Why dream of kicking people out of the house: interpretation in dream books

The desire to get rid of obsessive relationships and break old ties is indicated by a plot seen in a dream in which you happened to kick someone out of the house. In order not to get confused in the intricacies of interpretations, dream books advise you to “disassemble” your dream into its components and only after that begin to interpret what such a plot means in your dreams.

Kicking a woman out of the house is a sign of failure

The family dream book prophesies various kinds of troubles to those dreamers who in a dream kicked their wife or beloved woman out of the house. And according to another dream book - the Eastern one - driving your wife out of your home means the beginning of a “streak of failures”. True, the troubles will not last long and will not cause significant damage.

The gypsy interpreter suggests one more nuance: pay attention to how old the woman was - the older the lady, the bigger the problems awaiting you.

And if you dreamed that you were helping a girl who was kicked out of the house, then be prepared that people you trust will let you down.

Marital “wars”: From cooling to passion...

Why do you dream of spouses quarreling and throwing things out of the home? Let's figure it out with the help of dream books!

Did you kick your husband out of the house after being caught with another woman? This suggests that you should bring more emotions into your relationship, otherwise the dream will become reality, Freud’s dream book warns. Was your husband expelled because of your infidelity? This is also a symbol of dissatisfaction and unspokenness.

And if you kick your husband out or he kicks you out because of mutual hatred in a dream, then such a vision will please you, since it promises a second “honeymoon.”

Kicking a man out: From reciprocity to indifference

As for why a girl dreams of a plot in which she kicks her husband out of the house, popular dream books are sure that this is a sign of a long and happy coexistence, without quarrels and material problems. Especially if the expulsion of a man was accompanied by a loud scandal, Pastor Loff’s dream book draws attention.

Kicking your beloved guy out of his apartment in a dream is a symbol of the beginning of a life together, says interpreter Tsvetkova. But kicking your husband out of the house is a sign that you will reject the advances of a random admirer.

Why do you dream that you can’t expel your husband because he resists? Forecasters identify this phenomenon in a dream with a possible move to a new place of residence. Moreover, the conditions will differ favorably from the previous ones.

Maternal anger as a symbol of care

Now let’s find out why the mother’s anger is dreamed of. Did you dream that your mother kicked you out of the house? Try to remember the reason for this behavior of the parent, dream books advise.

If, for example, you see in a dream that your mother was angry with you because you treated her or your father rudely, insulting them, deceiving them, then such a dream is a prediction that very soon you will start your own family .

It’s another matter if your mother drives you away in your sleep so that you don’t interfere with her “new happiness”: worry about her health, it may be shaken.

Sending strangers out, or What does it take to make a dream come true?

Do you want to know why you dream of expelling strangers from your home? Such a dream, when dreamed, promises a delay in what is desired. You will have to postpone the implementation of your plans for an indefinite period, the Italian dream book upsets.

But if you dreamed that you were sending uninvited guests away, then this, on the contrary, is a sign of a dream coming true. But only if the guests did not behave correctly in the dream. Did you see any gypsies among them? A lucky chance will help you realize your dreams.

To dream that you are among the people being kicked out of the house is a signal that the person kicking you out is yearning for you in reality, according to the interpretation of a decipherer who studies the explanations of the dreams of the ancient Slavs.

Your father kicked you out of the house, or it's time to become independent!

In order not to get confused in the interpretation of dreams in which someone kicked someone out of the house, they should be distinguished by “main villains.” Let's start with a tyrant father who kicks out his daughter.

First, let's turn for help to an interpreter of past centuries, for example, to the Wanderer's dream book. This is the interpretation of the dream he offers: if you see in a dream that your father is driving you away, then this means that you will need his help.

Let’s compare what modern dream books prophesy using the example of interpreter Tsvetkov: a dreamed drama where a father throws his child away indicates that the dreamer has very low self-esteem and finds it difficult to adapt to society.

Chasing animals in a dream

Dream books are able to give intelligible answers to why animals are expelled from their homes in dreams. But it should be borne in mind that these interpretations must be clearly distinguished: a dreamed exiled cat will prophesy something completely different than a dreamed frog. So, drive in a dream:

  • cats - to illness in children;
  • frogs - to get rid of a calculating “friend”;
  • dog - accidentally offend a friend;
  • flies - to the recovery of a sick relative;
  • rats - defeat the enemy;
  • snake - reject wise advice, you will regret it.

Miller's Dream Book

A dream in which you saw someone from your family being kicked out of the house means real problems in your relationship with this person. Most likely, you will disagree with him in your views on the common problem and ways to solve it.

But if in a dream they send you away, then you should think about how frank and sincere the person from the dream is with you in real life. Having such a vision in a dream means the “behind the scenes” games of a loved one.

Exorcise evil spirits - Both in joy and in sorrow

Why do you have a dream in which you drove demons out of your house? You are very complex, but at the same time you are trying to fight it. Do you see that you managed to clear your home of demons? You will be able to cope with phobias.

A dream in which you are trying to get rid of a stranger who frightens you with his appearance suggests that you are not living up to the expectations placed on you. Especially if the scary stranger turned out to be a ghost.

But throwing a dead person out of an apartment is a sign of longevity and excellent health, according to dream books.

Who else drove whom away

When figuring out why you dream about a plot in which you or you were kicked out of the house, it is worth considering all possible options. Here is what they predict, for example:

  • your ex’s parents drove you - to move to another place of residence;
  • you pointed to the door to your father - an influential person will offer you protection;
  • your sister or brother couldn’t get along with you - you should learn to listen to your interlocutor;
  • you were kicked out by the owner of a rented apartment - reconsider your views on life.

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