Why do you dream about Human Meat? Eating human meat according to the dream book

The dream book is encouraging that human meat in a dream is not a sign of bloodthirstiness. Details of the plot will tell you why this symbol is dreamed of:
  • the image testifies to the strength of feelings towards a certain person: from love to hatred;
  • devouring human flesh in a dream speaks of a desire to comprehend the forbidden;
  • managed to be eaten - fear, doubts;
  • brutally torn flesh is a call to action.

If you had to try human meat

Yes, the plot is strange, so it is quite normal that after such a vision a person turns to a dream book. Here, a lot depends on what part of the body you ate in your dream. If it was a hand, the vision speaks of your skill, the leg is a sign that you are active, do not sit still, the heart is a symbol of your subtle organization and sensuality. No matter how strange it may sound, it is best if you “help yourself” to the liver or stomach. The first organ symbolizes health and longevity, and the second portends prosperity.

Maybe you tried your head? In this case, you will soon become aware of other people’s secrets, and forbidden knowledge will be revealed. And it’s better not to try to take advantage of this in any way, otherwise you may end up in trouble. As you can see, in this context, human meat does not promise anything bad. Let's consider other stories.

Vanga's Dream Book

The interpretation of the Bulgarian seer is extremely ambiguous and foreshadows a variety of events:

  1. Dark red meat means a serious illness.
  2. Pink color - for a long and happy life. For a sick person, the vision promises a speedy recovery.
  3. Pieces with blood - to a favorable turn of events in a romantic relationship.
  4. Eating wild animal meat means a period of problems and failures. The death of someone close or loss of property by the dreamer is possible.
  5. Eating meat is a sign that promises deliverance from problems and troubles.
  6. Walking along the road with a piece in your hands means long and serious illnesses.

Personal relationships

Why does a lady dream that she eats human flesh? Such a vision, as the Women's Dream Book assures, often falls to the lot of jealous people and property owners who will not allow a potential rival to approach their man within a cannon shot.

Pastor Loff warns that a dream in which you happen to eat someone dear to you may in reality turn into a quarrel. Moreover, a scandal will arise due to the fault of the sleeping person and it is possible that the showdown will end in a quarrel. So, if you want to save the relationship, show wisdom and restraint.

Cannibalistic horror stories

Why did you dream that you turned into a cannibal and were devouring human flesh? Such a strange vision, according to Veles’s dream book, means only one thing: in reality, you are thinking about how to get something that belongs to another character. This can be material assets, a position of bread, the location of a certain person, skills, abilities.

For example, if you “helped yourself” with your hand in a night dream, then in reality you clearly dream of learning how to do something as deftly as someone else. If you ate your leg, then strive to gain mobility and the habit of working quickly. If the heart? Then you dream of being known as a sensual person. Stomach? Do you want to become rich?

The strangest plot, when you bite off a piece of your head, means that you are trying to find out some secret, to get the key to secret, sacred knowledge. But sometimes having information is a heavy burden that not everyone can bear. As the Bible says: “many knowledge, much sorrow...”

An old dream book will reassure you, according to which eating human meat in a dream is a good omen, promising the sleeping person wealth and success, sometimes at the expense of other people.

What do those torn to shreds portend?

If you dreamed of scattered pieces of flesh, the Esoteric Dream Book considers the image to be a reflection of negativity and aggression. Emotions have been accumulating for a long time and overwhelm the dreamer, literally tearing him apart from the inside. So figure out a way to give them a way out, otherwise you risk simply bursting.

When you happen to see a dead person torn to pieces who died as a result of an accident, the dream book of the sorceress Medea warns of the danger that threatens in reality. Sometimes the flesh of the dead, and especially the remains of many people, predict a large-scale tragedy: war or a natural disaster.

In women's night dreams, such nightmares are often caused by remorse due to a recently committed unseemly act.

latest comments

  • 27-Jan-2022 Tatyana I see a butcher cutting up a girl’s meat... cutting off pieces with an ax and selling them. Then he caught up with me.
  • 21-Jan-2022 Natalya I dreamed that in the hospital in the lower underground floor there was a man who killed people who entered there and dismembered them. I also went there, saw this man in the dark and pieces of human bodies. I managed to escape. But at night on the first floor I saw this man, he came up to me and I hit him with the scissors that I had in my hands.
  • 25-Nov-2021 Alice In my dream, too, I was offered to eat a piece of such delicious meat, but when I found out that it was human, I spent the rest of the rest of my sleep thinking about how to do it so as not to vomit or it would be better to vomit so that this would not be in me. I read stories here and I’m just blown away. My sleep turns out to be still normal, it’s okay, it’ll do :)
  • 24-Jul-2021 Elena Ela and her husband dreamed of a piece of fried human meat.
  • 18-Sep-2020 Marina I dreamed from Thursday to Friday. I open the refrigerated chest, and there, in a vacuum package, like ordinary meat, human meat is packed and everything is labeled. I didn’t immediately realize that it was human meat until I looked closely. Meat with yellowed skin, a ribcage with ribs in a spread, I go through these packages, read the inscriptions in small print “fibula” and in a state of shock in a dream I understand what it is. I close the refrigerator and leave this room.
  • 25-Aug-2020 Anna I dreamed that I kissed a friend on the lips, and then with a fork I fed him raw parts of his face, and he ate them.
  • 5-Jul-2020 Nikolay Son. On a bench with a woman I like. A man approaches and sits down on a bench. I'll digress for a second. I return my attention to the woman’s bench. Affects a man. The man takes out a bag with a small piece of human meat. They influence the man physically and take the package. I pray and warm the meat, which returns the image of living flesh and the face of a woman. Friends of the man from whom the package was taken, along with the man, want to give me and the woman an injection in order to return to her the image of a package of meat. We are safely escaping persecution. How to understand a dream?
  • 21-Nov-2018
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