hair, cutting his hair is a rather ambiguous symbol. Everything will depend on whether you are satisfied with the result. If yes, then the trouble that has kept you from sleeping peacefully for many years will finally be resolved.

    If you did this with insufficient zeal and desire, you will still achieve your goal, but with great difficulty.

    Miller's Dream Book: a dead man washes his feet

    According to Miller, a dead person washing his feet in a dream means experiencing a feeling of doubt and uncertainty before the events of the near future. And the dead personify these anxieties, appearing in dreams. But don’t worry - this is not a harbinger of troubles and misfortunes. They simply symbolize the internal tension in the human soul.

    What to do if the dream brought unpleasant emotions? Miller argued that one should not worry about difficult dreams. Their meaning does not coincide with the content; they do not come true literally. And, in general, bad images rarely promise any bad or negative events.

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