Why dream of washing your hands under a tap with water - according to all dream books

According to interpretations, washing your hands under a tap with water means going on vacation abroad, relaxing in new cities, and finding new acquaintances. The most common meaning is to fall in love without memory, to find a sensitive love partner, to get involved in love affairs. But it happens when neighbors come to visit, plan a spring cleaning, and receive an unexpected gift. But sometimes it also means realizing an old dream, finding helpers and like-minded people, and achieving material well-being.

Researchers' opinions regarding this dream inevitably differ. In order to most accurately answer the question of why you dream of washing your hands under a tap with water, we turned to the most accurate and reliable editions of dream books. The classic dream books of Miller and Vanga will indicate the meaning of the dreamed image. And the lunar dream book will answer the question of whether it will come true, when, and with what chance.

Overall meaning of vision

Washing your hands most often means for someone who dreamed that he has a carefully hidden feeling of guilt for some unseemly actions. The dream book indicates: a person wants to get rid of this guilt and cleanse himself. This symbol that appeared in a dream can also be interpreted differently. Perhaps there will be an invitation to become a participant in unseemly affairs, dishonest transactions that can ruin the reputation and compromise those involved in them.

Why dream that the dreamer does this under the tap with clean water and soap? This means that soon he will be able to take part in some joyful event or celebrations. With milk - the dream book promises: meeting good friends, mutual pleasure from the time spent together. Snow - all wishes will come true.

If in the dream they were very dirty, and the sleeper tried to wash his hands without soap, rubbing them together a lot - there is no one to rely on, you need to make a decision yourself. In order not to become a participant in unseemly affairs, you must categorically refuse such an offer in time. In addition, the dream book warns: it will be impossible to hide a reprehensible act.

Some additional details

Why dream of washing your hands with cold, clean water? A meeting of good friends and pleasant fun awaits. In addition, a dreamed symbol may mean that the sleeper is getting rid of an old disease. If the water in the dream was hot, saturated with aromas, the dreamer may soon succumb to passion and enter into a relationship. However, after it he will most likely be ashamed.

When the dreamer tries to wash them of blood, according to the dream book, in reality he experiences fear, even despair, because he is unable to fight back against unfavorable situations. Wash off fat - troubles and routine tasks await. Wash your hands while removing feces - financial success and profit are soon possible.

If you dreamed about washing with soap, it could mean troubles, worries, or the onset of a restless time. You can also explain why this symbol is dreamed of as receiving protection. In a dream, doing this with snow means the onset of a successful time when your plans will come true. Washing a child’s hands is a harbinger of happiness for a person.

The man dreamed of how he washed the resin - the dream book explains: it is possible to participate in some dark business. Washing your hands under the tap and drying them with a towel means you really need rest. The dream indicates extreme fatigue. Wash off the scab with clean water; pus portends a speedy recovery. Paint - a confusing situation will gain clarity.

General interpretation

The hand as a symbol has many meanings, the positive and negative aspects of which depend on certain gestures. Most often it is mentioned in the meaning of power, strength, protection. Through them you can express thoughts, feelings, mood. This is a kind of symbolic language that can tell a lot for the dreamer, opening the veil of the future.

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In ancient times, they believed that hands convey spiritual and physical strength, through them you can strengthen your energy balance, feel confident in your own success, safety, the art of managing people, influencing situations and changing certain circumstances, without relying on the support of others.

Washing your hands in dreams means trying to get rid of a long-standing addiction, avoid an uncomfortable situation, or hide from obligations. Such visions can come to those who are ashamed of the actions of the past and want to hide what they have done from people’s gossip and condemnation.

Dirty palms that have not become cleaner represent the dreamer’s serious mistakes. Your repentance and regret do not relieve responsibility and will certainly affect your future fate.

Passing water between your fingers, creating sparkling splashes, is a good sign for the sleeper, promising dramatic changes. For a woman, this is an opportunity to find a family and experience the happiness of motherhood. For men to wash themselves with clean, cool water - in reality they will discover within themselves a source of new strength and possibilities, take the path of enlightenment, self-development and internal enrichment. All this will undoubtedly lead to success and increased prosperity.

The resource that the dreamer uses to wash his hands is of great importance for a correct prediction:

  • milk - in the near future you will plan a meeting with former classmates or classmates. A date with them will be warm and sincere; you have been missing precisely these emotions and memories for a long time;
  • snow - in reality, cheer up that your dreams will begin to come true. The state of euphoria from success and luck will slightly slow down your activity, which is the main source of income;
  • If you use soap, you will feel at ease and at ease in an unfamiliar environment and company. This may be due to a change of job, place of residence, or a long-term business trip. Any changes will only be beneficial, adding new experience and knowledge to you;
  • hot water with the addition of essential oils and aromatic herbs - in reality, passion and desire will take over you. This is the case when you should throw away all unnecessary matters and worries and take care of your personal life. Right now you are ready to give your heart and soul to someone who truly deserves it. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a break from work, surrender to the power of love and bliss;
  • soft foam for hands - expect the appearance of an imperious and strong patron who will become your reliable protection and support for a long time. This person will take on part of your obligations and responsibilities without demanding anything in return;
  • drinking water with ice is a favorable sign for those who have health problems. Your chronic diseases will stop tormenting you for a long time. When it comes to various fractures and injuries, they will heal quickly and as painlessly as possible, bringing less and less concern;
  • sand and clay - in reality you will have to understand a complex and confusing situation that will bring great experiences.

What they tried to wash in a dream

A layer of fat on the arms is a sign of useless, vain affairs. If you try to wash it, in reality your worries will not bring moral or material satisfaction. During this period, try not to take on obligations or promise your support and help. Most likely, hardly anyone will appreciate this, and your strength and health will require a long recovery afterwards.

I dreamed of blood on my palms - this reflects the emotional state of depression and hopelessness of the dreamer. You were not prepared for the events that happened to you, and now you are experiencing deep stress, turning into prolonged depression. Your close circle will help you change this state of affairs if you do not reject their support and help.

To be elbow-deep in mud in dreams means to experience problems with the law in reality. Do not try to earn easy money, refuse very dubious offers and transactions where your participation is required. Do not tempt fate until it begins to test your strength in remote places of detention.

Wash off feces and various excrement - quickly and easily get rich through a profitable investment of money, effort, and intelligence. Everything that you promote and sell these days will bring good financial capital. You should definitely invest money in development, otherwise your efforts will be empty.

Pus and mucus go into the sink - an unpleasant dream, promising relief from illness for a sick person. For a healthy person, such a dream can mean a change in consciousness, the emergence of new life values. You will begin to take a different position in society, supporting those who were previously ignored. Your inner attitude will change, it will become softer, kinder and more tolerant of people.

If you get stuck in resin, paint, lime and hope to wipe it off your fingers, in reality you will have a labor-intensive task ahead of you. The business you will be entrusted with does not promise financial prospects. You won’t become rich, but you will gain useful connections, gain experience and professionalism. Your competence will make you a very sought-after and highly paid person for employers.

Licking honey from your fingers, trying to wash it off, is a very good dream for those who have decided to succumb to temptation and plunge into a sea of ​​love and temptation. For unfree people, this is a warning about an impending threat to a relationship or marriage. It is very likely that you will find yourself in the grip of a sweet life with an unusual person who will excite and inspire you.

What does the sleeper portend?

Washing your hands in a dream: the time has come for the dreamer to morally cleanse himself or he is trying to relieve himself of responsibility for some dubious act, the dream book interprets. Such a dream will push a conscientious person to repentance, while a limited person will look for excuses for himself.

You also need to pay attention to the appearance of the hands themselves in a dream. If you dreamed that they were healthy, it means that circumstances will turn out well. When they looked sick or broken, the dream book warns: a person will not be able to avoid trouble. Why dream of washing beautiful, well-groomed people? This predicts fame, great achievements, and a possible high position in one’s circle.

In general, clean hands are a very favorable sign, long life, and dirty hands are a negative signal, warning of slander in reality. Therefore, washing them under the tap in a dream means making successful efforts to avoid an unfavorable phenomenon.

In a dream, wash a child

Any parent can dream of a story in which he has to wash his child, and this, most likely, is not a harbinger of anything, but just a reflection of reality. Another question is why this procedure is dreamed of by a person who does not have small children. According to dream books, bathing someone in a dream is a sign that the dreamer wants to keep any situation under control.

Miller's Dream Book: wipe away the blood

According to Miller, if you dream of wiping away blood, it means meeting a good friend, going through an extraordinary experience, and recharging with vital energy. In his publication, such a dream is described as an opportunity to expand the current circle of acquaintances. His rare appearances are simply an ordinary acquaintance with a new person. But sometimes it allows you to restore long-forgotten friendships.

According to Miller's analysis, drops of blood are quite multifaceted in their meaning. Their constant appearance is also considered successful; they are harbingers of good and positive changes. Sometimes they foreshadow the emergence of new business partners. At the same time, Miller strongly advised to remain reasonable and not make hasty decisions.

Girl washing as a symbol of self-control

Bathing a girl in a dream, according to numerous dream books, means the following: no matter what unexpected happens in your life, it will not lead you astray from your intended path. You are a person whose self-control is enviable.

The Lunar Dream Book will explain why you dream of washing someone else’s girl. Washing a female child who is not yours in a dream is a signal that you are trying by any means and means to control the actions and actions of the people around you. Perhaps you need this for self-realization.

Wiping away the blood - according to Loff's publication

According to Loff, wiping away blood means experiencing romantic feelings, finding a sensitive love partner, brightening up life events. The fire of passion, ardent love and hot feelings await you. And you are not yet familiar with this person. And this can be a great chance to build a very good and long-lasting relationship.

Unlike other interpreters, Loff did not divide dreams into good and bad. According to his judgment, almost every dream is a harbinger of good changes. At the same time, people treat similar signs differently. If you see drops of blood in a dream, there is no need to worry, this is a good harbinger.

What was washed: From finance to ideas

Why does a child dream of washing individual parts of the body, the English dream book will tell you.

So, for example, rinsing the butt of a crap child in a dream is a symbol indicating the dreamer’s state of affairs in terms of finances. You see that the child’s bottom is so dirty that it even started to flow on his legs - you will have money, even if you have tons of it! And if the little one wasn’t very crap, then the finances won’t be too encouraging.

Washing dirt off a child’s feet in a dream means trying to become a leader in a team. And if you dreamed that you were soaping his head, then this means that you are trying to find the only right solution in some situation. You washed the hair of several kids - you are rushing between two or three interesting ideas.

Bath procedures as a demonstration of achievements

When deciphering why you dream of washing a child, you should also pay attention to where exactly you bathed the baby.

So, did you dream that you washed your child in the bathhouse? This vision suggests that you are very proud of the results of your work and demonstrate this in every possible way, says Tsvetkov’s dream book.

But in Medea’s dream book you can find the following interpretation of the dream: hovering the baby in the bathhouse, patting the body with a broom - a symbol of anxiety due to some unfinished business. Were there many children in the bathhouse? You are used to turning a blind eye to problems.

Analysis according to the lunar dream book

The first and third phases of the lunar cycle have the highest percentage of such dreams coming true. This high probability continues for all days of the full moon. At the same time, the chance of wiping off blood in other phases is much lower. These periods are also considered quite favorable for making important decisions.

The lunar dream book is a somewhat unusual instrument. It shows the most favorable time at which a dream can come true in different lunar phases. A huge step towards its creation was the study of the influence of the lunar cycle and phases on human dreams. Some people combine it with the lunar calendar to create a powerful tool at their disposal.

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